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Ok, first of all, keep all what you said.

For the capturing, yes, try AVI and then encode with anri-chan (it's very simple).

Now, for improved run segment 5 :
- 00:46 maybe it's faster but you meet more people (and so you have more money) if you follow my path
- 01:52 just get it right and you'll have the fastest way up there in my opinion
- 03:19 WAW I never saw that before

Improved run segment 6 :
- 00:48 there's something wrong somewhere... you see the tree disappearing there? also, it might be linked to the autosave. I remember that, in AC2, when the icon stays after one "turn", it means the save hasn't been made... have you noticed it happens each time the game has to save?
- 02:13 I believe you're too much on the right there
- 03:29 and 04:23 be careful not to go too much on the left. maybe watch my video again and do exactly as I did
- 05:26 the method (to kill onyl the captain) is the following : run straight to him, grab him, turn the camera angle to the scaffolds, and throw him (up) ; anyway your fight is quite good, but you can improve it
- 06:07 I think it's both the stick and the camera angle, but the stick is the most important thing : it has to be exactly upwards ; things like that happened to me also
- 07:21 and 10:15 couldn't you go by feet? Ezio's sprint is faster than a horse walking, and this could allow you to pickpocket some more people

Improved run segment 7 :
- 00:25 it's ok to segment in a different manner but... do you know where you appear after Crepi il lupo?
- 01:50 I thought to use double kill in this battle but maybe you need ammo for later
- 04:01 maybe you can perform a wall side jump there?
- 05:11 also there, if you're able to perform a wall side jump to catch this beam, it will avoid climbing on the previous column
- 05:53 WAW wonderful
- 06:10 there you should try the horizontal jump I already told about
- 07:18 perform the horizontal jump at the first ledge, it will save a second or two
Very helpful comments!

For segment 5 I gotta say that actually I don't need so much money... When I don't need to get the money for the sword in the end and buying pouches takes too much time, I will have more than enough for the crossbow and for every replenishments. And doing the segment 5 run I one time got 2 pickpockets of over 900 florins O_o (unfortunately everything else went to hell).

Segment 6: Same, I could run to steal more, but I think it's not necessary. Good tips for Macciavelli, I will be using them!

Segment 7: More improvements for Halls of Nero? Radical. The Romulus hideout will be totally destroyed if I manage to get everything in the run! I'm almost certain, that if I cut the segment after Crepi Il Lupo, the next load will be in the same spot, right beside the Hideout entrance. I need to test it though.

I've been training the Borgia Towers and I'm almost certain that the fastest tower killing the captain/climbing the tower wise is the tower 6 (your old picture). But it is it only, if it's done first in the sequence. If I do first, say, tower 5, the position of the Captain is very far from the tower (he is pretty much constantly on the move), not to mention very hard to kill. He is a fighting captain, so he will stay and fight if he spots Ezio. (And will not die from one bullet anymore) BTW, you NEED to kill the crossbowmen in the roof before attempting to climb the tower. They will certainly hit you if you push your luck x) The tower 5 captain is a fleeing captain and what's better, he is STATIONARY captain. I think he is ment to assassinate from the top of the church, but maybe a hidden gun could be used. I will be posting a video of him. Tower 4 is very tough, with a fighting captain also. He patrols with 2 Brutes and a Seeker. I haven't yet found a consistent way of killing him fast. (Not in the beginning of sequence 3 anyway, at the time of the day my game is currently on.) And then there is tower 8 which is also very fast, cause captain (fleeing captain) can be shot easily from the harbor and then if you climb the building it's most likely no one sees you. At least no one dangerous. And of course there is the tower 11 which is VERY fast but far away from the route. Kill the horseback captain (fleeing captain), liftjump to the tower, to beam, and you're there. I will make a montage of these towers and post it, so the order of the towers could be speculated. Towers 3,10 and 12 are out of the question cause they aren't available until later in the game.

I try to get the tower video done at monday. I will be recording these test runs vith DIVX raw file, cause thay are faster to upload, but the real run is made AVI, and I'll be doing quality tests before starting to run x).
Yeah, that map on page 5, ok.

What about the tower 9 and 1? Also, I was wondering, at this sequence, if you can use tunnels from hideout to missions? or is it only the other way?

I need to know more about the towers and this sequence before giving really helpful advice. Anyway, taking what you said into account, here could be a route :
- with arrow storm : hideout -> tower 4 -> courtesans -> tunnel to hideout (or barracks if possible) -> barracks -> tunnel to hideout -> tower 9 -> tower 11 -> La Volpe -> tower 8 during the mission
- without arrow storm : hideout -> tunnel to courtesans (if possible) -> courtesans -> tunnel to hideout (or barracks if possible) -> barracks -> tunnel to hideout -> tower 11 (or 9) -> La Volpe -> tower 8 during the mission
Edit history:
fluojn: 2011-06-12 02:35:22 am
Oh, yeah, there was tower 9 also x) That doesn't come into question either, because it's the "Armor of Brutus" tower (Captain deeeeeeep in the tunnels, fleeing captain). But I think even today, that tower 1 should be done at sequence 4 when going to Castello. It's STRAIGHT in the path and the captain goes down pretty easily (fleeing captain). Then it could replace tower 9 in your list of with arrow storm which otherwise is good.

