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Hmm, maybe it is that you can't use the recruits there... Why I do recall otherwise? Well, need to practice that trick too. BTW, have you tried to get the hidden blede to work with the Apple by getting on the horse? It would save even more time!

I've finished now the sequence 4 and let me tell you one thing: I hate it into the oblivion. Heres the segment 6:

Part 1:
01:01 Buying the shop and the bullets costs 1850 florins O_o But they are useful!
01:11 & 02:05  *facepalm*
02:29 It's possible to kill only the Captain jumping from the horse, but it doesn't happen here.
02:35 As you can see, I truly try to climb the ladder xD
04:19 The reason I stumble is the fact that my horse appears behind me not front as every other time!
04:37 Ezio just can't resist an urge to swim and doensn't grab the wall.
05:36 I don't know how this happened
05:58 I've been unable to reproduce your superb vertical jump here. I intend to get it in the real run
06:43 Jumping angle is little off...
Part 2:
00:49 If you wonder what the heck happens here is that I was trying to shoot the guy, but instead he owned me. Usually I had the time to shoot them both and only one more guy joined in the fray. I shot him too. It's sad I didn't get it in this run.
The whole Lucrezia part is a disaster. I don't even comment it. I just say that I'll do it better in my real run... I you want to find something positive in it, one could say that at least I got all the guards in the same place at the same time...
04:29 I wanted to kill those both guards in one kill streak but that other doesn't follow me x)
05:15 Why step on the barrels?
05:32 Maybe I should do the other wrench first to awoid this guy. Or then he will be just coming back anyway...
07:49 A moment of peace.
08:17 This is something EXTEREMELY lucky! Usually the eyewitness spawns in the border of the area I need to stay and he runs away when I try to kill him. Happy days.
09:02 Maybe I should get on the horse after the soldiers are called to the castle. Either way I NEED a horse if I want to escape fast...
09:36 I try to jump straight from the horse to the hay bale, but no...

Overall this can be soooo much better but for my mental health I let it be. For now. It's very frustrating to run a perfect run and then fail, 'cause one eyewitness just decides not to appear Cheesy

The sequence 7 is in downloading as I speak. I think it will take couple hours to be up...
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Fed981: 2011-05-27 06:24:53 am
General comments : same as previously.

segment 6 part 1 :
- 01:04 I think you definitely don't need a horse there
- 03:22 can't you skip the burning tower cutscene?
- 04:37 I also had this, try to face the edge (more than you did)
- 05:04 try to keep the alert when passing this checkpoint, otherwise there'll be an unskippable cutscene. also, try to climb more on the left at the beginning, as I did, so that you get directly upwards.
- 05:11 I think that killing the guard in active profile, as I did, is faster because you get directly upwards
- 05:35 take a little more time to climb (and more on the left), and this won't happen
- 05:57 adjust the camera angle, begin to go on the left and then jump. watch my video again maybe. but an important thing is to take some time (a second or so).
- 07:02 what about a horizontal jump here?
- 08:12 I think you should kill the strongest one before the other. even if the alert starts, you have a few seconds to kill the other in stealth assassination. if not, he's weak.
- 09:22 watch my video again to climb there.

segment 6 part 2 :
- for Lucrezia, follow my route, and maybe add the "grab while in the alert" trick.
- 03:35 remember to lock on the target before throwing a knife
- 03:54 continue with Cateriina until downstairs, as I did in my video, so that it's a lot faster.
- 04:58 use a knife or a bullet for this guard.
- 05:32 you'll have to make some tests to see what's faster between the two routes.
- 05:45 are you sure stairs are faster than climbing?
- 08:17 man! you managed to stop the alert! this could be very, very useful for the end of the mission. but then you'll have to find a witness while or after escaping.
- 09:02 try to find a place where you have more space to move with the horse, and I think that won't happen again.

By the way, I haven't seen any horse during sequence 8 missions, so I couldn't try the horse trick.
Ok, the segment 7 is up. It took more time than I thought. I must say that after recording this I felt almost that my future speedrun is doomed. My test run actually is, it looks so bad. But when you see the run itself, you'll understand. I figured out the Assassin's recruits placements and found out the worst possible way. The places of the possible recruitable citizens change, when the sun goes down. SO, if one wants to plan where to get these guys, it must taken into account. And I must say, the position of the recruits in the daytime are the worst possible considering of the mission placements in this sequence. And to add insult to injury, in my segment, the sun sets and the recruit position changes. This is good, 'cause there are many in my path, but you see in the video how unreliable they are. I explain in the comments.

