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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

Alright, decided to take a break from studying. Here are my comments:

Decision: Accept

Sequence 1
Visually things are appearing and disappearing all over the place in the first mission, but that doesn't slow the run down.
I liked the part with catching the horse.

No comments.

Sequence 2
When walking with Machiavelli, there is a chest on the route that isn't looted. I asked Fed about this, and he said he thought it wasn't worth it compared to the time you lose.
Also, very creative to not get on a horse in order to steal money.

Sequence 3
I liked the jump off the hideout.

Sequence 4
Good thinking in letting Lucrezia run rather than carrying her.
Clever quit-reload to recruit another citizen.
Here, and in sequence 7, knife sounds can be heard. I think it's because there are still 'active' recruits.
Machine gun part was excellent.

Sequence 5
Good routing while tailing the money, nice use of superblend.
Holy crap, I did not know you could get up the Pantheon that way.
Nice exploit to setup a blitz at the end!

Sequence 6
The first memory took a lot of retries, and it shows. It's tight as a drum.
There's a weird cut after putting on the soldier's disguise. A sound plays, but then it's cut off and replaced by the loading screen. I don't think this was intentional, but it's a little odd.
The blitz on the Baron is very fast. Also, nice use of recruits.

Sequence 7
La Volpe's horse is much faster than Ezio's. I checked and there's this thread on GameFAQs that states that the player can get faster horses. Now during this memory it isn't much of a problem since it's basically timed anyway (you have to wait for La Volpe), but there's a lot of horseriding in the beginning as well, and this could be a major concern.
Good use of hyperblend.
Again with the knife sounds.
I liked how the horse was used to catch the thief.

Sequence 8
Well executed, no comments otherwise.

Sequence 9
Very fast Cesare fight. Funny how ranged weapons trivialize combat.

Final bit
Freerunning is good. I liked the jump down in the church.

Excellent use of save warping, very well done
Horse use was good, no unnecessary calls

The main concern is the horses. However, I think that the time saved by getting a faster horse would be negligble at best. Most longer periods spent on horseback are on a timer anyway, and I don't think the extra time gained in the few places that a faster horse would make a difference makes up for the time lost by finding a faster horse. Therefore, my decision is Accept.

I assumed that even though it was an Any % that it would still go for full sync in each mission, but that's ok, it made for a faster speedrun.

Lightning fast menu navigation throughout. The moments between segments seemed quite consistent. I did have a bit of concern in an area regarding sounds of the assassin knife being used outside of combat, but then I realized there were still assassin recruits fighting guards nearby. Other than that, I didn't notice any A/V problems.


A/V good. No actual cheating suspected.
I must however say I'm not quite sure how quit-reloading affects things, or how the segments are cut together (I'm used to 1 segment=1 video).
So I can't judge if this has been done in an acceptable way, and I have no idea how to time it. I'll just comment on the gameplay and ignore the quit-loading unless it really sticks out as weird.

Part 1 - Sequence 1:
No hangups, quick fights, nothing to really comment on.

Part 2 - Prologue:
Again nothing to really comment on.

Part 3 - Sequence 2:
867ƒ, very lucky pickpocketing indeed. Very funny beating the shit out of Machiavelli after him asking you not to draw any undue attention, and I'm impressed by how much it speeds him up. Romulus segment done well.

Part 4 - Sequence 3:
Smooth, and yes, very impressive jump from the hideout. Great luck with the official.

Part 5 - Sequence 4:
The runner's notes says "I manipulated luck to spawn an official". Later notes use the same term. This may not be the place, but how does one manipulate luck? That's impossible. What you manipulate is chance/RNG. If anything it just comes off as sounding like you say you cheated. Sorry, I've just seen this term in TAS comments and such before and it's a pet peeve of mine.

Other than that, no hangups on this part. All the pistol and crossbow kills at the Castel Sant'Angelo look very efficient.

Part 6 - Sequence 5:
Trick to kill the banker was very impressive, as was the superblending.

Part 7 - Sequence 6:
Very good first fight. Nice touch on the second fight starting to move on with one soldier to go having the still active recruits get a final soldier just in time. Bit of a weird blood texture going on over the blue cape at 08:52 but I see nothing really suspicious there.

Part 8 - Sequence 7:
More impressive use of superblending. The horse speed doesn't seem like it's a big issue. In this part I really started noticing the weird knife sounds the other verifier mentioned. What's up with those? Also yay horse.

Part 9 - Sequence 8:
Impressed with the entering the Castel so quickly without alerts. The runner was barely even 'discovered'. Very quick manuevering inside. Great jump down from the Castel to the fountain area. The runner is much better at using the apple than I ever was, those fights always took me many minutes.

Part 10 - Sequence 9:
Fast, great. Cesare fight simply trivialized.

Part 11 - Present 2:
Fast and done.

Final thoughts:
There's nothing to really point out as slowing the run down or having room for improvements of any significance. The only improvement I can imagine lie in routing, and even then I'm not sure. Like I said I don't know about all this splicing segments thing or how to time it so I can't comment on that, but other than that I see no reason not to accept the run.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to François 'Fed981' Federspiel!
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Fed981: 2013-04-23 02:42:06 pm
Fed981: 2013-04-23 02:50:50 am
Thank you all!

I'd like to explain some things. Firstly, by "luck manipulation" (in sequence 4) I mean in many retries the official spawned at the other side and so didn't come to Ezio. In the run I only had to wait for him to come.

Also, I timed every route, including towers, recruits, warps, etc. But if anyone finds something faster I'll be glad to watch it. And finally, there are some places in the game where Ezio spawns when loading; and when you exit the game, it will reload at the nearest spawn point. I hope this explains the warps and the segmenting.

Last but not least: as the ACR run that was recently published, the category is: any% segmented using DLC and warps.

Edit: Maybe this is what you were looking for: creating a segment (quit and reload) doesn't add any time for the in-game timer. To be exact, between memories, no time is added or subtracted. And inside memories, the timer reminds the actual time that was at the previous checkpoint.