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honorableJay: 2013-01-16 11:31:04 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
Oh god, say it isn't so................but yes it is. Simply because this game is really bad and I played the shit out of it as a kid, I must run it Smiley  Also, Mike will get a kick out of seeing this game destroyed since he couldn't even get out of Act 1 without burning up a continue (which made him throw the controller and say "I'm done").

From what I know of the game, most of it will be me breezing through collecting weapons and saving them for the incredibly cheap mini-bosses that are in a few key places.

Act 1
Nothing too challenging here. Just collect as much ammo and waste as little time as possible. Use the homing batarangs on Penguin until I can finish him off with punches (or just stick with punches, not sure which is quicker).

Act 2
2-1 has the first cheap mini-boss in the game, so I will need a large stockpile of batclaws and homing batarangs to make sure I can take him out quickly. If I die here, it's instant reset since there is NO WAY TO KILL THIS MOTHERFUCKER without the heavy artillery. Standard batarangs don't deal enough damage, punches and kicks don't have enough range, and smoke bombs (which are useless anyway) don't even stun him like they're supposed to. The rest of the act is pretty simple. There's a Catwoman fight immediately followed by another Penguin fight, but they're pretty easy so long as I have a few homing batarangs and batclaws to use. It seems that Catwoman's biggest weakness is the bat-swarm weapon, which I should have plenty of by the time I reach her.

Act 3
The first few stages are pretty simple but littered with so many enemies that I'll have to burn up a ton of batarangs and waste plenty of time grabbing weapons for the later fights. If I have to burn up a continue in this act it's probably better to just reset since I won't have enough batarangs to keep enemies at bay (they all have almost 2x my range with their attacks and deal 2-4 bars of damage every hit). The final boss fight is a major pain in the ass. It's against a clown that has a big axe. Every hit takes away about 4 bars, and his range with it extends way outside of my melee attacks. If I don't have any batclaws or homing batarangs here it's almost a guaranteed reset.

Act 4
Annoying is the best way to sum this one up. Not hard, just annoying. Lots of gun toting enemies and 4-2 has acid water to avoid. There are a few points to stock up on the essentials, but not enough health. I can stay alive by taking things slow, but my plan is to just bulldog my way through the enemies and take a ton of damage. The boss fights here are a joke.

Act 5
Aside from the ice physics, this act isn't too hard. 5-1 has a few spots that will dump you back at the beginning of the stage, and while it sounds bad, it resets the entire level and lets you keep what you've already picked up. This way if I need to I can grab ammo, then take one of those pits and grab the same ammo again without wasting too much time (maybe 2-3 mins if the enemies play nicely). I really don't want to use that as an option but it's always there if I need it. The penguin fight at the end is easy but cheap at the same time. Touching the water takes away 2 bars, Penguin will freeze you then blast you with fire (only the ice can be blocked with a kick) and the electricity will take away 3 bars. Oh, and you have to take out the machine before Penguin can be killed.

Yes, you have to fight Catwoman during the credits. I'm still not sure if it's faster to take damage or just kill her, but if I still have some weapons left by the time I get here it'll definitely be faster to waste her for the "good" ending.

Some extra notes:

The fastest method for moving is to constantly jump. Batman gets a surge of forward speed (about 2x his normal walking speed) while rising from a jump. Coming down from a jump is only slightly faster than walking. Grappling along with jumping can really speed levels up, but you can only grapple-swing once per jump.

Despawn enemies
For the clown enemies that flip towards you, colliding with one at the top of your jump will cause the screen to scroll up. As the enemy falls down he'll get despawned as if he fell into a pit. The downside is this takes away a lot of health to constantly do.

Dieing in this game is actually a favorable strat in a lot of areas. Since you restart on the last safe spot you were standing on, most of the time you'll start off right where you died and lose minimal time. In fact a lot of areas are quicker to just run past everything and die constantly than to fight everyone and stay alive.

Air punching can only be done after the apex of your jump. While rising, you can't attack. Weapons also cannot be used while in the air, only punches.

Smoke bombs are fucking worthless.

Current estimated completion time is about 35 mins. Fastest achievable goal is 30 mins. God-like time would be sub-25.
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Magical. Flying. Bathtub
It's been nearly 2 decades since I last played this.  I'll have to dust off my copy sometime - and here I naively thought that after AGDQ I would be interested in taking a break from speedrunning.  Or at least speedrunning batman...
The Dork Knight himself.
But you can't break from running Batman, he comes in so many flavors Smiley
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
So I've discovered. There's 2D Batman, 3D Batman, Batman Forever, all the Batmans of the rainbow!
Formerly known as Skullboy
I got a copy of this game last year. I should probably beat it... Good luck honorableJay!
The Dork Knight himself.
ROFL so as usual my time estimates are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY off. Just goofing off I beat the game in 24:46. Sub-20 is definitely possible, I just have to cut every corner possible, and there are a lot of areas I don't use the fastest strats.
YES!!! I've been waiting to see someone do this. I, too, played the heck out of this as a kid, but I never made it past 4-2 (I think), and only got there once or twice. Good luck, honorableJay!
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honorableJay: 2013-01-17 08:04:37 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
Ya know, as troll-happy as this game is, it's still fun as hell to speedrun. Ammo management is definitely going to be key, as is making sure I have enough health for certain fights. Intentional deaths WILL populate this run since it'll increase my chances of surviving the boss battles.

