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Banjo-Tooie (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from mike89:
A/V: Looks the same as when I played it
Cheating: None

This is a really solid run that showcases the modern state of the game really well. That being said, Pjii has a time four minutes or so faster. Not holding this against the run, just giving a point of reference.

This run is actually really reset-heavy if you do it without the manipulated Jinjos, as the runner has: ideally one would reset for anything but a white Jinjo in Jade Snake Grove, so as to get to 8 Jiggies in the first run through Mayahem Temple. I don't have the odds handy but from memory they're something like 10% (which is actually higher than what you'd expect if each Jinjo was truly random), and you don't find out what colour it is until 10 minutes in. Using a save file with the correct Jinjo set is a way BT runners have devised around this, but its legality under SDA rules was, at best, not confirmed. Pjii uses this method for his run I mentioned above.

The run is played really well, aside from one really amusing mishap in Hailfire Peaks where the runner tried to get a move with 20 fewer notes than required - as someone who's made that kind of mistake that deep into a run this long I can't be too critical!

About entering and exiting the Mumbo skull in Cloud Cuckooland: the real and fake Mumbo appear randomly in one or the other, and he guessed wrong.


Quote from kirbymastah:
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Banjo Tooie runs go by real-time, starting from file select until the last egg hits Grunty; under SDA rules, this is categorized as single segment with resets; it also abuses death warps. The real-time starts at around 0:00:35, and ends around 2:53:41, resulting in a real-time of 2:53:06. The in-game timer after the last cutscenes show 2:21:47, for what it's worth. I'm hoping that the run's comments clarify this.
This run also does not use something called jinjo manipulation. Jinjo patterns throughout the game are completely random, and are set upon starting a new file. Much of the tooie community agreed to make a start file with a set jinjo pattern, which takes 3-4 extra in-game seconds. This cuts out on a lot of resets since jinjo patterns can cost up to 40 seconds arbitrarily, and this game already has a lot of frustrating luck in it. Pjii's pastebin does a really good job of detailing what it is and how to do it here -

While I am not going to debate on whether I think it's fine or not on SDA, it's worth pointing out that the runner opts to NOT use jinjo manipulation just for this submission, primarily to avoid controversy and ensure 100% that SDA will be ok with this run. Interestingly enough, this run gets the ideal jinjo pattern (which is roughly a 1/6 chance) so that's helpful.
Video and Audio seem ok. Framerate seems to drop a lot, but this game is notorious for having a ton of framerate issues anyways so it's likely the game itself rather than the video quality.

this game has gone through a lot of development and many new tricks have been found. This run showcases the most up-to-date route and relevant tricks very well, incomparably improving upon the current very outdated run.

From the perspective of someone who has watched many Banjo Tooie speedruns from runners of various skill levels, I will say that this run is very good and easily worthy of being put up on SDA. Yes, there are mistakes, yes, there are some missed optimizations, but it's still a very clean run that nails most of the major tricks. There are very few misses with clockwork egg shots (they're really difficult!), and there's a lot of visible minor optimizations that the runner does to make this as fast as possible. Health management for death abuse and egg management seems good as well. At the time of this comment, this run is within a minute of this runner's actual personal best (that uses jinjo manipulation), and there is a lot that can go wrong with this run.
Just one random thing. At 39:05, the number 1 goes flying across the screen. Is there some explanation of this, or is the game just weird?

I give this verification a...

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Quote from Uilnslcoap:
This is mostly excellent, so let me just write down multi-second mistakes as I note them:

First noticeable mistake was the egg-shooting at the snakes in Mayahem Temple.

Then a couple missteps on the Witchyworld puzzle.

Messed up the jump to get to a Jamjars move in Glitter Gulch.

Dropping off the goldfish in Spiral Mountain was pretty comical.

Got hit as the sub by the big octo-thing in Jolly Roger’s.

Got hit a time or two it could have been avoided in Ordnance Storage.

Messed up a Clockwork Kazooie egg shot in Terrydactyland.

