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The F-Zero crew was super awesome.  I genuinely can't think of any F-Zero runners that aren't cool people.

Shoutouts to all those who played Bazooka Chess, anti-shoutouts to those who played Chess 2.

Shoutouts to the 33 people that completed Chapter 5 on Very Hard in F-Zero GX:  eTholon, Nightmare, Miles, Therio, Zewing, SMK, Fiery-Blizzard, Naegleria, Adam AK, DrakoDan, Jorf, Yoshifan, DarkEye, Mapler, ShadowJacky, CGN, DarkSpinesSonic, SGTRaven84, WMJ, Zerst, Claus, EdwardFourZERO, RoboSparkle, Cosmo, valiuse, CuteFluffyBunny, Coast, ReedTiburon, LVCreed, Sonikkustar, ShiningFace, The Mexican Runner, and ionG.
Only Offense Will Survive
Quote from Naegleria:
Shoutouts to the 33 people that completed Chapter 5 on Very Hard in F-Zero GX:  eTholon, Nightmare, Miles, Therio, Zewing, SMK, Fiery-Blizzard, Naegleria, Adam AK, DrakoDan, Jorf, Yoshifan, DarkEye, Mapler, ShadowJacky, CGN, DarkSpinesSonic, SGTRaven84, WMJ, Zerst, Claus, EdwardFourZERO, RoboSparkle, Cosmo, valiuse, CuteFluffyBunny, Coast, ReedTiburon, LVCreed, Sonikkustar, ShiningFace, The Mexican Runner, and ionG.
You forgot my name dude. Cheesy
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Joka: 2014-01-17 11:26:17 am
Joka: 2014-01-17 11:25:53 am
Personal text
It was nice meeting all of you. I love you all!
I'm afraid if I make a list, I'll forget someone

Special thanks to:
Dxtr, for traveling with me
Duckfist, for handling the room reservation etc
PJ, for providing awesome commentary during my rmf run
Puwexil, for providing awesome commentary during my other runs
and to everyone that let me borrow their console/controller/game !
shoutouts to the swamp xd
Guess I better do my shoutouts before I forget everything that happened. Smiley

Shoutouts to everyone that I talked to for any decent length of time, including (but not limited to) Mike, Breakdown, Dragondarch, puwexil, obdajr, Dana, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Shoutouts to Sinister and all the poker game participants, as it was my pleasure to bust out early so I could deal for you guys.

Shoutouts to all the Rock Band'ers, of which I'm sure there were too many to count, thanks for using and abusing my fake plastic instruments.

Shoutouts to my awesome roommates Amber, dballin, and Quinn, you guys rock!

And, of course, $1 million HYPE!
waifus are laifu
Let's try this out.

Everyone I met for the first time, it was great finally getting to see you in person. Now you have a face to put to my name since I don't use a webcam XD

Romscout and Puwexil for being probably the two guys I sat around with most and chatted about whatever.

Ilikebeingsmart for letting me lose against you in Pokemon Puzzle League! I swear I'll pick up the game and actually put up a fight next time.

MaturedSinner and saboom for playing against me in my wacky speedgames.

Kari Fry and LLK for being awesome artists.

Hannah/Muffins for letting me pet your hair :3 Next year I'll have to come visit your cats!

Dragondarch for putting up with rooming with me again. I think the bed thing worked out pretty well...

ClaireSable and PhatHome666 for putting up with me for a week and a half over MAGFest and AGDQ. Glad you were able to come with me!

ProgramMax and everyone else at the cool kids table that one morning for letting me join in your discussions.

Uyama for the sweet comment about me getting more social Smiley You're one of the ones that has helped by organizing these things!

Whoever gave me that stroopwafel, I love you and I can still remember the smell.

Kiyura, SMK, Cool Matty, UA, and everyone else running tech/donations stuff. I had a blast helping out.

Dram, Flicky, and the rest of the sushi crew for a fun night out. LOVE BOAT!

