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Fed981: 2011-06-24 10:32:28 am
The recruits will be unavailable for a long time if you send them in europe missions... whatever is the method, you need to train them I think.

r4r2 segment 14 :
- 03:40 call the recruits
- 11:51 lol
- 12:41 yeah you should do it better
- 13:25 wonderful
- 14:12 have you compared our times for this mission? ^^

r4r2 segment 15 :
- 03:08 so just don't loose them... you should put Ezio and them at the same place I did, watch my video again
- 04:52 yeah, you're too slow, you have many places to sprint, so do it... as in my video
- 05:35 wonderful
- 06:21 I don't understand... no time is lost there...?

r6r2 segment 15 :
- 03:45 again, call the recruits, you have 6 of them in this run ^^
- 05:28 the recruits "loading" time is 40 seconds... and the path between the 2 groups is a minute, you can call them at this point
- 13:55 again, wonderful
- and also have you compared our times for the chest mission? ^^

r6r2 segment 16 :
- 03:25 same as before
- 04:54 same as before also
- and I don't understand and I don't see what you mean by getting the horse or not...
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fluojn: 2011-06-25 01:07:01 am
What I ment by losing time was, that all that time that is saved by killing the Banker with the throwing knife, is lost by jumping towards a pillar and running past the horse Cheesy Those were not good... I did a little comparison between our chest runs and yes, your run is 5 seconds better compared to my r6r2 run and whopping 10 seconds to r4r2! LOL. I need to cut the curves more. I guess I was consentrating too hard remembering the route and avoiding the crowds that I forgot the speed x)

I try to get the sequence 6 uploaded by monday. It's such a short sequence, but getting a consistent run without the arrow storm is pretty difficult...
A cardboard tank? BRILLIANT!
Has anyone thought of doing an Individual Levels run with this game? I'm guessing this run would be appropriate by selecting all the primary memories in the Animus Menu. If I were to attempt a run on this game, thats how I would do it. I think doing a New Game with free roam. That would be a major headache planing all the routes.
Yeah I actually did the whole game as IL (casual speedrun), but I won't run for real before a year (at least). We (fluojn, velocikiller and I) have thought about a group run (ACBDQB) but that would be much better on the PC. I don't see what else to say ^^
I just played for the first time online and realised that a bonus (with uplay points) allows you to have 10 bullets for the hidden gun. Did you know that? Also, can you have it? Don't you think it would be more than useful? ^^
A cardboard tank? BRILLIANT!
Oh really? I would love to help you guys as much as I can. but im not sure I undersand the whole Acbdqb thing. I would buy this for the pc but I dont have the basic graphics card I think its called the envida gforce and i dont think it could handle a game like this. I do have it for the PS3.

But on the topic of weapons I only use the dagger,hidden blade, gun, smoke bombs, throwing knifes, and cross bow. I beat the whole game 100% in 5 days with just those weapons. I never used the sword the whole game. Reason being is the dagger is the fastest weapon for conflict. The best knife is obviously the dagger of Brutus. But im not sure what the name of the dagger I used I know its notched something. My personal opinion is that the sword is just a major waste of time. I used the pistole a couple times but usually never, only when borgia soldiers on horses came after me. I'm not sure if ten extra ammo could be usefull. But I'm playing through to get 100% again should be done tonite, just need to finish treasure chests. So im guessing tommorow I will be working on this and post my times. I havent attempted this run before and im not going to read thru 9 pages. So dont laugh to hard if my times suck okay!
Please read those 9 pages before continuing. We have worked a lot for this run and we have (or next week I guess) the fastest plan to beat the game.

Also, 10 bullets would be VERY useful... What do you think fluojn?
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fluojn: 2011-06-26 02:54:06 am
Sounds cool, but wouldn't the 10 bullets go to the category New Game + or something, since you don't have them when starting a brand new game? I've never noticed the 10 hidden gun bullet thing, even if I played to the level 50 at multiplayer Cheesy Well, I didn't use UPlay all that much...

