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fluojn: 2011-06-03 12:20:27 am
LOL, thanks Fed and Mr.TLS Cheesy That indeed is a lot information, but I'm thankful for it all! I try to make most of them into my sequence 8 segment but unfortunately the rest of the run fill not go according to plan, 'cause of the money problem... I lack about 6,000 florins in the beginning of the sequence and only better sword I can aquire is the Old Syrian Sword. I'll be finishing the run with that. I'm sure still, that it could be luck manipulated to have more money in the real run. If the eyewitnesses or Heralds are in the path, for example at the tailing mission in sequence 4 there can be pickpocketing and notority won't be a problem. And for the sequence 2 beginning, I'm going to add a segment to manipulate so much money that I can. What do you think, which makes the run faster, punching Macciavelli forward, or killing Chesare faster? (I think punching Macci, even though there could be more theft in that mission)

About the recruits, thanks for the map, it's really helpful. I must study it closely, when I see which time of the day it is when doing the next run. If the day cycle is the same than in the run I'm doing now, and I'm intending to be faster, it will still be daytime, when the serious hunt for recruits begin. So, it'll be the yellow orbs then (which is bad for the route, 'cause most missions are around the Tiber Hideout Sad ).

Fed, very good job overall with Desmond, I'll be using your routes Tongue

And for not buying a crossbow. Yes, I only use it in 2 sequences anyway. If I buy more throwing knives (new pouch is maybe out of the question, or do they replenish to full if new is bought? The first upgrade can be bought at sequence 4 with 1,900 florins and the second at sequence 7 with 3,100. Cheaper that crossbow, still!) the gunmen could be taken out with them, and in the castello the hidden gun could be way to go, 'cause you'll be noticed anyway.

I'm taking again a weekend off of running. (Couple of friends are celebrating their passing of Abitur :D) I'll return at monday hopely with sequence 8 test run Cheesy
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Fed981: 2011-06-03 04:29:35 am
Quote from fluojn:
What do you think, which makes the run faster, punching Macciavelli forward, or killing Chesare faster?

I think you should do both, but punching Machiavelli (as I did, you can make it faster) saves 13 seconds. Also my Cesare fight (from end of loading to assassination cutscene) is 37 seconds, which can be reduced to 33 or 35 seconds by using a bullet at each step. But to which method do you want to compare? I can do it, but I must know.

Also, I assume you don't want to use save warping or death abuse, do you?
I agree, they should be done both. I was thinking about methods to make more money, and finding out if there are any treasures along the path of the tailing missions like in the sequences 4 & 5.

I haven't found good save warp methods yet, 'cause like in the sequence 4 it just takes me further away from my target... If there are some good places, then yes, it should be used. I think deaths do not save time...  Desync costs about 15-30 seconds and you usually start a few metres away from where you were before dying.
Ok but I was speaking about which methods to compare for Cesare, between the fastest and the other. I have to know what's the other method according to you.
Ah, disregard what I said about the church. It isn't possible to climb up the way I imagined, which is weird because I wouldn't say that on first sight.
Onto the segments!
Segment 3 part 3:
Is it possible to manipulate the fight so you end up more closely to the Romulus lair?
At 4:30, you don't have to use the steps. You can just run up the broken pillar in front of the statue and you'll skip the time needed for running around. 4:55 was great, really a timesaver. Good job!

Segment 4:
At the beginning, it'd be faster to use the horse. Or don't you get the horse in front of you because you want it on the other side of the water?
At 8:38, you climb to the flag. Is that necessary?
After the courtesan mission, why don't take the fasttravel to the hideout, then use a horse (steal one) to get to the next mission? Same question for after the mercenary mission.

Segment 5: Is jumping of the horse faster than bringing it with you?

All around, try to use the hidden blade for stealth kills. They're faster than the animation for a bare-hand kill when you've got the sword equipped.

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fluojn: 2011-06-03 09:12:49 am
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fluojn: 2011-06-03 09:06:35 am
Quote from Fed981:
Ok but I was speaking about which methods to compare for Cesare, between the fastest and the other. I have to know what's the other method according to you.

