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We require more minerals
The AGDQ 2016 schedule can be found here

What this thread is for:
This thread is for finding and confirming couch commentary for runs at AGDQ 2016. If you need a couch commentator but don’t know who is coming, you can post here. If you simply wish to let us know who will be on your couch so it will be on the schedule, you can do that as well.

If you are posting requesting commentators for your run, please state which run you’re looking for help on. You will get more responses if people don’t have to look you up on the schedule themselves. Plenty of people are willing to learn about runs just to commentate for them, as well. If you feel like you need help on the couch, don’t hesitate to ask for help in this thread.

When you are finished compiling the list of your couch commentators, please post or PM me with who they they are and let me know your list is full. I will indicate on the thread that your couch is closed.

Keep in mind that this thread is for planning purposes. There aren't any requirements to have your couch set by any date, but if you are just getting things figured out at the even, the couch commentators will probably not appear on the schedule.

General guidelines
Runners have the final say on who is on the couch and who receives a microphone. Having a good idea of who is on your couch and discussing your general plan before the run will greatly improve the quality of the commentary for your run.

Races with three or more runners require dedicated commentary from someone on the couch.

Don’t try to plan everything in advance. Just make sure you’re comfortable with each other and can carry on decent conversations about the game. If you don’t know the commentators very well, make use of the private practice room for runners to sit down and practice commentary, it helps a lot.

If you plan to do most of the talking for your run, grab some friends you can carry on (appropriate) banter with during your game’s downtimes, or who can prompt you on good things to talk about.

Mike posted a thread about couch commentary before, and a lot of what he said still holds true so instead of rewriting it, I’m going to drop it here for your reading.

What makes good couch commentary?

Here are the four basics

-Be informative about in-game mechanics.

-Don't interrupt the runner, but make sure to fill in gaps if the runner didn't explain something or elaborate.

-Build a rapport with the runner, get in skype or mumble calls with them.

-Have fun! If you're excited to give a serious breakdown of a game, there have been tons of awesome and informative runs in the past. A sillier or fun run is fine as well, just as long as everyone involved knows.

A good example of good couch commentary would be the Yoshi's Island run from AGDQ 2013.

I also wrote a bit on commentary in a blog post:

Incomplete Couch: Runner is looking for people to sign up for commentary
Devil May Cry 3 -
Devil May Cry 4 -
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow of Mystara - CosmykTheDolfyn, ButtersBB, Sonikkustar, MURPHAGATOR!

Open Couch: Accepting anyone to sign up for commentary
Dragon Age: Origins - AlecK47
Rayman Legends - Available space on the couch is open to runners
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - sagev3

Pending Couch: Runner/Commentator is awaiting response

(Awaiting Runner Approval)
Animorphs - Bbforky
Axiom Verge - vulajin, Satoryu, philosoraptor42
Battletoads - Skybilz, GameJ06
Castlevania - puwexil, Dragondarch, Skybilz
Castlevania III - puwexil, Dragondarch, Skybilz, kmafrocard
Crash Bandicoot - Gamesforcharity
Darksiders 2 - BubblesDelFuego
Diablo 2 - gyre, ShiningFace
Disney's Aladdin - Skybilz
Donkey Kong Country - Skybilz, Spikevegeta, Antilles58
Gimmick! - Edobean
Grand Theft Auto 3 - AlecK47, Worn_Traveler
Kaizo Mario Bros. 3 - Skybilz, GameJ06
Kero Blaster - MunchaKoopas
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 - BubblesDelFuego, Spikevegeta, Bizkit047, Bl00dybizkitz, themistmaster1
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - CyberBotX, Mr_Shasta
Lagoon - ButtersBB
Left 4 Dead 2 - ShiningFace
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Sephazon, AlecK47
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Sephazon
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest - Sephazon, Gamesforcharity
Lester the Unlikely - Dragondarch
The Lion King - Skybilz
Mega Man 2 - Joka, DarkTerrex
Mega Man 6 - Joka, DarkTerrex, a9azn2
Mega Man 9 - Joka, Satoryu, DarkTerrex, GameJ06, Directionalpad
Mega Man 10 - Joka, Satoryu, DarkTerrex
Mega Man X - GameJ06
Mega Man ZX - Vucious Creed
Mega Man Zero - Joka
Metroid Prime - Kirbymastah
Metroid Zero Mission - Dragondarch, Kirbymastah, JRP2234, Mr_Shasta
Ori and the Blind Forest - Vulajin, Joka
Outlast - rudyxx
Pokemon Yellow - Sephazon
Rockman 4 Burst Chaser x Air Sliding - DarkTerrex
Sonic Advance - Kirbymastah, AlecK47
Sonic Advance 3 - AlecK47
Star Fox 64 - Skybilz
Strider - DarkTerrex, Blechy
Super Castlevania IV - puwexil, Skybilz, lildingus
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Skybilz, AlecK47
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Svenne
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Any% no WW) - Skybilz
Talos Principle - FearfulFerret
TMNT: Turtles in Time - MURPHAGATOR!
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - BubblesDelFuego
Wrack - BubblesDelFuego