Sadly, the tunnels come available only after renovating each faction building. I need to test which is faster, going to barracks from the hideout, or from the courtesans. In the map hideout looks like a faster route, but if I need to make very long detour because of the cliffs/other stuff it might be just faster to go straight and take the easy tower 5 in the way.

edit: Ok, the tower video is up! I have used some of my old videos, but I try to calculate how fast they could be done.

I count the time taken to complete one tower is when you differ from the direct sepeedrun parth to the tower burning cutscene
Tower 4: This tower was not half bad after all Cheesy I stumble quite bit in the video. Especially when I have the sword/gun selected, but the game gives me the hidden blade xD. Then I get shot down from my first climb. I counted, that without these screwups this tower could be tackled in 56 seconds.
Tower 5: I waste 4 seconds when peeking from the wrong side of the church and get shot. Then, it would be faster to climb more from the right at 01:51. 4 seconds lost there too. You can land straight on the wire at 02:02... 3 seconds lost there. So, improvements taken ito account, this tower is tackled in 55 seconds.
Tower 6: The first guard on the roof can be killed in stealth. 3 seconds faster than here. At 02:55 you can actually climb straight to the top of the tower if you climb straight from the beam and not jump to the swinging rope. That would save about 8-10 seconds O_o So, this tower is VERY fast. If everything goes according to plan, it can be done in 35-38 seconds!
Tower 11: The video starts little too late so about 5 seconds should be added to the time. If one does not stumble with the horse and jumps straight to the beam at the side of the tower, the time could be like 45 seconds.
Tower 8: I cut the stupid wall climb at 04:11... So if it goes like in the video the time is about 44 seconds.
Tower 1: If I can kill the captain straight from the horse, it could be 5 seconds faster. 8 seconds saved if getting straight up the ladder. So, if those happened, the time would be 45 seconds.

It's surprising how equal the towers are. Tower 6 is still the fastest, but then again, better route planning in sequence 3 overall could make up for it. And if you want the tower 6 this fast, you can't do the towers 4 & 5 because the captain position is way different. The towers that are nearest the straight speedrun route would be 4, 5, 8 and 1. Others take a slight detour. What do you think?
Ok, in my opinion, because of the "altitude" change between town and barracks levels, I think the fastest way to barracks is from the hideout. Also have you seen which tower is on the way after sequence 3, but before recruting?

My plan would be this one :
- with arrow storm : hideout -> tower 4 -> courstesans -> tunnel to hideout -> barracks -> tunnel to hideout -> tower 11 -> thieves -> tower 8 during the mission // tower 1 at sequence 4
- without arrow storm : hideout -> courtesans -> tunnel to hideout -> barracks -> tunnel to hideout -> thieves -> tower 8 during the mission // tower 1 at sequence 4

Then what do YOU think? ^^
I was kinda hoping to have the tower 6 in my run but after studying the map further, yes it seems, that it's faster to get to Barracks from the hideout. The village where the tower is makes a detour, not to mention the altitude so even if it might be the fastest tower, it will not make up the lost time. (It's also a relief not to run it, 'cause the captain is the most unsure kill) SO, towers 5 and 6 are not in consideration. I agree with you completely.

In the sequence 4 I think before recruiting (I consider this after the recruit missions, with courtisan and the crying boy) there are no Borgia Towers in the way. The nearest one would be the tower 9 which is not possible in the first place.

I'm glad to have the towers all figured out, so the next problem will be getting the recruits x) Even if I'm playing with only the essential 4 I think finding the suitable 4th one will be pain, not to mention the 2 more Cheesy (I think it will be daytime -> no many recruits in the immediate way of the sequence 4 missions). But that planning will start when I get to the sequence 4 and I can see how early I start the recruiting.
Does the game always start at the same time of day or night (and so is it always a known time at each sequence)? In this case, you could know in advance exactly what time will be when you'll recruit (half a day being ~10 minutes for real).
I think the time of the day stays the same after you save. I've been comparing my runs when running the sequence 3 and in my improved run there was (I think) a nightime, when the first run had day. But I don't know if new sequence will reset that.

I've recorded one set of segments of sequence 3 (without the arrow storm) ending 01:01:xx which I'm not pleased with. I did it using the planned path, but using the tunnels give no such improvement I was hoping. I intend to do it again even tighter to go maybe under an hour mark or a little bit over.

