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Yay! Those runs can't be improved much! I wonder what would be the final time if all the IL runs were put together... Maybe like 1,5 hours...

By the way, I will be back later today with a first recorded segment of my run. It's far FAR from perfect, but it'll give you an idea how I'm planning to do the sequence 1. LOL, how much the recording affects the playing skills Cheesy I failed 5 first attempts not even finishing the Vatican due to horrendous mistakes I've never done before xD Well, when I get used to it, I'll hone the segments so good I can Cheesy
Quote from fluojn:
LOL, how much the recording affects the playing skills

Yeah, that's why you need to train yourself Smiley
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OK, the first segment is up...

About the segment... Well, it's 00:18:26 in game time, and I believe it could be 00:17:30, maybe even 00:17:00... The Vatican part could be better, that old geezer Mario is just a pain in the ass. If you leave him too much behind, he doesn't follow and sometimes he just falls from the roof with no good reason at all. It's possible to have only two guards attack you where I'm ambushed by 4. I intend to get that scenario when I do my real run... Also jumping via the ladder in the end is very stupid mistake. I love it though, how the guards pack up in the first fight. It could've not been better.

About the Monterrigioni... The damn horse doesn't co-operate... Obiviously I'm going to catch him sooner when going for the record Cheesy Shooting the targets should be faster, but I take my time, 'cause it takes so long to reload the cannon... When shooting the cannons during the attack: I think I hit pretty well, but in some point the damn villagers just stop escaping xD When fighting at the wall everything goes according to plan except the last brute who owns me... I try to do a stealth kill, 'cause it's possible here. I just get caught this time. And Claudia. Why she decides to fall down here when she has never done it before :D? In the end I pause the game multiple times to skip the cutscene, and am given only the option restart memory. Didn't remember you needed to wait there for the scene to start.

Comments about the route taken will be much appreciated. The speed in this segment is not top notch and I will surely improve it when running for real.

And one more thing. Sorry about the ass audio... x) (And the FFXIII theme)

edit: ok, segment 2 is up

I rushed this segment a little and it shows. There is one epic fail with a swinging pole, that doesn't really cost time, since I need to wait Lucy in any case, but it looks bad. Also, when putting in the fuses, I only just realised watching my run, that the first fusebox is right beside Shaun, when first getting out of the sanctuary. Looooooooooooool! Well, I guess the next segment will be up at friday...

Btw, I'd love to offer a perfect kill streak at the end of the segment, but this time I don't get it x)
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Ok, my comments.

overall :
- fix that problem with the sound : it's too loud, and there are some pitch problems I think. then ask for a quality check in tech support here.
- continue to train yourself in order to get self-confidence. I mean, for instance, to keep {active profile}+{feet} (yeah, R2 + X) pressed even when your turn at a corner.

segment 1 part 1 :
- 02:21 try to jump (as I did in my video) to trigger the cutscene as soon as possible
- 05:04 go before Mario there, he will follow but you will kill the guards earlier, also as you did try to avoid the other 2 guards to come
- 08:56 I don't remember but if you have the choice in the order of the 3 missions, do this one : cannon->horse->woman. after the cannon mission you can directly jump to the next one. after the horse mission you got a horse (!) to go to the next mission, with the woman, which leads you to the villa.
- 11:20 watch my video again and try to go to the horse from behind, which means more on the left than you did

segment 1 part 2 :
- 03:43 you can actually hit 3 cannons at a time. for this, aim the one in the middle, but behind it (about half of the cannon length behind). you should try it. also people stop to flee from time to time, that's completely normal.
- 07:10 no chance with the brute, but next time take directly the pistol, try to get spotted as soon as possible, then shoot.
- 08:33 you or I should look for the trigger of Ezio's sentence, since it triggers Claudia to go. it could be the death of the first guard, the time you un-aim, I don't know what else.

segment 2 part 1 :
- 07:28 when you land there, try to roll on the ground (keep R2 pressed) and face the lever in order to activate it as soon as possible.

segment 2 part 2 :
- 00:08 I think it's faster to perform a horizontal jump there.

