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Quote from Fed981:
fluojn? Are you currently recording? How is it going?

Hi everyone. I've made it to the segment 11 of my real speed run clocking 00:49:30 at the beginning of the segment (Which is whopping 2 minutes and 29 seconds faster than my previous run at this point.

What I intend to do at segment 11:

The third mission (Thieve's guild) at sequence 3, including:
- Save warp to tunnels
- Flawless gallop to La Volpe's
- Pretty damn good fight against the archers
- Fast burning of Borgia tower by the docks
- Losing notoriety during the way back to La Volpe's...
- Blindrun to the door after the mission

I've made well over 50 attempts at this segment and needed to take a little break x)
The problem is I can't reproduce the great luck manipulation I have at my second practice run.
The eyewitness doesn't appear no matter how I move the camera so I need to do a little backtrack
to kill some witness and remove one poster. I can constantly get better run than in my practice runs
but I'm DYING to get it right!

So bear with me guys, the run will be eventually finished, but it might take more time than I thought...
If someone else wants to run this game it's also good and I'll support him/her 100%

And Fed, how's your Revelations run doing?
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Fed981: 2012-09-18 06:07:25 am
Fed981: 2012-05-17 11:15:18 am
I'm currently preparing hard for my "exam". I think I'll begin to record in august. By the way, my target is under 3 hours.

Edit : by the way, do you want to show us the beginning of the run? Is it possible for us to watch it?

Edit2 : any update here?
Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since my last post and I've got some bad news for you. It happens that in my life there has been no space for speedrunning lately and will not be for some time. That's why you can practically consider this run abandoned, for now at least... It may take another year for me to have the time and energy to get myself to that shape I had when recording my actual run earlier this year.

So, anyone considering to run ACB, I support him/her 100% (I have Fed981 first in my mind ;))

I'll be posting my so far progress to youtube and link them here to help future runners. Keep the flag up and see u all.

Segment 1 00:04:51
Mass Exodus
- When climbing up from the vault, you can't run before you turn on the Eagle Vision
- Old geezer Mario is a very delicate NPC. He doesn't want to be left behind, or he starts walking, slowing me down in the process. To have a good time at this memory, it's all about making Mario go faster. This is how I speed him up:
1. Busting through the monks gives him a free way through. Otherwise he will stay to push people around.
2. At the big brawl the fighting needs to be manipulated so that Mario doesn't back himself indoors. I choose the knives during the last kill so it doesn't stop my running.
3. After a little run on the roofs I luck manipulate the upcoming ambush, so that we confront only 2 guards in the alleyway. Mario leaves to view the corpses in awe for a moment, before starting to run again. That can't be helped.
4. I let Mario go first for a moment just to make sure he is not left behind. If so, he just stops there and the goal marker does not appear on the top of the tower.
Bottom line: The only improvement I can think of is that you get a silent kill when starting the big brawl. It could probably save 1 second.
Quote from fluojn:
So, anyone considering to run ACB, I support him/her 100% (I have Fed981 first in my mind ;))

I'll be posting my so far progress to youtube and link them here to help future runners. Keep the flag up and see u all.

I was about to post here when you did. Actually, I'm preparing a run for this game. A new AC speedrunning era began with ACR, so it's time to give this game justice.

Thanks for the video(s) by the way. I'll be watching this later today.
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fluojn: 2012-10-30 11:37:59 am
fluojn: 2012-10-30 10:19:06 am
Next up...

Segment 2 00:10:21
- After skipping the first cut scene, if you run in the high profile at the loading screen, the horse takes a gallop boost after returning to the game.
Target Practice
- Loading the cannon takes ENORMOUS amount of time so I try to be both fast and accurate...
- After finishing the mission I do a little blind run during the white screen. I end up on the roof and save couple seconds.
Horsing around
- Only way to catch the horse on the first try is to scare it against the tree. By the way, this is the only horse in the whole game that can gallop for real.  (Aside the cannon mission)
- After the mission I'm on the horse and I use it to get to the next mission faster. Unfortunately the horse can't go under the arc so I abandon her after a short gallop.
R & R
- Not much to say about this one 'cause you can't speed it up. I do this mission last, because it leads right to the Villa entrance and the next mission.
Bottom line: The target practice and catching the horse can be done maybe 2 seconds faster.

