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ozzy88: 2012-08-23 01:41:18 pm
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ozzy88: 2012-08-21 04:45:54 pm
After beating it twice I though I'd get the S rank on normal. So that unlocked early charged shot, which sped up the game quite a bit. After that I did the same for hard and unlocked the flying ability early as well...that kinda breaks the game.

So I made a route which I think will be pretty good and made a couple of segmented runs. Then later on tried to do an SS run.

Here's a concept video:

Green guy quick grab:

Also there are small corner boosts that might be able to save some time here and there. Will get a video of that later.

A run where the fastest ways of travel are used and without any mistakes should maybe go below 10min.
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LLCoolDave made a run quite some time ago which you can find here.
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ozzy88: 2012-08-22 02:45:24 pm
Ok, thanks!

I'll try and use some of his strats, like how he grabs the green guys so much faster. I'll go for beating it single segmented.


Here is the result
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ozzy88: 2012-08-23 01:45:38 pm
More progress! Got a 09:05 today, sub 9 is now the goal for me. Don't know what would make a good speedrun anymore.

I streamed for over 2h so it's in two parts this time.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I think I will try and get amarectv recording for this so I might be able to submit it if I ever get a good enough run.
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ozzy88: 2012-08-24 01:51:24 pm
ozzy88: 2012-08-24 01:51:10 pm
ozzy88: 2012-08-24 01:19:09 pm
Just got it down to 09:00


Nevermind got 08:50 now.
Very nice! Keep hammering on it Wink
Reverse Death Valley Bomb
cool sub 9:00 Shocked Good job on catching those ghosts too... I told you counting them pixels was worth it Wink
So many mistakes Ozzy! Game seems nice though, might give it a shot.
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ozzy88: 2012-08-25 01:39:59 pm
Today I tied my best (08:50) while recording properly. Huge thanks to DRsynj for patiently walking me thru how to set up AmaRecTV and what not. Will continue with this, my current goal is 08:45. Got some stuff to work on, like knowing how the next room always looks like, so I can start moving during the camera transitions as well as some minor optimisations of the movement.

Most of this is just my "guts" telling me it's probably faster. And I don't completely trust my "guts"...
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ozzy88: 2012-08-26 09:19:22 am
Now it's down to 08:44, aiming for sub 08:40 now.

No quick kill on the Ghost
Messed up during the final boss...tho that may have ended with a possible new strat for the final boss!
Got hit by a guard early on in the final area.

Could go into more detail then this, but I don't feel like pointing out every little mistake.

Cool stuff:
Got better at starting to move quickly after going through doors.
Got through one of the two narrow parts as bat without turning back to "human" form (looks cool, should save time!)


Practised the final boss some and at least it has the potential to be faster. I get more shots of quicker but for the later parts of the fight I can't be near enough to see him, which is a problem for the next to final phase. In that phase I want to get close and make my charged shots hit multiple times. Overall it seems like the new way is faster and a little bit more risky.

More or less have to take one hit but saves more then I thought...
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ozzy88: 2012-08-26 05:35:03 pm
The new final boss strategy and a pretty decent run (not as good as my 08:44) gave me a final time of...08:31!

I think this run was around 7sec slower as it enters the final boss room, so the fight against the hero is much much quicker. The final boss fight wasn't even as well executed as in my twitch highlight.

This run was not streamed, I only recorded it and somehow missed to record from the title screen...good thing this isn't the run.
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ozzy88: 2012-08-27 02:33:43 pm
ozzy88: 2012-08-27 02:32:51 pm
ozzy88: 2012-08-27 02:31:55 pm

I think I got all the little tricks down, got the hard parts on the first try and also incorporated some minor things that I haven't done in the run before today. There are small mistakes over the course of the run, which adds up. Will need to watch it, write down all the small mistakes and see if it's too much. Otherwise I would consider this one ready to submit.

The bigger mistakes in the run are the boss kills, I think only the first one was as good as I can do it. Last boss didn't turn around either.

I hope a time around here would be accepted and later on I could shave of some more seconds and try to save more of them frames ^^'


These are the mistakes I find, if you got something to add please do so and tell me when on the in-game timer the mistake occurred.

01:08 Shot before entering door (Minor)
01:12 Didn't initiate dash as quick as possible? (minor)
01:22 Went too high to enter the door quickly (minor)
01:42 Missed a shot
01:54 Messed up the Ghost quick kill (HUGE)
02:18 Overreacted to the bats?
02:30 Messed up the Teleporter quick kill (Huge)
02:44 Jumps into a stationary enemy (clumbsy)
04:02 Don't need to take that damage!
04:30 Miss timed cloud (new tech)
04:58 Stopped and jumped
05:24 Realeased my shot too early (bad timing)
^    Also messes up the Lion quick kill (HUGE)
05:32 Missed the key a bit
06:43 Dashed to the right instead of flying (minor)
07:25 Could maybe save time by using cloud to the door?
07:44 The final boss didn't attack the wrong way (bad timing?)
^    Also messes up the Hero quick kill

Overall I still think it's a good run. These mistakes do add up however and I don't think this could get accepted. So if I get a better run I'll come back and post it Smiley
this game is pretty good i had it in my it freeware?
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ozzy88: 2012-08-28 01:34:12 am
Yes it is. You should be able to find the game throught google. There is an english translation patch somewhere as well. The translation help you understand what powers you've picked up and the notes that tell you how to use them. There is not much of a story to the game tho.