01:18 I want to jump on top of the pillar so I don't need to hang and climb.
01:42 Some blind run here. How come I get a 100% this mission?
02:14 Third recruit. The other guards always join the fray. If my time is better in the future recordings, their patrol route just might not hit my path.
04:28 LOL what stumbling
05:30 -> My hyperblend tries fail this time miserably. Got it many times at other attempts. Doesn't cost time though.
08:00 I ride this way 'cause I want to get the fourth recruit that would otherwise disappear when sun goes down.
09:19 As you can see here, the recruit appears in the map as the sun goes down... and disappears... just to appear again in 09:30. That's the fifth one.
10:31 See the recruit in the map? I jump down from the horse because sometimes it kept him from disappearing, but not this time. He appears again in 11:01 along with his sister which I'm intending to take because I'm going her way...
11:06 ...but she decides to disappear also!!! 11:10 Reappearance! What. The. Heck? Luckily she stays in our world! You can sense my confusion in the video at this point xD
12:19 You can blindwalk to the cardboard box but if you don't get it blindly the mission marker doesn't appear and Leonardo just keeps calling Ezio over and over again, but I can't do anything!! That is why I wait here.
13:14 I love the Leap Glove... It's so bad!
16:12 Aah, the arrow storm! But what is it's cost? Frustration xD
Everything in the Machine gun goes like planned. It's a strictly scripted mission anyway. I use my medicines here 'cause I'm not that good in shooters x)

Seriously I tried this segment over 20 times and EVERY time the recruits kept disappearing and drove me nuts! If there is a cnsistent way to get them please tell me! Otherwise I'm not looking forward to record this segment again in the future Cheesy
Have you seen with Nate for your technical issues? I mean, the (horrible) sound is a problem of capture or encoding method. But I'm sure that your gameplay problems (sudden stops) are from your disc or your PS, because for instance the music doesn't stop when it happens.

And once more, are your paths optimised or just straight to the targets?

Would you like me to record the machine gun mission? After watching what you did, I really think it's not necessary!

Anyway, my comments about your segment 7 :
- 01:42 the 100% is a glitch, I also got it in my video
- 02:14 the fight could go better with your recruits, I believe
- 02:30 why don't you kick this guard, instead of waiting?
- 05:30 for hyperblending in this situation, go on the barrier, call YOUR horse, and JUMP on it. I say that because there's no one on YOUR horse, and because if you don't JUMP, you'll just go on the ground. anyway, hyperblending is not necessary in this mission, I think.
- 12:19 perhaps you can walk a little, but without seeing the box, you should try it.

Now for the recruits. I really think you have to improve this step. For instance, you haven't to ge them as soon as possible. Also, as you see in Leonardo's mission (13:21) some time pass so the recruits are in different places. I don't know exactly how, but you'll have to improve it.
- 08:00 you should find a better place than this one, in the middle of nothing.
- 09:30 I'm sure there's a better way than this one also. and again, you should use your recruts in such fights.
- 11:06 to finish with the recruits, there might be a link between your gameplay problems and those strange disappearings, don't you think? I saw the two issues at the same time, once, in your video.

And for the machine gun, you did well!
- 18:16 are the stairs really faster than climbing? you should try a wall jump there ; if you land on the "first floor" after it, then use it.
- 18:34 try to "zig-zag" to avoid the shots (you know this word? it means going from left to right and reverse).
- 20:22 you're actually quite good in shooters ; if you manage to train yourself you can make something really entertaining (for instance not kill any horse, not miss any shot, etc) but that's absolutely not necessary.
- 24:57 I didn't catch the time at the beginning, but shouldn't you take this path when you exit Bartholomeo's?