Segment 3 00:16:19
- This mission consists of running to the door and skipping the cut scenes. I try to make it more fun to watch by fooling around in the loading screen.
- When shooting from the wall with cannons, it's faster to shoot fast, but more important is that the cannon man beside Ezio keeps his mouth shut. If he begins to babble about his family dying or how the enemy is destroying them, you need to wait for one more cannon shot before moving to the next step of the battle. After moving to the right side cannon, it's just random how fast the fleeing villager's number drops to 0. It always stops to 45 no matter how well you did. After the cannon man says "Almost all townspeople are outside the walls" the number drops to zero even if you are not firing the cannon.
- When fighting on the wall the most important thing to get a full kill streak is to keep the enemies together. If they are too spread out, they may have those red arrow things above their heads and if so, Ezio can't include them to the kill streak. I manage to get a double kill in the end. Also, the last Brute cannot be shot until he charges from below the arc, because there is memory de sync wall between Ezio and him.
Emergency exit
- It's almost impossible to avoid the guards while running to the Villa. The trick is to make a little curve so that they take the fighting stance and don't run after Ezio.
- When saving Claudia, it's a little bit faster to shoot the attacker, but the game usually starts an alert that exact moment. That makes Ezio to target ANYONE but the attacker. Given the all other luck based things in this segment I finally decided to kill him with the hidden blade.
- Claudia always stops for a moment while running to the Sanctuary. While she is doing that it's important to stay away 'cause the enemies tend to knock her down.
Bottom line: The only ways to save more time at this segment is to get more double kills when fighting at the wall, kill the Claudia's attacker with a gun and maybe get better luck when shooting the cannons.

By the way, segment 3 is one of my proudest segments ever recorded. I dare anyone to beat the time Cheesy

I'll upload the rest later...

Any kind of comments and suggestions how to make it faster are welcome. Let's help Fed make another great run Tongue
More videos Cheesy

Segment 4 00:17:23
I just hate how one can't skip the cut scenes while playing Desmond. Not much to say about this one, because it's pretty straight platforming, but:
- If you see me stopping for a moment, I'm waiting for Lucy to catch up.
- When it seems that I screw up when Desmond says: "Good. Let me just go and get that bridge down for you. (I actually DO screw up) it doesn't hurt the time, 'cause if I pull the lever before "And I'm sure that will be your last one" Lucy gets glitched and doesn't climb up.
- The first fuse box beside Shaun is the only one you NEED to use Eagle Vision to operate.
- I'd love to give a golden virtual training kill streak, but I try to show off with the double kill and end up getting my ass handed to me. Well, the training lasts always the same amount of time, so it doesn't matter. Looks bad though x)
Bottom line: The platforming can be made maybe a couple seconds faster, but nothing too radical...

Segment 5 00:22:23
As good as new...
- At the beginning Ezio is crippled so he moves very slowly. I save couple seconds by punching instead of walking.
- It's possible to luck manipulate a horse after seeing the doctor, but I timed it and it's faster to go by foot.
- I need to steal at least 1500 florins during this mission to have enough at the beginning of sequence 3 where I need them for the courtesan mission. My eyes widened and jaw dropped when I realized I got 2 ENORMOUS steals at the beginning of the tail. So that you know, it's very, VERY rare. I didn't push my luck any further and kept low profile for the rest of the tail.
- When fighting at the end I get hit once. Overall otherwise good kill streak and successful blind walk to the next mission marker make up for it.
Well executed
- Usually there is a crowd at the beginning of the mission so I do a little charge there.
- Not much to say about the kill, but maybe Il Carnefice could be shot a little bit earlier...
Bottom line: Flawless kill streak could maybe save 2-3 seconds.

