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This is a remake of Spiderweb Software's Avernum 1, itself a remake of Exile: Escape from the Pit, which has its own thread.

There are three game-ending quests: finishing any one of them will give you congratulatory text, and finishing all three will give you more. All three quests, with the exception of choosing to leave Avernum at the end of the "Escape the Underworld" quest (you can also choose to stay) will restore control after the congratulatory message. I'm trying for all endings.

Anyone else interested?
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Useful exploits, for reference:

Infinite stat points: All stats start at 2. However, by taking an Improved [Stat] trait at character creation, [Stat] t can be reduced to 1 and you will get a free stat point. The trait (and any skill points used to unlock the trait) can be reallocated afterwards. Then, at level 2, if you still have a stat at 1 and take its Improved trait again, you can reduce the stat infinitely and get infinite stat points. Stats max out at 40 allocated points, although the automatic points that you get when you level up can push stats over 40.

Infinite skill points: Similar to infinite stats. At character creation, take the Nimble Fingers trait (without Tool Use) and reduce Tool Use by clicking where the reduce button would normally appear. You can only allocate 3 points per skill at level 1 and 1 point per skill per subsequent level. If you generate more skill points than you can allocate, you won't be able to commit changes. Hence, it's probably best to train every 2 levels.
I played it casually awhile ago, found it quite fun but never even finished.
I might be interested, are you just looking for other interested parties for routing? I'm not familiar with the older versions so I would have a ton to learn.
Any level of interest from watching to routing to running is welcome. Tongue

I don't think familiarity with the originals is needed, as they're very different mechanically. I've never played E:EftP and I played Avernum 1 for less than 5 minutes. Tongue The developer's official forums are a good place to read up on what the stats and skills do.

Currently focusing on any% (or the Safety ending, if categorising by single endings is better), as that means I can put off re-routing and retrying the Recap ending (all endings) to take advantage of the infinite skill point exploit.
Got 0:40:39 on a practice run, including the level 1 stat allocation (I don't know whether to exclude this as character creation, because your party can move at that point), loading, bad menuing, some failed outdoors dodges, and one reload. Still faster than I thought it would be.

There is now a Discord server: https://discord.gg/tH4NtER
Thanks for sharing Video and server.