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Ape Escape (Any %) (Individual Level)

Verifier Responses

Quote from CavemanDCJ:
Both the audio and video of are an acceptable quality.

The runs themselves are well routed and executed. There are a few sloppy parts, most notably in Thick Jungle, but because these mistakes were made while the timer was stopped, they had no impact on the final run time, as the time attacks use game time. I also liked that the runner showed the set up for the ghost car glitch to avoid confusion.

The runs are a pretty good watch, showing off routes that you wouldn't see in real time runs. I know that NoName and Saboom have been trading these times back and forth for a while, so to beat every one of them is pretty impressive.

It's gotta be an accept from me.

The runs are completely legit and show (despite some few mistakes) a top notch skill. The video resolution is a bit low but is more than enough quality.

A/V: Fine
Cheating: None
The slowdown observed in some areas is caused by gameplay lag.

A really solid IL table. This game has seen a ton of optimisation and the quality of play on display is clearly excellent. A couple of minor movement mistakes, but thanks to the timestop mechanic they didn't affect the final times. Good to see the results of a great deal of hard work from the runner.

Easy accept.

Quote from zorasknight:
First, some information on the background of the game, the way Time Attacks are done, and my own knowledge of the routes/execution. Ape Escape has become a heavily optimized game, with both routes and movement. In this game execution is everything, for example the trick "Boost Jump", which is heavily used in these Time Attacks allows the user to preserve their momentum and chain into a trick called the Boost Jump to Infinite Jump. Infinite Jumping is a trick that allows you to hover through the air with an unlimited amount of jumps stemming from the action of flicking the analogue stick in a given direction. In Time Attacks the player has the option to go out of their way to collect golden chips in the environment or from killing enemies, these chips will pause the timer for a period of time allowing the player to get rather low times, if they manage to chain together enough chips to keep a timestop.

Now that the basics are covered on to the actual review of the material, One thing to note, is that any sloppiness that occurs after the time stop is irrelevant to the end time, so long as the last monkey is caught within the  scope of the time stop. that being said, overall he has very clean movement and gameplay with some glaring mistakes in the like of Thick Jungle, which again, hardly matters so long as the time stop was properly chained, which it was. Some notable levels that I know from experience that were executed very well include: Fossil Field, Specters Factory, Monkey Madness, and my personal favorite Coral Cave.

The execution is practically flawless  to chain the time stop, and all in all, It's a list of very impressive runs that, overall, have had a lot of hours poured into them. This certainly gets an accept from me. 

Quote from SSBMstuff:
I've had this tab up for a number of hours now, trying to think of what exactly I need to say. Truth is, I need to say very little. I've put this off for a while now; I know Noname's submission was ready for verification over 2 weeks ago. But like I said, I only seem to have complicated an otherwise simple solution! Let's begin...

Cheating? Only if the skype call frame wars we had on some of these stages, the hours and hours put into this game Noname has under his belt -- both on stream and offline, as well as the years Noname has been speedrunning this game were all fraudulent. Noname has wanted an SDA Ape Escape submission practically since day 1, and after a long struggle of completely blowing away my times, he's come up with a damned good tableset here.

As for video and audio, it's entirely acceptable. Not much else to say there.

My decision is an unwavering Accept. This submission will be a solid contribution to the archives.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jeffrey 'I have no name' Bardon!
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Congrats, I have no name!  ^_^
Waiting hurts my soul...
Congratulations, you've helped break the 1400 game mark on the request list. Nice run too!
Obscure games ftw
I can't help but wonder if something else is holding this run up on the backend: runs completed over 7 months later and verified 6 months later than this have been posted by now. (1)  The queue page doesn't shed any light on the situation either.

(1) Example: Completed 8/24/2014 vs. the 1/13/2014 of this and verified 9/24/2014 vs. the 2/25/2014 of this.  That's a 7 month difference and (to me) cause for concern that something went wrong.
Not a walrus
Not sure what was holding it up, but it's in the "ready to post" pile right now, so it should be up soon. Sorry for the delay.
Obscure games ftw
Alright, thanks for the quick response!

Of course I'm planning on beating a third of these soontm, most of the improvements will only be a few tenths apiece.
Obscure games ftw
Not sure where else to put this, but I just noticed I didn't change the dates for the final 2 improvements.  Fossil Field and TV Tower were both played on February 5th, 2014, not the dates currently on the page.  Sorry for the inaccuracy..