(Awaiting Commentator Approval)
Diablo - MrLlamaSC, ShiningFace,
Donkey Kong Country 2 (102%) - Claude, MrZeratheMant, Eazinn
Escape from Atlantis - Zerst
Hudson Hawk - NMEtv, jimmypoopins
Iji - CavemanDCJ
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - kungfufruitcup
Kirby: Squeak Squad - GuyBB
Rayman Legends - Caneofpacci, and DownieBrownie
Rocky & Bullwinkle - jimmypoopins
Simpsons Arcade - Herrkaboom, Zepterthing
Sonic Advance 3 - Combo Blaze, Gedrith
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 - Guished, M_tt, Fivves
Transformers Devastation - Laz, GuyBB

Approved Couch: Runner and Commentator(s) have agreed to the arrangement
Alpha Zylon - Brossentia
Battletoads - PJ
Bloodborne - BubblesDelFuego
Castlevania Bloodlines - Satoryu, MechaRichter, PJ, MURPHAGATOR!
Diablo - RyuQuezacotle
Donkey Kong Country 2 (102%) - Antilles58
Escape from Atlantis - Authorblues
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance - Kirbymastah, AlecK47, ButtersBB
Goof Troop - Blechy, Bbforky
Hero Core - Breakdown
Iji - VB_SRL
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Bbforky, munchakoopas
Kirby: Squeak Squad - Kirbymastah, VB_SRL
Lagoon - puwexil, Klaige
Lester the Unlikely - philosoraptor42, Skybilz, authorblues
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse - Blechy
Mega Man ZX - Joka, Satoryu, flameberger
Metroid Fusion - Dragondarch, Mr_Shasta
Rayman Legends - FearfulFerret
Rocky & Bullwinkle - DarkTerrex, Whitehat
Secret of Mana - puwexil, vulajin, gyre, OverfiendVIP
Shinobi - authorblues, whitehat94
Shovel Knight - vulajin, CyberBotX, Tohloo
Simpsons Arcade - TapatioJ
Snapshot - Blechy
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Deuceler
Super Metroid (Reverse Boss Order) - lildingus, OverfiendVIP, sweetnumb, oatsngoats
Transformers Devastation - vulajin

