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If I understand well, I think the trick is already known by us. Check out my video :

Ok, my DLC run IS on the verification thread now... Have fun!
To any future ACB runner (fluojn in particular). Here's something that can be helpful with the taunts.

- taunt glitch : if you taunt a guard, he will try to attack you a few seconds after, even if another one was planning to attack. So, if a guard plans to attack, and if you taunt another before being actually attacked, the first attack will be cancelled.

- taunt + attack : standard guards don't need it. it works for agiles and horsemen, but not for seekers (you have to kick them). so if you're not in a killstreak, you can taunt the guard and then press directly attack and you will succeed (with agiles and horsemen at least). this allows to begin a killstreak without having to wait for an ennemy's attack, and without kicking (except for seekers). of course if there are some standard guards you can begin with them.
Another tip : if Ezio jumps from somethings and then either grabs a ledge or lands on a non-standing surface, no health is lost. That could help for high drops.

Then, I wanted to say here what I've already said in the DLC verification thread :

Quote from Fed981:
Also, now that the run will be out soon (I hope), I have to say that something has been discovered in memory 4, and it could save about 15 seconds comparing to my run. You can read here : . If anyone wants to rerun this memory (it's possible because they're individual levels), feel free.
Bump! This is going to be my 5th post, but... how is the run going? Have you begun? I can't wait to see it! Smiley
Hi! It has really been a long time since my last post.

I've had very little time to run lately, but I've found many way to improve the run I posted here and after watching our runs many times I think 2:40:xx time is very possible. Maybe even less.

To pull this off means VERY VERY good luck and thousands of attemtps.

Just now the run is on a little hiatus 'cause AC Revelations is out. I'm halfway through the game and unfortunately the gameplay is not nearly engaging as in Brotherhood so I'm sure I will return to the run shorly. I want it to be done next year. Thanks for the support! It's motivating to see someone waiting for the run Tongue

And Fed, congratulations again for the ACII run! I've watched it again and all I gotta say that no one is soon going to break that record Cheesy
Thanks. Nevertheless I wish someone beats my run, just because the game deserves it.

For the AC:B run, I wish you good luck again. This game also deserves a great run. Don't hesitate to put some links to the segments when they're done ^^
Haha, yes, I'd love to see you or someone else run AC:B after I finish my initial run (not sure it will be accepted anyway) just to have competition and super polished run of these great games.

I have just finished AC Revelations and I gotta say that it would be damn interesting to run. Having hookblade and bombs and recruits would add so much more to the planning. Overall I felt the campaign is shorter though so maybe a little over 2 hours could be possible? But then again, there are no horses in the game, but the tunnels are from the beginning... OMG, I don't even want to talk about planning it, sounds too tiring. I'm willing to help if anyone wants to run it though x)

But back to my ACB charts I go. I've mapped almost everything I'll improve in the upcoming run and there will be couple of major changes in some of the sequences. Recruiting the assassins is still the biggest pain in the ass not to mention rest of the sequence 4. But enough whining. Time to put the game into justice.
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fluojn: 2011-11-22 08:19:15 am
Hello Cheesy I wanted to get rid of those pesky audio issues I had with those previous runs before starting the real run... I messed with the options a little so what do you think:

This is not the actual run segment as you can see x)
00:56: I pause in an accident
01:20: I press the wrong button (Did you know thay circle around endlessly if you don't push square here x))
01:32: I try to mess with the audio options 'cause the voice seems to be too quiet. What do you think the balance SFX:1, VOICE:3, MUSIC:2?
03:52: Mario takes his sweet time getting through the crowd. He can get through faster and I want to luck manipulate that.
04:30: Fight is not as good as it needs to be. I want ONLY 1 killstreak. 04:38 I miss the counter kill...
05:02: This I'm intending to do.
05:43: And this too. I should be closer to Mario for him to sprint straight to the stairs.
06:18 I don't know what happens to the music. I hope it doesn't keep doing that and keep ruining my segments...

The segment is 8 seconds sloppier than my test run and so when I get everything right we should be seeing below 5 minute first segment Cheesy
But most of all, what do you think of the sound? Is it good enough?
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Fed981: 2011-11-22 01:18:53 pm
First of all, be sure you capture properly (ask on the technical forum to be sure). Then, be sure to encode properly (also ask or use anri-chan).

