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Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter (pal) (ps2) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Reject

Reason: Canceled by the runner.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter (pal) (ps2) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Is the HQ video ok for everybody? I noticed it plays fine for me in Windows Media Player and VirtualDub but in ffplay (from the ffmpeg distribution) it bobs up and down. I didn't do anything different to process this run in Yua that I didn't do for everything else I've captured (D4, F1, 3D, Interlaced, no change, tff, 4:3). I mean, it might be a bug in ffmpeg but I might've encoded it wrong, I don't know.
I had a look at the HQ version and that definitely looks wrong. I only checked the normal quality version before creating this thread and just assumed the other qualities would be ok as that's usually the case. Do you still have the raw-file? In that case, I recommend you to post a quality test in the tech forum.
Yeah I've still got it. I watch the files I submit in WMP only hence why I didn't catch it, but the runs in verification I watch in ffplay. I just randomly decided to check it and noticed it. I thought I had this Yua science down, but I'll post a test. Thanks
A/V: As discussed above, the HQ is messed up, but it seems like it's fixable and a new file is on its way. I checked the normal quality and it looks good.

Gameplay: The game mechanics look pretty horrible and a few of the mistakes certainly appear to be related to weird camera angles and the rough steering etc. Many more things go right than wrong though. Considering the length of the run and the obvious flaws in the game mechanics, it's well played. The only really weak part was the last mission. I'd say that it would have been a few seconds faster to 1. Take out the two fires 2. Refill water (and maybe not all the way up) 3. Take out the remaining two fires 4. Return to base. Going to the third fire before refilling water wasted some travel time. That fire was anyways more or less on the way back to the base, so even if it would have been possible to take it out before refilling, it doesn't look like it would have saved any significant amount of time. Far too much time was also spent refilling water. After all of the fires had been extinguished, almost half the water was still left. Still, it's a fairly minor mistake in terms of the whole run.

I'm on the third attempt at producing something which neither messes up the visuals in one part of the game nor crashes one or both media players. This time I've just manually deinterlaced it and stuck it in Yua as a progressive source, the test looked good so it should be the last try. Two hours in and it's on the first pass at the very start of the fourth mission, so it will take a while. Probably sometime Monday.
I've uploaded the fixed videos. While I was waiting for it to render I was trying for 100 pts on each mission and hit upon a new strat for the last mission which saves about a minute, so the newly uploaded files are actually of a better run that's 35:42 instead of 36:47. I don't know if that's taboo to change the run during verification but as ktwo is the only respondent so far and he/she's accepted a slower time I thought a faster run would probably also be accepted without him/her having to watch it again.
You're ALWAYS welcome to submit improvements! :-)  The new files are available through the link above. You might want to consider updating the run comments as well.

Glad to hear that you figured out how to get the quality right of the videos. I'll try to check out the new run later this week.
I did uploaded some edited ones. I guess whoever processes them has gotten sick of me since this is the third time they've had to be approved or whatever. If the second paragraph for 1-1 is about the screaming sound effect then its the correct file.

If you listen to the commentry track when watching then I say 'so yeah' about 500% less in this one.
Now I've checked the improved run as well.

A/V: Good.

Gameplay: Some of the mistakes in the previous run have been ironed out, but some new ones have also been introduced. I'd say that the execution was roughly on the same level in both runs. By listening to the commentary and from what I remember from the first run, the new run was maybe overall a bit "lockier". It also looked like a few new strats were done this time. The last level was so much smoother, even though the water refill was still very generous, which meant it took a few more seconds than needed. But it was at the end of the run, so I guess some safety factor was added.

I hate this game, and the FAQ. It turns out that the unmarked guy in the water on 2-2 isn't always-in-the-same-place-but-hard-to-pinpoint, in fact he's always in a different place yet very easy to pinpoint.

This won't make a new run faster by default since the updated run had a super good 2-2, but it makes the reason I went with that particular run given its issues (the super good 2-2) less convincing since I should be able to repro it more consistently knowing the mechanics.

So yeah, if you cancel/reject/pend this and I'll see if there's anything else wrong in the FAQ that could lead to a better run. Sorry ktwo, I imagine you're beginning to have nightmares about the words Air Ranger.
I won't get another run in by the deadline so if you cancel/reject/pend this
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
A/V: Video is fine throughout, Audio: What happens from 6:33 to 11:31? there is some high pitch whistle or something going on? other than that it's fine
Cheating: None
Gameplay: Looks good, few questionable strats but I won't go into detail, the water refill was very generous however I don't know about the RNG of fire mechanics in this game so I won't dwell.

Accept from me.
adeyblue, no worries. Especially with the audio commentary, I don't mind watching your runs. After having watched your two runs so far, now I'm just curious to see how low you're willing to push this. But just so I 100% understand what you're saying, you're still working on an improvement and would like to cancel this submission, right?
Decision posted.