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TheArbiter: 2016-02-16 02:37:04 am
Hello all,

I've registered here to post to hopefully reach a bunch of any of the people who have speedran or are strong at AKIMW, on the SMS. I'm writing because I am currently in the process of using KiddEd to create a full ROM hack of the original Alex Kidd, which I intend to be much harder [think Lost Levels, approaching NES hard in some segments]. Although I have a full raft of changes intended, I wanted to ask any of you interested, about what YOU would find difficult in such a game, in RTA running for speed, and playing normally, wherein I infer you would be a far stronger-than-average sample of players.

If you have any suggestions, comments on what about the original you found hardest [and what you find to be unfair], or other questions, PM me ideas or reply here. [If your comment refers to ideas for difficulty points, pm me so as not to give the ideas to fellow gamers, and spoil their future surprise]. I'd also really appreciate if you guys who ARE interested could spread your wings to contact others on other fora I may not be aware of, or any other strong gamers you think would enjoy a super challenging hack, to get their views too.

I can also PM screenshots and describe some of the more advanced concepts to anyone who wants to know to respond better, so long as you promise to keep that info schtum Lips Sealed
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I used to run the game back in 2013.
0-0 You only wrote to say that, nothing more?

Someone please delete the thread if people are gonna take the mickey.
Uh, yeah.
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LotBlind: 2016-02-25 10:18:11 am
LotBlind: 2016-02-25 10:16:07 am
^^ I'm fairly sure that guy's a minor. Those were their first two posts too so don't think of them representing the community or anything.

The game page says someone called ocelots1990 has run it at least. Maybe you can try contacting him directly, not nearly everyone reads all threads or even all sub-forums here.

I only know the game by proxy myself, I saw Yahtzee and Gabe play it (a pretty average let's play but they usually have some insights). Thus I have little to say on the topic itself, but maybe you could create a version of the yenka or whatever that game was called, where the odds are ridiculously against you. Something like

you're going against someone who's allowed to switch their choice after seeing what you're going for and the only way to throw them off is by doing a last-frame switch yourself

Are you going for the type of "I Wanna Be the X" shenanigans? It's difficult not to think of those when you say "super-tough hack". I really like them, I always laugh when the game kills me in impossible to foresee ways.
Clear as a crisp spring morning!
I love the game, but haven't speedrun it.
I'd be happy to test it out.
(current (nonSDA)WR-holder here)

here are some of my ideas

- more enemy interactions since most time of the run they are dodged.
- Maybe some use of the other items (invisible powder, b-capsule)
- some tight motorbike jumps (in thy style of the blakwoods)
- a new vertically scrolling level

the only really annoying thing would be another helicopter level

^^ new TAS! Maybe there's some techniques it uses that can be exploited for a tough mod...
Hello again! Long time no see, hence resurrecting an old thread. After a couple of years of refining and working on and off, I have a few level designs for a potential AKiMW rom hack I'd like to test out on speedrunners and skilled gamers in general, to help me calibrate difficulty. I want at least some portion of what I release to be a real challenge to elite players, whether this means in later sections of a game, or in a wholly separate game.

The main difference in the game compared to the original is more fluid physics; squats are no longer slow and drawn out, most importantly I beefed up the jump a lot to enable long jumps, and even something approximating wall kicks, like in the mario series. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a patch! It's best tried on a keyboard (separate direction keys) as opposed to an everdrive.
If nobody shows up, you may also want to send PM's or emails to those who sounded interested last time, since not everyone will necessarily see a notification.
Indeed, I caught btrim on another forum and I've messaged the aforementioned ocelots (:
Hey long time no see I just wanted to say that I used to run the game back in 2013 I wasn’t sure if that was made clear you guys or not k thanks bye!!!!!