The problem of the tunnels is, that I'm almost certain, that when there is a white screen with an exclamation mark in the middle (before and after loading screen. Same with the faction building and Tiber Hidout doors. When this screen is on, there can be blind running), the inner game clock is adding time, meaning, that every tunnel usage adds at least 10 seconds to run, not to mention the time taken when running inside the hideout. For example, when going for the arrow storm run it's most certainly faster to take horse from the mercenaries to tower 11. When going via the tunnel, you need to call horse twice, 'cause you need to cross the river. Calling the horse and getting on adds to the lost time with the white screens and running through the Tiber hideout.

I'll be experimenting with the routes and comparing times to see if the tunnel really is the way to go.
Just use the fastest route. I'm looking forward to see the next segments.
Sorry for not helping out much, but I figure you guys have basically got this all covered.
Ok, now it's confirmed. Getting from Rosa in Fiore to Barracks is at least 17 seconds faster by horse, not the tunnels. I was very surprised to find out this, but it must be because of the white screens. I am yet to test if same goes for the Thieve's Hideout but I suspect it. Getting these in consideration, the towers in the arrow storm run maybe should be Hideout->Courtesans->Tower 6->Barracks->Tower 11->Thieve's->Tower 8 like it is in the first test run O_o But I'll make some tests before confirming this. By the way, I managed to get a little save warp in my run. When one saves inside the Rosa in Fiore building the starting point is outside after loading Cheesy Skips the white screen at the door x)
Edit history:
Fed981: 2011-06-14 03:48:30 pm
Fed981: 2011-06-14 03:47:59 pm
Maybe it happens also with the thieves' building...

Oh and I thought something : if {put the sword back in the belt + pull out the crossbow + shoot an arrow} is faster than the bunch of kicks, you can use it at the end of the last step for Cesare.
It has been a long time since the last post, but here is the sequence 3:

Segment 8:
00:57 This crossing caused me most trouble in the whole sequence xD I don't get it perfect here, but I think it's near perfect in my earlier test run. Iäll be doing that in the real run also, which is I believe 5 seconds faster.
01:11 I think it's faster to whistle your own horse here as you can see at the arrow storm run. About 2 seconds lost
01:17 Hiccup, 3 seconds lost.
02:15 It's faster to whistle your own horse again. 2 seconds lost.
03:46 This is how I'm going to do the fight: Many times I got two first thieves by silent kill while the third franticly tries to stab me (he slashes through me while Ezio can't be hurt in the silent kill animation). Then I get a counter kill and bounce a kill chain from there. Fight can be done a little faster.
04:04 The horse usually enters behind the corner so I disorient here a bit.
05:05 My horse angle of insertion to this corridor is wrong. 2-3 seconds lost.
06:39 I end the segment...

Segment 9:
00:29 warp here. Saves some time I guess... I amybe could luck manipulate a horse here to get forward faster.
01:52 This is faster, than going through the little village, even if I need to abandon the horse. After I discovered this route is better than through the hideout, I've been thinking, that maybe the real without arrow storm run with the towers 6 & 8. I'll test it when running for real. But this is fast also.
03:12 The Captain can go down 3-4 seconds earlier.

Segment 10:
00:29 Blindrun fails a little here. 1-2 seconds lost. The tunnel was faster here after all Cheesy
01:34 Horse blockade... Sad
02:13 I guess this is the fastest way over the river.
04:48 I'm changing the camera angle to the right many time s here to kill the guy La Volpe is fighting. He is unfortunately blocked by wall.
04:58 One wasted throwing knife Sad
06:55 Tower 8 And I don't wanna change a thing...
07:13 Losing the notoriety: See the eyewitness in the map? When this scenario occurs, it's safe to let him be and ride for the hideout...
07:46 ...and change the camera angle here to spawn an eyewitness and the poster Cheesy
07:54 It might be faster to take the poster first. 3-4 seconds lost.
08:09 Fail. Shoul've climbed up after ripping the poster.
09:30 I manage to do the blindrun here Cheesy There is no save warping at the La Volpe's.

I think there is soooo much improvements to be done at this "no arrow storm run" sequence 3. The previous improvements taken into account I should aim for at least below 00:58:xx if I'm to take this route.

For the arrow storm I have these:

Segment 8:
This segment is 5 seconds faster than the without storm run x) I figured too late that I don't need to redo this segment when taking this tower route (I had deleted the previous save).
01:07 I intend to do this in the real run.
01:21 But not this.
02:09 Again the other horse is on my way Angry
03:53 Ok, I don't get a perfect fight here either, but it's closer x)
03:58 the horse has NEVER appeared there. But it kinda saves time I think...
05:11 I do this 'cause I want to compare which is faster, this or the ladder. This wins by a hair. (1 second)

Segment 9:
02:18 It' ass how he aims to the heavens. I think I lose at least 8 seconds here.
04:12 The captain can be killed earlier still.