And Mr.nanoTek, if you don't want to read the whole 9 pages thread go to youtube and watch Fed's and my videos of ILs and the test speedrun. The links are found at the previous page. (Actually my new test run so far is found at the pages 7-8) It's always nice to have more planners onboard Cheesy

BTW, I will be having enough money for the crossbow in the sequence 7 ^^ After getting the treasures at the end with Baron de Valois give me 13,000 florins at r4r2 so I guess it would be like 15,000 florins at r6r4. I noticed that the biggest pain at the sequence 6 with no arrow storm is keeping your recruits alive. When collecting the suits, you can't leave them for a moment to fight a brute or he/she will be slaughtered x) So I guess the recruits should indeed be trained all the time in the run. It's just I need to upgrade them with the map in the Tiber hideout at the beginning of every sequence.
Yeah this would lead to the category New Game +, as it did for ACII with the 20 throwing knives. Can you remind me all the places where it can be useful? ^^ At least it can be for Cesare : 4 knives / 1 knife + 2 fast bullets / 3 fast bullets / 3 fast bullets.

It's a good thing for the money. And yeah, training the recruits seems necessary to make luck manipulation easier, but keep in mind that they won't be available for several minutes if you send them to missions, rather than to random fights against guards.

By the way, do you think the test runs will be finished before your summer break? ^^
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nanoTek: 2011-06-26 11:33:20 pm
nanoTek: 2011-06-26 11:00:23 pm
nanoTek: 2011-06-26 10:59:25 pm
A cardboard tank? BRILLIANT!
Oh well what I planned on doing was a new game plus run, IL. reason being is I love the throwing knives in conflict. So now I guess I'm not going to be of much help. Sounds like you guys aren't doing a new game plus run.
{Edit} I would love to help so I'm going to download the speed runs and attempt a run. I want to be apart of this so if you guys arent doing a new game plus, i guess I wont either. So after i finish the downloads and try some trial and error. I will give you some input.
{Edit} im downloading them on my phone with tubemate, i noticed that Fed981981 is playing on the pc. would Ihave to play this on the pc also for this group speedrun to count?
If you want to speedrun with me, yeah, because I can't use any console at the moment (no tv, etc). But as already said I won't speedrun before a while.

Feel free to attempt an IL speedrun if you like, but fluojn is going to attempt an entire game run, I believe New Game + (?).
A cardboard tank? BRILLIANT!
I made the mistake of downloading the videos with low quality, if I watch them on my phone it looks good but watching them on my ps3, out of the question. so im going to have to re-download all the segments again.

As for running on the PC no can do. The computer in my room was made in 2002 and the graphics card couldnt even handle a star war RTS I bought today. And I dont think it can handle a high powered graphics card.

But yes I will attempt a run and give daily updates and will use you speed run for a reference if you dont mind. im not going to copy everything that you do. I can assure you that. I want my speed run to be original even if that means not getting accepted by SDA.
OK, so this is more casual than anything else... fluojn is attempting a real entire game speedrun ^^
A cardboard tank? BRILLIANT!
Yeah pretty much I just started a draft run after a couple more draft runs I will decide if Im going to do this competive or casual.
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fluojn: 2011-06-27 10:20:08 am
fluojn: 2011-06-27 10:19:38 am
fluojn: 2011-06-27 08:42:37 am
fluojn: 2011-06-27 08:40:56 am
It's really great to see that there are people wanting to run this game beside me and Fed Cheesy Having more people give more angles of approach in every mission and route. And for Fed's question about will the test runs be completed before the summer break. I certainly think so. I try to have one sequence uploaded every day this week and after the sequence 8 (maybe even 7) we will know if the arrow storm is worth having and so I don't need to do the sequence 9 and Desmond 2 but one time Cheesy

Here is the sequence 6 r4r2:

Segment 16
02:24 I wait at the beginning a moment, so the guys rushing through the gate start a fight with the mercenaries so everyone isn't coming after me. This mission is so luck based. In my experience there needs to be one battle either at the first gate or the second. This time I get the french fooled with the recruits.
02:44 Sad that those others follow me here. Maybe I should've saved the other two recruits here? Also I lose the execution streak here. Looks bad.
03:12 About 3/5 tries there was enemies stuck behind the third gate and it took much extra time to climb and kill them. Not this time though. I should do the end massacre faster.
04:23 I think the programming of Bartholomeo is the worst in the entire game. If you don't get on the horse from the EXACT moment the loading screen fades, he will get confused and circles around the courtyard like a retard. Also here I leave him 2 metres behind and he stops. How stupid is that Cheesy
05:15 I'm testing if it saves time to change to a faster horse. It was 5 seconds slower to change it. So damn. And the slow horse is transformed to good galloper after a save, so no reason to change the animal x)
06:32 I keep the another assassin signal in reserve. I take my time to kill the crossbowmen cause without them there won't be enough suits.
06:58 I think this is the best place in the entire game to use bullets. With 3 Brutes and 2 Gunners lurking around you are guaranteed to have one of your recruits killed if thay are not handled fast.
07:45 There is a neat save warping coming!
Segment 17
00:26 Here!
02:07 This sand attack didn't pay off 'cause the game didn't give me the hidden blade even though it is displayed in the hud Sad So the patrol stops for 5 seconds to wait me finish the spearmen.
02:58 I kept having desyncs (those Borgia guards saw me killing him) so I used the recruits.
03:41 I'm glad those gunmen were so far away. This was another point of desync if they saw me even near the killed Seeker.
07:12 I miss an easy counter kill. Damn.
07:57 Everything goes according to plan.
09:50 I was worried if I had the contents of this chest. I had Cheesy

r6r2 segments here:

Segment 17:
01:03 With those great lootings in the sequence 5 I decided to skip the shop. Saves 8 seconds.
02:33 Best case scenario without calling the recruits. I've never had less than 3 enemies staying in position.
02:56 It's incredible luck no one joins the fray from the battle. I waste this luck by missing a swing and failing to execute the other guy.
03:04 I found out that using the storm at this point prevents some enemies get stuck behind the gate. And this time I get them all! Happy days. 15 seconds faster than in the r4r2 run.
03:47 Did I mention that I loathe the Bartholomeo programming?
04:11 As you can see I have my notoriety still up here so I don't want to go through the enemy camp. So I lose little time here.
06:02 It sure takes time for those recruit signals to grow back! I have no benefits here having 6 recruits.
07:01 Should've made recruits kill these guys.
Segment 18
00:32 I miss the horse Sad He has transformed to faster horse now Cheesy
02:19 I could've used arrow storm here, but then I would not have a recruit left for the guard at 03:06
04:58 You can almost notice a light bulb lighting up above my head here. Why not loot these guys? I don't get nothing good though, but maybe I could manipulate some ammo and throwing knives here? Cheesy Seekers have 30% chance to give bullets and knives.
07:04 I save the arrow storm here (Papal Guard fight goes according to plan if one useless slash with the hidden blade is not taken into account)
07:52 to use it here Cheesy
08:03 LOL... btw, I guess my notoriety is removed after the sequence.

After seeing that the arrow storm really saves only about 30 seconds I doubt it will catch up with the r4r2 run. The bad side of having the storm, is the fact one needs to save it for the most useful parts. That means, no help from the recruits before that. But I will still be doing the test run 'till sequence 8 at lest to see if more time is saved alltogether. Overall this sequence is quite scripted but it is possible to do the two first missions faster. I want to have in my real run at this point below 02:06:xx if played r4r2 and below 02:09:xx with r6r2.

And I want to do an entire game run from scratch with no New Game + add-ons Cheesy So no 10 hidden gun bullets for me Tongue
Okay, for the Uplay extra bullets thing. What you do is download the bullets from Uplay BEFORE you start a game, and then when you get the bullet pouch, there is a free one at a tailor, I believe. So really it isn`t so much as new game+ because any playthrough can have it, and doesn`t require multiplayer to use.
@velocikiller : good call for this. In fact you need some Uplay points (30 if I remember) that you can obtain from other games, so yeah, it won't be considered as a NG+ ^^. To be sure, ask Flip...

