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The Dork Knight himself.
Hmmmm, looking over the cut list, I agree with Mike cutting Jedi Outcast but not for his reasoning. I'd say the game should be cut because it's not really marathon safe in some areas (although I'm pretty sure kairos could do it). As for the tricks not being obvious, that is totally false rofl. Anyone who has watched a run of that game can tell where the tricks are Smiley
the glover hate is too funny

glover > sms
Quote from honorableJay:
Hmmmm, looking over the cut list, I agree with Mike cutting Jedi Outcast but not for his reasoning. I'd say the game should be cut because it's not really marathon safe in some areas (although I'm pretty sure kairos could do it). As for the tricks not being obvious, that is totally false rofl. Anyone who has watched a run of that game can tell where the tricks are Smiley

I've almost never had to explain the tricks to people just hopping in for a watch, but here and there some tricks have a lot more depth than you would normally guess... but that's why theres commentary, right?
Not to mention that Jedi Outcast also has quicksaving, making the "marathon safe" issue a nonissue.
Just thought I'd throw in my too cents for Tooie over Kazooie. I personally like BK more than BT, but in terms of what would be more appropriate for the marathon I really feel like BT would make a better choice. It's never been at an SDA marathon, it has a lot more glitches and tricks in the run (BT has multiple crazy things in every level and BK has 1), it's popular (Happy Tails marathon got like 14k viewers and a tweet from the game's composer), and it has more donation incentive potential (Canary Mary races? Optional bosses? Silly cheats? etc.).

I understand time is tight and it's still a 3-3:30 run, but if it's not going to be at AGDQ then please save room for it at future marathons.
I'm actually going to back out for various reasons. I'm sure Vulajin is up for doing NG Any% bastion in my place (ng is only about 2 minutes longer than ng+ so it shouldn't interfere with the schedule or estimate). Or whether you want to take it off the schedule entirely is up to you, of course.

I feel that some people have put a lot more time into their game(s) and deserve a spot a lot more than I do. Smiley

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to run it!
I would still be willing to do Bastion, and will practice the fuck out of it if you let me run it. I currently have a time of 18:17 in the aforementioned NG any% category, which is about two minutes off the best known time (16:27). I'd also be willing to learn NG+ any%, which is what Cereth was going to run. I really don't want this game to fall off the schedule, it's a great game. Also, we can have a donation incentive for a duet of the credits song, Setting Sail, Coming Home.

Also I'm infinitely saddened by Cereth's absence. Sad
My feelings on The Demon Rush
BTW, I have published the schedule to the web for people who are having trouble seeing it.

Page 1 stuff: Yep, I'm doing it one page at a time again.

joke post: heh.

qubit: I'll ask Sunblade about commentary for RE4, but you are aware there is no God of War II on the schedule, correct?

CardsOfTheHeart: Yeah this is one of those weird situations where the worse game would generate more hype.

thadarkman78: About donations, if a game is successful, then I've seen it defy bad time slots. Good examples are Cave Story and SM64 at AGDQ 2011 (though I don't really have solid donation stats from AGDQ 2011, I do remember there being good jumps in UA's fast-time playback video), and MegaMari AGDQ 2013 (7 am on a Tuesday and managed to raise 3k in about half an hour).

Werster: Actually too many incentives is bad for two reasons:

1. Oversaturation and overwhelming, with that many incentives then it's hard to tell what to donate for.

2. When it comes to names, it would take a long time to verify what the name selected is.

If Heart Gold is the more entertaining run, and if we can fix the DS so you're still on the couch, then wouldn't that be the preferable option?

What is this trading card option you are thinking of?

Paradox Karl: That would make 151's donation incentives more focused, but then I have to ask, what would the point of doing a 151 run would be if we're only taking donation incentives for those pokemon?

excessive games: Maybe, but those games have done well in the past.

SM64: Other people have gone over this, but people do notice if it's not Siglemic running SM64, and he is the record holder. If there was someone equal to or better than Sig, then that would shut people up (hopefully), but unfortunately said person doesn't exist.

PiePusher11: Yeah unfortunately I just couldn't fit DK Jungle Beat in, and I'd hate to have a run destroyed just because we can't filter out the bongo noise effectively enough.
Edit history:
mikwuyma: 2013-09-07 04:02:19 pm
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Page 2:

Paraxade: Yeah I think Pikmin 1 is a good game in its own right and worth considering in the future.

peaches_: I really like that idea. 1-star is something I completely forgot about. It's worth considering when there are drops.

SM64: Garik16 and UA covered it pretty thoroughly. Like I said, if there was someone as good or better than Siglemic then I would have them on board, but only hyassin has done that, and it's been controversial (also he's not coming to AGDQ.

Yeah I was wrong when I said the person doesn't exist, hyassin, completely slipped my mind, sorry.