Finally, almost all is negative, but don't think I consider your run as bad. On the contrary, it looks very good, and you seem very motivated, so I only want to make it even better (-> perfect? who knows).
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fluojn: 2011-06-03 03:48:37 am
fluojn: 2011-05-28 12:22:34 am
fluojn: 2011-05-28 12:20:03 am
Thanks for the comments! I hope the sound gets better when I finally get the A/V cable from the capture card to TV. Now the sound comes right from the PS and like the picture it's horrible if not routed through tv.

About my path: I think to the courtisan in the beginning, it's the fastest way, cause she is in the crowded area where the horse is not so good. About going to the crying boy, I think if not the fastest, it's pretty good route. Almost all recruit fights are horrible I agree, I was just so tired of the disappearings that I couldn't stand running this segment any more, when I clearly saw that things didn't get better with glitches/freezes. In the real run the path might be very different, getting recruits when going to the Overseer, recruits being in the different places 'cause the different Borgia towers are done and it's a different time of the day, many things affect the final plan. This was just an example Cheesy And it's done horribly.

About my route in the machine gun: I could zig-zag, but I thought that I might save a couple seconds if I go straight (getting hits in the process) 'cause the different scenarios (Ezio on the horse, Ezio riding the machinegun, Ezio shooting the machine gun) are all triggered in the same places whether there are enemies or not. So I think I can do the Ezio on the horse and Ezio riding the machinegun a little bit faster if not zigzagging. And I do have the medicines so why not use them in something useful. Ezio shooting the machine gun ends always after he says, "go home or you all will die." So it can't be done any faster. It can only be better aiming wise xD.  And after setting a bomb, yeah, I need to test the wall jump. Stairs I think are faster than climbing, cause Ezio pauses for a moment to gather strength to leap over the edge if you know what I mean <:)

And again, sorry for this segment, really. I hope sincirely that those bugs are caused by the disc. If the new game isn't helping it really might be that I let someone else run this game xD Or then I need to negociate with some friends about switching consoles. Happily the future segments don't involve so much random shit, just the missions! I'm taking a weekend off off running and internet and maybe come back next week with some recordings (hopely with better audio this time)
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Fed981: 2011-05-29 07:17:49 am
Ok, I'll record the machine gun mission when all other are finished. By the way, I KNOW how to do the last mission with Cesare. It'll be very fast.

Edit : all missions are now recorded, including the machine gun. I'll upload them tomorrow.

By the way, for the sequence 8 : when you have the apple, maybe the horse trick works, but I'm sure the pigeon trick works. That is : when you have the apple, interact with a pigeon thing for recruits, and when you exit, you use the double hidden blade (but you see the simple blade on the weapon icon). It's cancelled when a checkpoint or a cutscene comes.
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Fed981: 2011-05-30 11:28:56 am
Fed981: 2011-05-30 11:27:19 am
All right, my playlist is now complete. The total time is 1:50:42 (player control). Here it is, for the last time :

By the way, I got 2 more things to say that I've forgotten before :
- for the bar at 06:51 in segment 2 part 1, just go on the right of this bar, then you won't have any problem.
- a little shortcut, at 04:32 in segment 3 part 3, you can perform a horizontal jump, and normally Ezio will land directly on the platform.
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fluojn: 2011-05-30 03:20:23 pm
Ok, back from the weekend hiatus with another segment to offer. But before posting it, I comment your ILs

Sequence 8: The Apple missions are done very good and fast considering thair random behavior Cheesy I just hope to get lucky in those places, my recruits are weak and those worthless guys La Volpe, Macciavelli and Batrtholomeo can't fight anything Sad
Sequence 9: Overall I think this is your best run in the whole playlist! No single alert after the horse dies and that is very good achievement! How did you think to run away in the beginning, anyway Cheesy I think the routes are revolutionary. It's sad I can't do the Cesare battle like you do Sad My sword is too weak... Do you use the Sword of Altair or some other badass equipment? I intend to use all the bullets and some hidden blade perhaps...
Very good job I must say with the ILs! I don't know yet what will be the final time for my test run, but I recorded today a sequence 6 run also and the clock says 02:19:17... There was one desync in the end, that stupid Baron just managed to dodge my hidden blade... Need to do that again tomorrow and maybe I'll have 02:18:xx...