Glad more people like it, I'd say Hydra Castle Labyrinth by the same developer/publisher is better. But this game is alright.


I dunno what to say at the moment. Removed the 08:14 video.
Wow, I never expected that so much time could be chopped off Tongue Good job! Sub-8?
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ozzy88: 2012-09-02 11:31:38 am
ozzy88: 2012-09-02 07:33:41 am
ozzy88: 2012-09-02 06:54:02 am
Quote from TheVoid:
Wow, I never expected that so much time could be chopped off Tongue Good job! Sub-8?

You and me both! :O

Also, I just got it down to 08:06!

In that run I have a big mistake that costs about 4-5 seconds unfortunately, so yeah sub 8 is very likely possible. I missed one of the green guys TWICE! If not for that and hitting a wall after killing the ghost boss I'd be submitting it. The rest is more or less spot on.

Thanks for the support! =)


Today I got it down to 08:05. More attempts will hopefully drag it down some more this week. I don't feel like encoding and uploading the videos since it's pretty much the same as 08:08 anyway.
I'm having more lag issues then usual with the translated version, now converting to the un-patched version to see if this solves anything. Will also try to find out if there are any differences that might effect the run itself.

So gotta go get that S rank Hard mode run, at least I got the charged shot early from doing the S rank on Normal today.
Haven't found any difference between the versions. At least it feels like the un-patched is lagging less for me right now.

DRsynj found a faster way to light up the two candles before going into the Ghost boss fight, saves around 3seconds!

Attempts today haven't been good so far, will probably do more later today.
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ozzy88: 2012-09-29 05:51:16 pm
Today's attempts got me a 08:03 run.

Here's some notes for ya:

00:55 Didn't go all the way down the tunnel as bat. (Hard, saves ~1sec)
01:20 Hit the wall (Uncommon, wastes like ~1sec)
01:50 Didn't get the quick kill on the Ghost (Common, wastes 2-4sec?)
02:05 Hit the block (Uncommmon, wastes ~1sec)
02:10 Failed to dash (wastes 1-2sec)
02:28 Didn't get the quick kill on the Teleporter (Common, wastes 2-3sec)
03:56 Should probably not land on the platform, just go under the enemy that pops up. (might save ~1sec)
05:58 Hit the wall twise (uncommon, wastes ~2sec)
06:09 Didn't mash jump enough and hit the floor (uncommon, wastes ~0.5sec)
06:17 Didn't get thru that part first try (common, wastes ~1sec)
06:37 Failed to dash but got a corner boost (wates ~1sec)
06:58 It's sometimes possible to jump over him, turn around and kill him (Random/Hard saves ~0.5sec)
07:32 Hit the Heros sword with a charged shot (wastes ?sec)

I think the Hero fight was one of my better.

Just from the boss fights I would have gotten 08:00 but the Ghost boss quick kill is super inconsistent and the Teleporter boss quick kill is a bit tricky as well.

The recording dropped some frames at 1 single moment in the run, this is the first time this happened to me so far.

The game lagged noticeably during the run but what can I do? ;_;

Goal is now 07:59, wish me luck!


Maybe you need to defragment your drive(s)? Could cause laggyness all of a sudden.

Quote from ozzy88:
Goal is now 07:59, wish me luck!

Good luck!
"Fixed" the computer...jesh I'm slow.

Not that anybody will read this but this is the state of things right now.

Game seems to be going at a steady rate and inputs are read correctly, this is so weird since I've had to compensate for that earlier and I just happened to get pretty good at it before. Now I'm quite rusty and need to get back into it. Still afraid of playing it without recording it so...

Now my problem is setting up AmarecTv again. I had everything still saved on another internal HDD but none of the options were saved and I can't get it to find the codec I used earlier even after I reinstalled it. I'll try to fix this by deleting everything and downloading it all again.

Also can't remember how to set up the audio but first I need to capture the picture at least -.-

Marathons are powerful, probably won't fix it this weekend but we'll see =)
So...I got a 07:44 during some streaming today, no recording other then twitch. This run was good and used all my new strategies.
Does anybody know how to get 999 mana stones in Akuji the Demon?
I'm still missing 599 and I just can not find it anywhere
I've been everywhere, except in the room where you need the s rank, because I do not come in the second door

sorry if you do not quite understand that. I do not know quite how to explain it and my english is not that good and so I use the google translator
I dont think Anyone is still active on this post