I think the straight assault is the best method against Cesare. I think I'll be using the gunshot/hack and slash method in my test run but it will be much better when I have the money. I thought of another way to get more money: Bank. If I remember correctly, there is a defeault Bank at the Thieve's Guild and at sequence 7 there should be at least 2,500 florins. That would lead to being able to buy at least the Schiavona (4 damage, 2 speed, 2 deflect)... But I should go for the Milanese Sword if I can.

And to answer TLS's questions:
- The fight with the Followers of Romulus could maybe be manipulated closer to the entrance but I think it saves only couple seconds... And I think that the biggest concern is get a good kill-chain because that saves even more time.
- About Halls of Nero... Fed is the mastermind behind the routes... I do some things different and tend just to be the slower x)
- At the beginning of sequence 3 I timed it, and it's faster to go via the poles over the river. The road beside the Tiber Island makes too big of a curve.
- If I do something very odd at the run, I can assure you it wasn't intended xD But the flagpole thing is that you just can't continue straight Sad So I need to switch to another side.
- After the courtesans it's faster to get to Bartholomeos with the horse straight from the Rosa In Fiore, not to mention that I want to tackle the Borgia tower in the way. After Bartholomeo it maybe would be faster to teleport to Tiber Hideout and with horse to the Thieve's Guild.
- At segment 5 at 03:20 I thought there wasn't a straight road to ride off the hill so I just jumped... If there is a route, maybe it should've been used x)

I recorded one run of sequence 8 that ends with the timer being 02:58:xx (can't remember the digits). I'll upload it if I don't get better one. In the video many things go to hell (Especially the Apple parts), but there are some good moments that are difficult to pull off and there are no desyncs so... But I try to get better still...
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Fed981: 2011-06-03 10:22:02 am
For Cesare (again) : here are the damage done, in terms of sword units (for instance 1 hit of Altaïr's sword is 5 damage).

1 bullet = 10 damage (the gun is faster when you're using the sword at the same time, but the switch between weapons takes longer in this case)

1 knife = 6 + 2/3 damage (3 knives = 20 damage)

1 arrow = 5 damage

1 kick = 1 damage

And for each step, you need to get 21 damage done (and this time I'm sure of it). That's why you can't use the old syrian sword without having to fight the other guards.

The fastest, for me, at the moment, is using the throwing knives. All depends on them.

But, unless you buy the bags, you'll have only 5 knives. I'll show how to do in a next post.

By the way, if you have the crossbow, you can kill the 2 guards (the ones I kill with the hidden gun) with it ; but be sure not to be seen or to flee quickly. Another shortcut is, after this, after the hay pile and the man complaining, you can start to go on the wall at the white tissue and jump on the right, directly standing on the first floor.
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Fed981: 2011-06-03 02:31:11 pm
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Fed981: 2011-06-03 02:27:41 pm
Also, for this mission, take the good side of each ladder while climbing the first tower, of course.

Now, for Cesare. I KNOW now how you'll have to do it. First, what to buy : 2 throwing knives bags would be the best (-> 15 knives), 1 bag would be nice (-> 10 knives), and nothing would be ok (-> 5 knives).

Here are the exact procedures (there's a video below to illustrate).

With 5 knives :
1) throw 4 knives - cutscene
2) lock - throw 1 knife - select the sword - shoot 2 bullets - cutscene
3) shoot 2 bullets - kick 3 times - cutscene
4) shoot 2 bullets - kick 3 times - finished

With 10 knives :
1) throw 4 knives - cutscene
2) lock - throw 4 knives - cutscene
3) lock - throw 2 knives - select the sword - shoot 1 bullet - cutscene
4) shoot 3 bullets - finished

With 15 knives :
1) throw 4 knives - cutscene
2) lock - throw 4 knives - cutscene
3) lock - throw 4 knives - cutscene
4) lock - throw 2 knives - select the sword - shoot 1 bullet - finished

It's a little slower with 20 knives because 2 knives take a longer time than a bullet. And you can't switch to something after the crossbow (that's why I don't use it) or the sword (it takes some time to put the crossbow back on the back, and the sword back in the belt).