But there is the segment 8:

Sorry, the sound is still bad.
02:41 I take a different horse route than you, just to see which is faster. I watched our runs  side to side, and they were EXACTLY as fast Cheesy
03:36 I save my recruits to the mission itself... I need all I can get Cheesy
04:50 I think that your route is superior after this point. I make an unnecessary curve and waste a bullet at the horseguard...
08:01 I think my route saves 1-2 secondes here compared to your ILs
15:59 Blackout!! Cheesy
21:37 I'd like to know how you triggered the cutscene here in your ILs O_o I couldn't...
23:22 And of course I miss the horse...

OK, I try to get back with the segment 9 tomorrow... In my desync segment was some good action, so if I don't manage to do better, I'll post that one... But then again it looks so bad with otherwise no desync speedrun that I'll do my best to get better Cheesy
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Fed981: 2011-05-30 04:38:19 pm
Fed981: 2011-05-30 04:14:01 pm
Fed981: 2011-05-30 04:13:17 pm
Fed981: 2011-05-30 04:12:00 pm
Fed981: 2011-05-30 04:11:44 pm
Fed981: 2011-05-30 04:11:00 pm
Yeah, for Cesare, I use Altaïr's sword (5 damage, 5 speed). But if you have enough money you can buy another sword (see ) and use my route. It's just that you may have to fight other guards. The bullets are pretty fast also for this. You'll also have to see what's faster between throwing knives and sword...

Or (edit) just 4 times like me : 1 bullet / 3 sword hit, then three times 3 sword hit / 1 bullet. I think it should do it. Even faster that I did. What do you think?

My comments for your segment 9 :
- 02:41->3:14 ROFL! our routes lead exactly to the same time.
- 04:50 yeah, my route is better from this point (your one is much better before). but I think you'll have to improve a little this mission, especially after the second checkpoint.
- 08:01 you're 3 seconds faster than me there, yes.
- 14:18 you should perform a horizontal jump (to the right) somewhere here to save some seconds.
- 19:00 remember my route? I think it's easier, and less stressful than yours.
- 21:37 ok, I remember my eyes and mouth opening as I was so astonished to record this, but I've understood. as you see in my video, when you get close to the target (while walking), he kinda teleports himself away. and, I think this happens twice (in front of each side guards group), that's why the banker gets directly where the cutscene begins. try to do this part of the mission following exactly my route (for instance don't care about the last 2 girls of the very first group, just run, and walk fast if you can't run). finally, so that you know it, my plan was to go on the left, not going through the 4 guards (this path on the left leads to the place where Ezio begins after the cutscene, next to the hay pile).
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fluojn: 2011-05-30 10:01:37 pm
Thanks for commenting!

About the Banker teleports, yeah, I encountered it 'couple of times and I did not return to pick another courtesan group to my protection when that happened. I didn't get the cutscene though but I tried the left route and almost got caught xD I need to train your route by heart an hope that happens to me too. I fI can't reproduce it, I'll be taking the left route.

I did this morning 02:18:3x (I don't remember the last digit) at the end of sequence 6. Not only it is faster, but desyncless Cheesy Now I can go to work peacefully x) Video will be up later today. Oh man... The sequence 7 is next Sad

About the Cesare, I think I might have some money for the sword... I'll be spending all my money into crossbow at the beginning of sequence 7 so all money that I can get after that will go towards that purchase. BTW, I bought the official strategy guide of this game maybe to find some tips and tricks... It's worthless! All the suggested routes are super slow and the fighting strategy guide added nothing new... The only useful thing was the map of Rome (for further planning) and the guard morale chart. *Throws the guide in the random direction* 
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Fed981: 2011-05-31 11:53:21 am
Guard morale chart? What's that?

Edit : here's the discussion on thehiddenblade
Guards morale chart was demonstrating when is the point, where the enemy breaks and runs away and what affect it. For example, a simple militia (2 health squares) has 25 morale ponits, when Brutes have 1,000 and Papal Guards 2,000 (!) One counter kill reduces morale with 5 points, so if Ezio kills 5 guards in the battle the weakest enemies should flee or get to their knees in terror. Death of a Brute and Papal Guard reduce morale 15 points each. And if Ezio approaches with the Dagger of Brutus, the morale is reduced 20 points instantly O_o So in battle one should always go for the leader/brutes/papal guards and the rest should run away (Brutes and Papal Guards don't break if you don't kill 200 soldiers! Tough guys!). In the speedrun it really doesn't help to know this, because the point is to avoid combat! BTW the Followers of Romulus have 300 morale points, so they are not easily frightened either!

