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Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V Fine, no cheating

I was glad to see a new Alex Kidd run in the queue already. I was a bit disappointed to see how much room for improvement there still is. The runner writes in the run notes there's maybe 10 seconds of improvement possible, but there's more than that. The runner still crashes early on the last bike stage, pauses for many seconds in the 3 flame room in Janken's Castle and doesn't do the screen scrolling skip. With these improved I think over 15, maybe up to 18 seconds can be shaved off.

However, this is a game where a small wrong nudge will send you into an enemy, killing you instantly and ruining the run... and the run IS markedly improved from the previous submission. I timed the run at either 14:45 or 14:48, depending on when we decide to start timing from. The previous run was timed at 15:21/15:25. A sub-14:40 run is well within reach.

I'm leaning towards accepting this run, as feel it's postable on the site and the room for improvement might generate a little competition...
I will wait to hear what other verifiers have to say first, though.

A/V good, no cheating.

Looking at this run, i can see room for a solid 15 seconds improvement, and that would without losing the chopper early just before the first castle. Maybe 17-18 seconds with that. there are a few missed jumps that cost a couple of seconds each, and i saw a jump in the last castle that didn't need to be made that cost time, as he shot over blocks that were on the ground. Losing the bike due to a short jump would have cost a good 4-5 seconds. in all, I'm going to say leaning towards a reject for this one. He has a god route, just a few execution errors, and in a run this short i think that any time saver needs to be used.

No cheating here. A/V fine.

Sega's erstwhile mascot that never was embarks on a journey to eat all of the rice cakes in Radaxian as well as vandalise a number of innocent rocks to steal their money crash several vehicles, eat more rice cakes, go swimming and play Rock, Paper, Scissors in order to explode and or decapitate the Usurper's mutant henchmen. Twice. And then they turn into rice cakes.

The game was suitably destroyed by the runner and this is a marked improvement over the one currently on the site and for that reason it deserves to be accepted. However the runner has underestimated the remaining time that can be saved from the execution errors (which do not take away from an excellent run). If this was my run I wouldn't have been satisfied  as it's obvious the runner can do better. I hope he does. Good Luck and always remember that only losers lead with Rock ;-)

Audio Quality - Good
Video Quality - Good

To be honest, I'm kinda torn on this. One one hand, yes there are quite some mistakes that really should be looked at. On the other hand though, a majority of them come from Janken Caste. That being said, Janken Castle is probably the most problematic part of the run since there are indeed mistakes that do add up. Here's a quick summary of what I saw in terms of errors.

*Mistakes (3s)
*Playing Too Safe (2s)
*The Screen-Scrolling Skip (10s)

Now when it cones to adding this all up, that's quite a lot of mistakes that would probably favor rejection. However, this is only one level out of the seventeen that are in this game. Not only that, but this is a level that is very near the end of the game. It should also be mentioned that the game is NOT forgiving in the slightest. One Hit Kills, Slippery Controls, and all the precise shortcuts that are in the game definitely can't be helped.

Therefore, I will give this run an Accept. Although there are possible improvements, they are not severe enough that the run as a whole deserves flat-out rejection. However, I do encourage the runner to keep on bringing the time down. He does have quite a lot of potential making great runs seeing as how he did a game like Alex Kidd.

Congratulations and good luck on your future endeavors.

Decision: Accept

Reason: The runner listened to the advice given in the October rejection of this run and he has come back with a more polished run.

Congratulations to Damien 'babeuf' Pegoraro!
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Weegee Time
Always good to see a runner go for improvement after a rejection.  Congrats on the accept!
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Like I said in the previous rejected thread, "If a run is rejected, it is the verifier's way of saying that they know you can do even better."  It is great to know that you are one of the few people that never gave up in order to improve your run.  Can't wait to see the final product.
Clear as a crisp spring morning!
Congrats babeuf! Really cool to see the run was improved by over 30 seconds, though it sounds like there's still room for improvement.
Edit history:
babeuf: 2013-05-01 10:22:19 am
I'm glad this one is OK! Thank you reviewers, I read  all your comments carefully.

I know it's far from perfect (damn early bike crash) , but I'm still running the game so I'll probably try to record a better run.

I trained the camera glitch in the last castle, but I don't really get it, looks almost frame perfect and the hardest point is to get the character back on screen after the skip without crashing the machine.

As the japanese version of the game should give really better times (got a sub 14:20 only with faster dialogs), I'd like to catch a Sega Mark III for the upcoming runs, but the machine is way to rare and expensive. I assume an homemade cart-adapter mark3 -> sms  wouldn't be legit for SDA? 

Anyway that's a good news, thanks ! Smiley

i don't see why a homemade adapter wouldn't be allowed if it's just a simple electrical passthrough. you should note in the comments that that's how you played the game though.
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Is there some other advantage to running the game besides faster text I'm not aware of? It was my understanding that faster text does not an obsoletion make.

If you really want a Japanese Mark III or Master System, don't pay attention to the BINs on ebay. I've seen them end for under $100 for a boxed console many times. The shipping is what kills you. My version of rare and expensive is probably not the same as most people's though. A homemade pass-through device would definitely be cheaper. Tongue
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If the run is slower after the faster text is factored out, then yes, it would be rejected. Unless there's other stuff at play.