Closed Couch: Runner is not looking for more commentators
Azure Striker Gunvolt - Blechy, Trogdor, cleartonic
Blaster Master - puwexil, Blechy
Banjo-Kazooie - Smasher32 (Waiting on Hyperresonance92, and kaptainkohl's confirmations)
Castlevania - Puwexil, DragonDrach, Skybilz, Cantaloupe(waiting approval)
FEZ - CyberBotX, Gyre
Final Fantasy IV - puwexil, catastrophic4 (waiting approval)
INK - ZachSK, Sonikkustar, CosmykTheDolfyn
King of Kings: The Early Years - Authorblues, Taku_
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages -  mashystrr, Sephazon, TheMageling
Low G Man - Dragondarch, Skybilz, PJ
Megaman Zero - Tiki, CrakAtak, SlurpeeNinja (waiting approval)
Shadow Complex - Satoryu, Brad Cummings
Spyro the Dragon - BubblesDelFuego, Caitelady, Spudlyman, SSBMstuff (Runner wants three of the four, but they will figure it out at the event.)
Star Fox 64 - zallard1, geridesu
Super Mario Bros. - Blechy
Super Mario World ( 96 Exit ) - Dram55,  Linkdeadx2, Greendeathflavor
TasBot Total Control - sagev3, MitchFlowerPower
Vendetta - PJ, Klaige, Mecharichter (Waiting for confirmation from Mecha and Klaige)
Thread title:  
Professional Second Banana
Interested in commentating any of the following that the runners will have me for:

Blaster Master
Castlevania III
Super Castlevania IV
Secret of Mana
Final Fantasy IV
Edit history:
Vulajin: 2015-11-21 05:05:06 pm
Offering to commentate:

Ori and the Blind Forest
Axiom Verge
Secret of Mana
Shovel Knight

Offering to provide moral support:

Transformers: Devastation

For FEZ: is anyone even attending who knows this game?
The TrUest of Shades
Offering to commentate:

Any game

Why should you choose me?
Cause I'm awesome Cheesy
I would be interested in commentating any of these games where there's space:

Diablo 2
Secret of Mana
Final Fantasy IV

I will learn Fez if no actual runners show up to commentate it.

Couch for Final Fantasy 1 any% will be closed.
Personal text
I'm offering to commentate:

Mega Man 2
Mega Man 6
Mega Man ZX
Ori and the Blind Forest
Azure Striker Gunvolt

Moral support:

Mega Man 9/10
Mega Man Zero
Insane Killer Robot
Offering to commentate for these runs:

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Shovel Knight

So to answer Vulajin, yes, someone attending does know FEZ. Tongue (Not sure how well I could say I know it, but I did play the entire thing.)
Visually Appealing
Offering to commentate for:

Axiom Verge
Castlevania Bloodlines
Mega Man ZX
Azure Striker Gunvolt
Shadow Complex
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10
The bigger, the better.
Looking for commentators on my game, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara - Cleric No Deaths% . I can teach anyone interested.
We require more minerals
Hey guys, I'm out of town. Updating the thread now, but it might be a few days until I get a chance to update it again. Don't worry, I'll get to it when my schedule allows it.
Alright, my situation is still changing (again...), but given that I do go I'd like to offer commentary for

Mega Man 6
Rockman 4 Burst Chaser x Air Sliding

and possibly

Mega Man 2
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Can commentate on:
-Metroid Fusion
-Metroid Zero Mission
-Lester the Unlikely
-Low G Man
-Castlevania 3

Confirming the following people for commentary for my runs:
Hero Core

Escape from Atlantis
Blechy will be providing commentary for the Magical Quest race between R3DninjaJOSH and I.

For the Super Mario Bros. race, the three of us (GreenDeathFlavor, Lackattack24 and I) will handle the commentary ourselves.
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Skybilz: 2015-11-22 04:25:56 pm
Skybilz: 2015-11-22 04:25:52 pm
Skybilz: 2015-11-22 04:25:50 pm
Radioactive Rat has already asked me to be on her couch for Lester the Unlikely.

Games I can do commentary for:
The Lion King
Disney's Aladdin
Donkey Kong Country
Kaizo Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario World (96 Exit)
Low G Man
Castlevania III
Castlevania IV
Star Fox 64
Super Mario Bros. 2

I have experience doing commentary for various Mario Relay Races, Retro Raisers, Best of NES, AGDQ 2015, SGDQ 2015, SMW No Star World Tournament and Kusogrande. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Please send me a tweet,(Skybilz) or a PM on Twitch ( if you are interested. Thank you so much! ^.^
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kirbymastah: 2015-11-23 08:25:58 am
kirbymastah: 2015-11-22 06:47:13 pm
kirbymastah: 2015-11-22 06:46:49 pm
kirbymastah: 2015-11-22 05:03:12 pm
Commentating on:
-Kirby: Squeak Squad
-Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Path of Radiance
-Metroid: Zero Mission
-Metroid Prime
-Sonic Advance