Segment 10:
00:28 Yay, blindrun horse!
01:50 The straight path from the Barracks to the Tower 11 is faster than hideout, cause if you take that route, you need to get horse 2 times and cross the river and backtrack to this point and it takes way too much time.
02:42 The gunman is way more into shooting here than in my test run. Weird.
03:41 I tried to figure out faster way out of the hill but there was none. So here we go again.
06:03 I got him Cheesy Sad that I have one less bullet to use here than in the no arrow storm run.
06:13 I screw up a little with the aiming. I didn't realise you didn't need to aim again in the fight to hit the next crossbowman Sad Soo, one wasted throwing knife here as well.
08:34 Losing notority: Scenario 2. If the eyewitness is here, he will not disappear when you run/ride for the La Volpe's so there will be no other witness appearing even if you change the camera angle. If this scenario occurs, all you can do is to kill the eyewitness, and then go for the La Volpe's. Then this guy at the 09:20 can appear freely. The scenario 1 is faster all the way so it should be luck manipulated.

If improvements taken ito account, I believe, if doing the arrow storm run with these towers, we might be looking times like 01:01:xx in the future. Leaving 2 towers without conquering saves suprisingly little time. We are yet to see how much hunting the recruits will.

Whew, I'm glad that's over with. I'll be returning with the sequence 4 videos next week.
Oh, and for the Chesare... I think the kicks are faster.
Let's call those runs : r6r2 (for run with 6 recruits, with arrow storm, second version), and r4r2 (for run with 4 recruits, without arrow storm, second version).

r4r2 segment 8 :
- 00:57 wouldn't it be faster by swimming, and get out of the water on the gondola?
- 05:57 I think it's faster to run to the end of the roof then jump towards the architect

r4r2 segment 9 :
- 00:29 keep in mind that a segment costs a few (between 3 and 9) seconds
- 01:52 it's ok, just test it and use the fastest path (you have the maps and the towers' times)
- 03:12 you can even do this faster (for instance like in your first test run)

r4r2 segment 10 :
- 02:13 coming from this direction, yeah, I think it's the fastest way to cross
- 04:48 very good battle there
- 06:09 if you dive into the water (tap {feet}) it's faster because Ezio's xy velocity won't reach zero... anyway it's faster to dive ^^
- 06:26 in such situations, keep {high profile} pressed and tap {weapon hand} to assassinate in high profile, it avoids the climbing animation
- 07:34 is it because of your horse speed problem or are you blind? there's the previous horse just in front of you
- 09:30 well done for the blind walk, you almost got it

r6r2 segment 8 :
- 01:00 I still think it's faster to swim there
- 05:11 then don't use the ladder and use this path ^^
- 05:46 again, try to run to the end of the roof and jump towards the architect

r6r2 segment 9 : nothing special to say

r6r2 segment 10 :
- 07:00 keep in mind that it is your friend who has to pass the checkpoint, not you (or am I wrong?)
- 07:27 again, dive there!
- 09:10 same as before with the horse...?
- 09:20 in this case better use the sword or a throwing knife, so that you stay on the horse and you don't have to run after it ^^

So... at least 5 minutes saved already, huh?
Thanks again, the comments are much appreciated.

I need to test if the swimming in the beginning of the sequence is the way to cross the river. I always thought swimming is always slower, because Ezios momentum is lost for the time he rises to surface and starts to swim. I'm almost certain of it...
About the thief boy I think he needs to be at the mission marker for the cutscene to start... And about the horse, yes I don't take the white horse because it's slower. But in the other hand, the distance riding it is VERY short so maybe I'll take it in the real run. It sure is faster to take it than whistle your own...

The total saved time compared to the previous run is now 6 minutes 39 seconds at the r4r2 run and 3 minutes 53 seconds at the r6r2 run. I think if the recruits wont disappear on me so much in the sequence 4 it will be one of the most improving sequences. As for the r4r2 run I want to be something like 9 minutes (or very close) ahead of the original test run after completing it. As you can see at the videos, the night is falling to Rome at the end of the segment 10 so we'll see what time of the day it is when I'm recruiting...
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Fed981: 2011-06-17 02:50:17 pm
Fed981: 2011-06-17 02:50:04 pm
Quote from fluojn:
I always thought swimming is always slower, because Ezios momentum is lost for the time he rises to surface and starts to swim. I'm almost certain of it...

That doesn't happen if you dive, and I am certain of it Smiley For example watch again my video of sequence 7 memory 4, when I swim to reach hideout's island.