Everyone else I forgot! There were so many people this time that knew of me or that I knew and I know I didn't get to speak to everyone I wanted to!
Everybody's favorite monster
Quote from kariohki:
Whoever gave me that stroopwafel, I love you and I can still remember the smell.

You are welcome Smiley my shoutouts will follow
Let's Dance!
I'm really bad at these things, because my memory is awful, but:

My roommates, the meanieface crew, for being decent people to share a room with!

Dragondarch, Hachrt, and Sent for making my run far less stressful than it could have been.

Dragondarch again for being the person I hung out and talked with the most!

PJ, Mecha, and Omni for the estarland trip (buying Rocketeer was still a bad idea though, Omni)

Murph for inviting me to sit on the couch, Two Crude Dudes was 2crude4me.

Kari Fry for the sweet pic!

Dan Salvato for bringing the Amiga, and RoboSparkle for suggesting games to play on it.  UWAAAH!!!

Noclip for thinking I was worth interviewing.  Also for letting me try out the Rift, now I really want one.

Studio:  Hey, we tried, at least it got on though.

A few specific people I talked to for lengths of time and enjoyed hanging out (And weren't already mentioned):  Romscout, Wallcrusher, Gildersneeze

All the people I chatted with who I forget your names and will feel awkward seeing next year, forgive me, as I noted, my memory sucks.  Smiley

Everyone who came around the C64 and chatted while I was playing, it was nice to see people be interested in it.

I know I'm forgetting a bunch, I'm sorry!
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mikwuyma: 2014-01-19 11:05:50 pm
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I have a gajillion individual shotouts to go through, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to them. Instead, I just wanted to give a shoutout to everyone at the event. With one exception*, everyone was awesome and made the event really chill and a great place to hang out.

Honestly, one of my biggest fears this year was whether this was the year that everything became, "too big", and that community feeling would be lost and everything would become joyless. However, the opposite happened and the community feeling was somehow stronger this year and there was a good positive vibe throughout the entire event. There were definitely a couple of rough patches here and there, but in the end we all pulled through and we raised the big million for PCF, which I didn't think we would hit when the event started.

All in all, you guys are a swell lot of nerds and I look forward to seeing you next year, even if it's with febreze. Tongue

*Somehow Naegleria was not the exception.

EDIT: I saw naegleria gave a shoutout to himself so he is now an exception too.
SEGA Junkie
Guess I'll take my turn:

First, shoutouts to one million dollars. Seriously, holy shit. To think I was one of maybe 20 people at the first one of these things, crammed into a basement, streaming on Ustream to a few hundred people, and to think this event has literally grown a hundred fold since then is just mind boggling. The level of professionalism on display from the runners, commentators and tech is a far cry from where we were in 2010. Long may we continue to improve! (And there are things I'd improve, but I'll save those for the future topic addressing those.)

Particular shoutouts to Tiberius, Brossentia and Toothache who went flying blind with me in our quest to man the Twitter account during the event. I didn't really have the idea until very last minute (I didn't even have the password until after the event started, to give you an idea) but it seemed to work out pretty well. There were some kinks - we didn't have 24 hour coverage, and I'd like to expand the team for future events for this reason - but overall I think the use of Twitter in the way we had was long overdue. We had #AGDQ2014 trending a few times, too, though I certainly won't take credit for that - that's all on the respective runners (and in one case, the fire alarm!)

And one final shoutout to romscout, who kept me sane during a particularly difficult part of the event. I can't stress enough how much that helped.

I hope to see you all at one of these soon, but we're probably looking more medium term than short term. In any case, until we meet again, keep on being amazing, and spread the love. <3
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MaturedSinner: 2014-01-21 05:35:10 am

Mike Uyama: For organizing so much and allowing me to help with the marathon. And showing us that great Korean grill place that played so much K-Pop.

UA: For your tireless efforts to get the stream up and running and keep it running.

CoolMatty: You kept the tech and sound area very organized this year.

