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Well, at least it looks better then Cheesy
I've reopened the "final encodes" key for your run. Please upload the new levels using that key, and yes, please name them distinctively so we can differentiate them from the previous uploads.
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UtterNutter: 2015-01-02 05:11:01 am
UtterNutter: 2015-01-01 02:54:24 pm
UtterNutter: 2015-01-01 02:53:46 pm
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UtterNutter: 2015-01-01 02:51:50 pm
How to run Space Marine: Run fast
I've now uploaded the HQ files of the new recordings.

If I'm a little too late to get them through the system before AGDQ, I uploaded the IQ encodes to youtube (as I like to have my videos on there as well). I know you cannot comment on video quality on youtube, but comments on the new strategies in general would be helpful Smiley

Mission 8-
Mission 21-
Mission 24-

Mission 30 and 32 still uploading.

You'll have to add in the dots yourself, I don't want to have the videos clog up the page.
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kwinse: 2015-01-01 10:49:37 pm
The [noembed][/noembed] bbcode prevents embedding.
How to run Space Marine: Run fast
Hello? Could I have a confirmation that my uploads from a month ago actually made it to SDA?
Dragon Power Supreme
There I was timing your run happily... forgot about the new stuff happening lol.
Anyway I checked your files and most of them arrived. You only sent in 2 files for Mission 30 (MQ and HQ) and 1 file for Mission 32 (HQ).

I copied the new files to the verification link so people can download and resume verifying this run.
How to run Space Marine: Run fast
I didn't have enough time the last time I was at home to upload all the files, so I decided to prioritise the HQ ones so people could review them Smiley

Does this mean next time I have the chance, I should upload LQ and IQ Mission 30 and LQ, MQ and IQ Mission 32?
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IsraeliRD: 2015-01-28 10:58:23 am
Dragon Power Supreme
Yes please if those are your final StatIDs as well (and new ILs accepted)
How to run Space Marine: Run fast
I should be able to get them uploaded on Friday, though I can't remember if the upload link is still active. Sorry for this being such a long winded process, the next game I'm working on will be far better quality (Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends)
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Final keys upload link was re-activated.
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LotBlind: 2015-01-28 12:59:57 pm
LotBlind: 2015-01-28 12:59:44 pm
Mis 8: The provided HQ encode has strange flicker-sort of artifacts (at 0:51 onwards through the whole mission) and also noticeable frame dropping.

Mis 21: After the first boar has transformed back why don't you just send them down immediately without waiting for the other one. They would've caught up right? I think you used Arkantos' shout too late for the first time when everyone's hacking away at the gate. What are you doing with the 3 medium peltasts? It looks like they just die to the 3 enemy guys. Is it a diversion?

a/V looks good

24: looks okay.
30: MUCH better now.
32: Okay.

accept other than the 8 for video quality
How to run Space Marine: Run fast
Mission 21: The peltasts lure away the enemy forces on the other side of the gate away from the attacking forces. I don't mind sacrificing them because they do 1 damage a shot to buildings and walls, due to them having 95% pierce resist. This is the reason I sacrifice Odysseus in Mission 5 as well.

Mission 8: Hadn't noticed this. I'll re-encode it, as I'm sure the original file has no problem.
I should be able to get to this in a few days.
How to run Space Marine: Run fast
Re-reuploaded. Left the download link open just in case more uploading has to be done. I see no stuttering this time. Also uploaded the 30 and 32 files
Dragon Power Supreme
New files up. Server was going haywire before so I couldn't get to it.
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ais523: 2015-02-08 12:27:38 pm
Here are my notes. This is from before the latest updates (i.e. the same files that LotBlind commented on):

Scenario 8

This seems pretty efficient with resources, which are the limiting factor here. You could maybe save marginal time by starting to collect gold before you start to collect food, but because that involves more camera movements, I doubt it would save more than a second.

However, this video has the wrong StatID. "The Titans" is a different campaign from the one you're doing, and it doesn't match with the StatID fromt the other segments, and the time shown is completely wrong too.

Scenario 21

This makes a lot more sense than the old strategy. There's no wasted time, which is a big improvement, and building that Temple helps complete your mission a little faster.

Scenario 24

I like the build order here. How were you building Battering Rams with no population headroom? (I didn't see you delete any units, but maybe I just missed it.) I'm assuming that Throwing Axemen have the highest damage-to-structures of anything you can build in the Classical Age. The mishap where you didn't put initially put enough units on gold production might have cost a bit of time, but not much.

Scenario 30

If you could move your mouse faster, you could save maybe three seconds here: about a second at the start when you're ordering units around, and a second each by selecting your minor gods for Heroic Age and Mythic Age faster. I'm not convinced you'd actually get those savings if you tried again, though. (And I don't really want to have to watch another half hour of autoscroller.) Additionally, I'm not sure what timing method is used on this game; if it's in-game time, selecting your gods doesn't count against the timer. (And I can't think of a reason not to use the in-game timer.)

The runner correctly realises that population headroom is the most important resource on this mission, and optimizes it as far as possible (stealing a Settlement, and deleting all inessential units). I like the way you use Ragnarok in order to make the best possible use of the rounding error in the population count (even if it is the wimpiest Ragnarok ever).

Scenario 32

Resources are the limiting factor here, and the runner recognises this: I think the various resource-producing locations were captured / used as quickly as possible. The runner never actually ran out of food, even though it got low a couple of times, so there's no potential improvements there (so long as there are villagers in the queue, the food display includes the cost of those villagers even though it hasn't been spent yet, so the "out of food" warnings were spurious). The only thing I can think of to improve this even in theory is to build another Town Centre somewhere so as to be able to build villagers faster, and I suspect that would cost more time than it saves.

Apart from the problems with the encoding on Scenario 8 (which I guess have been fixed, based on IsraeliRD's post), I'm now happy to ACCEPT the whole IL table (the originally submitted scenarios apart from 8/21/24/30/32, and the new replacement videos). The new version of 8 is fine strategy- and execution-wise; I'm assuming it's just the video file that was replaced, rather than the raw source. (I note that scenarios 7 and 13 will need failed attempts removed from the encode.)
Assuming that the runner is happy with the play quality of all the ILs, I'll post the decision tomorrow. Feel free to resolve the statid issue at your leisure, since the upload key is still open; you don't have to do this by tomorrow.
How to run Space Marine: Run fast
It's the best I can do without competition to keep driving times lower.

I'd like to thank everyone for all the comments, which I've taken into account for AoM: TT and Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends. Eventually I'll post a thread on PC Games so people can monitor progress on the latter of the two.
Decision posted.
Congrats Smiley Will be sweet to watch these, especially since I plan to run this game as well at some point.
How to run Space Marine: Run fast
Look forward to it Smiley

Thanks to the verifiers who have had many months of patience. More RTS is in the future for SDA I dare say Smiley