For night and day time, keep in mind that a night begins just when you don't see the sun anymore, and the day begins just when you don't see the moon anymore (but you should already know this).
OMG the running is starting to wear me down x) I have now both runs recorded to halfway of the sequence 4 and was too hasty to save after the first recruit mission. It means I need to get the 2 first recruits all over again at the next segment. Dammit. I already deleted those previous saves so I just need to endure it... About the recruits. The game freezing hasn't gone anywhere (It always happens at the poor district of Rome >:() so they keep disappearing. At the r4r2 run I have hard time getting the last 4th recruit, 'cause the cycle of the day seems to swipe them from my path. I've now noticed that the day cycle is about the same every time I play the sequence was it r4r2 or r6r2 run. After the Silvetiano (or what's his face) mission at the pigeon coop it's nearly night (no recruits around) but if I ride straight to Leonardo I miss the nighttime's appearing 3 recruits which would be otherwise STRAIGHT in the path x) And after getting the climb leap glove, the day cycle changes when Ezio is waiting for Leonardo to get back. It's day again Cheesy I intend to use the tunnel to barracks and then to the overseer, and no recruits in the path. Ok, there is one, but he stands in the edge of a cliff and is pushed to his death as soon as I enter the site.

So... I think I need to waste about 10 seconds to wait for night to fall so I can get the 3 appearing recruits before Leonardo. It sucks, but it's the fastest way...

BTW, I'm starting my summer vacation this week and that'll mean vacation from running also. I don't know when I continue, but I will keep a little hiatus now before the game begins to disgust me too much Cheesy (Also the L.A Noire is smiling at me at the shelf. It has been doing it a month now)
Ok, as previously said, just use the fastest method. But have you really to recruit all at this sequence/mission? Maybe you can do it a little later... I don't know.

Also take a break in planning as long as you wish, just don't forget it ^^
I was thinking the same thing that some of the recruits could be recruited in other sequences... But I think if they are not recruited in the earliest possible place, then their potential is wasted. I tested this a little, and it's a daytime at the beginning of sequence 5 -> no recruits in the immediate area when going to the first mission (As the rest of the missions being practically one big mission each, there is no much free time in between...) And at the beginning of sequence 6 I'd LOVE to have them all for the arrow storm.

Here is little something, before I take a break of recording. First r4r2 run:

Segment 11:
00:44 Ok, the beginning goes very bad. I plan to do it like in the arrow storm run x)
02:35 I guess killing the captain can only be made faster if he is actually killed straight from the horse. I've managed to do it one time xD
02:56 I guess I'm little too much at the right here.
03:40 I timed it and it's faster to blindrun/run to the mission marker here rather than call a horse.
06:26 I kept falling at this point when jumping straight to the wall so I do a wallkick here...
Segment 12
01:02 My new most hated mission of the whole game... let alone segment. My discoveries of Femme Fatale:
01:22 I fail the best climb. I get it in the arrow storm run though Tongue
02:12 Best possible guard scenario here. For some reason 2/5 times there comes 1-2 guards more with the third one. I don't know why.
02:51 I do not manage to do the catch back trick in either of runs. I managed to do it in 2/20 runs. At this point when I grabbed her, for some reason she didn't struggle at all and I could carry her to the point of 04:02. Unfortunately the rest of those runs went very poorly so I didn't keep them. This run is maybe even worse than the original test run but I didn't have the energy to manipulate the luck anymore because there is coming another luck based scenario later...
05:30 Guess he heard my shooting the seeker... Sad.
05:51 I haven't managed to have the other guy not being there so I wanted to kill them both at the same time.
06:46 The stairs are 0,5-1 second faster than climbing x)
07:00 I didn't plan to grab the beam...
08:08 Caterina can ruin whole segment here if you have bad luck. I had a run where everything went PERFECTLY 'till this point and she decides to get dragged down from the horse. Then she started to walk calmly behind her horse trying to get back on. It took her at least 2 minutes to do it. (Horse was running away all the time)
09:43 For 1/15 tries there was this eyewitness at the beginning of the fight. It's the best case scenario. Killing that eyewitness, ripping the poster and getting into haybale would stop the alert and have me go my happy way to the tunnels.
10:17 My very bad tries to get a horse... It looks like I'm moving in a swamp x) I HATE it when the horses start to run away when you tey to get on.
12:27 From this point I need to do it all over again at the next segment. I save too early.

Next r6r2:

Segment 11:
01:10 A MASS of people here!
02:28 'couple seconds lost when chasing the captain.
04:06 Horse appears from the wrong angle and I'm testing if it's faster to run to the end of the bridge. It wasn't.
04:27 It's not essential to touch this mission marker, but I think it's faster to jump through here than the one before.
04:46 This climb goes better than in the r4r2 run.