Anyway, here is the segment 9:

00:47 There has NEVER been so much people x)
02:38 I've managed to get only 3 of these guards to stay here... I should kill these four faster...
03:19 There is awfully lot guards left after the arrow storm
05:14 Horseswitch!
06:55 Gotta hate it when you are hacking and slashing a gun/crossbowman and Ezio turns to target someone behind you just when you're about to give a last hit!! I can't understand what is the programming behind it!
08:13 I guess this is the fastest way up there...
08:59 This mission is so boring! And sometimes the red guards notice you, sometimes not... Happily they do not see me this time, even if they get suspicious
14:57 This battle is particularly bad.
15:48 I hesitate here a moment when I realise I don't have the gun equipped xD
16:46 I have no idea if I get the contents but it looks funny

I've been practicing sequence 7 quite some time now and I feel so helpless. The speed is so dependant how well my recruits/mercenaries/thiefs fight not to mention how annoying it is to tail Micheletto, who just tends sometimes randomly turn around, spot you and gallop straight to you causing desync xD If I get to Colosseum, the sequence is as good as finished, but it's hard to get a good run speedwise 'till then... But I hope I get it taped before the weekend. I'll be visiting the Hidden Blade Forums Cheesy
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Fed981: 2011-05-31 12:37:28 pm
Fed981: 2011-05-31 12:14:35 pm
A nice trick for sequence 4 memory 1 [video].

Edit : you can't use it, I've tested. Also you can't run while struggling Lucrezia.
Quote from Fed981:
A nice trick for sequence 4 memory 1 (but I don't know if you can use it because of the checkpoints, I'll test it), look at 01:17

Very nice! I think it might indeed be used, 'cause the other checkpoint changes also, when jumping to the courtyard... It's worth to test it!
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Fed981: 2011-05-31 04:38:56 pm
Fed981: 2011-05-31 02:06:13 pm
Fed981: 2011-05-31 02:05:37 pm
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Fed981: 2011-05-31 01:08:51 pm
Post above edited. Now my comments for segment 9 :
- 02:38 you NEED to find a faster way. perhaps you cand make them busy (with some recruits for instance, or smoke bombs if you can), or simply manipulate luck (easier since it's the first mission), as you did at 03:11.
- 03:19 can't you use the pistol or a faster way to kill the last guards?
- 03:58 you have to start quicker there, otherwise Bartholomeo slows down.
- 05:14 that was completely useless xD
- 06:55 I think you actually haven't locked this guy, that's why Ezio starts locking another guard when entering real fight mode.
- 08:13 there's also a way more on the left, with a wall side jump. but it's harder and leads to the same time, so use your way.
- 08:95 well done for this mission, really (I didn't know that french people speak french in the english version xD)
- 16:46 for me you get the content of the chests, which might be useful for crossbow for instance.

Overall, apart from the technical issues, you seem to gain skill and confidence.

Edit : a little math for Cesare. As you see each "step" of the fight needs maximum 25 damage (5 damage of Altaïr's sword x 5 hits). Also a bullet is equal to about 15 damage (because 2 hits and a bullet were equal to a step for me). So if you hit him 3 times (that's done in a row) with a sword that has 4 damage, it leads to 12 damage. Then a bullet will finish the step. And there are 4 steps (if I remember), and all ammo is given by the game at the beginning of the fight, so this should do it.
I agree, the fights are my Achille's Heel at this sequence... At the first mission I've done much better -> three guards in the beginning, shoot the 2 at the other gate, just pull the third and the volley of the arrow storm killed all but 1 guard. I try to save most of the bullets to the French Kiss mission, where I think it saves more time, than at the Gatekeeper. About the horseswich Cheesy I think it's not useless at all! 'cause the horse Bartholomeo gives you is a tank horse (slooooow), by switching it I get to the Barracks faster, not to mention to the cliff after the French Kiss. I could manipulate luck to get a better horse right away after the mission, but I think it would still take more time than what I do in the vid. And the good thing is, I have the faster horse in the sequence 7 also where La Volpe always presents you the tank horse also. I don't know what the brogrammers were thinking... You almost get desyncs when tailing Micheletto if you get the slow-ass white horse that game offers in every corner x)