TestRunner: You were at tech virtually every time I saw you, and stayed with me during my shift and even after when the next person didn't show.

Missy: For being awesome and helping out on donations so much.

WallCrusher, theenglishman, Yagamoth: Great roomies, I had no problems, our sleep schedules worked enough for me.

kirkq: For introducing me to Rugrats on N64.

Kariohki: Was nice to see you again and have my ass handed to me in Chocobo Racing.

Miles: Great runs, too bad about Thardus Dash, but there's always next marathon.

Naeglaria: For being incredibly cool about being woken up and having his head shaved.

SMK: You certainly kicked my ass at chess, regardless of how the game ended. Looking forward to learning Chess 2 for next year.

Everyone who played chess: Cheeeeeeeesssssssss

Everybody who volunteered to handle hosting, tech, donations, whatever: For your time, effort, and loss of sleep to help make this event awesome.

TSR the Ohio crew: Sweet games of Mario Kart and Tetris.

Hotel staff: For supporting us and putting up with every crazy thing that happened. Like,

Drunken Lady: For your killer poetry and entertainment.

Chat Mods: You waded through the filth of chat constantly and always came out clean.

Donators: One million dollars!!!!!!!

Viewers: For putting the word out and making this year bigger than ever.

Anybody and Everybody that I talked to or interacted with: You are the man! Or woman!

This was my gaming event of any kind, and I know I'm going to forget people, but I'll shout out who I can remember.  Before anything else though, $1,000,000 was more than I was expecting.  I was initially thinking 800k before bonus stream, but once we hit that during Cosmo's run, I knew we had a shot.  Not to mention the fact that we raised an additional 20k or so during bonus stream blew my mind.  When I told one of my relatives that we raised over 1 million in a week, his mouth dropped open.  So yay for that Smiley

Now to shoutouts proper:

ButtersBB for being so welcoming and making a point to introduce himself to anyone he didn't know.

Lightning55 for introducing me to the Banjo crew and challenging me in PPL matches that were so epic that we lost track of time.  It was nice we could smack talk irl, and we even got a bit of a crowd.  Hopefully the SGDQ pitch goes well and I'll get to represent it live!

The Banjo crew of Smasher, Stivitybobo, Emily/KazooieGirl, MadTaz, and Mr. Weables for hanging out and going to dinner a bunch.  Having a core of people to hang around for the week made me feel much more secure, and being crammed in a car together was quite the experience!

Ashley, NES and Animeowerz for letting me hang despite not being quite the socialite I wanted to be.  Funny bunch of people.

Bosby for having amazing hair, and making me feel special by introducing himself to me, which was weird but very cool.

Striker for being a talented musician and improvising with me.  I want to get back into piano now because of him and all the other talented musicians at agdq.

Azorae for having the funniest run of 16 stars I've ever seen in my life.  It was indeed wr Cheesy

Siglemic for chatting about Mario and explaining to me the semi-secret reason why he doesn't like bingo.  You told me to give bingo up to grind 70 star, but telling me to give bingo up is like telling you to never run 120 again Cheesy

Quote from kariohki:
Ilikebeingsmart for letting me lose against you in Pokemon Puzzle League! I swear I'll pick up the game and actually put up a fight next time.

I was pretty surprised at your skill level despite it being so late. I'll have to bring my snes controller so we can play Tetris Attack and be on a more level playing field.

Quote from rudyxx:
Also shoutouts to everyone in my hotel room that I didn't actually meet. I'm sure you guys were fantastic. Especially whoever kept drinking my orange juice.

Wasn't me, especially since I was there when you said "Don't drink my orange juice or water."