Segment 12:
02:02 Worst guard scenario. Two agiles + 3 more. Do I shoot too early or...?
03:01 I try to catch back but the guard owns me. I decide to get all possible guards in the fray.
04:47 Aaaand I miss my only throwing knife
05:19 I want to save the last bullet for Malfatto so I kick the seeker here.
06:39 Close call there
09:19 There he is!!
10:21 Why the horses are so damn hard to get on!?

Ok, time to take a break. Thanks for everything to this point. I'll return with new energy to get those recruits tackled!
r4r2 segment 11 :
- 02:35 maybe you can use the hidden gun? or, yeah, simply do it better ^^
- 04:53 same as the other times, try to climb on the left so that you go directly upwards

r4r2 segment 12 :
- 01:48 nice shortcut!
- 02:12 I don't know either, you have to luck manipulate there, but I believe it's linked to the fight against the 2 agile guards
- 02:51 don't catch her there, let her go (during the alert she won't move so much) ; then go downstairs to trigger the last 2 guards and end the battle near her (with a hidden gun shot would be the best I think)... maybe watch my video again
- 04:59 have you tried the multi-kill ability? (hold {weapon hand} once the knives are selected) then you wouldn't have to lock on the targets and they would be killed both in one hit
- 05:23 just continue to run until you can't anymore (as in my video), so that you fight all guards at the same time, and maybe, like me, you won't see the one at the end
- 09:43 this witness is great ^^
- 10:17 the horse flees because of the alert... maybe there's also luck manipulation to do here
- 12:27 I don't understand what you mean
- 13:19 I thought you can call the previous recruit you just had, at least for one guard (lock + call)

r6r2 segment 11 :
- 04:40 and 04:56 that's how you should be climbing, yeah!
- 06:07 I should have said it for r4r2, but if you walk a little and face the direction opposite to the wall, then hang on the beam, you won't have to move while hanging

r6r2 segment 12 :
- 02:02 as previously said, I don't know either, that has also been random for me... it could be that you have shot a little little too early
- 02:53 again, don't catch her there, go downstairs to trigger the last guards, etc (see above)
- 03:31 well done there!
- 04:46 again, try the multi-kill ability with the knives (even if you have only 1 left)
- 05:12 same as before, go completely downstairs, etc (see above)
- 10:21 again, the game wants that, during an alert, a horse flees
- 12:57 some more again (!), maybe you can call your only recruit there, at least for 1 guard

Apart from all this and what you already said, the runs are very good. I can't wait to see the next segments (and to see if it's worth having the arrow storm).
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fluojn: 2011-06-22 10:49:58 pm
Summer vacation is here Cheesy (Just finished the last night shift)

Thanks for those comments, I will take them into account!

About the tower in the beginning of the sequence 4... I believe that if it proves to be faster to go without the arrow storm (I already suspect it heavily) I think this tower maybe shouldn't be on the plan. The tower is pretty slow although it IS in the straight path of the run. I will be doing tests, but I'm still thinking the tower 6 and 8 proves to be faster...

About the annoying Femme Fatale. I want most certainly have the catch back trick in the real run. So there will probably be houdreds of tries to luck manipulate it AND have the witness appear in the Guardian of Forli mission AND have a horse quickly after the fight. It would be super MARVELOUS though to have the notoriety removed AND hide at the hay bale to remove the alert completely. That would maybe make up for average Femme Fatale run even.

What I meant about doing everything again from the point 12:27 is that I end the game too early and I guess it had no enough time to save, so the segment 13 will have the Man of the People mission done again at the beginning of it. If I manage to have HUGE luck with manipulation at this point in the real run I will certainly take my time with the auto-saving here.

I have a little worry about the money even though I was so sure to have enough at the sequence 2... I didn't take into account that 'cause I didn't realise if you do 2 Borgia Towers less in the no arrow storm run, you'll have 2000 florins less money! Sooo, I just hope I have enough money at the sequence 7 for the crossbow. If not, the money management should be better at the sequence 2 Cheesy

Ok, NOW I'll tke a little break Cheesy Stay tuned for the next segments sometime later!
Sometimes I get lost in all this (money, recruits, towers, saves, luck, notoriety, etc etc). But I'm pretty sure you have all the plan written on a paper (with many deletions I guess, but still).

Only one thing : Femme Fatale. Why don't you want to do the same as me? Just watch my video again and see how faster it is. Also, getting this fast took me less than 20-25 tries. (just keep your great shortcut while jumping to meet Lucrezia)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to see the next segments. By the way, do you think there will be a third test run (with 4 or 6 recuits depending on the speed) ?
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fluojn: 2011-06-24 01:43:09 am
fluojn: 2011-06-24 01:42:03 am
Heh, it's not that I don't want to do same as you in the Femme Fatale, I just suspect that catching back at the top of the stairs and carrying Lucrezia down and kill the guards there could be faster. If I can't do it in my real run, I will definately use your route. After finishing these two runs I guess I'm ready to start running for real after more practicing and searching clues. The Hidden Blade had more good tricks added for example in the Serial Offender mission. I want to test if it's indeed faster to take the roofs. My test runs will still be done down to earth Cheesy