All right, er... Is all clear now? Or any questions? xD
Way to go Fed, this is something enormously useful! That means, I do not have to buy a sword, the belt pouches are enough! I'll be finishing the test run with not buying anything (5 knives/6 bullets). There is only one BUT in here. If the fight saves only 3 seconds compared to buying pouches, the buying of the tailor and purchasing the equipment takes at least 15 seconds, not to mention the time taken, when running to the shop. So without any doubt, the real run should be done with defeault equipment. What do you think?
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Fed981: 2011-06-04 07:31:07 am
Yeah, the run should be done with the default equipment, except if you want to use the knives in other places (for instance the multiple throw ability that kills guards instantly). That's all I can say.

Also, for save warping, I remember that for AC2 :
- in the first sequence, you always come back at the Auditore's palace
- after the templar lair in sequence 4, you can skip the speaking with La Volpe by save warping.

So I thought that in any situation like mission -> cutscene/auto-scroller out of the mission -> path to next mission, you could skip the middle part. For instance in sequence 2, when you go to the tunnel with Machiavelli... you'll have to test it.

Then, I did a few calculations and tests about speed :
- normal walk 1,9 m/s (1,91)
- fast walk 2,8 m/s (2,77)
- high profile run 5,2 m/s (5,15)
- free run or sprint 6,3 m/s (6,33)
- usual horse high profile gallop 8,7 m/s (8,72)

That means (according to my calculations, and considering taking a horse costs 3 seconds) that a horse becomes efficient if the distance is greater than 3/(1/6,3-1/8,7) = 69 meters.
I think the save warping will seriously make more segments in the run if use for it is found! I need indeed test it. Also, good calculations of the travelling.

Ok, I've now finished my test run. Here is the segment 11:

I think, I may be most disappointed in this segment in the whole run. You see why when you watch them but I'll still comment.
02:05 This part is fun. If I arrive to this point even a second earlier, the guard at 02:07 will spot me and sound an alert
03:31 Usually there is only 1 guard here. My eyes widened when there were a whole buch of them, but apparently it turned out well Cheesy
04:11 This part isn't fun at all... BUT, it results to happenings of 04:45. I don't know which is faster, to kill these guys or wait the time I use in my failure in the floor below and skip them unnoticed.
05:06 The bad part begins...
05:23 I haven't found faster way in this place. I tried to catch the window door and jump over it, but I think it doesn't save that much time.
05:37 I can't describe the epicness of these fails.
07:17 This is painful to watch. How on earth I didn't notice in my earlier runs that you can't climb there. The thing causes confusion which can be seen afterwards.
08:07 I usually can catch back here but of course not this time. And I get confused again.
09:06 This is pretty rare. Most of the times I got to the Apple room, I needed to run ro the mission marker to end the alert. Running with the Apple could go better. I stumble to people too much.
12:12 This route is indeed faster.
13:14 Maybe I don't trust my recruits but for some reason I can't resist the urge to kill this guy myself. Overall this battle could go much better.
15:06 It's ass that the tailing doesn't trigger here. One of my recruits dies 'cause I'm so slow here Sad
19:55 I get my ass handed to me. Without the arrow storm in the beginning I try to make as many soldiers mad as I can but I think it's not enough. The good part here is that the battle stays pretty well in the area. If it spreads, the patroling guard join in the fray making the battle MUCH longer. I think the crossbowman in 20:36 is the only one that does this.
20:32 The agile here refuses to die/get mad and in the end of the fight he is still standing. 20:50 LOL! How many people you need to kill ONE FREAKING agile!

Overall in the Apple fights, I need to learn to use the enemy-attacks-you-use-the-apple-enemy-dies-instantly method. And pay more attention to my energy! There are too meny moments where I use the Apple with no effect at all!

Sequence 9 is here:

Compared to the sequence 8 I'm happier with this. There are little mistakes here and there, but in the real run I will make up for them x) The route to the first checkpoint I think is even a little better than in your ILs. Thank you so much for the Cesare fight method. I could do it a little faster, but it still goes according to the plannings. And sorry about the audio. I think it went to hell because I was recording at the same time it was exporting the video. I really need to do something to my technical issues before I can record my actual run!

