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Batman Arkham Asylum (Any %) (Single Segment) (Hard)

Verifier Responses

A/V is fine, no cheating.

There are a lot of areas in this run that could've gone better BUT considering how unforgiving Hard mode is (really aggressive enemies, more randomness to the AI routines, etc) I'm not gonna complain. I will say that a few areas probably could've used better strats that would've been discovered if the runner made a progress post or two on the forums. Regarding some of the areas:

1. The library predator scene can be done the same as it is on Easy, and even if randomness with the AI botches the setup there are backup strats that are still faster.
2. Fighting the goons after finding Dr. Young wastes a lot of time since there are no electrified gates to abuse (which are present the first time they're encountered).
3. The underground waterway second visit (on the way to shut down the water pumps) uses an outdated and slower method to climb to the top. It's been proven to be faster with a few key zips.
4. In the Aviary it's quicker to claw the last 2 goons off of the railings before they have a chance to chase Batman.
5. In the final Joker fight the electrified gates can be abused a little more (doesn't save that much time compared to this effort though).

Even with those areas not being optimized to the fullest, I still see no real reason to reject this run. It's Hard mode completed just as fast as the first Easy run, which is no small feat.


A/V was incredible, one of the best I've seen for this site. There was no cheating detected.

Time from first gaining control of Batman to the beginning of the final cut scene (when control is lost) is 02:08:25.37. Not sure if the long walk in the beginning counts towards the final time, but since there is player control I'm going to say that it is.

My thoughts about the aspects of the run:

This opening walk must have been pretty boring to watch over and over again. No way to speed anything up here.

Not a perfect opening fight because one of the prisoners got back up, but still pretty good.

Riddler trophies provide experience for upgrades. This one costs no time to get because of the fixed time events. Events like these allow for experience farming throughout the run.

The Titan-enhanced prisoner doing a lot of damage ends that fight quickly, and then the experience completely restores his health. Nice.

Twin batarangs prove useful early to take out those two prisoners.

Nice use of counters even when he can't see the indicators on screen.

Diving after using the Explosive Gel skips the animation of him wincing and saves a fair bit of time.

That fight for Dr. Chen had a few hiccups but it was still really good.

Hitting Bane with the batarang later minimizes the slow-motion and makes the fight go faster, but it's risky, so I understand the cautious approach here. It was a close fight, too.

Looks like a pretty bad mistake re-entering the island, going up the stairs when he meant to go around them. Oh well.

Nothing to report until he retrieves the Cryptographic Sequencer.

He seems to know exactly how to use the Cryptographic Sequencer to crack the codes immediately. This doesn't last, but he did a good job on the first couple of codes.

Not staying in the light on the way out from the cells was unfortunate.

You don't actually have to take out the operator in the aviary first if you're fast enough. Never knew that.

Good trick using the fountain to get around the large vine leaving the botanical gardens.

Killer Croc's Lair might be the coolest part of this run. Such good Line Launching all over the place here.

Good skip leaving the Batcave the second time. Skipped a few of the rocks.

Cryptographic Sequencer could have been a little faster but it was all right.

Using the Batclaw to launch the prisoners into the electric gates is sadism at its best and a great strategy to boot.

Had to use the health upgrade to save him from death towards the end. Not a huge problem.

Overall, this was a very good run. The previous verifier highlighted some areas for improvement. I have to confess I have less experience speed running this game so I will have to take his word for it.

From what I saw, some of the combat could have been improved but all the predator sections were good. Like I said before, Killer Croc's Lair was my favorite part of the run. Can't say enough how fast and entertaining that was.

This run beats the game nearly as fast as the time on Easy, which is amazing, so I will go ahead and say:


A/V crisp and clean, the playing likewise, only skill detected and no cheating.

I agree with the above timing, the long walk at the start is boring but does contain player control so I'd say that it counts towards total run time.

Previous verifiers pointed out everything I could catch mistake wise, and then some, so nothing to add there on my part.

Routing and execution is top notch 99% of the run, a lot of cool minor skips and fast strats in general, and I'll have to second how impressive Killer Croc's Lair was handled.


A/V, like the others have said is great.

Overall there were tiny little errors that could have saved time - not much at all, but a few seconds here and there.


1. Dr. Chen fight a little messy.
2. Coming out of the sewers the first time, he runs up the stairs instead of hiding behind the rock from the sniper. Forces himself to backtrack.
3. He's playing cautious movement against the snipers, he had a window of opportunity to run, but instead chose to keep rolling.
4. honorableJay is correct in the Library Predator situation.
5. Slightly sloppy Manor Hall fight.
6. Heading in Scarecrow 2, makes a couple of grapple errors.

This is just for the first portion of the game up to Crow2, and some small errors.

There are a few little things that could be improved on, but these are so minute that no person can be expected to pull them off consistently, especially not on hard mode.

I do have to question the usage of the game on console, when a good PC can load the game faster (e.g. treatment elevators, morgue) and eliminate some of the wait in the load times. But again, it's a moot point considering how well this run is executed.

A great run, a would love to see more of stuff like this. A video like this shows extreme skill and well executed (and practiced) strategies.


What everyone else said, A/V fine no cheating detected.

This game is much faster if you get the multi-batarang takedown and grapnel boosts and... wait... this is Asylum.  Never mind.

Triple Batarangs are so broken in this game, it almost makes up for having to do a ground pound on nearly every enemy.  Overall a couple of the fights were sloppy in areas but the AI is so unforgiving and in fact there were a couple of points where he lost his combo and still didn't lose time anyway.  The library fight has been covered and there was a part at the end where he needed to upgrade health to keep from dying.

EDIT: For some reason the last part of my post was cut off and I didn't notice...

Overall the run was exceptionally well planned and executed and while there are a few areas of potential improvement, they are all very minor nitpicks and in a Hard Mode run it isn't likely to happen anytime soon.


A/V is fine, no cheating, all of that good stuff.

As others have mentioned, there are a few areas where fights could have been a bit cleaner, but with the A.I. being the way it is on Hard difficulty, it really can't be expected for everything to go perfect on a run this long.

The runner clearly put a lot of time into the run and this is easily an Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Sean 'DarthKnight' Grayson!
Thread title:  
Hello to all. I have watched the new Asylum speed runs by Sean Grayson and I have to saw WOW, this guy can run. Even though my person best is still a ways off of  (Easy 2:04:32) I have 2 techniques that he does not use.

1) When you first enter the botanical gardens you DO NOT have to fight the guys in the preadator room. You can simple run to the stairs on the right and then crouch past the guard (you have to do this perfectly but i can do it 10/10 times) and enter the door. When you return back to the predator room they are still there but you can grapnel up to the gargoyles and then enter the door on the seconds floor.

2) When you are deactivating the pump rooms you DO NOT need to fight any one in the predator room. When you enter the door you grapnel up the ledge and line launch over to hack the computer (make sure you stay out of the guards site in the computer room). Once you are down hacking you grapnel up to the gargoyle land on the ledge and exit the room.

These two techniques allow you to save an additional 2-3 minutes.

Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Hey Timmeh, you should really check out the Asylum thread on as both of those skips have already been found since DarthKnight submitted this run and we use them regularly.  Also you should consider joining in our weekly races on SRL and join #Batman on the SRL IRC server Smiley