According to me, your quality does not match SDA's. In the video : there's a yellow background in the upper half, and many frames are dropped, especially when there's some movement in the game. Also the global quality seems... not so perfect. And for the sound : I really think that the level is too high, and that you have to let each sound category at the same level. But don't worry, just ask for some help on the technical forum, and all will be good.

About gameplay, all of us know you can match SDA's quality. And, finally, we've discussed long about the planning, so, unless you find faster routes (it's actually happening, isn't it?), there shouldn't be any problem for that.

Keep up the good job!
It's good to be running again. I'm glad the test runs and Fed's IL run set the standards so high. I'm planning to get everything done what we have discussed in this forum and invent new methods as I go.

I have now finished sequence 1 and the clock shows 00:16:40. It's 35 seconds better than my improved test run x) And I feel there is still room for improvement! So I will not continue to Desmond 1 anyday soon x)

Let's keep this thread alive and I'm open for every improvement suggestion!
Practice, practice, practice. I think it's the only way to improve the run now (in my opinion).

Have you any more problems with the sound (as I explained in the technical forum)?

Oh and, can you send a link to the first segments if you consider them finished? ^^
I intend to practice and run the segments again and again untill I'm satisfied in the quality. It's only that so many of them require almost more luck than skill.

For example the first segment, Mario can't be stuck in the crowd/left behind. Also the luck manipulation of the guards is annoying.
Not to mention it's entirely luck based how many times Claudia is threw to the ground while running for the tunnel x)

I believe the sound issue is solved. I've done as you suggested and now the clips sound just like my tv. Happy days.

Guess I won't be posting the clips, while they are these enormous 5 GB AVI files x) So I guess you all are going to see the real run in the end when it's finished Cheesy

I havelong days at job so I take a week off off running now and return with new energy Tongue
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Fed981: 2011-11-29 01:35:24 pm
Remember that, if you'd like to, I can help you with encoding (with anri-chan).

Edit : also if you only want to send average quality videos to YouTube, I can give you a really easy and fast way to do it.
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fluojn: 2011-12-03 05:11:39 am
fluojn: 2011-12-03 05:09:30 am
fluojn: 2011-12-03 05:08:31 am
I haven't been running this week, but I'd like to add to the planning, that the mechanics of the Monterriggioni siege are pretty dark science so to speak...

I watched my last two recorded test runs, my 00:16:40 run, and Fed's run for destroying the cannons, but there are no sureshot way to get it go faster every time.

I've noticed that the key to the progression of the battle goes with what the cannon man is saying. When shooting the left side cannon, he will say
"Nearly half of the townspeople have made it out!" while Ezio moves to the right side targets of the siege tower. He can say other lines like "They're destroying us (starts to pray...)"
and "My family will die...(or something like that)" Usually if he says one of those two previous lines, it takes more time for him to say "Reload! Reload! Aah!" which means it's time to move over to another cannon.
I still haven't managed to find a connection in the lines and the shots fired. I can make just the same shots and it still takes more time.

When shooting from the right side of the wall, no matter how well you did (I have had at this point the townspeople from 75-100/500) the counter will stop to 45/500 for so long that
the cannon man has said these two lines: "Some townspeople still haven't escaped! Keep going!" and "Almost all the townspeople are outside the walls." After those, the counter drops to 0/500
were you shooting at the cannons or not. In here too I haven't found connection between the shots and the lines. Usually between these two lines Ezio has time to shoot the cannon 2 times.

I also noticed differences between the PC and the console version. PC version has significantly less city fortifications from the get go. I've been wondering if the mechanics are someway different too?
Well, I haven't found connection between the fortification points and the speed of the siege whatsoever.

To conclude, I tend to think it's almost certainly luck based. I'm continuing to experiment, but in the end I want to have a segment with decently fast siege part, flawless kill-streak at the wall, to get not hit by the guard when running to Claudia and not have Claudia fall to the ground while running for the Sanctuary. The stars need to be aligned just right to pull this off. After having completed all these rquirements I believe the clock might well be showing at least something like 00:16:35 at the end of the sequence 1. Which is enormous, 'cause I was almost certain it couldn't be done below 00:16:45.
In my opinion : keep your mind safe and don't think about battle mechanics. I'm pretty sure they're the same on PC and console. So I believe you have to destroy ennemy cannons as fast as possible. Aim and shoot quickly, that's the trick.