Here's the practice run I got 24:46.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
This game is butt, that is all.

I also look forward to you destroying the game, honorablejay.
The Dork Knight himself.
Oh don't you worry, this game WILL be destroyed. I shall get revenge for you Smiley
The Dork Knight himself.
Hold the phone Batman, a new record is coming in!!! So now my time to beat is 21:56. I'm gonna have to start recording soon Smiley
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honorableJay: 2013-01-20 09:31:12 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
Ok, so I have my basic plan all mapped out. This game is so simple that I don't even have to fight anybody. Setting the max player count to 7 lets me run by nearly every enemy in the game and abuse death to the fullest. I don't even have to go out of my way to grab weapons if they aren't in my direct path.

The current time to beat is 19:22 which will be VERY hard to beat. It is indeed full of mistakes, but improving it means I need to get some serious luck with the enemies. If they don't play right (which in this attempt they didn't) then I won't be able to chop off a whole lot of time. I'm estimating that another 90 seconds can easily be shaved off of this run.
The Dork Knight himself.
Did I say 19:22? Sorry, what I meant to say was 18:33. I'll try to post the correct times from now on Smiley
The Dork Knight himself.
Ok, need some help with a brainstorm. I can save a lot of time on the Catwoman fights (3 in total: 1-1, 2-2, and the Credits). Batswarm is her major weakness, but homing batarangs and the batclaw are also pretty good against her. So here's my problem:

I can burn up my Batswarms here and make the fight incredibly short, but doing so requires me to either pick up a few more in the second act (of which there are almost none that I come across in my normal route) or find another weapon.

If I have at least 3 batswarms here I can burn them all up and this fight is really quick. However, if I don't have the batswarms (I will have at least 1 to use) I can always fall back to the batclaw, which deals almost the same amount of damage and doesn't waste time with the animations. The problem with the batclaw is I burn all of them on the 2-1 miniboss since that guy is a total douche and can't be taken down any other way. By the time I get to Catwoman, the most I'll have is maybe 2 batclaws and 1 batswarm. I do NOT want to burn up all of my homing batarangs since doing so will waste a lot of time on the Penguin fight right after this. I need at least 3 homers for Penguin, and during the escalator scene after Catwoman I'm only guaranteed to get 2 before Penguin.

I need at least 4 batswarms to finish this fight quickly, and if I burn them all up in the previous Catwoman fights I might come up short. Since I use all of my batclaws and homers for the act 5 Penguin fights (which there are 2) I can't fall back on those when I get to the credits.

I really need to see what weapons I'm going to get throughout this run. Basically I'm playing the game from memory, but I can't recall exactly how much of each weapon I will have once I get to the final fights. Anybody have any ideas on where to burn up my weapons? I will be going through each scenario to test, but any feedback would be appreciated (why do I always run a game nobody else does??).
The Dork Knight himself.

Gained time in Acts 1, 2, and 3. Then I lost half of the time I gained over Acts 4, 5, and the Credits with the most time loss coming from Act 5 (2 stupid deaths, another forced death due to lovely ice physics, and a bad Penguin fight). If I can clean those up I'm lookin at just about 17:50 for a practically-perfect time. Then again that also depends on if I can get the same luck with the enemies.
The Dork Knight himself.
17:11. New goal is sub-17.

The time gained here is from a few extra weapon pickups in 1-1 (namely a batswarm that was totally by accident), a different route in 2-2 (which saved 20 seconds on it's own), and accidentally going the lower route in 4-2 which gave me a ton of extra weapons against the bosses. If I can clean up the complete shit that splatters this run sub-17 should be easy to get. Once I break 17 I'll shoot for as close to 16 mins as possible. I'm done giving estimates on what a perfect time in this game would look like since I'm already 10+ mins ahead of my original estimate Smiley
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honorableJay: 2013-02-04 07:32:20 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
17:03.31 Fast forward to 1:04:00 to see the actual run.

I would've gotten around 16:54 but I missed a batswarm on Catwoman during the credits fight. This route is my finalized route unless someone else has any suggestions. Right now I'm considering myself to be in the "suck less" section of running. Time to start recording.
The Dork Knight himself.
I knew my time estimates were always way off from the start, but even then I never would've thought that a really crappy run would nail me a time of 16:27!!!! On a completely dry run, with no practice beforehand this came out. Most of the time saved came solely from much tighter execution. It's close to submit-worthy, but bad ammo management at the end along with some really bad mistakes is making me think that a 16:10 is now a decent goal time. Just remember that the times I use are not necessarily the official SDA times. I'd venture to say that this run would be timed at about a 16:23 officially (I start the clock the second I press start at the main menu and end as soon as Catwoman starts her falling down animation in the ending credits fight).