@fluojn : so, you still don't want to use the extra bullets? Smiley

r4r2 segment 16 :
- 02:44 yeah maybe keep the other signal for this place
- 03:12 actually, from what I remember, you don't need to kill them all, you just need to stop the alert... so running to the other side of the baracks will do it
- 06:32 for this mission overall, I think you can do it better (save ~10 or 15 seconds)

r4r2 segment 17 :
- 00:26 how much time does this save warping... save?
- 02:07 the recuits will be much more efficient if you call them right after the sand attack, by locking the guards
- 02:52 in order to keep your team walking, their distance doesn't have to exceed much more than half the distance between Ezio and the border of the minimap, I believe
- 03:41 yeah, I remember these gunmen can make much trouble
- 07:12 use one recruits signal here
- 07:57 this fight can be a little better I think (to save a few seconds)
- 09:50 try to be a little faster for these chests ^^ (as you did in the r6r2)

r6r2 segment 17 :
- 03:04 WAW... WAW WAW WAW! OMG!... wonderful Smiley
- 03:47 lol
- 06:02 something's wrong with the signal. for me, when you call all recruits (not the arrow storm), and when they go back to... the hideout, the signals reload all together at the same time... so at this moment you should have all recruits available ; I don't understand what happens in your run. also, again, this mission could be done a little better

r6r2 segment 18 :
- 00:41 in such situations you should use the recruits to kill the witness, so that you don't have to loose time to do it later
- 02:19 from this moment to 03:06 it's 47 seconds, which is less than 40 seconds, so you could have used some recruits there, or?
- 03:10 as I said previously, in such situations, assassinating in high profile before reaching the roof is a little faster
- 04:58 lol
- 07:04 and 07:52 okay
- 08:03 now you'll remember not to climb there Smiley

I'm looking forward to see the next segments... I can't wait to know about the arrow storm!
A cardboard tank? BRILLIANT!
Okay I've been poking around with this game and have decided to make a segmented run.  So now its time to get out my handy dandy notebook and take some notes. Im not going to post any videos until I get my dvd recorder for a late fathers day present. I have no way of recording seen how my DvD recorder took a shit while I was recording Game Of Thrones. But im going to keep quite about my times until I get some good routes down, I dont want to make a fool of myself lol.
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fluojn: 2011-06-27 11:09:07 pm
Yay, we have this thread much more alive now Cheesy About the 10 bullet pouch... I think that would maybe take down my economy in the run... O_o Let's assume the bullet puch is free. Purchasing the tailor costs 600 florins (not whole lot). Every bullet purchased more costs 175 florins. Let's say if r4r2 method is faster, then I would have (with good luck and money management) about 1,300 surplus florins to use. Sounds manageable. But then again, the nearst tailor I can think of is the one at Tiber Island. The way to the tailor takes 8 seconds, purchasing the shop, about 10 seconds. Getting the pouch, say, 5 seconds. After that, you need to run back to the hideout, 8 seconds. So I think getting this pouch will cost 30 seconds to the run if thought optimisticly. The extra bullets might save that time.
When to purchase it? At r4r2 run at sequence 5 I get just enough money from the senator mission to pay him the 3,000 florins he needs. So I guess the first possible place would be at the beginning of sequence 6. At r6r2 run I have enough to make the purchase at the beginning of sequence 4. I'm only thinking that filling the 10 bullets to the pouch will be costing 1,750 florins O_o.

About your comments Fed, at r4r2 03:12 really?? That would save much time I guess! The only worry is that some soldiers might run with you to the other side of the barracks but that is not a big deal, if stopping the alert is a way to go.
And about the save warping. It saves 8 seconds compared to my earlier run. (Starts further into the village beside the French camp)
The thing in r6r2 run when I don't have the third signal at the French Kiss mission is perfectly normal, 'cause the signals are still recovering from the arrow storm at the Gatekeeper. So they don't reload all the same time like when you call them simultaneously. One just needs to live with that. (I didn't have all recruits at my first test run either. I had much more risky tactics at the French Kiss though. LOL)
At segment 18 00:41 I guess the arrow storm could be used... The mission is so loooooong that the storm will be back when I need it again with the seekers.