Shooting the teeth off the fish in JRL took a while.

Clockwork Kazooie oopsie in Grunty Industries.

Had to set up early jiggy grab underwater again, but this may be difficult rather than a “mistake”.

Got hit/had to shoot clinker multiple times in sewer.

Missed ice egg shot on Pot o’ Gold.

Fairly horrific mental error in Hailfire Peaks.  Goes to get a move before having the notes for it, loses in the neighborhood of 40 seconds.

Emptying the water in HFP took some time.

Hit by a fire hand unintentionally.

…and that’s about it in 3 hours (I’m sure I missed a thing or two).  Pretty darn good if you ask me.

A/V checks out, and the time seems right per other verifiers.

1 other verifier withheld their comments, but accepted.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Hyperresonance'!
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Thanks guys!

The "1" flying across the screen was likely the point value of the ring going crazy with the camera. I actually just checked that out and it looks quite amusing.

As for ordnance storage, I took damage intentionally. It is faster to take damage off the enemies in that area instead of using grenade eggs at the end, which saves time and grenade eggs. Something to note here is that I only had 2 grenade eggs at the time. I needed 1 to deathwarp inside Ordnance, and I needed to save 1 to hit the first switch in Terrydactyland.

The fish teeth in JRL are ridiculously annoying because you have to have perfect shots on them for the teeth to come off. This run did in fact have bad fish teeth though.

In clinker's cavern, I couldn't really do much about the tintup in my way, and after getting hit, it kind of screws up your muscle memory for that part and I ended up missing the grenade shot for the clinker.

As for Mingy Jongo, we always check the red skull first because it is 23 seconds faster to have him in that skull. If there is a glowbo counter in the bottom right corner of the screen, it is Mumbo.

Getting hit by the fire hand as BK at the end of HFP is not a mistake. It was in preparation for a deathwarp in Boggy's igloo.

Other than that, the mistakes noticed were in fact mistakes.

Pjii had INSANELY good RNG in his world record. I probably lost over a minute to him from RNG alone in this run.

Again, thanks a lot for the support guys!

PS: the final time is 2:53:05.8x. I did not want to reencode the run to change the statid and I noticed the error by looking at my past broadcast on twitch; I split a bit late. I may do some audio commentary for this run in the future, which may be beneficial because there is a lot to explain in this speedrun.
a new up-to-date run on SDA!

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Quote from Hyperresonance:
As for Mingy Jongo, we always check the red skull first because it is 23 seconds faster to have him in that skull. If there is a glowbo counter in the bottom right corner of the screen, it is Mumbo.

Oh that's how you know! I've always wondered about that, as a kid I had to go in and check whether the Jinjo was real or fake (though there's every chance the colour would be a tell by that stage of the run too).

BTW since SDA timing is slightly different it'll actually go on the site as something like 2:52:56, but I don't think you'll be asked to re-encode for that. We used to bug people for that and it just gets really annoying for everyone.
Quote from mike89:
BTW since SDA timing is slightly different it'll actually go on the site as something like 2:52:56, but I don't think you'll be asked to re-encode for that. We used to bug people for that and it just gets really annoying for everyone.

Oh yeah that's right, because it starts from first control of the character. I totally forgot about that. Oh well.
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Even completely wrong StatIDs will at worst get a note on the game page, and that's a pretty minor difference honestly.
Free ticket to write all kinds of pointless stupid shit on your StatIDs, guys!
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IsraeliRD: 2014-07-18 04:51:23 pm
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I actually send a note to the runner if the StatID time is wrong, and they have a choice to continue as is or re-encode.
Hyperresonance, I'll leave a note to myself on the queue not to bug you with that comment as you're not gonna re-encode.
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Congrats Hypperresonance!  I enjoyed the SGDQ run and I am looking forward to watching this one.
Thanks Worn! (PS: This run is much better lol)

Yeah I'm not going to bother re-encoding. It's no big deal and a note can be made in the comments section about the SDA timing.