Also remember I'm at your disposal for some help about encoding (either with anri-chan or easy/fast).
I've tried the fast shooting at the siege. I managed to destroy all the cannons from the left side and felt lost, 'cause I needed to wait for a longest time for my cannon to be destroyed.
Also the counter stops to 45 for random period of time no matter how fast one shoots... But I will be trying all kinds of things next week x)

Thanks for offering the encoding help, I still think I'll be sending the files to Nate to encode after finishing. But fear not, I will make the quality as good as I ever can. If this run is for some reason rejected
it will just be 'cause I'm not well enough player to have a run on the site. And that's just life xD
Just do as fast as possible, no matter how Wink

Keep going!
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fluojn: 2011-12-07 02:36:45 am
Ok, so I haven't cracked the code of the Monterrigioni siege, but managed to get 00:16:37 at the beginning of Desmond 1... The segment I recorded included 3 obivious mistakes, which if corrected, MAYBE could push the time to 00:16:32. And that would be just mindblowing. After trying today almost 5 hours to make it better I think I'm approaching the edge of my skills. I continue to make it right, but if I can't, the 00:16:37 has to do x)

BTW, the siege has little to do with the shots fired/enemies destroyed ratio. If you kill more enemies, the battle goes faster, yes, but if the cannon man starts babbling about his family going to die or gives some other advice to Ezio, that is the cue to destroyed segment. That's 'cause it makes the "Reload, reload, aah" to be delayed by one cannon shot. And the fleeing villagers dropping from 45 to 0 is just random. It requires lots of LUCK! x)


OH, MY, GOD! I was almost certain that I couldn't get better than 00:16:37 at the end of Sequence 1... Guess what? I just finished Sequence 1 and the clock is showing 00:16:19!!!!! That is almost a minute better than my improved test run O_o EVERYTHING luck based went JUST as it should have. I'm SOOOOOOOO happy! Now for the Desmond 1...
This seems very good. Continue like this!
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fluojn: 2011-12-10 08:57:03 am
fluojn: 2011-12-10 08:56:42 am
fluojn: 2011-12-10 08:56:04 am
fluojn: 2011-12-10 08:29:32 am
Running update. I've just finished the sequence 2 clocking 00:39:40 which is 2m 5s better than my improved test run. I got ALMOST flawless Romulus Hideout including 3 little mistakes costing maybe 4 seconds total.
I'm intending to continue running so they are taken care of. So maybe we will be seeing something like 00:39:35 in the beginning of sequence 3 Cheesy

edit: I'm encountering some inconvenience here... It seems that Animus time is recorded any time there is a whitescreen with a huge exclamation mark in the middle. The time how long the screen is up seems to be absolutely random.
It pains me, 'cause I just got a Godlike run in the Halls of Nero with no mistakes whatsoever and the run is tighter in all places than the 00:39:40 run I got earlier today. Still it was 7 seconds longer. What gives? I compared the recorded
segments and noticed, that the better run ovaerall otherwise had significantly longer white screen times. And that is just bull. For the future runners, do yourself a big favor: Run with Xbox360 or PC.

If I can't get a better time even with a better playing I have no choise but to go with the 00:39:40 with 4 seconds of mistakes...

edit 2: Ok, so, I managed to get 00:39:39 with a perfect Halls of Nero run. Even with a SLIGHTLY sloppy Macciavelli beating in the end, comparing the gameplay this should've been at least 5 second better than the 00:39:40
run with mistakes. Guess the random seconds added to the time is just something I need to live with. Having nothing to do with skill, that is a factor that I'm not taking into account. SDA being also a site for entertainment I'd
truly go with a segment with tighter performance if the other option is to put in a sloppy segment with shorter white screen times! x(
Yes, I agree with you. Don't worry about 5 seconds with a perfect run.

Also for the whitescreen, I had on PC some randomess too.

Finally, it seems you're doing some pretty good work. Good luck with the rest. I can't wait to see this run!
A cardboard tank? BRILLIANT!
Hello long time no talk. has anyone submitted a run? i dont feel like browsing pages. Also if you have submitted a run does it contain glitches?
My run of the DLC "Da Vinci Disappearance" has been published. It contains superblending.

And I believe fluojn is currently running the main story. I'm pretty sure it will contain hyperblending.
Quote from nanoTek:
Hello long time no talk.


fluojn? Are you currently recording? How is it going?