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First of all I'd like to finish with the ACII run (accept or reject, and then send all videos if it's accepted). But from next September I'll begin a hard study year, so I really don't know if I'll do this run.
That's fair enough Cheesy Well then I have no option but to put my head fully in this run, 'cause this great game deserves a quality speedrun Cheesy Being watching your run I can't imagine a reason why it would be rejected because the execution is obiviously planned extremely well. There is lots of talking though x) Your time is very VERY good knowing you can't have the cutscenes skipped. *Goes to order a capture card*
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Well... thanks. In ACII there's 3 hours of cutscenes (including end credits). Hopefully in ACB you can skip all cutscenes while being inside the animus. As previously said, I'll be glad to help for planning. I also wish to speedrun the game (after planning) but I probably won't have enough time.

Edit : if you run on PC, we could share save files and make the run together, if you like. Also it would be a lot easier to capture.
I'm pretty positive that if I run, I do it on the ps3... It would take too long time to get used to the PC controls and my computer probably isn't up for the challenge. I should have a suitable capture card any day now and try to post first segment practice run here next week.
All right then, good luck for this one.
Hey, I've been reading this whole thing and I think the Assassin's Creed series really needs to be run. I own the NTSC PS3 version and can help you with some glitches or routes. I'm also fairly skilled with killchains so I can find out if arrow storm is faster than killing. Personally when I get in a fight, I start by sending one or two recruit waves to take out most of the guards. My strategy in the game has the most used things being the double hidden blade, crossbow(pistol if I have no bolts), and assassin recruits. I'm no speedrunner so I won't be able to try to beat it fast(last attempt I stopped at sequence 3 with 3 hours). I can definitely help you though, I have a camera i can directly hook up to the TV to record(check out my youtube videos for quality), and if I don't have my camera soon, i can still record on my webcam, though the quality will be crap.
Thanks for the support! I got the capture card I needed so I'm intending to start recording test seqments here soon for you to view (need to finish my night shifts at work x)). All requests and tips will be much appreciated Cheesy
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Quote from velocikiller:
I'm also fairly skilled with killchains so I can find out if arrow storm is faster than killing. Personally when I get in a fight, I start by sending one or two recruit waves to take out most of the guards. My strategy in the game has the most used things being the double hidden blade, crossbow(pistol if I have no bolts), and assassin recruits.

I think it's a function of the number of ennemies : there should be a limit value where arrow storm is faster, so you should be able to determine it (by knowing how much time takes one step of a chain, multiply by the number of ennemies), comparing to the time needed to complete 5 borgia towers (1 is needed in a mission I believe).

Quote from fluojn:
All requests and tips will be much appreciated Cheesy

Just try to take the shortest ways, and in those ways, try to find how to be even faster (like already discussed for climbing). Try to avoid fights when possible, but always with a fast route. Skip each cutscene (learn when they begin in order to save time in skipping them). When you can't avoid a fight, look for the better solution between knifes/arrows/pistol, hidden blade/killchain and/or recruits.
There should be some obvious advices that you already know. Now I don't see what to say more, so capture, post and we'll see what can be improved or not. Good luck!
Quote from Fed981:
I think it's a function of the number of ennemies : there should be a limit value where arrow storm is faster, so you should be able to determine it (by knowing how much time takes one step of a chain, multiply by the number of ennemies), comparing to the time needed to complete 5 borgia towers (1 is needed in a mission I believe).

Well, so far I'm unsure of the maximum amount of enemies arrow storm kills, but with all the running to the different factions, some borgia towers could be easily tackled by a nice range crossbow shot followed by a frantic climb up a tower. And if memory serves me correctly, in all you have 2 borgia towers REQUIRED to beat the game, as they are story missions. Maybe somehow saving up for both the double hidden blade and climb leap glove will help in terms of climbing a lot of things, like the castle.
Also, I found out a simple little strategy for the swift guards and papal guards. If you see one catching up to you as you run on foot, tap X(ps3) and you will do a dumb looking leap, but it will actually stop the guard from running. I did that to get 100% synch in the mission with the PoE, where you can't get hurt.
I thought about something. Don't you think it would be more efficient to make some tests (for instance timing the towers) and establish the whole and precise plan before capturing anything?

I agree, you can capture each mission to plan them separately, but many things can change if the plan is modified. So what do you think?

