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(Literally copy/pasted with edits from another previous thread)

Hello, everyone!

This thread is for everyone out there who needs to find roommates or is looking for a room that might need an extra person to fill it at AGDQ 2018.
First and foremost this thread contains all the information on how to book your room at the Hilton Washington Dulles where AGDQ 2018 will be held:
For some quick reminders here are the important things to note when looking for roomates and planning to book a room:

-Dates for AGDQ are Jan. 7th - Jan. 14th.  You can get the discounted room rate any night between Jan 5, 2018 — Jan 15. (I think)
-The Discounted Rate for AGDQ hotel rooms is $109.00 per night.
-The person who is booking the room must be at least 18 years old to do so.
-The maximum number of people to a room is 4.
-You do NOT need to put down a deposit or the full amount when reserving a room. They only require a debit/credit card.

If you are seeking roomates post in this thread with the following information:
-Your name
-The Dates you intend to stay at SGDQ
-If you are intending to be the one booking the room
-How many roommates you are looking for
-Best form of contact (Keep in mind not everybody uses social media)

If you see anyone else who might work as a potential roommate, contact them with their listed best form of contact and arrange.
Please do not post back and forth in this thread trying to finalize your roommates as that leads to a lot of clutter and confusion for those looking through the list. 

If you have a finalized room that is either full or you are satisfied with the number of people in the room (again, do not exceed 4, the hotel will not allow it), please edit your post accordingly to avoid wasted time.
If you need further information feel free to PM me and I will do my best to help get you a clear answer. 
Thank you and have fun finding some friends to room with!

There is a doc, thanks to MooingLemur. He's a blessing.
Request access in the doc itself if you'd like to add yourself to it. Same applies to forum posts; edit as things change.

(Note: I'm not looking for anyone and have a filled room c: )

2ND UPDATE: GamesDoneQuick has sent out a roommate finder. Please feel free to use this thread, the previously mentioned doc, or what I'm about to provide.

Form for roommate finding:

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Room is already booked
Looking for 3ish Looking for 2ish roomates (1 confirmed, 1 tentative.)
Contact me here through PM or Twitter (@OrvilleRednDead)

Currently filled. Will update if spot becomes available.
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Countneko: 2017-09-10 07:59:07 am
Arriving Jan 6th, leaving the morning of 14th
Just booked.
3 slots currently open, looking to split with 3 roommates.
PM me, or Skype me at CountNeko, or Discord me Yuyuko#9700

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MooingLemur: 2017-09-10 02:59:42 am
I added info from the two above posts to the google doc.  I'll periodically update it as posts get edited or added, or if you wish to keep the doc up to date yourself, feel free to request edit access through the google doc itself.

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I'm already getting errors trying to book the room, it looks like the hotel is booked out?
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Doing 7th-14th
I have a room
Looking for 3 other people to fill slots (PLEASE SEE MY UPDATE BELOW)
you can contact me on twitter @theoriginaltbcr or on discord tbcr#9160

UPDATE: OK, so I have had to open this back up. In my current room setup. We currently have doing the entire week and two others that are only going to be there from sun-wed(am). I am looking for two people to fill their slots from Wed(pm) to Sun. I am also looking for someone that could do the entire week (7-14th).
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Komrade: 2018-07-24 06:42:59 pm
Komrade: 2017-09-10 06:14:51 pm
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MunchaKoopas: 2017-09-10 05:05:31 pm
I need roommates and a room! arrive the 6th leave the 14th. Reply here but twitter works better. @munchakoopasSK

UPDATE: Found a room!
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infinitemystery: 2017-09-12 06:49:25 pm
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infinitemystery: 2017-09-10 05:24:58 pm
infinitemystery: 2017-09-10 04:42:11 pm
looking to join a 4 person room.  arrive the 6th, leave the 14th
twitter: grandmamystery for contact
i'll need to be added to the doc.