Thanks everyone for the experience, see you some other time!
As this was my first agdq I had a wonderful time and definitely felt welcomed.  I would like to give a shout to

Mike Uyama - for organizing this event and being welcoming to all new members for first time attending.
Zewing-it was great to meet you man and thanks for the tips you have given me the motivation to keep going at any game i run.
caleb- it was great to meet the badass behind the mmx 100% world record with all the swag.
thatanitfalco- your a cool dude
sneaks- awesome to finally meet you and your a awesome dude
jinny-awesome to finally meet you dude
phathome666 - It awesome to finally meet you dude
andy,pie,sparrow,ryxos,flare,citrine, supreme, striker, and solidus- it was great to meet all you guys
UA,testrunner,raelcun and all the other that were behind hte scenes you guys did a great job.
kariohki- it was pleasure to meet you
kirbymastah- it was awesome to meet you
adamak,flicky,robo and all the other euro/oversea ppl- it was great to meet you
Sin- great to finally meet you man.
SMK,Zoast and all the other super metroid community- It was great to finally learn super metroid thanks for all the help.
To anyone i missed it was great to meet you all
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Rakuen: 2014-01-25 10:28:39 pm
Weegee Time
Alright, time to stop being lazy and actually post something.

I managed to watch a lot more runs this marathon than any I can remember.  Everything I watched was well done and I thank all of you for contributing, but there were a few that really made my day:

tminator64 - Viewtiful Joe - I loved this game's vibe from the very first time I powered it on, and it thrilled me to see it get torn apart so quickly.  And that you took the time to show the two (short) cutscenes that really define the game was a definite plus!

Sonic R - Bertin + couch crew - I unironically loved the music in this game as a kid, and I continue to do so as an adult.  That run was worth every penny to make it what it was.

Yoshi's Island - Tri-hex & Carl Sagan - This is about the most entertaining platformer I can think of, and it only seems to get better every time I see a good run.  Thanks for laying down a pretty great run and showing off some awesome glitches.

Halo 2 - Monopoli - Honestly, I didn't know what to expect coming into this run, but the gameplay and commentary made it engaging and well worth my time watching it after the marathon proper!

LoZ: LttP - solidus & Andy - It was great to see an hour and a half race end with less than a minute separating and coming down to whether or not the leader would get hit one more time.

Star Fox 64 - Zallard1 - Props to you for offering to show off something a bit different for a marathon, and I for one am glad you got the opportunity to do it.

Castlevania SotN - Zex & Mecha Ricter - Another great race, even with the blooper at the end that pretty much set the victor in stone.

Mario Kart 64 - dntn31 - Maybe I've just had my head in the sand (probable), but I had no idea that so many skips existed in this game.  Thanks for showing them off for us throughout the run.

F-Zero GX - CGN - WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. I'm glad I donated toward this, I'm glad I helped get some people hyped up to donate too, and I'm bummed I didn't get to watch it live and get hyped with the chat.  You are The Man when it comes to F-Zero GX.

Half-Life 2 - Studio - I haven't watched more than the first 20 minutes of this, since I had to go to bed, but I liked what I saw and heard.  So shoutouts in advance.  Now I just hope you live (or lived?) up to my hype. :p

Punch-Out - sinister1 & Zallard1 - Always great to see a different perspective (or lack thereof) when it comes to running a game blindfolded.

Metroid Prime - Miles, the couch, & Zoid - My mom actually sat and watched this entire run with me.  Frankly, that's an accomplishment in itself.  Really great commentary from all sides, and I'm hopeful that with some effort, we can improve interaction in the future to make this sort of thing even better. Smiley

Super Metroid - Everyone - I've never been so hyped for a run in all my life.  This was hands down the run of the marathon for me, and I'm utterly amazed that all three survivors managed to complete the game within seconds.  And additional props to the tech crew for putting in the work to make this possible.

Metroid Zero Mission - Dragondarch - I need to watch this run.  I've heard nothing but good things about it.  So props in advance!

Super Mario 64 - PEACHES_ - So many things went so well and to see it all done with one-hand, just wow.  I was stoked to see you get one-handed cannonless, even if it took a few tries to pull it off!