I'm not sure what is causing it, but for some reason the audio only comes out of one channel for this run. My TV had proper sound as did Amarec when I was recording (before I muted the audio anyway) so I'll have to fix that before the final run. Even if I can't fix it, the game still runs in mono audio anyway (no difference between the left/right channels from what my ears tell me).

***Attention all nitpickers***
I seriously need some help finishing out this run. Aside from the obvious mistakes in this current run, I need some help coming up with strat/route ideas. If anybody has any insight as to things I could do differently I would love to hear it. Specifically this is aimed at mikwuyama, robosparkle, and adam_ak (the only people I know who've played this game).
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mikwuyma: 2013-02-05 12:53:46 am
My feelings on The Demon Rush
If you're using a model 1 genesis, then you can only get stereo out the front. IIRC, your Genesis is a model 2 so I don't know why you would only get one channel of audio. Like you said, it's not a huge deal if you can just double the audio channel.

I still need to beat this game before I criticize your play. Lips Sealed
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honorableJay: 2013-02-05 06:56:22 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
Rofl criticize all you want, I'm all ears for ideas.

Fixed the audio. Cable came loose from the TV.
The Dork Knight himself.
So, just as my ability to gauge timing sucks ass, so does my ability to truly understand how good a weapon can be. Originally I thought the smoke bombs were completely worthless, but now I think they can be completely OP in a lot of areas. The biggest Act I can abuse them on is Act 3. 3-1/3-2/3-3 don't get any real benefits, but 3-4 gets a huge benefit. By this time I have enough smoke bombs accumulated to skip every enemy while taking minimal damage (mainly from the top-hat-fire-throwing assholes).

So here's how the weapon works: you throw it, and wherever it lands spawns a pretty wide damage box which lasts for about 1.5 seconds, maybe 2. Any enemy touching it will be instantly frozen for 5 seconds and you can pass through them (their collision boxes are disabled). Against bosses though all it does is deal 1/2 of a life pellet (basically the same amount of damage as a standing kick, maybe slightly less) and in the case of Catwoman just knocks her down. It's very possible to catch numerous enemies in the blast, but they gotta be either grouped up or aggressively attacking you. One of the only enemies in the game that it doesn't work on are the devil-dressed fire-spitters in Act 3. Even though an enemy's collision box is disabled, any hurtbox that's active stays active like normal. Since you only come across those devil clowns at close range, even if you get off the smoke bomb, you'll have to dodge the flame attack. The best enemies to use it on are the flipping clowns, top-hat clowns, and pitchfork clowns. It does work against the bikers BUT it's only really beneficial if you catch one on the left side of the screen since that'll let you advance and despawn them.

It still has it's downsides which is the main reason I completely wrote off the weapon. Having to switch back and forth between batarangs and smoke bombs can waste a lot of time, so for most areas it's quicker to just tank the damage. So far my plan is to just use the smoke bombs for a few enemies in 3-1 and save the rest for 3-4 where I can skip nearly every enemy.

Anybody else have any ideas on areas I can use them? I was thinking maybe sprinkle a few in Act 5, just not sure how many I'll have left by then or the best places to use em.
The Dork Knight himself.

I am now officially in the "suck less" stage of the run. Unless a major timesaver is found, there isn't much time to be shaved off of this run. My new goal time is 15:15, and anything under that is immediate submit. Any ideas should be posted now cause I'm within a few days of finishing this run.
The Dork Knight himself.
So much for within a few days of submission. Now that I've gotten into the suck less section of running, all improvements have come to a complete halt. No matter how hard I try I just cannot beat 15:29. I even had a run that was 40 seconds ahead going into Act 4, but due to shitty boss RNG and ice physics I wound up losing a full minute and getting a 15:45. I'm still waiting to get near the sub-15 mark before I submit, but it's gonna take longer than I expected.
The Dork Knight himself.
..................or not. After a few hours of grinding, finally broke 15 minutes...........twice. This is the faster of the two runs at 14:47 (official SDA timing would be 14:39.896). There's still a few more things to clean up, so I'm not submitting yet.

This game is now officially D-stroyed.
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honorableJay: 2013-03-17 11:43:31 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
So, after another grind session I've learned one thing: even though my 14:47 is pretty fast, it can be improved by AT LEAST 30 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!

I had a run that was 29.7 seconds faster going into the 4th Act, and 1 fuckin death in Act 5 cost me 30 seconds, and combined with Catwoman being a fuckin bitch I lost a total of 40 seconds to finish with a 14:57. That has got to be the biggest kick in the pants this game has given me so far.