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DJS: 2013-01-23 01:03:21 pm
DJS: 2013-01-23 09:26:14 am
torch slug since 2006
i do still have the easycap you sent me, but the s-video port is dead, apart from that its fine.

while i could use norichan, or even amarec (it didnt desync there, dazzle causes it), i'd still prefer to use the dazzle as its picture quality is much better, imo anyway.
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ballofsnow: 2013-01-23 07:16:30 pm
ballofsnow: 2013-01-23 07:13:34 pm
Quote from nate:
snow, he captured interlaced material at f1. so you have to changefps(29.97) right off.

It helped, but still a bit glitchy.

You should try QTGMC if you haven't already. I've been comparing mvbob vs qtgmc (placebo preset, still faster than mvbob) on avisynth 2.5.8, and QTGMC has way less artifacts, and usually cleaner edges than mvbob. Sometimes mvbob will win and give a smooth diagonal line while QTGMC stair steps, but overall I think QTGMC is the way to go. Not surprising of course since our version of mvbob is from iirc 2006.
I don't see QTGMC going into anri until the next version, but you should strongly consider it for your own encoding process.

Here are 8 comparison screens from that f-zero video.
could you do me a favor and try nnedi3 also and tell me what you think?
if you need more test footage ... f1 and f2. part of the test dvd i posted a long time ago.
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ballofsnow: 2013-01-26 09:55:04 am
I did a quick test on the f-zero clip again. nnedi3 has less artifacts, but you still see a bit of that bob effect. This is easily seen on the character portraits on the left screen. This seems to be the reason, taken from the readme:

      nnedi3 is an intra-field only deinterlacer. It takes in a frame, throws away one field, and
  then interpolates the missing pixels using only information from the kept field.
It has same
  rate and double rate modes, and works with YV12, YUY2, and RGB24 input. nnedi3 is also very good
  for enlarging images by powers of 2, and includes a function 'nnedi3_rpow2' for that purpose.

The nnedi3.dll was part of the qtgmc package (same version as your link). qtgmc is using it as part of its process, but then going further with other tools to deliver better quality.

It is fast though at defaults. Some timings from saving the f-zery yuy2 lagarith:
nnedi3 = 0:22
mvbob = 6:30
qtgmc = 2:21
qtgmc ("very slow") = 3:01
qtgmc ("placebo") = 4:40
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DJS: 2013-02-25 10:21:40 am
torch slug since 2006
UGH. tried reinstalling windows today to see if that would help, but nope. so i have ditched amarec and went with the software that came with it: pinnacle instant dvd recorder.

seems good to me. it produces VIDEO_TS/*.vob stuff, so i just handle it like a DVD in anri.

one problem though, is that it wont let me enter a 3 number digit in the recording length, so i can only record for 99 minutes :/

edit: ok so i noticed that there are 3 quality modes in this software: good, better, best.

best (which this sm64 and YI sample was recorded with) has a time limit of 99 minutes. good however, lets me record for 180 minutes, so im wondering if that is ok for a vice city run that i might do.
it looks good for me, but mediainfo says the source is 352x480, which might turn you off.

The Dork Knight himself.
DJS: have you tried using Amarec 2.20c?
torch slug since 2006
yes. ive tried 2.10b, 2.20c, 2.31.. .everyone has the same issue. the audio gets out of sync more and more the longer it goes on.
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ballofsnow: 2013-03-16 10:22:13 am
ballofsnow: 2013-03-16 10:17:23 am
I revisited QTGMC since I noticed a frame blending effect, noticeable in the timer at top right of the fzero clip. (Fantastic test clip btw, besides the weird frame sequence. DJs if you're reading this, I would greatly appreciate a recapture at proper framerate of this exact track)

If you're using QTGMC, make sure that at the placebo/very slow/slower presets you set ChromaMotion=false. Simple line: QTGMC(Preset="placebo", ChromaMotion=false). This may be a bug or whatever, I just wanted to point out this problem exists as of version 3.32 at default settings, provided you use slower than the "slow" preset.

I attached a JPG this time instead of the usual PNG since it was 4 megs.. so don't focus on compression artifacts, instead focus on the blending.

The effect is also noticeable on the surface of the grid-like track. It's looks way better now.

you can just do avisource("whatever").changefps(29.97) and save nmf.
Yeah I commented earlier in this thread that it makes it better, actually a lot better, but still has frames out of sequence.
torch slug since 2006
uhm, what clip is that? is it the one where i put raw dazzle into anri, or is it amarec live output to virtualdub?
i put away my dazzle because i got so tired of the audio desync that it had, so i went back to my easycap and norichan. so would a norichan clip be enough?
It's more the content than the method of capture. So I guess any method that gets a proper capture of that particular game and race track would be very helpful.
torch slug since 2006
ok is this a ok capture? just a 10 sec clip, ill give you the full if its good.

also i lied, i wasnt using norichan Smiley but its easycap, s-video, lagarith.
Quote from ballofsnow:
Yeah I commented earlier in this thread that it makes it better, actually a lot better, but still has frames out of sequence.

it does!? weird. maybe we're not talking about the same clip. or maybe i just got really lucky and didn't hit any of them when i was looking, haha.
Quote from DJS:
ok is this a ok capture? just a 10 sec clip, ill give you the full if its good.

Awesome. Thanks DJS. Smiley
torch slug since 2006
im confused. Awesome as in "this clip is all i need. thank you!" or "this is good, please upload the full clip"...
this clip is all i need. thank you!

torch slug since 2006
since i got your attention, i went back and tried the software that was bundled with my dazzle again (you can see my old attempt if you scroll up a little) (pinnacle instant dvd recorder). it produces dvd style videos, ala VIDEO_TS folder, so i just import that into anri like you would with a dvd.

it has 3 different qualities: good, better, best. and here's one of each (encoded through anri in IQ). Ill give you raws if you want.

for some reason, best and better has alot of frame drops. not sure if its my fault or the dazzle's fault...

This game will need as much bitrate as possible, so "best" would definitely be preferred. But those frame drops are quite nasty.. Does the "good" quality source suffer significantly from compression? If it's not too bad, could you upload it?
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DJS: 2013-03-17 11:19:10 am
torch slug since 2006

it looks ok to me, i'd watch it, but preferably not for d1 stuff. maybe its very suitable for nes/snes/n64? (d4)
its worth noting that with Best i can only record for 99 minutes, with good i think i had up to 180 minutes.

Better i havent bothered checking out. i dont really see any difference between it and Best.

OOR i could just go back to my easycap and be happy with that happier. its just that i wanna use this Dazzle, since its new and all :|
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ballofsnow: 2013-03-18 09:55:58 pm
Unfortunately the "good" won't work out. It's been sized at 352x480 (instead of 720x480) while still showing at 4:3 aspect ratio, so not true D1. Actually I could use another one of these half-width type of videos, so still somewhat useful. Anyway you've been more than helpful, thanks, and I'll keep the amarec cap. Smiley
torch slug since 2006
but couldnt 352x480 be used for D4 stuff, like nes/snes/n64/ps1 etc.?

and no problem, i enjoy dealing with this kind of stuff.
Yep still good for D4
torch slug since 2006
okay now i figured out what amarec is doing wrong: its recording at 28.0000 fps instead of 29.97000. now, how do i fix this.. hmm