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Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter (pal) (ps2) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'adeyblue'!
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Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter (pal) (ps2) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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There's a youtube encode here with the commentary:

And I mention the splits a few times, so I've attached them for current / future reference. Still have no idea where that 13 seconds came from on 3-1 though.

Roit. I don't see more than 10 seconds of ugly mistakes which is not too much for 30 minutes. However, I'm not sure why we shouldn't use in-game time here. Is it not accurate?

Are you sure you can't identify the cause of the 13 seconds or whatever you saved in the log truck mission? Could it have something to do with the wind direction? You must have been moving around faster, or the AI did its thing faster. You should probably find out what it was Smiley

BTW there's nothing stopping you from doing ILs for this too! That might be interesting because you could a) ignore your score completely and b) throw safety to the wind like real rescue pilots do. I don't think there was anything carried over between missions to prevent ILs. Am I right?

There should be more games like this on SDA...

This is the third iteration of this run that I've watched. I'm not sure that makes me the 2nd in rank expert in speedrunning this game, as suggested by the run comments, but thanks for the nomination :-). Anyways, each iteration has introduced a few new strats and the execution has also improved each time. Nothing in the new run stood out to me. There are still a few spots with 1+ second mistakes, but in this kind of game that's easily forgiven. Overall, the new run looks really solid with a good flow throughout. Lots of good pick-ups (I have to give special mention to the second one in 2-2, but there were also many others that were spot on).

I've watched 3-1 multiple times, I still have no idea where all of the time comes from. I checked the split history and the previous gold was a 4:46 segment time & this was 4:36 with a 7 second mistake (hitting the trees on the approach). Some time could come from starting the descent before I actually made it over the mountain in both directions but even with how long descending takes there's no way that saves all 17 seconds. I could've also been better at controlling the height when taking / releasing the logs, there are a lot of trees that you hit while doing that so I guess it's some combination of those since there's no wind or any other maneuvers I have to make.

I don't really like doing IL / lap records type things. I'd rather just do the whole game. I don't think they'd be that much faster to justify the time spent grinding anyway. Disregarding the safe landings would save 1 sec on 1-1, 3 on 2-1 and 2 on 4-1. Apart from ironing out the mistakes, that might be it unless crashing into things to slow down is possible (you usually bounce off but the speed on contact might counteract that).

I think I mentioned the sequel in a previous commentary, but I eventually checked it out and it's quite different. First it's all in Japanese since it was only released there, it has a bunch of tests before you can start the missions; then judging from the singular playthrough on youtube, it seems you have to buy better helicopters and select between the ones you own for each mission. If it was in English maybe but ugh, I already run a Gran Turismo game. I don't really want to do more of that but in helicopters. At least, not right now.
Good luck on whatever your venture into!
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ApolloFTW: 2016-01-04 05:42:33 pm
Lest We Forget
Run was good, tiny improvements to optimize the run better. Hope to see the sub 31 minute run in the future.
Other then that will done.

Extra 13 seconds..?
Decision posted.
Thanks guys!

Sub 31, probably not. Yeah, there's mistakes and little things but it looks unlikely this can be pushed that far on console without some sort of collision ignorance or speed boost glitch. The PAL version came out a full year after the initial release so it's possible that the Japanese version is more buggy but I can't even find an ISO of that much less an actual disc.

There's some neat places in the disassembly to look at (the game exe retained all names for globals and functions so its easy to figure out the code flow) but it doesn't seem like there's any decent PS2 emulators with debugging tools so I can mess with it while its playing.
You know about this one right?
Oh cool. I know it used to have a debugger that they then removed, but I didn't know they were adding another. Thanks.
Good luck finding stuff!