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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (pc) (pc) [100 %] [Segmented] [DLC]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to François 'Fed981' Federspiel!
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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (pc) (pc) [100 %] [Segmented] [DLC]

Verification Files

Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). This is not a contest where the majority wins - I will judge each verification on its content. Please keep your verification brief unless you have a good reason otherwise.
Looks like a week since this started. I'll get on this, but it might take more than till the 17th.
I was actually wondering what happens if the thread doesn't get answer(s) in time...
The run gets sent down into the fire pits. It'll be laughed at as it burns.
Or, to answer the question, the decision is postponed a week at a time until there are enough replies.

We don't actively go out and ask people to verify. But if you know of any other Assassin's Creed players that you think could be interested in participating here, you're more than welcome to link to this thread.
Unfortunately that's what I've been doing in the past weeks...
The Dork Knight himself.
I'll start on this tonight, but as Lot already said, it might take longer than until the 17th. This run looks HUGE.
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Palamecia: 2016-05-16 09:57:38 am
Hi people, since I'm also an Assassin's Creed speedrunner, I'll post my opinion about this run:

A/V Quality
Video and audio are very good, I didn't find any audio desync. The 60 fps are constant.

This is the most recent and efficient route on this game, executed without any errors.
The idea to do side missions in the "replay mode" is a very good idea who saved a huge amount of time.

Run categorie
This run has been done on a computer with a HDD, since the horse can't galop (And there is no "galop" option on the HUD).
At the end (Part 13), we have the confirmation about the 100% synchronization (Who means all missions were accomplished) and the IGT at 04:05:30


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LotBlind: 2016-05-18 01:39:51 pm
Palamecia: great that you showed up to do this verification! Ofc it's a good habit to let the thread know that you're about to do the run - especially with longer runs this can help cut off unnecessary work by people who don't know the game that well.

There was no desync per se, just missing audio and some video frames (as the runner explains) in seg 77. Nothing to worry about.

I'm 8/13 parts in.
I'm Assassin's Creed spedrunner myself verifying this Assassin's Creed run:

A/V Quality is great - consistent 60 fps with game graphics on maximum

Gameplay guality:
This run is the fastest existing 100% run of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - it is 32 minutes faster in IGT than existing single-segment 100% WR with SDD and SDD makes all parts when player rides on horse 1.5-2 times faster - and there are a lot of these parts in the run. And considering that run has no desynchonizations/reloading of checkpoints -  it is the fastest run in RTA as well. It had all the known strategies, skips, route optimizations at the time of it's recording and not a lot new things were found after it was recorded. Also a lot of segments of this run are very good on RNG and a lot of them took 50-100+ attempts to get excellent combination of exectution and RNG which is in the run.

All tricks that are in the run can be reproduced in single-segment runs and most of them are used in single-segment runs - so no cheating.

Verdict - Accepted.
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ktwo: 2016-05-24 09:37:14 am
ktwo: 2016-05-24 09:36:10 am
EctorTutu: same as I said to Palamecia, it's great that we're getting runners verifying runs, that's what we prefer and feel free to keep an eye out for these runs when they're still in the main list (one subforum above "public verification"). It's really really useful. However, if you see a longer run that you know you're going to verify, it's best if you post an initial post in the thread saying that you're going to do it so people like me know they should verify another run instead.

Ktwo: Do you think this should be included as an instruction in these public verification threads? If you don't mean to finish your verification in one go, leave a note. Right now it would have been useful. I'm still going to watch the rest, but if you don't want to HonorableJay, you can definitely leave it now.

Edit (ktwo, 240516): Discussion moved to
The Dork Knight himself.
Yeah I'm not gonna be able to finish verifying this today, and going by what I've seen so far and the responses this looks like an easy accept. Don't wait for me to post the decision.
A/V: One tiny thing that's already been brought up.

Whoops, I accidentally deleted my more detailed comments... well I was mostly pointing out my favourite funny moments in the run, of which there were plenty. Cheesy

I did want to inquire just out of curiosity why the guard in that one segment had to fall off the roof as you were looting him?

The game looks pretty cool although only in the Roman parts. The rest is some utter garbage... Dan Brown level.

Decision posted.
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Fed981: 2016-05-25 12:32:35 pm

@LotBlind: I'd love to see your detailed comments :p

edit: can I get rid of the HUGE amount of raw files?
I'm sorry Fed! It was all the writing in this comment box, leaving it there but alt-x-ing it away every time I left an intermediate comment here... I'll tell you there was one particular shot on the crossbow that would've made Dude Perfect proud -- off the courtyard, behind the back at the awkwardest of angles like zero 'f's given.
By the way, the guard falling off is something that happens on any slope (especially rooftops) when you assassinate a guard. For example, when you do the "fist kill", the guard stays on the same altitude. Anyway, in that precise memory, it is required to throw the body on the ground.
Quote from Fed981:
edit: can I get rid of the HUGE amount of raw files?

From an SDA point of view, these are the main reasons to hold on to the raw-files:
- The run will now be timed. If the time turns out to be different from what you have put on the statID (I'm too lazy to check if there is an in-game timer to go by or if it's manual timing for this game), you will be asked to re-encode. It's not a deal breaker and the run can still be published as-is. It will look a bit bad though with one time on the game page and different time on the statID.
- Before the run is posted on the front page, it will go through a "Pre-release check". It's basically a final check of the final encodes. If something is pointed out there, you can be asked to re-encode. It's not very common that issues are found in PRC, that were not already pointed out in verification though (but not unheard of).

I'd say it's pretty unlikely that something critical (= preventing the run from getting published) would pop up now. However, if you want to be absolutely safe, you're also welcome to upload the raw-files here (just use the corresponding upload passwords on the submission page).
Ok, then I think I'll delete them. The game has an accurate in-game timer and I edited the videos just as my previous runs, so I'm pretty sure nothing will come up.