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Klaige: 2015-12-26 02:35:06 pm
Klaige: 2015-12-15 03:19:57 pm
Klaige: 2015-12-15 09:07:27 am
Klaige: 2015-11-28 10:37:45 pm
Greetings AGDQ 2016 runners.

This thread will be providing you with the information you need to submit donation incentives if you have a run at AGDQ 2016.  We are going to do things a little different this year.  Instead of submitting through this thread and keeping a running list, we will be utilizing a Google form for you to submit your incentive offers.  There will also be a link to a spreadsheet with your offers and whether they have been accepted or rejected by the games committee.  This spreadsheet will allow you to check the status of your incentive without having to post in this thread.

Some basic rules and information before you fill out the form.

1. I have no influence what so ever on what incentives are accepted or rejected.  I am merely maintaining the spreadsheet for the committee to utilize and for runners to have a status update on their offering.
2. Only runners who are already on the AGDQ 2016 schedule area allowed to submit.  Do not submit if you are a bonus or waitlisted run.
3. If your incentive will increase your run estimate by more than 15 minutes, do not offer it as it will not be considered.
4. If you are part of a race, all runners involved must agree to the incentive.
5. If you have any questions that need answered please post them in this thread and staff will respond ASAP.
6. If you don't see your run in the incentive status sheet right away, please be patient, it will take time to get the information into the visible sheet.
7. The deadline for incentive offers is 12/14/2015  please get the form filled out by then!

Without further ado here are the links:

Submission Form:
Spreadsheet with Incentive Status:

Thank you in advance runners for your incentive submissions.  Again if you have questions please feel free to post in here and ask away.
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The incentive sheet should be updated as of 11/23/15 at 20:53 CST.  If you've submitted an incentive it should be viewable now on the spreadsheet link.  The committee has also begun list which incentives are being accepted, so feel free to check for updates on your offers.

I will do my best to keep the sheets updated daily, however since this is a holiday week there may be some downtime between updates.

Thank you.
Incentive sheet should be accurate as of 11/25/15 at 09:40 CST.  If you've submitted an incentive it should be showing up on the spreadsheet.  This will likely be the last update until after the Thanksgiving holiday. 
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Funkmastermp: 2015-11-27 09:47:30 am
Are the incentives locked to the submission? For example I submitted a bid war incentive for Diablo(1996), is it possible if the submission is accepted, to add a list of Options?

If not is it possible for the following few options to be added to the incentive now?

"Heh heh heh thank you"(Resident Evil Vendor)
"Whatcha buyin'"(Resedent Evil Vendor)
Funkmastermp - Went ahead and added in your extra 2 options for the submission since it was already accepted and doesn't alter the nature of the incentive.

For future reference since we don't have a great way for runners to edit their submissions you can contact me in this thread or via pm if you need something edited/updated.  If the submission is already accepted and the change has a strong impact on the nature of the incentive i'll need to clear it with staff first to make sure it does not alter their deicision.

The spreadsheet should once again be up to date with all submitted incentives and the decisions made by the committee as of 11/27/15 13:23 CST.
Thanks for the help Klaige Cheesy Sorry about that, it was an after thought after I had talked with a few friends!
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Klaige: 2015-11-27 03:29:39 pm
No worries, this is definitely a beta test of sorts for a much more streamlined way to donation incentives in future GDQ's.  Definitely more clean than keeping a list through dozens of forum posts, but still a work in progress, so i'll do my best to fix any hiccups that may arise so runners get their desired incentives in to be considered.
After talking to Puwexil and Gyre i am going to update and change a few incentives. do you mind deleting the ones i submitted and i will re submit?  Thank you and sorry!
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Klaige: 2015-11-28 10:35:01 pm
just to double check nocash, you want all your current incentives removed? edit- current being the ones that were submitted on 11/23
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Klaige: 2015-11-28 10:42:32 pm
Update:  Nocash saw your new submissions so removed the old ones, sheet should be up to date there.

I also forgot to mention in the initial post that for incentives in races all runners must agree to the incentive before it's submitted.  That has been added into the first post, my apologies for not having it there initially. 

Sheet should be up date as of 11/28/15  23:41 CST
so pro u don't even know
Can you possibly change my estimate for MTPO from 20 to 15? I am ashamed to say I did not read the opening post thoroughly and was being just too loose with the time. 15 minutes is more than enough time with the new strats that are out now. Thanks.
Updated the MTPO incentive as per your request Sinister.
thanks klaige! yeah all the 11/28 ones are correct and up to date. after talking to a few people this is what i want to go with.  Aexoden is helping me with the step route that impacts the route i want to take if the donation incentives are hit.  I think it's going to make for an awesome run. 
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
Just posting here to say I agree to the incentive & estimate adjustment that sinister1 listed above for MTPO.
Donation sheet is still being updated regularly and is current as of 12/7/15 at 10:12 CST.  The committee has also made it's decision on many of the incentives that previously did not have accept/reject so feel free to check again if you were waiting on confirmation for which of your incentives have been approved.

Reminder that there is only 8 days left to submit incentives.
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ZFG: 2015-12-08 01:30:57 pm
MrGrunz is a guay
I forgot to add a filename incentive for my Ocarina of Time Master Quest run (8 character limit), could that be added?  No extra time added for that obviously.  Also, it seems like my original incentive is one of the oldest ones to not have a decision made yet, it there something holding it up?  Would it be better if I provided videos?
ZFG - I will inquire on the status of your incentive for you.  Feel free to fill out the form with another incentive for the file name as well.
Incentive sheet is once again up to date with all current submissions and the accept/reject list should be current with everything the committee has decided upon to this point.  12/09/15  09:45 CST
Just to be clear, for my donation incentive for Kirby Squeak Squad, is it just the Boss Endurance Mode that got accepted or is it the color bid war as well?
Shasta - since there's no note saying one or the other, that means both have been accepted.
Oh sweet! Thank you very much then Cheesy
Cloudbuilt <3 Coilworks
I talked it over with the other runner for Cloudbuilt and he doesn't feel comfortable using a different base model (because of the larger on screen size of some of them). Would it be possible to have that incentive only apply to me? If not then I'll have to ask you to remove it, thank you.
For the purpose of races we have to have all runners performing the incentive to avoid confusion, so I'll get the incentive removed for you wobs23.  Thanks for the update.
List is once again up to date as of 12/14/15 10:02 CST.

Reminder that TODAY is the last day we will accept donation incentives.  I will also post updates once the committee has finalized all their decisions for incentives that have not yet been accepted/rejected.

I appreciate everyone's patience with us trying out this new system for the incentive submissions, it will definitely help us streamline the process at future events.
Thank you for everyone that offered incentives.  The list is up to date with every offering and committee decision to this point (there are still some that are being discussed based on the schedule and such). 

I will update here once the entire list is finalized and all the decisions have been made on what incentives are being accepted.