Another thing is for the segments : how have you chosen them? By difficulty of their beginning, or simply sequences, or idontknowwhatelse?
I thought it would be appropriate to have a segment for every sequence and two for Desmond. That said there would be 11 segments... I am going to time the run with arrow storm and one with only  4 Borgia towers... By the way, I thought should there be a low % category also, where the runner does not take anything but the nessecary equipment? I think the only thing I bought my first test run was the jumping climb gloves and it was quite fast nevertheless... Well I'm continuing to practice and time things. Maybe I get something uploaded this week. Couple of the first segments can't be done so many different ways...
For the category : I personnaly think the most important thing is to save time. So an any% run would be the better in my opinion, and not another one. Jumping climb gloves are very useful, yeah. Crossbow also maybe (fast and efficient).

Then what needs to be timed :
- kill an ennemy while in a killchain, and so how much time does it cost to kill the biggest amount of ennemies in the game (I think it's near the end, between angel castel (?) and the vatican palace (?)) -> velocikiller can you do that?
- complete a Borgia tower (every tower) -> I can do it this evening, at least for the climbing part.

fluojn, I think you're motivated for this run, so yeah, continue to train yourself, that's very important. Remember I finished ACII at least 40 times before capturing for real.
You want me to kill the huge mob that charges after me? You'll have to let me know which mission though. I recall just running from enemies on the mission I think you're talking about.
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No, I don't remember so well, but you're in a place between angel castel and vatican palace, and mario/niccolo/all are there. And they say it's kind of a final battle. Also you can't escape from the area.

Edit : how stupid I am, I'm speaking of the part where Ezio owns the apple. So, finally, I don't know where the arrow storm would be most useful in the game.

By the way, here's what I did about the Borgia towers. You still need to add the fight time though.

Hi, everyone. I have some bad news. The capture card I bought (Dazzle DCV 100) is not working on my Windows 7. I've tried to download drivers, shuffle forums and watch Youtube videos but to no avail. So I'm sure there is no way to get either Easycap or Dazzle to work with Win7 which is BS. I have used now over 100 € in capturing devices and cables just to see if I can record something on my ps3 and now I've had enough. I'm not putting any more money and effort into something that should be so simple, but it isn't. Why for the love of God there can be no device that works by just plugging it in your computer? Why I need to go through the troubleshooting forums and watch pointless videos how to setup something that is not working no matter what I do? So, without the proper equipment you can consider me not running this game. Sorry.

That doesn't keep me from planning the run though if someone could carry on with it. After watching very helpful climbing videos of Fed I think it might just pay out to get those 2 extra Borgia towers. I try to recall the biggest battles the game has to offer. You get assassin recruits at sequence 4 so after that there are these battles:

sequence 5: When escorting the Senator it is mighty helpful if you have more than 2 assassin calls. There are guards in every corner of the route and they will see the senator from miles away. If you get into the fight, it will cost you almost a minute extra. If you tell the senator to wait to guards to pass, it takes time too. If you call assassins, the guards concentrate fighting them and you can pass unnoticed. But I'm almost positive you will need more than 2 calls for the recruits because there are at least 3 places where the guards are stationary and not moving away from your route.

sequence 6: Lot's of battles here. In the first mission you need to get rid of the troops after closing the gates. With arrow storm this would be a piece of cake. It doesn't take too much time using killchain either but arrows are faster nevertheless. After that you need to collect 20 French uniforme. There is very big camp in the north where you will get every uniform you need. With arrow storm you could lure every frenchman into fight with you and finish them with a single arrowstorm. It's most likely you don't get all 20 at the same time and you need to hut down the others, but it saves time tremendously when I had especially gunners running away when I tried to killchain them. Also the brutes got to my nerves. When marching with the disguised troops it would be very efficient to kill the four spearmen first on your way with the arrow storm. I think there will be enough time to storm to regenerate for the three papal guards that await in the Keep where the king is.

sequence 7: There are no big fights here, but when youo fight, there is many thieves away from each other, so it's unlikely you kan killchain them all. Arrow storm would solve this problem.

sequence 8: I think the only good place to use the arrow storm would be killing the swarm of guards trying to kill you after getting the apple. Then again, I recall the missin is to get out of Vatican so killing the guards is no use when you need to get out of the area as quickly as possible. When fighting with apple I think it would be better to have all recruits fighting alongside you because there is coming new troops over and over again. (When doing my test runs, my low level recruits got all killed in the last battle LOL! :D)

That's about it. If the 2 extra Borgia towers are in the way when running (Actually there is one when you gallop to mercenaries from the courtesans at sequence 3. There is also one, when you ride from mercenaries to thieves. ) and the captains are easy to kill there is no reason why thay couldn't be tackled. I'm sure the arrow storm would make things faster.

