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SS Hard Mode run (No Catwoman)

Verifier Responses

1:45:08 is the time I got, starting where he skips the first cutscene (having control) to the moment he jumps into Clayface to grab the vial. He plays the final cutscene and credits, though they are skippable. This is has been done in previous games, so I'm not going to focus much on that.

Audio and video synced fine, though the low-quality video forced a small screen for non-choppy video. When it goes public, hopefully there will be a normal quality option available.

Many fight scenes left something to be desired, taking lots of hits in areas made that portion look a little sloppy and making several close calls. However, with other neat tricks and shortcuts, the aforementioned fights can just be considered low points in the run. Another thing worth noting is near the end is when the Frozen Blasts have to be used as platforms. He flubs an area twice back to back, again affecting the quality of the run. All mistakes considered, he could save a minute or two if the runner tightens up the fightplan and waits for the platform to appear before making the jump.

Verdict: A very loose ACCEPT, mostly because there is no run for the category and some parts are better executed than the run with the Catwoman DLC.

I also give this an accept.  DarthKnight's runs might have been flashier or better-executed at points, but this run is played on a higher difficulty and is much more impressive to those who know the game.  This run has heart, and as we all know, heart is an awesome power.

I give it an accept as well. The other verifiers said exactly what I was going to. So there you go.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Ian 'RoboSparkle' Green!
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Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Thanks guys, really glad that went through.

About the timing thing - I thought "gains control" was gains control of the character (i.e. when I start rocking the chair) as opposed to when I first skip the opening cutscene?  Was darthknight's run timed from gaining control of Catwoman or from when he skipped the first cutscene?  I'm not too bothered which way round it is (as long as it's consistent between our runs) but I'd like to know so I don't claim a lower (or higher) time than I actually got!

I was a little surprised at the 'sloppy fights' comments but I just watched a montage of all the fights in that run and, wow, they are pretty bad.  Not all of them, but the impressive ones don't look as impressive as the sloppy ones look sloppy (if that makes any sense).  Also, the other thing about doing this particular run is not dying.  The predator bits (for the most part) look tidier than the combat because a predator error usually = death = restart, whereas combat error just means a bit of time lost. I don't think I ever reset on a bad-looking fight unless it killed me, except the first one as Bruce Wayne - even the one in this run was pretty borderline and I only kept it because the error cost a miniscule amount of time and losing 70 exp didn't bite me in the arse later.

About the bit in the Steel Mill.  I was very gutted about that and I'm still not sure what went wrong.  Normally Batman will jump onto an ice platform WHILE you are creating it, I thought he fell down the first time because it was too far away (it wasn't) and threw a second one to jump to, but he decided to jump to where the first one WAS.  Maybe I do need to wait a bit longer for that one, the Bat-Physics in that area are slightly odd (you'll notice I don't get stunned by blowing up the wall in my face either).

I'd agree all those mistakes cost maybe a minute or so.  But what cost far more time was failing to manipulate Freeze onto the correct path and taking ages on that fight so I'm surprised nobody picked up on this.  Plus I fluffed up the Vicki Vales rescue right after it which only compounded the folly.

The other thing about this if you've been following the thread is there are now a bunch of new glitches and timesavers, cutting out 3 fights, a long speech by Strange, a predator room (and making another two far quicker), removed both of the drawn-out Silent Takedown animations, and two trips to the upgrade menu, as well as improving the Freeze route so I can get more 'double hits' on him. In the past few days I completed a run that's about 3 minutes quicker than this one (and far sloppier - I may be able to save another 3 minutes if I clean it up) so I'm not sure that I should still be submitting before I clean up these mistakes and add the new timesavers, what do you think?
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UraniumAnchor: 2012-10-04 12:30:36 pm
Not a walrus
It's supposed to be character control, generally speaking. Skipping a cutscene doesn't count, though having a map screen show up generally is (not for this run, just in general). It sounds like the first verifier might have been confused about that.
The Dork Knight himself.
Robo: if there are newer skips/tricks that can save as much time as you're estimating, I'd suggest putting this run on hold for now, and if you can't get a good looking improvement in about 2 weeks or so, give the admins the green light on this one.
Not a walrus
I'd at least say you should clean up the mistakes before you submit a new run. Putting hold on this one won't really make an appreciable difference either way.
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
The other problem is until i get a new HDTV I cant record in 720p so I cant submit something SDA quality (all of my streaming has been recorded 480p which is the max i can do atm) so i def wont be able to improve on this until then.  In terms of timescales i need to recover from paying for AGDQ first but I've got a bday coming up this month which may prove useful Smiley

Would it be better then to just carry on the process and if I've got an improvement that fixes everything before this goes out then withdraw and resubmit?
Not a walrus
I'd say don't even bother withdrawing unless you've really decided you hate this one, like I said it won't make much difference in the time the new run goes up, whenever you get it completed.
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You don't have to record in 720p to submit to SDA.
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
I thought I did for an xbox 360 game?  Regardless my only recorder is a HD PVR which means if I try to record with my current setup I have to play in poor quality black and white which is actually quite difficult compared to playing in shiny HD colour.  Anyway I know from my streaming experience that i'm better when I can see what I'm doing (not by much, mind) so the finished Batmanesque glitchy run will happen after I get a HDTV to play on.
Not a walrus
It might be preferred, but hardly required. It's up to you whether or not you want to wait until you can record HD again.
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Yes but it's more of a case that I can't record AND fully see what i'm doing in colour at the same time (in theory it shouldn't affect my time but in practice it does seem to) if the lack of HD doesn't stop me and i happen to get a perfect run in the meantime, I'll submit that but judging by my streams it'll be  more coincidence than skill...
I don't know if I'm just noob or not, but I didn't seen this on the Speedrun Verification thread. I also noticed it hasn't been posted yet.

Um...bump..? XD
Not a walrus
Judging from some of the admin notes here it looks like RoboSparkle never sent the final files in, or somehow they got lost.

He said he wants to improve it anyway, so I'm not sure he wants to cancel this one or still send the files in.
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
I decided to cancel this one on the basis that because of new glitch discoveries I beat this time like every time I play the game and I'm trying to get something better.  Plus there are already two runs on SDA.  If we didn't have Darthknight's run then I probably would have sent all the files in, but I want to wait until I get something deathless with all the new glitches and good fights throughout.  Watch this space Wink
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So we aren't going to see a Arkham City for a bit longer then huh?

Oh well, at least we know that we will be seeing an even greater run in the near future.
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Well... my latest records are linked to in the Arkham City topic, you have Darthknight's runs on the site and there's my AGDQ run, warts (and Bane and deaths) and all...

But yeah, if you want to see a run that I'M happy with you'll be waiting for slightly longer than I do Tongue
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
oh right... Forgot about the Current one on the site.  Normally I'm on top of that.

Still, can't wait to see what you have in store for us when you're finished.
The Dork Knight himself.
Meh, it won't be all that great since he can't fit in any magical flying bathtubs............