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I will be bringing my PlayStation 4, and think a 1v1 tourney would be fun! It doesn't matter how good you are, it's all for fun. I only have 2 controllers, so if someone else wants to bring in 2 more, we can also do a 2v2 tourney as well. If you're interested, my discord is Plumato#1538, so comment below or PM me for questions.
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I would be up for a Rocket League tourney if we can find enough folks.
Hell yeah. And as I said, can be 2v2 if 2 people bring controllers (or 1 person brings 2) Tongue
I am down! I play on xbone but it should be fine!
I should note: I have the main 3 DLC packs and Vulcan. If you want me to get a certain DLC, let me know Smiley (like esper, batmobile, masamune, etc). I'm also a crate whore and have 2 BM decals so I have aesthetics covered.
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Markalazar: 2017-09-22 08:06:48 am
Hi, still playing? I play the Rocket League on Xbox too
I want to buy some RL (Rocket League) items and Crates. I play Rocket League XboX and I am a happy player who is willing to masturbate, trade, buy and sell items to RL and ROcket League Crates.