I started to play L.A. Noire and realised it's pretty slow paced game and bored a little bit. So I decided to get back to running x) I'll take a break of running after next week Cheesy So here are the next segments:

00:30 As I mentioned, it's the Man of the People all over again Sad If saved correctly, the run would be 1m14s faster in the end!
02:25 I miss the pillar 'cause of the freeze. Dammit. At least 2 seconds lost.
02:47 I chicken here and stop the blindrun for a moment. 1 second lost.
03:21 This fight is beyond horrible. Compared to the arrow storm run this is 18 seconds slower (!)
04:20 Actually taking this narrow road by horse and not get stuck is pretty hard to do. I manage to do it here.
04:33 Hiccup.
06:54 I always try to hyperblend here 'cause it's boring just to follow the guy. Like you said in the previous comments, it's not necessary. And I was experimenting with the fight in the end and realised...
07:57 And I realised, that killing the guards first doesn't give them time to spread out -> faster kills. Silvestro comes right at you afterwards and is easily killed.
08:44 Now for the last recruit. It's daytime here still but the night is coming. It takes about 1m30s for night to fall and it's faster to go back a little bit to get this recruit. It's the last opportunity before the sequence 6 to get recruit in this path I'm taking so even if it looks bad to go in the middle of nowhere this actually is the fastest way x) Fight could go better though. Few seconds at least.
10:49 Blindwalk to the box is a success!
12:37 I still think that taking the tunnel to the Barracks is the fastest way. Overseer is sooooo far away.
14:32 LOL, I miss the Overseer. Happily the recruit takes care of him. After seeing this I figured it could be faster to send the recruit in the battle in the first place while you gallop yourself to the mission marker Cheesy
16:08 I do the Outgunned mission like I did it previously. This particular jump van ruin entire segment. If you jump more to the left, the Brute in the end sees you. More to the right, Ezio grabs the building -> the Brute sees you. It's really is a matter of a second!
22:35 Fooling around in the loading screen results me killing a civilian and disorienting when getting a horse x)

Here is the r6r2. I decided to split it, 'cause if I got good recruit run (not too much disappearing) it was HELL to fail in th eOutgunned mission. I want to do this one segment in the real run still Cheesy

Segment 13
02:26 Gaah, the freezes. I want to show the pillar jump!
02:50 Should keep running.
03:21 WAY better fight here.
04:10 A little fail with the horse.
06:46 I don't think the hyperblend is my cup of tea here x)
07:48 ...cause I think the assassination from the horse animation is longer than from stabbing behind.
08:44 For the recruits. There is the same recruit in the middle of nowhere which is wise to get now when it's daytime.
09:24 Should've used locking x)
10:13 It's painful but I need to wait for sun to set...
10:18 spawn him! I actually lose there only aboout 10 seconds alltogether.
10:27 I'm too psyched to get him without disappearing that I forget to use the recruits in the entire segment Sad
11:13 This guy disappears almost every time. And he is standing at the roof by the edge so he would probably get killed still when I climbed there.
11:48 So, she decides to disappear only once, happy days. I call my recruits in this fight but they don't make it in time.
12:19 That was 3 recruits in 3 minutes. I think this is the fastest recruit path for the arrow storm hands down. The nightfall is in the right place, the recruits are in the STRAIGHT path of the run and I can still use the tunnel to the Overseer. Of course the fights should be better and with using recruits. It could be like 2m30 seconds to get all 3 recruits.
14:08 When one saves here...

Segment 14
00:33 appear other side of the bridge.
03:12 I test here if it's faster to go round the slope. And it was exactly the same!
03:33 Althought it's a risk to have this glitch with the horse...
Nothing new in the Outgunned...

Ok, it's time to wrap up the sequence 4, the most random thing in the game. I think if everything goes according to plan (and getting the auto-save right!) the time after this sequence the r4r2 run could have a time of 01:34:xx at least. Now it's 8 minutes 38 seconds faster than the original run. For the r6r2 from this point we will be seeing which really is faster, arrow storm or without it. I'd like to see the arrow storm run below 01:39:xx here. Now it's 4 minutes 32 seconds faster than the original. So there is about 4 minutes of catching up to do if the arrow storm is to win over for not having it.