Good intel about the Cesare! According to the guide (some use to it after all!) the cheapest 4 damage sword is Schiavona but it costs whopping 10,400 florins O_o I don't remember how much money you get from the sequence 7 missions, but I think it might just not be enough Sad But I'll see how much I can get, I want also to replenish my crossbow bolts.
Try to check if you have the money of the 2 chests from the last segment : go back there and see if the chests are empty.

Also, for the sword, there are several with 4 damage, try to buy the faster.

Then I don't believe your horse story. Look at this picture :

The one at the bottom is a tank horse, whereas the two above are not.

But what you can do to be sure is the following test : try to jump across the bridge (with a horse) at this point :

If you can jump, then the horse is normal. If you can't the horse is a tank one.
Ok, maybe I'm not using the right terms... I meant by the tank horse the slower one, which gallops slower. For example, the one the Bartholomeo gives you at sequence 6 is slower, even if it doesn't have any armor/bags attached. Same goes for the white ones at sequence 7. They just are slower x) It can be noticed best after following Micheletto after the second costumes. When he gallops, the white horse just leaves behind, if you don't cut the curves. I can't explain it better Cheesy Sorry.
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Fed981: 2011-06-01 05:35:35 am
Fed981: 2011-06-01 05:32:45 am
In fact that happened to me also. Your horse isn't slower, their horse is faster. You can't do better. Just try the jump I mentionned above and you'll see.

I also have a few more tips :
- Sequence 8 Memory 2 if you jump exactly as I did (at 01:38 in my video) you can grab the ledge before falling into water (because you won't have the parachute)
- Sequence 8 Memory 6 there you don't have to kill all soldiers, to make them afraid or crazy is enough (yellow area of the apple)
- Sequence 9 Memory 1 at 02:40 in my video, take the way on the right of the hay pile ; also at 03:03 just climb directly the building (on the right), not on the left (as I did)

Also check out these videos : (for the beginning path without climbing or hay pile, and the climbing trick right after burning the plans) (for the climbing trick also) (for the first anonymous assassination with a knife, which is faster than arrow storm)

Also, I think you should finish your test run, then wait for some more tricks, then record another test run. Not a fast one, a one with mistakes, but a one that respects entirely the plans and routes.
Neat runs Cheesy The first route without jumping to hay bale is indeed about 1-2 seconds faster than the one I did. Problem is, I think it's a replayed memory, which means, the guards position is different, as they are moving during the opening scene also when I enter the site. As seen in the outgunned ghost run, even if the route is exactly same as mine, the guard position is different (read:the brute is in the end facing the blueprints, when in my run he nearly sees and desyncs me). Also, I think I will not have ammo left here. I think I can save more time when killing guards in Femme Fatale an the Burdens We Carry. (And when killing the doctor in the courtesan mission)

The throwing knife kill seems VERY good method and I need to try it. I just fear it could be one of those very tricky throws which when failing, ruins the segment. I think I'll use the arrow storm if otherwise the sequence has went perfect. (Especially the memory 1) In the other hand, I'm painly aware how high the bar is at the quality of the runs in SDA. If there can be time savers, they should be added to the run!

I'll keep your tricks in mind! I'm still in progress of recording sequence 7. I'm pretty sure I have faster route planned for the memory 2 and 3 compared to your ILs, but we'll see how they turn out. You have PHENOMENOUS luck with the fleeing thief at the end of Colosseum mission! I just hope he'd get stuck in SOMETHING when I'm chasing him xD

Yes, I think another test run needs to be done after the disaster with the Assassin recruits in my run. I think the biggest invidual time saver in the future will be the executing of sequence 3 (Borgia towers) and getting the recruits.
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Fed981: 2011-06-01 03:25:45 pm
Quote from fluojn:
You have PHENOMENOUS luck with the fleeing thief at the end of Colosseum mission!