Chrono Trigger - obdajr - You anchored this marathon and in the time it took that game to complete, through some miracle, we reached a million dollars.  Additional shoutouts to the couch crew for the WONDERSHOT! meme.

And now some non-game shoutouts:

mikwuyma - Cancer hits home for all of us, myself included.  I'm grateful that you've chosen to spend the time and resources these events provide on cancer research year over year.  And I'm doubly grateful PCF gave you the opportunity to focus so much of your time and energy on this event.

Kiyura - We still had problems at times, but overall communication with the site went much smoother, and I've got you to thank for a great portion of it.  You made yourself available as much as possible; you're a real trooper and deserving of notice.

UA, CoolMatty, & tech crew - I know it takes so much effort to put a high quality event like this together, especially with the varying demands caused by all the different setups.  As always, thanks for your time and effort, especially when it came to humoring us by checking when we reported problems from the chat.

TheYetee - Wow, I don't think you expected to sell that many shirts, eh?  If it weren't for your involvement in the *GDQs I still might not even know your store existed.  Thanks for doing so much event after event to accomidate and support us in our efforts.  Now if only you could have managed to save the animals... :p

AGDQ Monitor - Thank you for keeping us apprised of the important things in life, like TASBot's schemes for prize domination. <3

Anatotitan - I'm glad TSG found you when you did, and I'm glad you're willing to put in the effort to support *GDQ as well.  I like your art style.  Never give up on it.

Twitch Mods - This is probably THE most thankless job on the planet.  I chipped in here and there, but you folks are absolute beasts for putting up with it day after day for a week.  I hope you all got some well-deserved rest after the fact.

Quakenet Mods - As always it was a pleasure working with you all.  I'm glad you got some use out of my quickly thrown together chat bot, and hopefully I'll have something a bit better for C4L and/or SGDQ. ^_^;

Quakenet Chat - By and large, you folks make our job easy.  I enjoyed talking with you all as I had the time.  This is where I get a lot of my joy out of these events, so don't go changing on me!

Donators - 1 million.  Hell yeah.

This whole event was amazing and I'm honored to have been even a small part of its success.  Until next marathon~
Infinite Combo
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MURPHAGATOR!: 2014-01-26 01:09:42 pm
The whole marathon was awesome, I'd like to thanks everyone who organized it, runned a game or donated to the charity. I hope SGDQ will reach $500k.

This is not the time or place for criticism of the marathon, wait for the thread for constructive feedback to be posted. - Mod Edit

I hope staff members don't take this critisism badly, as I said their job was awesome aswell as the marathon overall. And now that GDQs grow bigger and bigger every years, it should learn from the small mistakes

Love to eveyone involve in GDQs.
So... I guess I should also write some shoutouts

First off, shoutout to the people I forgot. I know there are at least 2 if not 3 which I interacted with a fair bit, but I can't quite remember the names anymore. (One might have been Lightning55?) In any case, sorry for not remembering, but still much love to you too Smiley

General shoutout: Simply being around all those people from the speedrunning community made me realize something I already suspected - all the people around there were amazing. I didn't need to talk or interact with you at all, I didn't need to know you, but I always had the feeling that it was a comfortable and enjoyable environment with friendly strangers. As Rane put it at some point - it felt like home. Unlike what you'd expect, where people are completely different compared to their online avatar and behavior, pretty much everyone I knew acted exactly as they were on stream, which felt like the whole event was very genuine

The Organizers, Tec staff, Prize donors, Chat Moderators, Donation Station & Host Station
- Huge shoutout and much love to all of you... Let the 10 minute blank in my head trying to come up with something that expresses how much I appreciate all your work be testament to how much... I appreciate all your work ^^;

The musician people:
Thanks a lot for the awesome hours where I simply could come over to the Pianos, sit, relax and enjoy the music you guys came up with. I hope this will be no different or even maybe a bit bigger next time. This includes:

Jackson Parodi - Amazing piano player and Accordion with a interesting hairstyle. Your variety in music seemed to be endless and I was sitting there and listening for probably hours