Segment 6 00:27:03
I luck spawn a horse in the beginning of the segment. Unfortunately I bump into another horse and hit an invisible wall while riding for Macciavelli.
New man in town
- I give this mission a segment of its own, 'cause it's insanely difficult to get a good Borgia captain kill without getting hit or killing any more than one of the other guards. Let alone punch Macciavelli forward and not miss his trail. 
- Macciavelli has a route, which needs to be followed exactly even while punching him. If one goes too much to the left or right, he walks back to the point where he left off his trail. Also, the games targeting system prefers targeting guards so I need to be extra careful not to kill them instead.
- The Borgia Captain kill makes up for everything bad in this segment. I've never managed to kill him this fast and have a decent segment to go with it. Happy days!
Bottom line: If one has infinite amount of time in his hands the luck of this segment could be manipulated so that there are no invisible walls/horses along the way in the beginning and so that there are no guards on the Macciavellis trail. These could save 5-7 seconds I believe.

More on the way...
Next two:

Segment 7 00:32:27
This is one of the most random segments in the whole run. Almost everything is luck based. I'll explain:
Easy come, easy go
- I try to get horseback fast, so Macciavelli gets out of the den. Sometimes he just leaves to circle around.
- When catching the thief, there must be only few pedestrians so that I don't bumb into them AND a horse to steal nearby. As you can see one of the guards doesn't like my behavior and wants to pull me off the horse if he gets too close. That can't happen either. So to get all these three requirements in one segment is HUGE luck!
Who's got mail?
- When the battle starts, after killing the first enemy, Macciavelli must take care of the second, while I finish the third. Any other way takes more time. I pause the game a little too early by accident.
- When whistling a horse after catching the courier, I get the second best option. The best would've been a little to the left, but this'll do.
Crepi Il Lupo
- I lose a second by jumping to the pillar, but after getting a fight of my life I decided to keep this. It's faster to get kills by making a counter kill JUST as you are killing some other enemy. It's almost like a double kill. And it's entirely luck based. AND I get it three times here!

Segment 8 00:39:39
The Halls of Nero
- Welcome to hell... I mean HALLS of Nero, the only obligatory Romulus Hideout in ACB. Here even the slightest inconsistency in the camera angle or even a little misplaced tap in the control stick sends Ezio jumping to floor/water/fire/against a pillar... you name it. I had insanely hard time getting a good run here, but in the end the persistence paid up. There are some time taking camera zooms and moments of safe running, but the route, IMO, is the best out there.
Roman Underground
- The last 3 and a half minutes in this segment consists mainly of skipping the cinematics. The beating of Macciavelli is a little off, but after getting a run like that in the Halls of Nero, I truly didn't care x)
Bottom line: Better Macciavelli beating could save maybe 2 seconds but nothing too fancy. I DARE the future runners to find faster route in the Halls. It's a platformer's nightmare.

I'll upload the rest 2 existing segments later...
I don't want to disappoint anyone, but... I have indeed already found some more shortcuts for the halls of nero!

I hope I'll produce a quality run, continuing both your and our job.

Segment 9 00:44:35
This whole sequence is basically all about making from location A to location B and in ACB it usually means taking a horse. Sometimes it’s annoyingly hard to find a fast route in the middle of people, scaffolds and bottle neck alleys. There are no underground tunnels open yet, so I need to relay on my 4 legged friends.
I do a little safe run in the beginning to cross the river. Even with a good camera angle Ezio likes to leap to the railing on the left or worse, in the water, so I guess I lose max 1 second here.
High-stakes negotiation
- I have more than enough florins from the HUGE pickpockets earlier in sequence 2.
- Even if the path is a little bit winding, it’s the fastest path to the ship.
- I get hit once in the thief battle, but overall it goes super fast. You see, thieves tend to throw sand or grab Ezio during the fight so without them happening one hit is nothing. Not to mention my horse was kind enough to stay on the shore so I didn’t need to whistle him.
- When returning to the Rosa in Fiore I get to experience some heavy freezes in the gameplay. I experimented during my test runs and it happened also with a brand new game disc and another PS3. So the only explanation is that PS3 can’t handle so fast playing without needing to freeze from time to time. This is connected to the auto-saving and the places containing big crowds.
- I end the segment inside Rosa in Fiore…

Segment 10 00:49:30
- ...and save-warp outside. I'm truly sorry for the freezes again. Abandoning the horse and going on foot up the cliffs is faster than taking the left path riding.
- It is possible to luck manipulate the Borgia Captain so he gets stuck to the fighting men but it could save maybe 0,5-1 seconds 'cause I need to run towards the tower anyway.
- The climbing route to the tower is the fastest I believe. I do some blind swimming after burning the tower.