Vortale: We can just play it by ear for Doom. Good to see you're taking it well.


Drakkhen: Yeah this probably didn't deserve to make it past first round. We all unanimously agreed it should be cut for second round.

Castlevania: Like I said on twitter, if you can make death consistent, then I'll reconsider, but I do think marathon consistency is a big strike against this run.

MZM: I can rewatch a run and see. Do you have a video link to your PB? Be aware that time considerations are a very real thing, and I'm still about 3-4 hours over where I want to be on the schedule.

DwangoAC: Maybe that, but Gradius would also work well IMO.

Paraxade: I lol'ed when I saw that.
Metal Gear Rising: New Game + does have more skips, but the combat is also trivial, and new game + runs have had poor reactions in the past (jrdq AoS and this year's DMC3). I think new game hard is the better choice.

The under 10 minutes~ of in level combat is admittedly trivial 1 hitting weak enemies, but even new game is about attacking until you can blade mode for a 1 hit. The rest of the run is glitches, out of bounds, skips, tight boss strategies and routing. NG+ being bad as a category in the past feels a little lame as a reason, seems to be some misconceptions about what the NG and NG+ runs in this game are like I think. ;_;

Also consider a 30 minute shorter category could allow for another game in the schedule Cheesy
Quote from mikwuyma:
Page 2:

Paraxade: Yeah I think Pikmin 3 is a good game in its own right and worth considering in the future.

Er... don't you mean pikmin 1?
Quote from wersterlobe:
Dang trolls in a twitch chat!!

Anyway, I feel like any% in SM64 (0 star/1 star, basically just an any% run) would've been a nice pick, sig doesn't even run that.

Agreeing with Werster: honestly I feel like 16 star + one hand is sufficiently different from what Sig does that it would be met with good reception. The run starts off with a bomb-clip, which to an average viewer looks just like siglemic playing except with one hand. Then the BLJs and bowser throws and... honestly I'm blown away every time I see it.
warp launcher
Was really looking to see MrMonopoli running Halo 2 at AGDQ.  :/

Just because past halo runs have been bad doesn't mean that Halo can't be run properly.  If you actually take a look at Mr. Monop's stream you'll see how cool Halo 2 is for running.

It's packed full of glitches and game breaking stuff.  Sword flying being the least of it.

To sum it up: I don't think you guys should judge Mr. Monopoli's Halo 2 runs based on bad past experiences (Cody Miller's Halo runs).  Mr. Monop is a totally different guy and he's got Halo 2 down to a science.  It's some cool shit!
Mike, i think you skipped my post on page 2.
I'm Incredibly Bunny
p.s. consider: rare block
I don't have a video of it (internet was out when I did it), but I can get one soon-ish. Probably stream it tomorrow or something.
I have nothing to add to this other than salty tears.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Jedi Outcast: I talked to Kairos about this a bit, and yeah the game is definitely fast-paced and I could be wrong about what I said with the tricks, but the fact still remains when paired up against the likes of half-life, doom, and quake, something's gotta give.

Banjo-Tooie: It is definitely a well-loved game. I won't deny that, and yes it deserves to be in a marathon, if not this one, then a future marathon. That being said, BK hasn't been played in every marathon, just AGDQ 2011 and 2013.

BTW, I hear the actual viewer count for BT in Happy Tails was 3k or 4k, not 14k.

SM64 1-star one-handed: Like I said, worth considering because I forgot about 1-star and it would be a good pick. If there's more room I'll definitely consider it.

Cereth and Vulajin: Put Vulajin in for Bastion. I didn't know the time discrepancy for the categories was that small. I would have just put in new game in that case.

General Beatrix: I'm still not entirely sold, but I'm aware that ng+ is a legitimate category in its own right. 30 minutes is also not enough to free up room for other games on the schedule.

TheMG2: Whoops, fixed.

Naegleria: No, I deliberately ignored your post, there's a difference.

Anyway, I'm going to a housewarming party so I won't be around to answer posts until later this evening.
The Dork Knight himself.
Ok, now that he's gone we can make a mountain of salt (complete with a throne) for him to come home to Smiley
Claimh Happy
Blegh, I'm still salty you took KA over NiDL.

As for Dustforce, I don't really get why you took it past round 1.
if you somehow free up an hour i hope you will reconsider VTMB.
The Dork Knight himself.
Don't lose hope yet Lurk, there's always the bonus stream Smiley
For Fun! For GLORY!!
If i may chime in on Ducktales Remastered. Consider the platform each person is running on. I run Wii U, as does Satoryu. George I know is a PC runner. Not sure about the other 65,000 runners. Tongue
Anyway, just something to consider.
Old Iron Giant
18 hours of Zelda seems ridiculously excessive.