Commentators confirmed for:
Metroid Fusion: Dragondarch, Mr_Shasta
Sonic Advance 3: Combo Blaze, Gedrith

Fine with really anyone else kinda familiar with the games assuming there's room
I speedrun literally every game, so if you need a commentator for something, come find me. Twitter is best (@_authorblues). I'm a beast.
Edit history:
Sephazon: 2015-11-22 05:35:27 pm
Games I am interested in commentating for:

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Pokemon Yellow
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

For context, aside from being a casual speedrunner, I am an established and experienced YouTube commentator who conducts interviews, discussions and reviews with fellow content creators. I am also the Director of Marketing for Zelda Universe (worlds largest Zelda community) and I am very knowledgeable on the series as a whole. Furthermore, I will be heavily promoting these speedruns during the event for the site. I'm a longtime Pokemon fan and have been speedrunning Pokémon Crystal for four years now, and I would love to learn more about Pokémon Yellow in general. Lastly, Fire Emblem is a series I've always been interested in speedruns for, and I would consider it to be a very entertaining and engaging game to help commentary for.

Feel free to tweet at me (@Sephazon) if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to attending AGDQ 2016 and meeting many of you there.
Edit history:
Mr_Shasta: 2015-11-22 05:41:55 pm
Mr_Shasta: 2015-11-22 05:41:44 pm
My couch for Kirby Squeak Squad will be VB_SRL, GuyBB, and Kirbymastah.

As for runs I'm on couch for:
Metroid Fusion
Kirby 64

I could also commentate for Metroid Zero Mission if SamTheDigital wants me to since I've also run the game.

Also if anyone else wants me on their couch, I'm down for it
That's "Mr." Speedrunner, to you
Hi Raelcun *hug*

I will be doing commentary for:
S P Y R O the D R A G O N

I can would enjoy doing commentary for:
Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Darksiders 2
Max Payne 2(If it comes out of waitlist)
Bioshock(If it comes out of waitlist)
Edit history:
spikevegeta2: 2015-11-22 08:06:54 pm
For Rayman Legends, there should be a fair amount of runners going(Assuming they will be there day 1)

I'd say Caneofpacci, FearfulFerret, and DownieBrownie get first dibs, but if others end up offering, I'm open to whoever

I'd also like to offer my services for:

Kingdom Hearts 1.5

In addition, the runner of KH1.5, Zetris agreed to make the couch:



I can also offer my services for:

Donkey Kong Country (If there are a lack of good commentators)
Edit history:
Yagamoth: 2015-11-22 08:46:21 pm
Responding for Secret of Mana:

I already confirmed Puwexil and OverfiendVIP for the couch (Overfiend hasn't written in this thread). I 'assume' there should be enough space for two more people, as I expect to sit on a chair in front of the couch in order to reach a table of sorts. Since I know both Vulajin and Gyre are really awesome, I'd happily have them on the couch as well - if they have enough space Smiley

Further: I request Blechy to sit on the couch for Goof Troop run ^^
Edit history:
JRP2234: 2015-11-22 09:25:28 pm
Commentating on Metroid: Zero Mission

Can confirm Dragondarch and Mr_Shasta for Metroid Fusion commentators.
I am looking for a commentator or two for my run of INK Smiley
Not a walrus
Blaster Master:

gyre & puwexil have offered and I think that'll be good for the couch.
I'm willing to help out anyone that would like someone on the couch for commentary for any game. Just give me a heads up and we can talk about the run and I'll be sure to study up.

As for me, I don't really have a preference for Outlast, so couch is open, just run it by me first if you want to be on the couch. I should have things for the most part, but I know I may leave some things out so it's nice to have some back up in that case.