Thank you very much for the input here everyone! And nanoTek I'm looking forward to see your times and segments. Let's destroy this game ^^
*Goes to record sequence 7*
Quote from fluojn:
Let's assume the bullet puch is free.

It is. It only costs Uplay points outside the game.

Quote from fluojn:
at r4r2 03:12 really??

I guess so, yeah.

Quote from fluojn:
the signals are still recovering from the arrow storm at the Gatekeeper. So they don't reload all the same time like when you call them simultaneously.

Ok, I didn't realized this.

Quote from fluojn:
At segment 18 00:41 I guess the arrow storm could be used...

Or, at least, do something to kill such an easy witness ^^
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fluojn: 2011-07-31 11:47:54 am
Ok, now I have the sequence 7 recorded and all I must say that I just hope it shows how much sweat and tears I shed to get them on tape. You see, the first mission of the sequence stands or falls with the behaviour of the recruits. Even if Ezio is the main Assassin killing spree, the enemies are spread so widely, that if the recruits just don't do their job (read:everyone of them tries to kill one single enemy just letting all their attacks shield off from enemy's sword, getting the enemies just pushed to the ground, taking battle even more spread) the time can be just horrible. After watching the r4r2 run again, I feel like crying 'cause it's so bad. Well at least it's better than my test run. Here they are for r4r2:

Segment 18
00:50 They way to the blacksmith fails a LITTLE! One reason I'd wanted to do this again. But I deleted this save too early *sob*
02:56 Every time an enemy gets grounded it's a bad thing. They are just so damn hard to kill when they lie down. You'll see later in this segment.
03:18 THIS is when recruits do their job. Unlike at the r6r2 run at this point.
03:26 Later I learned to blindwalk and get on the horse while the white screen is on. Not yet here. While I'm on this slow ass horse I should cut more curves there.
04:41 Maybe I should use just one recruit call here... The enemies are falling always from this position so I can kill many of them myself and I need recruits more at the next battle.
04:56 This is BAD! I waste 8 seconds hacking and slashing one freaking militia on the ground and his health just doesn't drop.
06:18 See how hard I try to call the recruits. Actually so hard that I forget to pick the hidden blade to jump and actually kill some enemies. I should've used more crossbow/gun at this battle like I do at r6r2.
08:49 LOL even if I'm locked to him I miss x)
09:13 Overall this mission was too all over the place. The r6r2 run is much better. I learned so much after recording this Sad
14:36 Lol, Micheletto almost spots me and I charge ahead not realising I need to glance him one more time to advance...
15:05 Jumping straight could save time. I screw this up at the r6r2 too...
17:07 Why I kill him? It just wastes time. BTW it's faster to get the cutscene here if you don't turn the Eagle Vision on. As you see at r6r2.
19:11 This is the place to end the segment 'cause if it's ended earlier, the starting point is where the last three costume guards were.
Segment 19
00:47 I still don't get the climb right. I should be more at the right here...
02:38 The real reason for another segment here is the gunmen. Their position is so easily worse and being immediate desync mission it would've broken my heart to do the first mission again (althought I'd like to do it now...)
05:00 I take my time here, 'cause Ezio wants to kill everyone else than Micheletto if rushed to the scene too fast. Immediate desync.
05:54 Actually this is not the right point to save. I do it better at r6r2.
Segment 20
00:32 You see why it was not start to save before the next mission x)
01:38 I should get to doctor faster. And this happens. Definately doesn't happen at the real run. And doesn't happen at r6r2.
02:32 I kept the segment if the thief hits SOMETHING! I will optimise this more in the real run.
03:24 Hopely these are the last freezes in the run
04:07 I disorient a little here.