The ending time was 03:02:53. I don't know how much it can be improved, but in the next test run I go at least for 02:45:xx. There can be seconds, even minutes saved here and there if the execution is tighter and the planned routes used. The next days I will be studying the borgia towers very closely and play the crap out of the missions to get them into my spine. I think the sequences 1 and 2 should be splitted in half for the luck manipulation. Let's keep this thread occupied and find more tips and tricks for this awesome game Cheesy When I think I'm ready, the real work begins in the shape of the actual test run Cheesy

BTW, I'm uploading the last Desmond part right now, but all I have to say about it is that in the real run I'll be doing a lot better and using your routes. When recording the segment my goal was to get it done pretty fast and not to fall. I manage to do it, but it's not nearly as fast as it should be. Maybe I was too anxious to get it done to start the REAL planning x)

Thanks so much for the support, without it I wouldn't be doing this Smiley
Segment 6 part 1:
1:01 There's a button for filling your whole pouch. Saves that extra second.
4:20 Have you timed this route against the one to the side of the bridge? I assume this one's faster, but you never know.

Segment 6 part 2:
3:40 Maybe you could use the strong knife attack, or does that waste one knife?
5:50 I remember Fed climbing up here, instead of going around. Seems faster to me.
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Fed981: 2011-06-06 11:39:18 am
Fed981: 2011-06-06 11:37:57 am
Fed981: 2011-06-06 11:36:39 am
Ok my comments for the new segments.

Segment 11 :
Overall the sound is better... what happened? Smiley
Quote from fluojn:
I need to learn to use the enemy-attacks-you-use-the-apple-enemy-dies-instantly method.

The principle is the same as counterkill. As previously said : if you're pushing square (tap or constantly) between the beginning and the end of the animation of a guard attacking you, he'll die. And in my video, for the first two, I pushed it right at the moment their weapon reached me, so the apple animation hasn't started, but they have died (the third one was exactly a "counterkill", and the last 2 were dead while I was constantly holding square, but not due to the effect's area). Also, if you consider it as a counterkill (even without high profile) it works too. And one more thing : NO matter of the apple's effect area for this method. All clear with this?

- 02:44 same as in the first castello mission, try to climb directly on the right way, so you go directly upwards (good climbing btw)
- 03:39 just in time!
- 04:11 this action was interesting to watch. to answer you : your mistake costs 9 seconds, I think I kill the guards in about 6 or 7 seconds...
- 05:00 be careful about the walls and environment parts like doors etc. apart from 05:37 this part was good
- 06:26 awesome there
- 08:07 tap repeatedly the circle button ; if you reach at least 4 hits per second (I believe) you'll grab the ledge
- 09:06 exactly as it has to happen
- 13:14 maybe you can create a segment for the next battles? the few seconds lost in segmenting can be easily saved by luck manipulation
- 15:06 yes, you have to go up there. watch my video again, I found the closest place (to the beginning) to trigger the tailing
- 20:32 a word about the apple's effect area : as you see, when you release the button, the areas (white and yellow) are shrunked a little until the moment the effect comes. you have to consider the area at THIS moment, NOT when you release the button. anyway, if you use the "enemy-attacks-you-use-the-apple-enemy-dies-instantly" method you haven't to consider any area issue.

Segment 12 :
overall : Yeah, you must solve the technical issues before beginning a new run.
What did you say? 3h30? HAHA no, I believe you can reach something like 2:3X:XX

- the path to the first checkpoint is good, and faster as mine, but just be careful with the alerts, they have to stop before the checkpoint
- 03:02 I was speaking of here last time : climb at the white tissue on the left here, and perform a wall jump, you'll stand directly on the "first floor"
- 03:13 be careful not to go too close to the 2 guards waiting for you (the ones saying "run, run")
- 05:20 again, tap repeatedly the square button until 4 knives are thrown (watch my video again, and remember not to lock at the first step)
- overall the fight against Cesare can be done a little faster (as you see you're close to fight the other guards at the end, and I'm particularly thinking of the pistol, you can shoot bullets faster than you did)

Segment 13 :
Yeah, as you said, follow my routes, but keep yours when it's faster (for instance on the beam when Shaun says "the apple will offer that" or anything like that)

For the end, I think you should do as I did for ACII (part 18-2) : wait for the end credits to finish, and then pause the game and look at the in-game timer, rather than look in the PS menu.

