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Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscj) (sms)

Verifier Responses
A/V Very good, no cheating apparent

Utilizes vehicles to the optimal point, for the most part gets through blocks and obstacles without stopping, and staying on the high ground on the Island of St. Nurari level. There ae some small snags on the Mt. Kave (Volcano) level, but I think they are mostly waiting to be able to fire the Power Bracelet again, with maybe one or two times stopping out of apprehension for enemies.

Runner takes a lot of risks. Most of these risks are great, and pay off, such as going full speed with the Sukopako motorcycle through as nuch as possible of the Blakwoods (jungle) level. The next level, there's a death right after crashing the boat. I'm not sure there is any time lost though, as the wait needed to avoid the death might have taken even longer. There might have been a chance of getting through with no death and no wait, but it seems very hard to do. If it was possible, it would shave maybe 4 seconds off the end time. The next level, Bingoo Lowland, has another death near the end, and I'm not sure it was necessary, but it only loses 2 seconds.

Next level is Radaxian Castle. Some struggling in the 2nd room wasting about 3 seconds. Wastes more time in the room with the 3 flames, it can be done without waiting. In the next level, takes the risk going around the final enemy and it pays off. Final Sukopako level done fairly quick, just some care taken to keep the motorcycle until the end. Then, onto the final level. Again I'm disappointed that ANOTHER submitted run of this doesn't use the screen scroll pause glitch. 5-7 seconds could have been saved from this run if it was used, I'm sure of it. The room where you shoot the blocks to make niches in the walls to jump up was done fairly well, just one fall. Takes a nice risk in the room with the 3 frogs saving a couple of seconds. Rest goes smooth

I estimate a run time of 14:24, giving it 20 seconds on the run currently on the site, but I suspect more than half that time is thanks to version differences like Japanese textboxes. This run is good, but it could still be improved. Still, I choose to accept this run.

A/V good no cheating detected

I wanted to make some proper comments but everything I came up with has already been said by the above verifier.  I'm sure we had the same debate last time about whether the scroll glitch should be in a run and I'm pretty sure the conclusion was that it should be in a run because the difficulty in achieving this at the end of a run combined with the volume of crap the game puts you through in a speedrun is outweighed by the length of the run and the level of optimisation already present.

Having said all that and even considering the unfortunate time losses in Radaxian Castle and the death it's still an improvement over the current run (version differences notwithstanding) and therefore I will also vote to accept the run, but implore future submissions of the game to include the scroll glitch as clearly the runs have reached that level!

Guess I should get on this.

Audio Quality - Good
Video Quality - Good

I will admit, the deaths kinda made me a bit eerie of this run. So just as a bit of a precaution, I timed the deaths. The total time lost came out to be around 6 seconds, which is not enough to out right reject the run. Other than that, This is a solid improvement over the previous run. So i'm gonna give this an accept.

I watched the run a few days back, but wasn't sure how to judge it. Anyway, since there is a deadline for these comments, here's what I have concluded:

Audio and video look fine, and I didn't notice any inconsistency in the run.

The run starts off very well, with smooth platforming and underwater sections. The cash collection and vehicle use is clean and optimal. The majority of this run is very good. It is, however, undeniable that this run is very improvable. There are a few not-very-risky strategies the runner decided not to utilise, despite the potential time gain. The runner dies twice throughout the run, and does not make use of the scroll trick (which is very easy thanks to pause buffering and saves quite a bit of time). On the basis of the deaths alone (both of which happened quite early in the run), I am very reluctant to accept this run. Though it may be an improvement over the current uploaded run (a large chunk of which is due to the really fast Japanese text), it simply seems too unpolished in its current form.

It's a bit of a borderline case, but given the fact that I rejected a run of comparable quality not long ago, I'm afraid I have to reject this one as well.

I know this is not an easy game to speedrun, as it's very unforgiving, but given the brevity of the run I simply feel it should be cleaner.

Decision: Accept

Reason: A bit borderline, but still a decent run. In the words of one verifier: "This will however be the very last run of this game I accept without those improvement like the scroll glitch."

Congratulations to 'ocelots1990'!
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Clear as a crisp spring morning!
thanks to all the verifiers for accepting my run and even the ones that rejected because it can be improved alot and i am working on it and will post the run as soon as i can, i have tried the scroll trick before but i die everytime and i dont know why i must be doing something wrong but anyway thank you all and good luck to all speed runners out there
Clear as a crisp spring morning!
Try varying your pause/unpause timing, maybe you're ending up inside blocks.
i have been practising but most of my results are ending up inside the blocks but can easily be adjusted by moving to the left more but most of the time the screen scrolls further causing the game to automatically reset.  so far ive only been able to do it twice out of hundreds of tries and its hard to master but if anyone knows how to do it consistantly please share so i can upload a better run as i have pretty much perfected the rest of my previous mistakes plus made a few improvements in a couple of levels e.g the first level when you hit the water for the first time i skip the bottom money bags and move to the right instantley so you cant see whats ahead but i can go over the swimming frog thing and hit the big fish to finish the level 2-3 seconds faster