Yeah, that's the point ^^

Also for the recruits, when you don't need them for 40 seconds, you can send them to a group of guards, so that they increase their experience a little. It can be useful if you don't want all of them to die in the last missions.

Edit : I've begun to record the end Desmond parts. Here's the first one (colosseum) :

Edit : I was wrong for Cesare. A bullet equals to 2 sword hits, and that's 10 damage. So 1 bullet + 3 "weak" sword hit = about 22 damage. But I just tried and managed to do it with the milanese sword (4 damage, 4 speed ; you'll have to buy it). Here's the procedure :

1) bullet - run - lock - kick - 3 hits / cutscene,

2) lock - kick - 3 hits - bullet / cutscene,

3) lock - 2 kicks (he's a little away at this moment) - 3 hits - bullet / cutscene,

4) lock - kick - 3 hits - bullet / and you're done.

The sword is fast enough ; if you're fast enough you won't have any trouble with the other guards.
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fluojn: 2011-06-02 02:41:56 am
Way to go there, that's very well figured out! The only thing is that the Milanese Sword costs 15,700 florins and I don't have that kind of money. In my test run anyway. The Old Syrian Sword was the best I could afford (8,800 florins 3 damage, 4 speed, 1 deflect). How about daggers? There is the Notched Cinqueda which has 4 damage, 4 speed, 2 deflect and costs only 8,600 florins. Does the daggers have the damage chart of their own, weaker than the swords? If they are equal, I know what I'll be buying. (btw it's funny how the sequence 8 gives 30,000 florins, which I can't use)

About your Desmond recording all I gotta say that the route is very well planned! I've started to like the Desmond parts, cause they don't have annoying guards and you can't desync x) I think it still will be kinda difficult to get all the paltforming perfect in the last Desmond part!

Here is my version of sequence 7 xD:

01:03 I set the crossbow to the left in the D-pad... and stumble with the pedestrian...
02:47 After this point your fight goes well better! The speed of this mission is almost solely based on the recruit/mercenary/thief fighting pattern and how fast they dispatch their enemies. I whistle my own horse in this mission, 'cause I wanted to demonstrate how it is faster than the horse La Volpe is giving you. It doesn't make the run any faster, in fact it makes it slower. So, I'll be using the white horse in the real run. In the Micheletto mission it doesn't matter 'cause he is just going as fast as he is...
09:48 I kill this guy to prevent getting full notoriety in the Micheletto mission. The mission is hell if it happens.
14:01 I hate it when he does this!
14:53 Your route is better here. I get unnecessary alert too Sad
17:12 I think this route is good and SAFE
19:03 The big fail here is the fact that I forget to push the high profile button... Why this happens it's beyond me... Maybe I was too happy that the last mission went pretty well x)
19:31 A little shortcut compared to your ILs Smiley
21:20 I could put down the gunmen faster...
25:09 My own recruits slow me down this mission Angry
25:54 The thief chase is beyond horrible, everything goes wrong. It's just so painful to watch. I hope you skip it Tongue I think even when I was playing it the first time it didn't take me so long! This chase alone requires the sequence 7 split in two segments after tailing Micheletto. The only reason I kept this run was that some other things go well.
28:24 I'm intending to shop here for the last time at my real run. I forget to do it now, so I'll be doing it in the beginning of sequence 8... I'll buy either the 8,600 dagger or the syrian sword...

I was again watching our runs side to side and my, how much the loading times are faster when playing pc. Or then it's my PAL ps3 x)
I think training the recruits might not be necessary... Usually they last 'till the All Roads Lead To... mission and after that it doesn't matter if they die x) By the way, I could use the recruits at the demilitarization! I don't know why you didn't Sad
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Fed981: 2011-06-02 10:54:59 am
Fed981: 2011-06-02 07:00:38 am
For Cesare, I just tested with the dagger of Brutus (5 damage, 5 speed) and you can't use a dagger. A step needs a bullet + 5 hits, which is so long! So you need a better sword. By the way the very first fight of this mission is timed, that's why I thought to run instead of fight.

For the horses, ok maybe you're right, but you see that you still can't go faster or at the same speed as La Volpe for instance.