So, to conclude, very good job so far ; as already said you seem to gain self-confidence, skill, tricks, and planning goes well. Check the technical things with Nate before the real planning run, a run with mistakes or hiccups. I only ask, when you'll begin to upload it, to delete the previous one, and (in a commentary) tell us things like :
- xx:xx mistake
- yy:yy hiccup
- zz:zz no luck
- tt:tt I plan to do something else / I don't intend to do that

I'm looking forward to see this run (and of course the final one, but that won't be for the next week or so ^^).
Segment 7:
4:30 You could've called for your horse earlier. If one has good riding skills, that ought to save time.
9:20 Are you riding like that because of the recruits? I dearly hope so. Tongue
12:05 Why do you ride around that thing? Seems like a detour to me.
16:20 Might be a bit faster to ride the horse around.
17:55 If you manage to jump up just a little bit closer to the wall, Ezio will act as if he's hanging of a solid building, speeding up the climbing animation just a bit.
I'll comment TLS's comments Cheesy

Segment 6: part 1: Good call with the puoch filling button, how come I've never noticed :F 4:20 If I get on the horse faster, then I think it's faster to go with the horse. part 2: 3:40 Actually the knife flurry could work! 5:50 I watched our runs side by side and the stairs win by a hair!

Segment 7: Yes, the foolish riding and otherwise very bad movement here is 'cause the recruits kept disappearing. I'm suspecting that my game disc is damaged (though there are no visible damage) which causes the disappearences and freezings. In the real run the position of the recruits propably will be different depending if it's day or night. 16:20 It's slower to go around, it makes quite a curve. 17:55 Actually Fed figured faster way. To climb the structure a little bit behind lets Ezio jump straight to the roof, it saves 0,5-1 second Cheesy

Fed, I said 02:45:xx Cheesy Could there actually be a half hour of improvements O_o? Adding segments give a lot more confidence so it might indeed be possible!

I studied Borgia Towers a bit yesterday... Referring to your Tower map at the thread page 5, the towers 4,5,6,8 and 11 come into question at sequence 3. The tower 11 is easy but it should be left off 'cause of the detour. Tower 5 is in consideration, 'cause the Captain is always stationary and you can air assassinate him from the top of the church. Only bad thing is, that you can't ride a horse to the square he is standing in (not to mention, he flees instantly if he sees you) and you need to use pretty much time to get to the top of the tower. (The church is pretty far of the tower) Tower 4 is very hard. It resembles the tower 1 I tackle at the beginning of sequence 4 in the test run, but the Captain is on the move so it makes it a LOT harder to kill him fast. I'm going to practice, but if I find a good way (shooting from the roof is probably the best) maybe it should be taken to the plan. If not, the tower 1 should be kept and 11 switched to 5.
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Fed981: 2011-06-07 03:02:26 am
If you time every (interesting) tower, from the moment you see the captain, till the moment you jump out of the tower, I can find for you the best strategy. I'll be waiting for your times.

Also, I was wondering : is it really worth having 6 recruits? I mean, you need at least 4 recruits for the theater show, but what's faster between :
- 2 more Borgia towers + 2 recruiting fights + use arrow storm
- use only 4 recruits at battles
That is something I've been thinking myself. The sequence 3 would be a breeze without the 2 Borgia towers. I think though, that the arrow storm/6 recruits is the reason why I could stuff the 5 sequences in less than a hour and a half. If one is swift, one Borgia Tower costs about 2 minutes extra (depending the tower). 4 Extra minutes isn't that much. Then again, the recruits needs to be gotten also. They take at least a minute each depending of the place. Maybe a two test runs should be made, one with the arrow storm and one without.

Btw, I'm going to split the sequence 1 in three. One segment for every random thing. 1, Mario, 2, the horse, 3, Claudia and shooting the cannon at the top of the wall. I can't believe it, I was shooting at the wall today and doing the best I've ever done. There was practically about 5 enemy cannons left in the whole scenery and the escaping people camped around 45 for ages! There is nothing to do with the skill x)
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Fed981: 2011-06-07 09:31:22 am
Quote from fluojn:
Maybe a two test runs should be made, one with the arrow storm and one without.