Ok, now for the r6r2:

Segment 19:
03:06 I miss waaaay too much bolts here.
03:34 Why I need to kill everyone? Recruits were worthless here.
04:50 Invalid target my ass!! For some reason this guard can't be pointed for recruits and stealth killed. Well, at least I don't kick guy on the ground. I hit some sword in vain though.
06:13 My initial plan was to save one signal here, but I got too trigger happy...
06:20 I think the key to this battle is to keep the fight in the area. If it spreads too much, the guards from the termes want to fight too. That's why I wait a bit before attacking those two guys.
08:58 How come HE avoided the arrow storm!?
12:28 LOL he sees me and I lose some time.
Segment 20
01:00 Not a perfect climb but better I guess...
02:36 I was so trigger happy (and missing so much point blank) at the first mission that I have no crossbow and hidden gun ammo! I thought to myself: This is a difficult situation, what do I have to kill the gunmen from the distance? Oh, recruits! So I spam them at the gunners. The crossbow is faster though.
04:27 Watch closely how the recruits behave at the stage. You may know already, but Ezio can move to next position only when the recruits have taken their position. Compared to the r4r2 run, they collide and get stuck to each other way too much. It's another thing to luck manipulate in the real run.
06:40 THIS is the right place to qiut the segment.
Segment 21
00:55 Another recruit spam there.
01:29 Why can't he just keep being still?
01:51 I get him exactly the same point as r4r2 run.
02:26 WHY!?
03:33 More ammo please. I will skip the shop at the sequence 8 both runs.

BUT! I think it's safe to say there will be hence forth only one run going on. I'm certain that the arrow storm can't redeem 4 minutes of imrovements compared to the r4r2. It may be that I didn't use the whole potential of the storm and the recruits, but the difference can't be too big. USUALLY I improved the overall run from the r4r2 run at the arrow storm run 'cause I did the no storm runs first so I had the segments more in my memory. Still it seems the r4r2 run kept it's distance whole time and now I'm sure it's faster. So I will abandon the arrow storm from now on.

To conclude the sequence 7. As said earlier, it stands or falls with the recruit behaviour. I need to optimise it much much more in the real run. By the way, what are you thinking about recruits' ranks. They get promoted, but in the same message it's said that spend the experience points by the pigeon coop. Does my recruits get to another level if I don't visiit a coop or map at the Tiber Hideout? Surely their health squares don't improve...

Waiting for your comments and going to record the sequence 8 tomorrow...
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Fed981: 2011-06-28 03:48:42 pm
For the runs : I think you should record again r6r2 and r4r2 for sequence 8, because there are some big battles where the arrow storm can be very useful...

For the recruits : their level can increase up to level 10 without your visit at the pigeon coop. The only thing is, if you don't visit it, they won't have better weapons and/or armor (armor is linked to the life squares). About the equipment I don't know.

r4r2 segment 18 :
- 02:56 you can try to grab him (high profile + free hand), but I don't know if that's better
- 04:41 yeah, use only one signal there
- 09:13 remember for the recruits : 1 signal at the first spot and then 2 at the others
- 17:07 you killed him in order not to meet him again, when getting back

r4r2 segment 20 :
- 02:32 yeah, try to do as I did, that's the fastest I think ^^

r6r2 segment 19 :
- 06:20 you should have kept 1 recruits' signal for this place

r6r2 segment 20 :
- 01:00 yeah, you have to climb better than this
- 01:29 you could have jumped several times in order to get him a little faster, I don't know
I'm about to start recording sequence 8 and I think there will be 3 segments of it as well. One for the stupid gymnastic room, one for the catch back trick and early alert remove. And one for the Apple fights. I really am sure that the r4r2 is faster but I will do the arrow storm too. There is slight (very slight) chance that the arrow storm is going to prevail. For example: Maybe I should keep the recruits in the reserve 'till there are many must-kill enemies and have them all killed with a storm? This is still problematic, because at the Seeing Red mission there are many waves of must-kill enemies.

About your comments (thanks again) at segment 18 17:07 I should not kill the guy, 'cause it takes more time to kill him now, when I should go and meet Micheletto and the costume guys. I can kill him later and don't lose time at all 'cause Micheletto is already walking towards the Colosseum.

What you said about the recruits levels is encouraging 'cause it was not in my plan to visit any pigeon coops... The recruits have some equipment initially like hidden blade and throwing knives... I need to investigate further if they actually could be updated to have smoke bombs, 'cause I think that would be very beneficial at sequences 7 & 8.