And, Fed, congratulations your ACII run was accepted! Way to go, man!
Well, thanks for ACII ^^

Overall, you should more oftenly send the recruits to random fights, in order to increase their experience.

r4r2 segment 13 :

- 01:22 as previously said, call the recruit you already have for this fight
- 03:21 same, call the recruits
- 04:20 I suspect it would be faster to go by feet in this tiny path
- 06:48 there you can press {high profile} + {free hand} to steal the horse and keep hyperblending
- 10:49 great! also, you can split in two segments after this "mission", because of the save warping
- 14:32 as in r6r2 you can lock the target and send recruits fighting, to stay on the horse
- 16:08 this mission looks better than before, but you should watch my video again, and train yourself to shoot better at the very end of the mission
- 16:36 if you fall more on the right you can directly trigger the explosion when landing
- 17:08 I saw you did as I did, but try to do it from the beginning, so that you avoid all shots
- 18:29 as the first one, go directly (at least faster) to the left to kill the next one, it avoids a shot
- 18:53 you haven't to shoot all the time, especially when no one is there... it seems your finger is glued to the button ^^
- 19:36 those 2 have to be killed, and you did it, that's great
- 19:52 there, kill the one on the left before they spread, it avoids a shot
- 20:19 this one (on the right) is a little dangerous, try to kill him earlier
- 22:35 isn't there a faster way to go back from there? (another tunnel maybe?) because it lasts sooo long...

r6r2 segment 13 :
- 01:24 and 03:21 same as before, call the recruits you have
- 06:46 otherwise you can do as I said before (steal a horse), but yeah, hyperblending isn't necessary there
- 10:27 don't forget (in the real run) to call the recuits
- 11:48 there's something wrong with this one, she can't disappear all of a sudden, she's on the floor... I don't understand

r6r2 segment 14 :
- 00:33 keep this save warping, even if the real run is without arrow storm
- 03:07 well done!
- 03:33 if you go with the horse, then don't forget to jump from it a little before arriving
- Outgunned : all same as before
- 17:02 same as before also, the way is very long...

Continue like this man, only one hour left xD
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fluojn: 2011-06-24 09:22:13 am
Hey, thanks again Cheesy Maybe I should send the recruits to fights more often... But I think their abilities do not get better if I don't upgrade them at pigeon coops... And the biggest recruit battles would be at sequence 7 & 8. So it needs to be planned where the upgrade is being made. The fastest way to do it might be autoupgrading.

About the save warp... It actually doesn't save time, 'cause I still appear at the same side of the river bank just other side the bridge, opposite the Leonardo bench... But it might still help my stress levels when running for real to have a segment break here. And for the Outgunned mission, it might look bad to get hit much, but it doesn't make it anymore faster if I don't get hit either... And I actually have the shooting button pushed down all the time. As I said earlier, I'm not that good at shooters, so I'm hoping for lucky shots by shooting all the time. Cheesy

I was wondering the same thing about the return route to the Tiber hideout... I'll investigate the area of tunnels and see if there is one very near of the gates. The tunnels are dependant on the towers though and if I do the no arrow storm run, there will be no many areas available to purchase...

Ok, but let's move forward. Here is the sequence 5 r4r2:

Segment 14
03:40 I should lock on him and get a back stab...
05:48 I love it how this mission turns out. The fight could be better though.
09:57 Lol at these tailing missions. I try to get the best loots from the crossbowmen to have throwing knives and bullets. Not too much of them here.
11:51 Heh, the guy falls but I still get the loot.
12:41 The climb could go better...
16:11 I split the sequence here to get better teleports of the Banker...
Segment 15
00:29 I love it how he appears at the streets ad goes straight to the mission. When I train myself more, this sequence split is not necessary.
03:08 This is stupid. The only 2 times I lost the courtesans here was the ones I submitted Cheesy I don't lose THAT much time but still.
04:52 Maybe I should've gotten here faster. I don't get the last teleport.
05:35 All the time I save by this...
06:21 ...will be lost here and by not getting the horse again...

And then for the r6r2

Segment 15
04:35 A sneak attack of popping up guards. These can actually be avoided, so I waste here 16 seconds.
05:28 I kill these guards here without the recruits...
06:31 I could do this.
08:56 I get MARVELOUS lootings at the tailing mission. I end up with 4 bullets and 5 throwing knives Cheesy
10:17 As you may have noticed, I get notoriety here... I guessed I would lose it after the sequence but that is not the case I'm afraid...
12:50 I almost get an alert for my notoriety here... and that is why I disorient at the climb. Looks bad.
segment 16
03:25 What the heck, I lose them again! I don't lose time though 'cause the courier doesn't see me.
04:54 No teleport for me here either.
05:32 This is harder than it looks xD Damn... Well at least I get the horse... There is little left of my notoriety, so I need to get a poster or something at the beginning of sequence 6 I guess...

OK, so the sequence 5 is pretty optimised now, but it could be better if I get the Banker teleports and the fights go better. I guess the time could be here 01:52:xx for r4r2 run and 01:56:xx for the r6r2. The next sequence can change everything 'cause I use the arrow storm 3 times at the original run there, not to mention when getting the suites, I have 2 recruits less... We'll see...