I forget to say what you already said, but keep it in mind. Except these things the rest looks very nice. By the way I like your PS background Smiley

Edit : don't hesitate to use the double kill trick in very first battle with Mario, you don't care about ammo there.
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fluojn: 2011-05-24 09:30:54 am
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Thanks for the comments!

About the segment 1:
I don't know why I didn't thought of the Villa mission order like that. Of course the woman should be done last, as it leads you to the door xD Not to mention the horse!
I indeed have destroyed 3 cannons at the same time (one time in the video also) but I didn't know the consistent way to do it every time... I need to practice that too.

I practiced the sequence 2 yesterday and I was pickpocketing when tailing the guards in the beginning. Got 6 florins, 10 florins, 8 florins, 728 florins... WHAT!? Maybe one of the nobles held a bigger purse or something, but that ended me up with 2200 florins at the end of the As good as new mission. If I can manipulate my luck every time there, I could punch Macciavelli forward for the entire sequence! But gotta practice that too, 'cause I thought I couldn't do it for the lack of money. Back to practicing. 

edit: About the audio, the Roxio Gamecap seems to be infamous of it... I think I need to buy a new cable that will filter the audio through my tv. As for the image, if you take it straight from the ps, it's too bright and the lag is enormous. But when you filter it through the tv, it becomes much better. The only bad thing is that the device didn't provide the kind of cable needed Angry Before I get the cable, the test runs will have non-quality audio. Sorry!

edit: I couldn't wait for friday, so here is the segment 3:

I'll tell you what I do otherwise in my real run:
- I will never be seen when tailing the guards
- I'll get more money by pickpocketing... The best I got was whopping 930 florins from one individual pedestrian. This was rather rare though, so I couldn't get it in this test run
- I will not miss my air assassination at Il Carnefice
- I want to get a horse earlier when going for Macciavelli
- I will punch Macciavelli forward, 'cause the 750-950 florin pickpocketing earlier guarantees me enough money to sequence 3.
- I will not exit from the shop without buying the stiletto (The blackest moment of this run)
- I will not throw the Borgia Captain away from the scaffolds x)
- I'll catch the thief earlier
- I will not get hit by the Followers of Romulus
- I won't fall or perform gymnastics at the Halls of Nero if they are not required (2 places)
- I won't be looting the chest at the Romulus Lair

Also, there is a moment where the game freezes for couple seconds... I don't know if the disc is damaged (there is no visible damage), but I will do my real run with a brand new disc to prevent it.

Otherwise, any comments on the route?
Ok, my comments Smiley

overall :
- try to steal more people! when your enter a group you don't pickpocket half of the people there (most of the time). you can also pickpocket while you're running, it does not cost so much time, especially if you're blocked by the people.
- as previously said, try to get luck and self-confidence (get a horse earlier, etc).

segment 3 part 1 :
- 00:45 if you take my route there, you can meet more people and so have more money by pickpocketting.
- 01:32 I think it would be faster to manipulate luck and get a horse there.
- 06:01 have a look again at my climbing route, and the rest of my video, because it would be a lot faster with the pistol, from the place I shot.

segment 3 part 2 :
- 01:45 try to kill only the captain. I know, that's again luck manipulation maybe.
- 02:44 apart from the gloves, try to use my route for climbing there.
- 09:05 go straight forward there, that avoids 2 tricky corners.
- 09:31 couldn't you go straight forward? (not with the horse, but alone) also for the followers of romulus, you may use the double kill trick, but with the dagger and throwing knives.

segment 3 part 3 :
- 01:54 perform a wall jump here (watch my video again)
- 02:36 I think my jump angle was better there (-> my vid)
- 04:13 I wonder if you can jump directly on the right there, in order to avoid the statue.
- 05:13 take the way on the left of the pillar.
- 05:21 try to jump and land directly on the floor, as I did in my video.