Emily - The mystery lady, which happened to sit next to me on the bench at some point and suddenly started singing to the Cowboy Bebop theme which Jackson was playing on the piano at the time. The singing was amazing and I'd have hoped you'd return to sing some more at some point ^^

Zero|DPX - Another amazing piano player, which I also learned has some impressive tracks on soundcloud too (Recombine is incredible)

TJP - And one more awesome piano player, thank you so much for the entertainment but also, the technical-music-conversations (or whatever you want to call those) I at first didn't understand a thing, but I started learning

TMR - The awesome flute and a little bit of piano. Seriously, I love the flute as an instrument and it's so rare to see people playing it properly. I hope you'll bring it with you next time again Smiley

+ at least 2 other music makers I know were there but I can't remember the names (Bismuth might be one?)

I originally intended to make categories for various things... But I'm too lazy now, so, the rest will be alphabetically ordered:

Blechy - Always smiling, always seemingly happy, really nice to be around you. And when we finally got to talk to each other, I feel like we could have picked any topic and it would have been a great conversation. Thank you Smiley

Breakdown - I didn't get to talk to you much, but simply being around you were as chill and as relaxed as one can be. I loved Mr. Domino and the commentary - it was really fitting ^^

ButtersBB - Also someone I didn't really get to talk to, but thanks a lot for your support during the IWBTG-games and in general, for all the work you do I probably didn't see Smiley

"GDQ-Monitor" - I completely forgot your name, but thanks a ton for your effort and work back there at the tech station Smiley

Dgaul - I'm pretty sure you were one of the people I saw around quite a bit, didn't get to talk to much and when I asked for your name, I instantly forgot about it again. Also I didn't remember where it was from, I simply knew that name sounded familiar ^^;

Duckfist - The Rocman X game was really... Interesting. I actually really enjoyed trying to figure out this game, not "despite" but actually "because" of the fact that it was basically an unfinished game. But also other than that, it was really nice talking to you during the last dinner about jobs, companies and such. This gave me a lot of motivation to keep going and not wait around and hope. I wish that we will find something we are looking for Smiley

Gildersneeze - I still can't say I understand Clash At Demonhead particularly well, despite watching you a bunch on stream, in the practice room and then in the Bonus stream. I only know, that you practiced the hell out of this and displayed a nice show. Also aside from that, you were really nice to be around ^^

The other person which I mistook for Gildersneeze a few times but still can't remember the name - I often saw you around the marathon room in the administration desk. Thank you for your work Smiley

IrregularJinny - Someone else I only barely got to talk to. Watching you play MegaMan X-something in the practice room (the one with the skip to the Sigma Stage) was really interesting alongside your commentary. Unfortunately I had to leave for something and also was too tired to hang around for your actual run in the Bonus Stream. In any case, thank you for being so welcoming to a curious stranger ^^

Kayin - Thanks a lot for your Skype assistance and commentary during the IWBTG-block. It was a bit unfortunate that I couldn't really hear you from where I was sitting (hence why I may have reacted a bit weird until I realized you were still there). Also I should have checked whether the PC I was on had access to the internet, so you could have done some interesting stuff... Oh well, I hope to see you around and maybe we can even do the Speedrunner vs Creator race next time as we talked about ;)... Maybe in BE: P? ^^

Other Devs - There were a lot of other devs talking as well, some of which was genuinely surprising to me (The Mask?... Wow, how did you find him?). In any case, it always adds something special when we have the developers on a call. Thank you all for taking your time to support this event with your presence Smiley

Mecharichter - Massive shoutout to you my big bearded buddy (seriously, you were much taller than I expected), for all the amazing perlers you created and donated to the event. Those all looked amazing.. Also, you were a really awesome person to be around, thank you Smiley

Mike Uyama - I didn't get to talk to you much, but also thank you - thank you for taking up this gigantic task of organization and doing really well with it Smiley