EDIT: Countneko offered me a spot in his room: i'm set
07 Jan - 14 Jan
Looking to join a room
4 person room
Send PM
Will need to join a room, Or will try and book tomorrow if they actually free up more rooms.
Don't care about how many in the room, will even just do a 2 person for those who want more sleeping space.
Message me here, Twitter, Twitch, W/e
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vesper84: 2017-10-11 08:36:52 pm
Stephen (Vesper84)
Arriving the 6th, leaving 15th
Looking for 1-3 people to join in room
Also driving from Chicago if interested in carpool.
Please PM me

EDIT: Got roommates now
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Bvc666: 2017-09-11 04:11:24 pm

arriving on the 6th, leaving on the 15th
looking for a room (not worried about how many people are in the room)
Please DM me at discord: Bvc666#6804, twitter: @bvc_srl, or reply on here
Thanks in advance
Room Found
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CyberBotX: 2017-09-11 04:16:40 pm
Insane Killer Robot
Naram Qashat (CyberBotX)
Checkin on Jan 6, Checkout on Jan 14
Looking for a room, willing to book (if rooms become available)
Ideally looking for a 4 person room
Contact me via PM here, on Discord at CyberBotX#84777 or on Steam at CyberBotX

EDIT: CountNeko offered me a spot in his room, I'm all set. Cheesy
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Thatidiotuhate: 2017-09-14 02:27:30 pm
Thatidiotuhate: 2017-09-11 11:45:14 pm
Reece (TIUH/ThatIdiotUHate which ever you prefer)
07/08 - 14th
Will need a room to reside, seems like all the rooms are booked.
Looking to join a 4 person room, if need be I will sleep under desk/table in case people like their space in a bed.
Transportation: I will probably need a ride.
twitter: @thatidiotuhate discord: TIUH-Thatidiotuhate#3627 (I sadly don't get on here much...)

Room found
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ROMaster2: 2017-09-20 02:01:07 pm
ROMaster2: 2017-09-13 07:38:46 pm
ROMaster2: 2017-09-13 10:58:07 am
Dan (ROMaster2)
6th/7th to 13th/14th/15th
Looking for room
4 people works but 2/3 is preferred.
Contact me via Twitter, Discord, or here. Handle is @ROMaster26 and ROMaster2#1982
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Flameberger: 2017-09-13 09:19:12 pm
Just some guy
Looks like more people looking for rooms than those looking for roommates. :<

I'de like to join a room of 2 or 3. I'll cover half the bill either way to have my own bed. Planning to stay sunday to sunday (7th -> 14th.)
on twitter at @flameberger17 or on here.

Daniel James
Looking for a room from 6/7th - 14/15th any number of people I don't care where I sleep
You can contact me on discord, my username is Kristen#3499 😊
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Morgandedd: 2017-11-20 06:04:16 am
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Morgandedd: 2017-09-28 09:37:09 pm
Jacob (Morgandedd)
Attending 7th-14th.
I am booking a room at the overflow hotel.
Looking for 1 more! Have 3 already (counting myself of course) Can provide a cot if needed.
Contact via Twitter @Morgandedd or Discord Morgandedd#9893
Update 11-20: Still have room for one more.
Edit history:
Twinge: 2017-10-09 06:10:35 pm
I suppose I should put my name down for 'looking for room' in the event hotel (not overflow).

Looking for the 7th through 10th/11th/12th.  Prefer 4-person room but would consider 2/3.
I'm attending MAGFest (ends on the 7th) so I'll already be in the area, which is why my end date is pretty flexible - I'm looking to attend part of AGDQ but not all of it.
Edit history:
Sonikkustar: 2017-11-13 04:42:31 pm
The Loony Bin
Nelson Martinez
Attending from 6th to 14th
Looking for a 4 person room.
Feel free to either contact me via PM here or you can try Discord at Sonikkustar#7815

Got a room!
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PiePusher11: 2017-11-28 10:11:28 am
PiePusher11: 2017-11-28 10:11:08 am
edit: found room
Cloudbuilt <3 Coilworks
Attending 7th - 10th
Looking any number of people to a room
Discord: Wobs23#1096 or Twitter:@wobsitopian
He's got a bicycle!
Noah (crash6351)
Looking for a room
Four people ideally
Discord: crash6351#0244