Except this and what you said, it seems very good. I especially like the shortcuts you found additionnally in the templar lair.
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fluojn: 2011-05-24 10:39:10 am
Thanks again Smiley I have just began to understand how much luck I need to get this segment perfect O_o

Quote from Fed981:
- try to steal more people! when your enter a group you don't pickpocket half of the people there (most of the time). you can also pickpocket while you're running, it does not cost so much time, especially if you're blocked by the people.

LOL, I was being kind of a chicken 'cause many of my runs ended when a guy/guard noticed me stealing and attacked, 'causing attention and making stealing even further difficult x) I'll do better next time Cheesy

Quote from Fed981:
- 09:31 couldn't you go straight forward? (not with the horse, but alone) also for the followers of romulus, you may use the double kill trick, but with the dagger and throwing knives.

Actually you can take the stairs down a little earlier and gallop all the way to the mission marker. I just missed the stairs here and that's why I panic and jump off x)

The next segment will be the hardest of the whole run I believe... It will have 4 Borgia towers tackled and I need a lot suggestions how they should be done. I'll see if one more segment should be added... How are the IL runs going by the way?
1 and a half mission of sequence 7 recorded now. But I continue, don't panic xD

I don't remember exactly where are the Borgia captains and their guards, so a video of what you think to do will help.
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fluojn: 2011-05-25 12:43:14 am
I was practicing the sequence 3 recording at the same time. Everything was going so well and according to plan. I had already tackled 2 Borgia Tower before this, and while trying to get the third...

That happened! Lol, I was so confused... I hope that doesn't happen in the future... I bet I'd get a HILARIOUS blooper reel when running for real xD

Also I love how the horseback guard appears from the thin air
It seems that the trigger has been put down the map (at water level).

Anyway, I thought one more thing : in the last room of the templar lair, watch my video again and try not to hang on the first beam, but to land directly on it. You only have to jump horizontally from another place (a little on the left).
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Water level?

I agree about the Halls of Nero beam. Cheesy
Yeah, if you perform an OoB glitch in Assassin's Creed, you can fall until you reach the most bottom point of the map, where there's some water.
Oh, My, God... The sequence 3 is the worst... I'm almost certain it needs to be done in two segments for the randomness of the Borgia towers... 6 times of 7 attempts I can tackle 3 towers no problem but the 4th gives me hard time... I'm intending to end the segment 4 after finishing the Bartholomeo mission. Just need to find out, do I start back from the Tiberius hideout because if that is the case, 2 segments is out of question because of the Tower placements... And if that is the case, it will take MUCH time and effort to have a segment that even remotely resembles a speedrun...

I need a little break x)

About the water level, yeah I've visited it a couple of times Cheesy
I'll be waiting to watch your next videos.

There are new ones in my playlist, the sequence 7 is complete. Here it is again.

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fluojn: 2011-05-25 02:55:51 pm
fluojn: 2011-05-25 02:37:31 pm
Ok, it was possible to split the sequence 3 thank God. Here they are:



Overall the execution is pretty loose, but you get the picture what I'm intending to do x) I'm sorry the audio may be worse than ever, my wife was watching net tv at the same time I was recording xD It was the only way she let me have the tv Cheesy Also, there are some serious freezes in the gameplay. I hope the new disc will fix the problem, otherwise it's my PS... And THAT would be a problem if any.

Segment 4
01:07 I'm not intending to climb the wall neither screw up with the horse, it just happens x)
03:40 I lose my kill-chain Sad Those thiefs are sneaky basterds
05:01 I intend to jump to the ladder straight from the horse... I do not succeed here
08:12 I usually get these guards by stealth assassination... Not this time!
08:36 For some reason Ezio refuses to climb straight up, I need to switch to the flagpole which looks stupid
11:59 Usually here are shitloads of horses but no luck this time of course...