I continue to think the recruits have to be trained with guards when you don't need them for 40 seconds. It's not a matter of their death, it's a matter of fight efficiency.

Then I thought, to buy the milanese sword, that you actually don't need the crossbow. You have many other ways to kill people (bullets, knives, hidden blade, recruits...). For instance, in this sequence :
- the witness could've been killed with the hidden blade or a knife.
- the costume man with the hidden blade, after having hidden behind a column (I did it, it does not slow down Micheletto and you aren't noticed).
- the 4 archers (with Micheletto) and the 3 gunmen in the colosseum, with knives or the recruits.

Now my real comments for your segment 10 :
- 05:06 normally, if you do it fast, you haven't to call all recruits, otherwise they won't be ready for the second fight
- 09:12 well done with the arrow storm
- 12:03 it's ok to go in advance, but don't forget to use eagle vision, as I did, so that you haven't to run so close
- 14:01 to avoid this, don't go close to him, and dodge people in order not to bump them
- 15:16 with the eagle vision you'd see them at this point, not 10 seconds later
- 17:12 yeah, this route is good
- 19:03 try (with high profile of course) to climb as I did, but keep your vertical jump at the wooden wall
- 19:31 well done, I didn't think to that
- 24:49 the path totally on the right, just touching the scene's stairs, is also good
- 25:54 a few tips for this : while running you can lock the guy + jump, jump, jump, it can help ; when guards block your way you can try to tackle them (instead of your jump), they'll just dodge you and you'll continue (also the story wants you to tackle the guy at 26:45 normally)
- 27:50 it's a little faster if you dive instead of just falling into the water

Edit : here are the last Desmond parts.

Edit : also, if that can help, here is a map of all possible recruit locations.

Hey Fluojn,
Fed posted a link to this thread (I come from TheHiddenBlade, ThreeLetterSyndrom there). He had asked to comment on the IL's. I just finished that and figured I'd watch your segments as well. I'm a bit behind, but bear with me here.
Segment 1 part 1:
During the cannon mission, it's obvious the engineer triggers the cutscene. Maybe you could employ Fed's punching trick to make him speed up? Other than that, well done. I'm sure the actual run won't be a problem for you. Wink

Segment 1 part 2:
You can air assassinate one guard when defending the ramparts. Takes the same time as jumping down, but saves a little bit of time.

Segment 2 part 1:
At 5:55, have you tried an early jump there, missing the pole, which means you don't have to press O to get down. This saves a second.
Segment 2 part 2:
You have to wait for Shaun to get upstairs. Bumping into him costs time.

Segment 3 part 1:
Fed mentioned this, but climbing up the church could be done a lot better. I'm not sure Fed's route is optimal, however. Wallruns are a tad faster. Maybe I'll record my route and we can compare. During the tail, you can also take small detours to pickpocket more people, should you come in short. The guards aren't going to start running and 25 seconds is a long time.
Maybe you can kill Il Carnefice with the gun to save some time, like Fed did with the crossbow in the IL's?

Segment 3 part 2:
At 1:15, you could've used the horse that came by. It may be still available after the cutscene, allowing you to quickly gallop to the Borgia captain. Also, use R1+O when bashing through crowds. Tongue
At 9:10, I'd say go straight for the exit, then use the streets so you have more room to maneuver. Not sure if it makes any difference in the timing. If the other route is faster when executed well, then disregard what I said. Isn't there a route that allows you to take the horse with you the full way, which is still faster?

Overall, you need to work on your platforming skills a bit. I suggest using the virtual training mode, trying to get the best time. Really improves your insight into moves and paths. Also, when you're fighting, I think hidden blade is the way to go. It's better at countering, so you can complete your killstreaks more easily without having to dodge.

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Fed981: 2011-06-02 03:27:12 pm
Fed981: 2011-06-02 03:26:38 pm
You can't punch the engineer for the cannon mission. I tried, and if it were possible, I'd have done it for sure!

Edit : @fluojn

- Sequence 8 Memory 1 : at 02:53 in my video, you should do something better at the window, for instance hong on the edge and perform a horizontal jump
- Sequence 8 Memory 4 : you'll have to test what's faster at the beginning, between the stairs and my path on the grass

This makes much information for you today, but be careful to take all into account Wink