Muffin (mom) - You are an amazing event mom. Doing all the tons of little (and bigger) things left and right - Thank you. Thank you for your tireless efforts Smiley

OverfiendVIP - Another really awesome person to be around. Mostly quietly sitting in the practice room, watching, supporting. I hope to see you again and maybe you can run something too? ^^

PJ - You were one of my original inspirations to get more involved with the Speedrunning community. You are funny, fun-loving yet extremely good in what you are doing. It was a blast watching you and Mecharichter or you and TMR doing practice and attempts with those Battletoad games, and it was also really awesome to talk to you about random things. Further, it was really nice having you sitting on the couch during our SoM run - as you once mentioned, when you have good friends around, you don't realize the thousands of people watching. You are simply in company of good friends.. Thank you Smiley

Professor Broman - The hard working and awesomely amazing and welcoming person. You always seemed to be occuppied doing something, your PC was used as one of the few gaming PCs and I didn't hear you complain once. Thank you for providing me and Tenshots the PC for IWBTG and IWBTG:G (it was the only PC this game could run on for some reason). The BL2 run was amazing, your effort and passion for the charity was inspiring. Again - Thank you Smiley

The BL2 Crew - I didn't really get to talk with any of you besides Broman, but in any case, thank you for the quick and flawless PC setup and your amazing runs. I had a blast watching you play and commentate Smiley

Puwexil - You were also one of my original inspirations to get more involved with the Speedrunning community. Your relaxed and calm persona while still being open for all kinds of things (Pie to the face) is really amazing. Thank you for sitting on the couch during our SoM run, it simply gave me a good bit more security and confidence having you (and PJ and Rudyxx) sitting there Smiley

Raelcun - Can rule. Like last year, your SC2 run was extremely enjoyable with great light-hearted commentary. During the Borderlands 2 run you were at the host station, doing an exceptional job. Seriously, getting to host this well during a 4 player coop run with dev commentary has to be insanely difficult, Chapeau! Beyond that, you were also a an awesome person to be around, be it playing some weird unicorn game (Pryzm!) or simply having a chat during breakfast Smiley

Romscout - And one more person, which was one of my original inspirations to get more involved with the Speedrunning community. I do not even know how to describe this, but... I think amazing, awesome and quirky might be the nearest thing I can get to describe you with my limited vocabulary. Thanks for being around and talking about various things ^^

Rudyxx - I did not get to interact with you a whole lot but, thank you for being on the couch during our SoM run, wearing those neat hats - also, thanks a lot for bringing the Prizes from the spectrumofmana guys over to the event Smiley

StingerPA - For me you were the champion of this event. I'm biased, but hey - I've never played any game coop before, where my partner was really on the same level as me and provided excellent synergy. I'm usually the type of coop player, that plugs holes and makes up for things my partners missed. But I didn't have to do this really, and we got our coop-run to be on a surprisingly high level during our practice. I had a blast practicing and running this game with you. Further, despite being really sick you powered through the marathon run - I am really grateful that you managed to do that. Thank you, hopefully we can go for more attempts next year, punching that time well below 2 hours Smiley

Studio - The first tech you taught me of americaland was, that you can simply snatch some people to have some nice company when going to get some food, and have a good time. I later adapted that strategy with success. It was always enjoyable talking to you Smiley

TenshotsTV - Your IWBTG run was awesome despite the rough start, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be right there, trying to commentate. Your personality fitted this game perfectly, and it was always pleasant interacting with you ^^

Testrunner - I'm pretty sure, every single time I went into the marathon room, you were back there at the tec station, working. Your dedication and effort was inspiring, thank you so much for all the effort you put into the entire event Smiley

The Hotel Staff & Restaurant staff - Even though they most likely will not read this - thank you. Pretty much all the staff I saw was very helpful and usually smiling - it was a very pleasant experience Smiley