Segment 5
00:26 I intend to get on the horse blind in the beginning of the segment. It's harder than it would thought to be
02:23 It's possible to get straight onto this beam, not by hanging.
02:30 This tower is so broken. Half of the time I couldn't ignite it even if I had killed the captain! It deserves a segment of it's own Tongue
05:37 I waste lots of bullets here. Happily the sequence 4 begins in front of the blacksmith. I do not intend to replenish my ammo there so if there isn't very timesaving use for the handgun I don't intend to replenish it before the end of sequence 7.
05:59 This guy is pain in the ass
07:05 This jump was not intended. I wanted to shoot the captain and circle the tower to another position, but this turned out pretty well Cheesy I should've went like in 07:27 at the first place instead of stupid 07:17
08:25 I panic here a little, because the notority losing is enirely luck based on what you get. I want to find an eyewitness straight away and maybe rip a poster... This time I do the herald and do gymnastics to rip off a poster at 08:52, but then decide to kill an eyewitness... And the audio starts to knack.
10:47 I could try to run/walk blind here to the door, but it's very difficult 'cause the Thieve's Guild is so crowded. For some reason the game stops always at 10:53 for a short time.

I'm pretty disappointed in these segments but I let many things slide 'cause I was so pissed of those Borgia Towers and wanted to move on. Of course I will improve everything in the real run. What do you think about the towers? Are they the right ones or are there better options out there? I will tackle the 6th Tower at the very beginning of the sequence 4. The only bad thing about it is that I get notority when doing it.

Here's little something to show why I was so frustrated about the towers xD

About your ILs of sequence 7 Cheesy
Memory 1: Already found a good use for the hand gun. Would it save time to buy  6 bullets in the beginning of sequence 4? When fighting the random thieves I'm intending to hire mercenaries when riding past them 'cause my assassin's will be so weak. This is one of my most hated missions. Well executed by you though.
Memory 2: Another boring tailing mission x) I never knew the cutscene could be triggered without Micheletto being even near the costume men O_o Great find!
Memory 3: Very fast and interesting route to the top of the colosseum! I just hope I will have enough money for the crossbow at this point. If not , maybe I need to luck manipulate some Borgia couriers.
Memory 4: I love your route. No need for the arrow storm, neither for anything else.
Again very helpful runs, I'll see how to make use of them Cheesy
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Fed981: 2011-05-25 03:21:58 pm
Fed981: 2011-05-25 03:18:41 pm
To answer about my ILs : bullets will always save time (think to the double kill, think to the possible lack of money for the crossbow, etc). For the memory 2, there are 3 triggers at each step : Micheletto entering the place (you need to look at him I believe), then you discovering the costume men, and then Micheletto going forward. For the memory 4, I had a HUGE luck for this recording session (with the guards at the beginning and for the thief also). Otherwise you should use the recruits for the first 2 guards and for the groups afterwards.

I'll give you my comments on your segments 4 and 5 tomorrow.

By the way, if your PS is the problem, maybe you can exchange it with a friend when recording for real.
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Then I should without a slight hesitation open the blacksmith at the Tiberius hideout Cheesy I just hate the throwing knives... They miss so easily and many times if you can't get a stealth kill, they just don't kill the target. I was first intending to use them in the Double Agent mission, but after missing many of them 'cause the crossbowmen change their position so quickly I changed to hidden gun which works wonders. And opening the shop and shopping itself costs about 10-15 seconds so it's not big deal.