Quote from Fed981:
I don't want to disappoint anyone, but... I have indeed already found some more shortcuts for the halls of nero!

That's not diappointing, it's AWESOME! You never fail to amaze me Fed Cheesy I truly begin to wait the future run of this game and I hope some of my videos help to produce AWESOME ACB run! Godspeed!
Edit history:
Fed981: 2012-11-02 06:11:53 pm
You did a very good job. As already said, I hope I will produce something awesome, combining our points of view.

Edit : have you already watched my run of ACR?
Run spoiler:
I will have the crossbow at the beginning of sequence 4 without loosing any time (globally speaking).
Quote from Fed981:
Run spoiler:
I will have the crossbow at the beginning of sequence 4 without loosing any time (globally speaking).

And how are you gonna do that O_o ?? *mind blown*
Quote from fluojn:
Quote from Fed981:
Run spoiler:
I will have the crossbow at the beginning of sequence 4 without loosing any time (globally speaking).

And how are you gonna do that O_o ?? *mind blown*

Fed basically has been cheating by asking around on THB. Tongue
I found (...will find...) the solution by myself. Nevertheless THB gave me very useful information and some encouragement too.
As said in THB forum, I'm now done the planning. I let you guess the number of segments (^^), but I believe I can save 10 minutes with the warps and another 10 minutes everywhere else. So the final time should be under 2:30:00...

I'm really unsure of this time estimation though.
Oh, my God... You've taken the planning and money management to a whole new level x) I'm seriously waiting for this run to come out! You're up for a challenge Fed!
Edit history:
Fed981: 2013-01-12 02:19:00 pm
Fed981: 2013-01-09 02:00:44 pm
All right, my test run from today lead to 2:51:18, without any retry. So my estimation wasn't that false.

By the way I will begin to record on January 7th.

Edit: end of sequence 1 - segment 07 done. The time is
under 0:15:30, comparing to 0:17:15 for R4R2. So I'm quite confident for the rest of the run ^^

By the way, do you guys wish to know advancement, like above, or can you wait till the run is finished?
Of course we wanna know! And the 00:15:30 you've described sounds just awesome. I can't even imagine where you have cut the curves! It must be less time in the white screen at the PC version or then you are just too good. I would've sweared there was no more than 15 seconds of imrovements possible at my sequence 1 00:16:19 time O_o. Just awesome!
I'll stay away from spoilers for now, Fed.
Edit history:
Fed981: 2013-01-23 10:28:13 am
Fed981: 2013-01-18 03:04:28 pm
Fed981: 2013-01-18 02:35:48 pm
All right, I'll put spoilers tags for the time, like above.

Edit: segment 18 - sequence 2 done. The time is now
0:37:18 comparing to 0:41:45 for R4R2

Edit: segment 31 - sequence 3 done. The time is
0:53:03 comparing to 1:00:04 for R4R2
Edit history:
Fed981: 2013-02-28 01:39:16 pm
FINALLY segment 42 - sequence 4 done. The time being now
1:22:52 comparing to 1:38:02 for R4R2

Edit: segment 60 - sequence 7 done. The time is
2:08:07 comparing to 2:30:43 for R4R2

Be prepared!
This is done, guys. The time is 2 hours, 23 minutes and 41 seconds. And some awesome moments.

Videos and comments coming soon.
Glitch advocate
Sounds excellent. Looking forward to seeing this run.
Edit history:
Fed981: 2013-03-13 04:24:03 pm
Fed981: 2013-03-10 06:29:25 am
Here's a link to the playlist:

Edit: all videos are available. All detailed commens are in their description.

And by the way... verifiers needed!