The Mexican Runner - I had a ton of fun watching you and PJ do battletoads practice, breaking and attempts. At some point we played Life Force together (<3 that game), where at first I carried you through the first 3 worlds. After 2 restarts, you carried me basically all the way through the entire game. You pick up games incredibly quick and basically work really hard to achieve your goals, this is really inspiring. I still need to properly pick up the Lion King, but as promised, I will at least try to give you some competition in there. All in all, you are an amazing personality and it was really nice having you around Smiley

Tompa - I didn't talk much to you, but I saw you often do chat moderation and tried to keep stuff running, thanks a lot for your work Smiley

Uranium Anchor - Thank you. I was happy to be able to shake your hand and thank you in person. Your effort and work you do pre-, during and post-marathon is amazing. I hope to be able to help out next year Smiley

UltraJMan - You were not at the event and I didn't hear much of you around here anymore. But I still wanted to give you a shoutout, since you were one of the main reasons why I'm now in this awesome community, thank you ^^

Vulajin - A very interesting personality I had the pleasure to talk to on various occasions. The bastion run was excellent, with an interesting twist at the end. I was happy to meet you, until next time I guess Smiley

Withhelde the Pirate - (and other interesting clothing choices) I didn't get to interact with you a whole lot, but it always made me smile when I saw you walking around with those hats and various outfits ^^

And as a last thought - Whenever I hear people using the same words over and over again (usually swear words in case of some streamers), those words start to losing meaning and impact, since they are used on every occasion. Here I used "Amazing", "Awesome", "Nice," etc. a whole lot - but I'd like to emphasize, that I really mean every single one of them Smiley
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(Just a small selection of cool people I had the pleasure to meet)

EdwardFourZERO6 – It was very nice meeting you again after the NLG 2012 marathon and I’d like to thank you for the nice time we had hanging out together at your place playing f-zero and visiting some places in Philadelphia after AGDQ. I feel bad that I wasn’t there to do commentary for your F-Zero run because I got sick exactly on that day but I’m happy the run was still amazing. White Land 2 jump for the win.

CGN – It was very nice meeting you again and hanging out together playing some f-zero. Grinding time attack on Fire Field out of all courses on my cartridge eh :P. I will beat it very soon. Sorry for getting sick and spreading the F-Zero flu around our room :(.

Neagleria – Nice meeting you and thank you so much for the awesome commentary you did for the F-Zero X run. It was definitely cool hanging out with you and I enjoyed your evil GX chapter 5 challenge :P.

Indextic – It was nice to meet a fellow F-Zero X enthusiast who owns a 64DD. Thanks for doing really great commentary on the F-Zero X run.

Darkeye – I didn’t really know you before you the marathon but it was really nice meeting you. It was really fun hanging out with you discussing f-zero and just whatever. Keep up the good work with GX.

Yoshifan – Nice to meet you after knowing your name from the forums on fzerocentral for years. It was definitely nice to hang out with you and I’m really happy you liked my F-Zero X run. Unfortunately, I missed your Galaxy 2 run live but I checked the vod and all I can say that I’m really impressed, good job man.

Sunblade – It was really nice meeting you again at this marathon. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see your Resident Evil 4 run live but the vod was just awesome. Until next time.

BassBoost – Nice talking you and giving you a very brief tutorial on some basic F-Zero X moves. Really cool Goldeneye 007 run, really impressive stuff coop with RWhiteGoose.

Jorf – Nice meeting you. Unfortunately I had missed your Kid Icarus run live but as with pretty much the whole marathon this run also top class man!

AdamAK – We didn’t get to hang out much but it was really nice talking to you and maybe I’ll see you at the next NLG mini :). And nice Vice City run!

PJ – We didn’t get to talk much during the marathon but it definitely nice meeting you. It was really cool watching you play and I was very impressed with all the runs you did. It was really nice to hear from you that you enjoyed the F-Zero X run a lot.

Mike Uyama – Thanks a lot for rescheduling my F-Zero X run after I got sick. I’m impressed with how much work goes into organizing the marathon and that at the same time you had to perform a run, man respect.