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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Uber-large-skip glitches] [Solo]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'mingriguhui'!
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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn () (pc) [Any %] [Solo] [Segmented] [Uber-large-skip glitches]

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Fairly solid run, but I am confused about the categorization. The run is segmented, so the [Single Segment] part of the title is in error. And the current segmented run is significantly faster than this run. The main difference I see from the comments is that the runner appeared to intentionally play as a solo character, in spite of time savers that having a party would provide. Is this a separate category? Though the line between solo and party is pretty clear (only one character forcibly joins the party, and she can be kicked out immediately as this runner did), the restriction itself is somewhat arbitrary.

That said, the execution on this run is fantastic. Clicks are smooth and clean, with only a few seconds of errors in the run. There is a considerable amount of luck manipulation as well. I know that this run took a lot of time and effort.

The route is not perfect, but it's again it's hard to say what the runner was going for in addition to being solo. Something that was under-utilized was the multiple dialog glitch, displayed in Throne of Bhaal as well as Jiseed's RTA run of BG2. I mean, we don't even have to kill Bodhi anymore. Even a solo run should have taken advantage of that.

As far as a verdict, I'd need more information on what kind of category this is going in. The current segmented run is 23 minutes, and Jiseed's RTA (on the slightly different EE version, but still) is about 20 minutes with SDA's timing. This clocks in at around 32 minutes, so just based on the time I wouldn't be able to accept it into the current category.

I'm really happy to have seen this speedrun though, and I hope that the submitter works on beating the current 23 minute run with all the new tricks and glitches that have been found. Sub 20 should be trivial.
Yes, correct, this run is segmented.

The choice of doing a solo run in this game is somewhat unusual since Imoen is a forced companion and you're required to actively discard her to continue solo. However, this is done as the first action in the run, which makes it easier to argue for creating a new category.

The run has been re-labeled as segmented and solo.
thx, smilge and ktwo, i have post the manager to fix this. i'll try Bodhi scene later, thx.
As a solo segmented run, I would accept. There is room for improvement in the route, but the rest of it is very solid.
Decision posted.