That is a very good idea.

Quote from fluojn:
one Borgia Tower costs about 2 minutes extra (depending the tower)

That's why I wanted you to time this (all towers 4,5,6,8,9,11 and maybe 1,3,10,12 if you have the time) ; then I can find the most efficient way to do sequence 3 (both with 2 and with 4 more recruits/towers).
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fluojn: 2011-06-08 03:53:55 pm
fluojn: 2011-06-08 03:53:20 pm
fluojn: 2011-06-08 01:28:34 am
I decided to do 2 test runs side by side. Because the first 2 sequences are identical, I already started to record and finished the sequence 1 in 00:17:15. 1 minute 13 seconds improvement to the first test run Cheesy More segments really make a better run x)

I'll be testing the Borgia towers individually when I get to that point and post some times.
All right then. Have you videos of the new run? Have you begun to delete the other one?
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fluojn: 2011-06-08 03:54:59 pm
Here's little something for the next test run:

Segment 1:
03:10 It's solely luck based, how fast Mario gets past the crowd. I need to test if busting through the crowd could make it faster for him, but then again, if you watch my first test run, Mario gets through with no problem and real fast!!
03:53 This animation is too long. If I attack the guy a half second later, I would have the sword in use. It takes some time for game to give the choise to pick it. I can continue the kill-streak straight from the first kill, if I backstab the guys attacking Mario. If not done so, I need to hack and slash so that I get a new springboard to the chain. As you can see, at this point there is no little gun beside the sword so no double kills for me Sad
04:29 In a perfect world Mario woulld kill the other guy like in my test run.
05:03 I wait here 'cause that old geezer Mario starts to walk if left too behind as you know x)
05:12 Only two guards appear if you approach the alley slowly, before Mario. I don't rush to battle, because if I go to the ally, the near other 4 guards join into fray.
05:51 The marker appears just as I climb to the top Cheesy
I guess this segment can be improved like 5-7 seconds with better Mario luck manipulation and knowing exactly how far you can be of him.

Segment 2:
03:58 This takes too much time. But the segments where I did good here I didn't catch the horse x) Cannon part can be done 3-4 seconds faster I guess.
05:00 There can be blind run at this point. I usually ended up nowhere near where I wanted. But if this could be mastered, it surely saves 3-4 seconds.
05:10 Major hiccup that costs me 2-3 seconds. Could this be the fastest way down?
06:16 Hitting this invisible wall can be avoided by riding more at the center of the road
06:20 You can't take the horse under the arc so I abandon him. Guess riding still saves time here?
This segment I believe can be done 10-12 seconds better.

Segment 3:
03:00 This surely doesn't happen in the real run. Costs 4-5 seconds.
03:13 I watched my previous run and this side by side and even if I suck monkey balls here, I finish the scene faster! And you do this part even faster than here! Is the key how meny times the cannon is fired? For example if the things the cannon mercenary is saying is triggering the following scenes, does firing the cannon delay this, like, the guy running to reload while he should be talking? I'd like to know... 45 is the magical number Cheesy
05:56 I was thinking about TLS's tip to air assassinate here, but I guess the animation does cost too much time (not to mention that you need to look down at the top of the tower to target someone). By jumping straight to the fray I can shoot the strongest enemy first and then creat a springboard to wall-length kill-chain.
06:03 I get hit, but this is actually beneficial to me. You see, the 06:09 guys wouldn't be there if it wouldn't be for the hit -> lost kill chain. I don't know which costs more time though... I don't get double kills here. Believe me, I'm trying whole time (tapping square/holding down square). I need to find out a consistent way of doing it.
06:36 One reason I kept this segment Tongue
07:30 Have you ever passed this section without being hit on the way to Claudia? I sure haven't...
08:17 Ok, this costs time. I can see at the corner of my eye Claudia taken down and then getting my ass handed to me. I was thinking that releasing the woman (I try to shoot the guard that is choking her) triggers Claudia to go, but no, she just stands there. So... If there is no faster way to trigger Claudia go, otherwise this beating costs me about 3-5 seconds maybe?

