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Bad News Baseball (Any %) (Single Segment) [New Game+]

Verifier Responses

Alright, I'll go ahead and post this now, since I probably was just over thinking it. I hadn't noticed the LQ video flicker issue, but its definitely there.

So starting off with the technical stuff. A/V is fine on the videos. Player control starts at 0:21 (can move batter) and ends at 2:53 (final out), so I agree on the 2:32 the runner stated.
Moving on to the run itself. Its clear the runner put a lot of time and effort into thinking of how to give himself the best odds of scoring runs quickly. Like most sports games, theres a lot of randomness in that you can’t really control the CPU’s actions, and the results of your actions are not entirely reproducible every time (most notably when batting). Choosing the female team to get a better stat list is a great choice, and I’m hard pressed to point to anything the runner chose as a mistake.
While hitting, the runner got a bit of bad luck getting thrown out on the 8th hit, it would have been faster to score all 10 hits and then force a triple play on himself, but ultimately he would have had the same number of at bats so it’s a minimal difference.
On defense, the first two outs go reasonably fast and the strike out goes well. Purposefully taking the risk of the CPU getting a big hit in order to save the seconds compared to getting a strikeout is a nice touch, even if he did go the safer route at the end.
Overall, I think this is a great run with really good luck and great planning. The only thing that concerns me is that the fact that it’s the third game in a 3 game series. I’d really like to let that fact go, because quite frankly I like this run a lot. But another part of me wants to compare this to, for example, completing the second loop in Ghosts n’ Goblins and only timing that portion of it. That said, this game is fundamentally setting up exhibition matches of baseball, and since the runner categorized it as New Game +, and the fact that he did so gave him a tangible advantage in that single game, so I feel like I can let that slide.
Overall, I give this run an accept.

This is really good run and I got same timing as other verifier. 

Audio and Video is fine for all however the LQ has video flicker.

Gameplay overall is solid.  Really can't rely on Home Runs every at bat but choosing a team of all 8 speeds makes this 10 run first inning really easy when exploiting game mechanics (1 action controls multiple fielders lol).  I like the quarks this games has with bunny umpires and cool ass "close plays."  Runner did not trigger a single close play.  On defense 2nd baseman (basegirl?????) made a spectacular jumping catch to rob the leadoff man (woman???) of a easy base hit.  2nd batter derped and just swung at first pitch without making pitcher work (bad fundamentals).  Finally 3rd batter just struck out silly (wtf does this team not play baseball?). 

I also believe that this should be called "Fastest game win (NG+)" due to the fact there is no defined any% for this game and that the girl team was used. 

I say Accept this run

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Richard 'rggibson' Gibson!
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See, sports games CAN make it on SDA!
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Quote from UraniumAnchor:
See, sports games CAN make it on SDA!

More like Sports games besides Tony Hawk CAN make it onto SDA.  Still, to see a sports game get added to the site, I can't wait to see how this looks when it gets posted in the future.  Congrats Gibson!
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More like Sports games besides Tony Hawk & Tiger Woods CAN make it onto SDA
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Quote from UraniumAnchor:
See, team sports games CAN make it on SDA!

I remember seeing the early development of this on stream. Glad it made it on site. Well done.
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Strongfox: 2013-03-07 08:57:23 am
Strongfox: 2013-03-07 08:53:53 am
If you count boxing as a sport's game then there are plenty.

EDIT: We also have Pro Wrestling &, if it counts, Mario Tennis: Power Tour
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MAS8705: 2013-03-07 09:52:44 am
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I must really be off to forget about the Mario tennis speed run and the tiger woods game.  Still, nice to see the rise of sports speed runs.

Edit: WAIT A MINUTE!  The Tiger Woods speed run was Disk Golf!  Frisbee Throwing!  That is more recreational activity than it is a sport! That doesn't count! /sarcasm

Hopefully we will get to see more team based sports get added in the near future.
Wow, that was fast.  Thanks for the verification, guys!

Bah, I didn't look at the Low Quality video before submitting and yeah, it definitely does have a flicker.  Should I re-encode the LQ video under alternate settings?
Would be a good idea. Re-encode LQ and send it to nate. Make sure and let him know that this run has already been accepted and you're just replacing the existing LQ.
Quote from ZenicReverie:
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
See, team sports games CAN make it on SDA!


But Super Dodgeball.
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You actually meant Shaq-Fu, which I am working on.
I just tried some different settings in Anri-Chan and no dice on fixing the flickering on the LQ video.  I think fixing this is beyond my abilities.  I can send the raw DVD data to nate if necessary, just let me know.
Also, for timing, I originally timed the run as 2:32.  However, this timing was based on first pitcher-batter screen load to last pitcher-batter screen exit.  If timed instead from control of first batter to loss of control of last pitch, then there's an extra 2 seconds of animation once the CPU batter strikes out.  This gives a time of 2:30, which I listed at the beginning of the encodings.  I can re-encode with proper info if 2:32 was actually the correct timing.
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Quote from zewing:
We need some Michael Jordan:  Chaos in the Windy City HYPE

Now this I would watch.