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mikwuyma: 2013-12-19 09:56:31 pm
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mikwuyma: 2013-12-19 09:28:10 pm
My feelings on The Demon Rush
HQ 60 fps 720p :

MQ 30 fps 720p (i.e. youtube upload):

LQ 30 fps 360p:

Youtube link for the lazy:

Once again, shoutouts to Cool Matty for making the video. We took the criticism from last year and made the text a lot shorter and snappier and put the links at the end of the video so people would actually have time to look at the links and check everything out. You might notice that is down right now, but that's because it's in the middle of a site move.
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Likes SoM far too much
The HQ one vibrates for some reason. Dunno if that's on my end or if its just like that.

Edit: Only when I do it in google chrome. Huh.
Crawlathon WR, get down on my level.
Yeah I can't replicate that, luigimeister. What version, OS, etc? Does it do it only in specific areas?
so pro u don't even know
Wow, that video is awesome!
super metroid featuring samus falling in pits :p

On a more serious note, video looks sick~
Fuck Yeah
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luigimeister: 2013-12-19 10:11:11 pm
Likes SoM far too much
I'm fairly sure its just my internet/computer struggling to play the video properly. After closing all my google chrome tabs and just running it it ran perfectly. (but since you asked, Windows 7, google chrome most recent version, entire video)
So much hype right now.
I'm just trying to impress you.
IMO this is by far the best one made for one of these events. I like it a lot. My only criticisms are: it's really confusing to have a slide that says "Over 900 games" when it's really not clear that's talking about SDA and not AGDQ (I'm participating and that slide threw me off for a second, I imagine an uninitiated viewer might be more confused), the segment that explains what PCF is has a really visually distracting OoT segment playing, and the segment with Bioshock has a bunch of ingame text at the bottom that was distracting. These are pretty minor overall but they did jump out and I wanted to offer the feedback to make the next one even better and help the average viewer see everything they want to see on a single playthrough. Otherwise very nice video Smiley hype~
Holy crap, it's so good
Crawlathon WR, get down on my level.
The OoT clip was something I was trying out, I don't think I'll be bringing that back in future video.

As for the text on Bioshock, honestly never gave it a thought. I'll be sure to actively keep text out next time.
so pro u don't even know
Quote from ivan:
super metroid featuring samus falling in pits :p

On a more serious note, video looks sick~

Yo, pitless% is hard as hell man!
Metal Gear Solid theme? Instant win. Seriously though, I do think this is my favorite promo vid for one of these events yet.
Really good video, music was excellent...
Crawlathon WR, get down on my level.
*cough* make sure to look closely at the ending *cough*
Great promo!

Completely agree with Peaches' points though, I too found the OoT clip and Bioshock subtitle distracting. Actually, I was too distracted by the OoT clip and never even read the text.

The prizes part was excellent, and I think the PCF/SDA info would have been more effective if done in a similar manner.

Music was incredible, great job MrMV Smiley

Awesome video overall, can't wait for the marathon.
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ikkeserv: 2013-12-19 11:54:36 pm
I'm so hyped right now

nice work, but some texts were too fast to read imo and the prices pics were way too fast aswell.
But hey thats my personal opinion @ 8am in the morning after a long night Wink
And i love the ending music Smiley
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Yeah, great vid and nice music! Awesome job!
Awesome Video, i really enjoyed it...great job Cool Matty.

Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Already watched it 3 times, so very cool...  I agree about the OOT clip distracting from the PCF and SDA info as I found it impossible to give my attention to both, whereas the prizes section, donate for challenges, etc was a lot clearer.  But that's a minor point for next time, the video and music were amazing!

Also, HYPE
Haters gonna hate
Quote from Cool Matty:
*cough* make sure to look closely at the ending *cough*

hahaha I had to go back and watch the ending. Nice touch!
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Radman: 2013-12-20 09:28:21 am
For Fun! For GLORY!!
All the hype! Cheesy
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DrCoolGuy: 2013-12-20 09:32:53 am
Just a guy
Looks great, guys! My prize is even in the video! This is so seriously awesome!!

EDIT: And now I have an actual video to share on Facebook/Twitter. Cheesy
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Partystar: 2013-12-20 09:34:30 am
Partystar: 2013-12-20 09:28:46 am
Super cool hype trailer! I'm already super hype.  And like RoboSparkle, I also watched it 3 times already. I will probably watch it many many more times Cheesy

Edit: 4 times now. I just get goosebumps from watching this, especially during the blindfold Punch out part.