Ok, now for the wrap up: I counted 24-31 seconds of improvement that could be made. There can be even more, if the cutscenes are skipped more accurately. So I should aim for below 17 minutes in the real run, maybe even 00:16:45 Cheesy It'll be a royal pain to optimise everything!

I haven't yet erased the previous runbut I will when this get's finished (I still wait for comments from TLS and others):D
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Fed981: 2011-06-08 05:19:37 pm
Fed981: 2011-06-08 05:16:46 pm
Improved run overall : much better in terms of speed and skill (and confidence), but technical problems are still there, I see. Also, do you know exactly how much time does a segment cost in ACB?

Improved run segment 1 :
- 03:10 yeah, this is luck based ; but I think it's better if you part the crowd for Mario
- 03:53 the sword is definitely better there, especially for the killchain (wonderful one there by the way)
- 04:29 unfortunately the perfect world doesn't exist... yet
- 05:12 and 05:51 very well done

Improved run segment 2 :
- 05:00 then just master it ^^
- 05:10 wouldn't it be better to jump at the wall or next to the cannon at 05:06?
- 05:50 it seems you can gallop for real with this horse, can't you?
- 06:20 this distance seems to be near the limit I calculated (69 meters), so I think you need to time both methods ; maybe you can also see if save warping could be used at this moment

Improved run segment 3 :
- 03:13 you'll have to time all these : few cannons shots with minimum ennemies destroyed / maximum cannon shots with minimum ennemies destroyed / maximum cannon shots with maximum ennemies destroyed / few cannons shots with maximum ennemies destroyed (this last is almost what I did) ; and see what's the fastest
- 05:56 keep your method for the whole battle, it's simply beautiful
- 07:30 I always got hit in this part, but always before you did... maybe you can avoid it with another/better path
- 08:17 she will anyway wait here for a few seconds (watch my video, where I run like in circles)
Thanks for the comments! Yeah, the audio is still bad. I've tried to mess around with the settings but no luck... Maybe it could be better if I record the real run WMV or AVI? I'm doing DIVX now to get these test runs uploaded someday Cheesy I'm not very good with this technical stuff Sad

About the comments:
segment 2 05:06 Unfortunately there is an invisible wall that prevents Ezio from leaping straight to the horse beside the cannon.
segment 3 Yes, I'll be testing the cannon methods. I think the minimum enemies will be tough ' cause if you don't reduce the cannons, the village will fall x)

Now, here's the next chapter:

The run is about 24 seconds faster than the previous one.
10:39 It's possible to move here, few seconds before the camera moves in front of Desmond, but it's VERY difficult, because if you are going in high profile+feet, when the camera angle leaps to another position, Desmond almost certainly leaps to the water x) I will train in the future if I learnt to move without that. It could save about 2 seconds I guess.
11:10 I'm too much to the left, and I get a full hang/climb animation. Bad. Second ledge I let go of {feet} to leap straight to the wall which I intend to climb, but it might be just faster to leap the wall in front and change to the other...
11:45 I can't believe this happened. 1-2 seconds wasted. (I need to wait for Lucy anyway but...)

The virtual training looks bad... But it's always as long as it is x)

Overall I need to get the latter platforming part better, but I guess the improvement will not be more than, say, 5-10 seconds? Getting the fuse box beside Shaun doesn't save that much time, 'cause you need to go a bit backwards and use the Eagle Vision (the only box you NEED to use it). It saves time though.

In sequence 2 I seem to have a hard time with Macciavelli x) I guess I need to learn the trigger points where I need to let him go for a while, otherwise he just walks back wasting ENORMOUS amount of time. It also looks so stupid. Before Macci I did manage to manipulate the horse at the beginning, very good amount of money and Il Carnifice shot with the hidden gun Cheesy
Edit history:
Fed981: 2011-06-09 04:01:12 pm
Fed981: 2011-06-09 03:59:17 pm
Fed981: 2011-06-09 03:57:28 pm
About the improved run segment 4 : not much else to say more than you said. Maybe you can roll (keep high profile pressed) when landing at 07:24.