Ok, time to record.
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fluojn: 2011-06-29 10:21:22 pm
And now I'm done with the sequence 8. It's far from perfect, seriously, but I got some improvements and now I'm amazed how I got the whole sequence that well done in the earlier test run x)

Here's the r4r2:

Segment 21:
02:34 Who is this guy? We never see him again Cheesy
03:30 Rare glitch that has never happened before and maybe will never happen again: There are no troops after the 2 seekers here O_o I was planning to shoot them with the crossbow, but they are saved now Tongue
04:34 Man, I want to do this like in r6r2 run...
05:13 What? I miss again point blank Angry
05:36 I lost my selfconfidence after the miss it seems.
05:46 Same here.
Segment 22:
02:57 I couldn't reproduce the great alert stop I had in my test run... I did this segment total over 30 times both r4r2 and r6r2 but never got it right. Here one agile catches up with me and the whole run suffers from it Sad Stopping the alert has something to do with colliding with the new pursuers or cutting their view angle I suppose. I'm trying to get it done in the real run!
03:48 The Apple mission is very poor. Let's just say I'll do it like in the r6r2 run from now on...
Segment 23:
01:12 After playing with the Apple for a while, I came to conclusion that the only right way to use the Apple is to charge it all the way to the end!
01:33 It's a shame you can't target enemies with the Apple. You never know if recruits do what you want. This time they co-operate.
04:22 It's ass that the gunman is allowed to shoot me while the white screen is still on x)
04:47 Other benefit of doing the whole charge is that it's more likely others go nuts and help killing other enemies/don't kill me.
05:37 Papal Guards refuse to die. Nothing new under the sun.
05:44 I've never done this mission without any recruits dying so this is huge!
07:30 I try my best to keep the battle in the area, but my allies don't think the same. They spread out and drag every enemy at the roofs and alleys. Damn. I'm seriously thinking about doing every Apple fight in their individual segment Angry

Now, the arrow storm:

Segment 22:
04:53 Should've shot him too.
04:58 What? I miss? Only consolation is to see a rare animation of crossbow counterkill x)
05:41 Ok, this was bad...
Segment 23:
01:36 I was too much to the right and if I had jumped, I could've not reached the beam...
02:20 The cardinal refuses to give his horse to me...
02:55 It was looking so good 'till this point. Maybe I need to go right side of the fountain so Papal Guards and agiles don't see me.
04:19 Where are these all guys coming from?
Segment 24:
01:23 Everything in this sequence was going better at r6r2 run until this point. Now begins the downfall. The Apple missions are a good example how they are not supposed to be done. Actually why I don't use the arrow storm here? It could've solved the whole battle. I waste 33 seconds just to get the last guy killed.
05:01 Best Seeing Red run I've ever done... until this point. After this shit hits the fan.
05:05 In my experience, if Papal Guards get horseback here, it's all over. And in the end there are two of them. My recruits are done for.
05:45 Gunman spois the party.
06:17 I should've done this much earlier. I believe I waste a minute at least here.
08:32 Looked good 'till every patrolling guard in the city is alerted to join the fight. I hate this.

Now it's clear that the real run should be done without the arrow storm. Even if I did the Apple missions fastest I could, still the r4r2 route would be at least 2 minutes faster. I plan to record sequence 9 and Desmond 2 tomorrow and conclude how much the real run should improve the r4r2 run Cheesy

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nanoTek: 2011-06-29 01:40:33 pm
A cardboard tank? BRILLIANT!
Fluojn. I like your first segment that you posted on youtube very nice.

First Segment:
-At 5:47 you use this latter glitch that I thought was pretty cool seems like its seconds faster, I have done it a couple times only by accident. Also you push Mario out of the way to climb the tower. Did you intentionally do this or did it just happen? That is a real time saver only by a couple of seconds but hey being the fastest is really what matters.

Oh man that stupid horse would have pissed me off so bad, I always get him at the tree he's never done that to me.

And what is R4R2 and R6R2?

I think my segments are going to go by memory sequences, unless there two long but I dont want alot of segments. I will have my times posted up today!!!

Also Fluojn are you going for 100% synch?