I was practicing sequence 4 yesterday (which I'm going to do in 2 segments) and found a very great timesaver at Femme Fatale. I don't know if it was glitch or can it be done every time, but when I was in the corridor, where 4 and 2 guards attack, for some reason when I was just continuing onward, no guard was hitting me neither was Lucrezia struggling. I almost got to the cell before she got free and when I was killing the guards she just stood there and was easily grabbed afterwards. So I needed to grab her only 2 times after the first time picking her up in the whole run. I'm sad I didn't get it on tape. Maybe it has something to do with how many guards are surrounding you? Or then I just was EXTREMELY lucky.
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Fed981: 2011-05-26 04:34:51 am
Fed981: 2011-05-26 01:58:33 am
In fact, I've understood how she works. When no guards are there, you grab her, and she tries to flee from time to time.

Just as guards come, she also tries to free her (she hits you) but she doesn't flee : she just goes and stands a few meters away. When the alert is finished, then she tries to flee again.

Now, the fact is, you can struggle her while in the time she finds her place a few meters away from the fight. If you manage to catch her, guards won't attack you. But, as soon as she finds her place for the fight, you can't grab her.

I don't know if I've been clear enough.
My coments.

General :
- all same as before (speed, self-confidence, luck, sound -> encoding problem?)
- how have you planned the differents ways between missions? Is it optimised or just straight to the targets?
- also, for the order of missions and towers, I can help you (or is it already optimised?). it's the mathematical problem of the commercial traveller ("le problème du voyageur de commerce" in french). I know where the missions are, just tell me exactly what towers you intend to tackle (remember to watch my video again) and then I can look for the most efficient way. of course I think you should do all towers before La Volpe's mission, because of the notoriety.

segment 4 :
- 02:37 I think my route is better, watch my video again.
- 08:36 there's no top edge for this window, that's why you can't continue to climb straight forward.
- 10:37 watch again my route for this tower, it avoids turning around the tower while climbing, and you don't need the gloves.

segment 5 :
- 03:14 why don't you continue with the horse, at the bottom level, following the normal path a little?
- 05:54 try to kill one more archer with the hidden blade, and this last one with the pistol, it will prevent you from climbing.
- 10:47 the guild is crowded, ok, but with always the same people at the same place ; maybe you can learn exactly where so that you can avoid them and go directly to the door.

The rest is good, but you have to know which towers you want to do and in which order (with the missions also).
Edit history:
fluojn: 2011-05-26 07:12:10 am
Ok, about the mission and tower order. I chose the 3 not story related towers in my segments 'cause thay were at the straight path between the 3 missions in the sequence. I want to do the Courtesan mission first, 'cause it's nearest of Tiberius hideout. After choosing the first mission, the order of the others is clear. It doesn't involve much to choose, 'cause they all start and end at the faction building and after doing all three you use the tunnels to get to Tiberius hideout... I think the Thieves Guild Tunnel is nearest the exit of the faction building. Travelling between the places I think by horse is the fastest. It could be argued, if it would be faster to travel by Tunnels to the Tiberius hideout after Batholomeo mission and then to La Volpe, but then the Borgia Tower couldn't be tackled... Also, getting up the tower is pretty easy in these 3 towers, so I think even if others would be faster, getting out of the straight path could cost more.

About doing 5 towers in the sequence 3... There is one Tower that I bypass in Segment 4 at 07:32. It should be investigated if it was very fast tower. When I post my segment 6, you'll see which one I'm intending to take for my 6th tower and then compare which is faster.

And about the courtesan mission route... I watched our runs side by side and thought that my route was 3-5 seconds faster... I might be wrong. When recording for real, I will go both routes and pick one that is faster.
And then about the Bartholomeo Mission's Borgia Tower... I think you DO use the gloves when climbing the tower. I tried to copy your IL route, but couldn't do it x) Maybe you ment some other tower?

I hope I'll get the segment 6 or maybe even the whole sequence 4 on tape tomorrow. Thank you again so much for your help!
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Fed981: 2011-05-26 10:21:53 am
In fact, I really think all towers are almost equal (in time). So I'll make a picture and post it so that you see.

You were right : your route is faster for the courtesans mission. And also for Bartholomeo's mission, there's one place where I use the gloves and you can't do without it.