For Machiavelli : there are no trigger points, only a precise trajectory that you have to follow (plus/minus about 1 or 2 meters). If he goes out of this trajectory one time, he will walk back to this point, yeah, and if you do like me, just follow the trajectory and all will be fine. That also happened to me, but I learnt the trajectory and followed it. That's what you have to do (watch my video again maybe).

For the video itself : what's the "raw" file type (and codec)? and how do you encode it?

And finally, for the segment 2 (improved run), at 05:06 can't you jump down on the left wall directly there?
Edit history:
fluojn: 2011-06-11 02:41:37 am
Oh, so that's the pattern Macciavelli operates... Unfortunately I recorded that point already. He doesn't walk back but knowing the route precisely it can be done much better. I stop too many times. I am now recording Halls of Nero and found another shortcut at the burning oil room Cheesy

About your comments, in segment 4, yes, I could roll, but it didn't save time, cause you need to wait for Lucy. (I tap the circle all the time to activate the switch as fast as I can)
And segment 2, yes, it might be faster AND easier to blindrun!

I'll be posting my codecs and raw files when I get out of work Tongue

Sequence 2 is completed:

Segment 5:
00:46 I still think this is faster route
01:52 What is the fastest way atop the church? If I get this right, I don't need to do the 01:49 thing. 2-3 seconds lost
03:19 YAY!
04:35 This was stupid. 2-3 seconds lost.
05:18 The battle could've gone better. Maybe 2-3 seconds lost.
06:52 I end the segment...

Segment 6:
00:32 ...and warp a little bit to the right from the hay bale. Perfect spot to luckspawn a horse. I take slight detour so game doesn't freeze as much. You see, the freezes are not from the game disc... But I think the thing may be not my PS, but PS3 altogether. I experienced no freezes when playing normally, but when I started to speedrun something happened. I think the game can't manage loading big groups/structures when travelling with the horse fast in certain points. You can see always after the freeze something appearing from the air like game was stopping everything 'till it had loaded that thing... I don't know.
01:54 If you see me stopping while punching Macciavelli it is because I didn't know how he functions. Still, with this method and better shopping, I save 22 seconds compared to my previous run Cheesy
05:26 I've never managed to kill only the captain. If I try to grab him and move to the scaffolds, one of the guards will surely get me. The fight should be much quicker. For example why I'm trying to kill the strong enemy after the first kill? And also I could've grabbed the Captain at 05:33. So this can be done maybe 5-7 seconds faster. BTW lol at the guard at 05:38.
06:07 Is it the camera angle or the way I'm pushing the stick why Ezio urges to check his behind here and 06:22? 2-3 seconds lost.
08:41 I get a great idea of being ahead of Macciavelli and not realise he is the one triggering the scene. 4 seconds lost.
09:24 Oh no it's the slow ass white horse! If better horse is gotten here, maybe like 3-4 seconds could be saved

Segment 7:
00:25 After seeing the warp point of this save, I think it might be better to include the Crepi Il Lupo mission to the segment 6. It's almost 10 seconds faster to ride straight from the Who's Got Mail? mission!
01:17 If you ride more to the right here, you can jump straight to the mission marker. Saves 1 second Cheesy
01:50 I get hit 'couple of times Sad I need to get this flawless! I kept this, 'cause many things go well in the Halls of Nero.
03:43 ...and some things didn't go so well. I push too much to left here and he grabs the ledge. 2 seconds lost.
07:08 NOOOOO, 6 seconds lost
07:50 And again. 5 seconds lost. Well, even with these screw-ups I reach the Romulus shrine 20 seconds earlier than in my real run.

Ok, to conclude sequence 2: I counted about 45-55 seconds of improvements and there is probably more there. So, I should be aiming (when taking into account the improvements from the sequence 1) for 00:40:xx at this point.

I'll be posting my calculations of the Borgia Towers maybe after the weekend. They look promising, and I think I'll do first the "without arrow storm" run segment 8.

About the captuing... Using the Roxio game capture device the recorded raw file can be WMV, AVI or DIVX. The DIVX is compressed I guess so maybe the quality is better at the other formats?