Sorry for the rant about capturing cards. Iäm just so fed up with them.
I'm sure you can be able to capture. No reason for a just bought capture card no to work, even with Windows 7. You should ask on SDA tech support forum.

For the recruits, after the little tests and thoughts above, I think it's worth having 6 recruits as soon as possible. We just have to see exactly where and when burn the borgia towers (even while in a mission).

Also I wanted to say something for the category : since in ACB we can replay every story mission, a separate category can be created, as individual levels run. So that we can share the entire run ('ACBDQB' for 'Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Done Quick Brotherhood'  ^^). What do you think?
ACBDQB sounds fun Cheesy It really should be a category x) I only think, does one have money and equipment that he had when playing the mission for the fist time 'cause it would make the individual level runs differ too much. For example having the leap gloves can make climbing Borgia towers so much faster. (Not to mention the Colosseo)

And for me not running this game... I'm too involved to give up now x) I ordered yet another capture card and made sure it's compatible with Windows 7. I'll put my Dazzle and Easycap pieces of sh*t on Ebay and come back with some recordings sometime soon Cheesy

I'm pretty sure which Borgia towers I want to tackle in the game. 2 are taken in the story. I'm intending to get 3 towers in sequence 3 because it's not only very easy sequence to play, there are 3 other towers in the way when you are moving from mission to mission.
The one between courtesans and mercenaries has a captain walking with shitloads of guards though, but he could just be killed with rushing in with a horse and air assassinating him jumping off while riding past... I need to test that. Then there is one tower on the hill when going to thieves (In the straight path). There the captain is riding a horse, so riding beside him and grand thefting his horse killing him in the process should be a way to go. The only difficulty here is that if you ride in you are most likely seen and they begin the pursuit. How this affects the behaviour of this individual captain is yet to be discovered.
The 3rd tower is in the docks after rescuing the thief boy. You can shoot the captain from the bank of the river and simply run to the tower. You are most likely seen, but what the heck, you have your notority up in there no matter what.
The fourth tower I'm intending to tackle is at the beginning of sequence 4 where there is one in the way to the castello. Captain is well guarded from every direction, but if you take the roofs, descent to the area and quickly stab the guy and escape to roofs yet again, I have an experience no one chasing after and getting the tower with no pain at all.
Getting 4 towers in one segment can be a pain, 'cause there are many things that can go wrong, but I'd like to do it there, because you get no notority yet. Ok, back to the practicing...
Don't hesitate to mess around during the missions, in order to test glitches maybe (remember hyperblending and horses) and various routes.

From my side I'll begin to post a speedrun of every mission (in replay mode) of the story mode. But note that it would be with all useful items since I'll do it from my main save file.
If and when I get my camera back from my friend, I would be more than glad to help out with tricks and stuff.

I think that if we do the ACBDQB then we should maybe have either all of the equipment in the game, or none of it. that way money has no real effect.
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I think all equipment would be better (at least because it makes things much faster). This means : the gloves, recruits, all weapons, armor, etc.

But I'm still interested in watching (and helping for) fluojn's future run.

Edit : Maybe you already know that, but I discovered something that might be useful. With the climbing gloves, if you jump upwards but can't grab the thing because it's not straight upwards, you can hold the appropriate direction while pressing {free hand}. Just have a look at 4:29 in my video above.
shit, I just tried the climb leap trick you mentioned. It makes life a lot easier. I'm gonna go ahead and say that for the sequence 8 memory with the apple, just run as straight as possible. Then when you see an able or papal guard running at you, tap the jump button and they will stop, giving you more time to run. Then when you see water, dive in and you are home free
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Fed981: 2011-05-05 02:03:50 am
Yeah, I knew it already : when you run ({active profile}+{feet}) with papal guards or fast guards behind you, just jump forward and you'll have some more time to flee. This also happens in AC2 (despite I've uninstalled it since 1 month).
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LOL! I just witnessed how much easier 6 assassin's recruits made the my oh so hated first mission of the sequence 5. Actually it made it a breeze. I am yet to discover how much they will help me (read: save time) at the rest of the run, but I will investigate that tomorrow.

I need also decide where I recruit my 6 fellow assassin comrades in sequence 4. It will make a long and rocky segment but I believe after that the hardest part in the game is over.
Maybe you can add a segment if it's too difficult. No matter about the number of segments for SDA. The only thing to check is the time added each time you load the game ; it should be a few seconds.