From my side, sequence 8 is in recording.

Look at this picture. I really think that the best way to do it is : hideout -> tower 4 -> courtesans (rose) -> tower 5 -> tower 6 -> Bartholomeo (red) -> tunnel to hideout -> La Volpe (yellow) with tower 8 during the mission (before getting back to him). So that you have 6 towers and no notoriety at the end of this sequence. What do you think?
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fluojn: 2011-05-26 01:19:59 pm
I like it Cheesy I will finish my test run with these towers I have now but I will seriously train that route before recording the real run and see if it faster. (I think it is just for the using of the tunnel!) I was thinking the tower 11 was essential so I kept it out from the calculations Cheesy What I do in my already recorded run is (as you know) hideout -> courtesans -> tower 6 -> Bartholomeo (Tower 7) -> tower 11 -> La Volpe -> tower 8... And then I am going to do tower 1 on the way to the castello crashers in the sequence 4. I just realised today that getting the notoriety doesn't matter 'cause you get full notoriety anyway when escaping the castle (when escorting Caterina). Here is the good part: It's possible to lose the notority during the following big fight. With a little luck there will be an eyewitness in the battleground. All I need to do after that is rip off one poster and I'm good to go. It helps A LOT when escaping after the fight.

About the latter part of sequence 4 I can just say: What a random pile of BS Cheesy I intend to split the sequence in two after getting the first two assassin's recruits. After that I can only hope that the game gives me some recruit spawns!! They just appear all over the place and sometimes disappear in the thin air. Getting the rest 4 recruits will be biggest pain in the ass of segment 7... But I will try to record my attempts tomorrow. Wish me luck 'cause it will all base on that Tongue

edit: One more thing, you are right about Lucrezia, if she is grabbed right after she struggles, the guards leave you be. Unfortunately there is usually one guard that is already half way swinging you at this point and there is no escaping that!! So it's luck based again!
New videos in the playlist, up to sequence 8 memory 4. New ones coming next week I think.
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Yay! About the videos:

Memory 1:
0:29 For some reason this guard is always invisible me 'till I'm right beside me and then he just pops up. I'm beginning to wonder if my game is actually somehow broken xD
0:47 LOL, the horses tail!
1:06 I have never even thought about going the left side of the tower! Of course it's the faster way!
1:34 This room is a very good segment breaker, but you optimise it very well. Speaking of how much shotcuts one can find in the small room like that? Very many.
Overall very good.
Memory 2
0:16 Again, a strategy I would've never thought about. And which I can't put into use x)
1:39 Apart from this stunt, my route exactly
2:36 Oh, you don't need to be on the mission marker to complete the misson O_o
Memory 3
Can't be omtimised further I believe...
Memory 4
0:39 What? Where the assassin's recruits go? I never knew that the guards die if they hit you :O I just realised, that bigger armor doesn't give you more Apple's area of effect. The Apple chews HUGE chunks of your Armor of Brutus health, while my 6 health squares give as big circle Cheesy

Not much missions to go, I wait the sequence 9 (and the rest of 8) in a great interest!
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Fed981: 2011-05-27 01:24:52 am
Fed981: 2011-05-27 01:24:21 am
For memory 4 : I've discovered that the apple can be used in 3 different ways (apart from healing when you don't use it).

With continuous pressing {weapon hand} (square I believe) :
- yellow area : guards become crazy or get on their knees
- white area : guards die

But, if you just tap the key WHILE a guard attacks you, he dies automatically (in my video typically for the third target). In fact it happens whenever you have the finger on the key between the beginning of the animation and the moment where he hits you. I had a HUGE luck in this session that this happened for all targets (and only them) ; and for the two first ones, I was a little late so the apple "tap animation" wasn't shown.

Just tell me if you haven't understood.

Also, for some reason, you can't call the recruits during this fight.