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^Yeah, I kind of agree. Isn't it pretty much expected at this point that Twitch chat in general is a gigantic cesspool no matter what's on the screen? Why would you want to cater to those people? All they want to do is spam FrankerZ or 'based YSG!' because it's 'cool'. I mean, yeah, you do wanna cater to a large audience, but the audience at large is going to donate regardless of who's on screen...the people who are there for trolling are gonna troll.
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For me personally, the main reason (although not the only reason) why I'd like Boshy to wait for another marathon over IWBTG is hoping that Kalemandu can attend at a marathon. I realize that even an "average" run of about 50 minutes would still sweep most people off their feet that ever watched or attempted this game, but as a speedrunner I'd love to have the best possible run being shown.

Optimally both games would be in a marathon at the same time though, since I really think they supplement each other. IWBTG is the basic reason Boshy exists, and while it's a very good watch by itself it's nice to see the original inspiration alongside with it. Further, IWBTG focuses on general world design, mean traps and trolling people, while Boshy focuses on level design, extremely difficult challenges and boss battles.

About the memes in Boshy.. I never realized that, let me think about this
- Tutorial and first stage is rather uninspired for a straight run through in terms of references, the spider is the only wakeup call (~2min, so its not long)
- First boss is Hello Kitty, not really meme related
- 2nd stage is Kirby themed, also not really something special. It has two minibosses in form of Kracko and King Dede in it, not much about memes
- 2nd boss is Ryu, no real meme related stuff
- 3rd stage is the cheetahmen theme, pretty interesting if you've seen AVGNs episodes, also you can get Gastly as a companion here
- 3rd boss is Mario, pretty funny overall
- 4th stage is vvvvvv, really nice theme and excellent gameplay
- 4th boss is Biollante from Godzilla.. Barely anyone will know that boss
- 5th stage is Wario Land for the gameboy, really neat theme - you can get Sagat as a character in here, and the cake for the secret boss
- 5th boss is Sonic. Anyone who has ever played this game and got that far can sing a song about how difficult it is to beat him (expected average is around 15h.. Most never beat him)
- 6th stage is Castlevania, very nice thematic stage with a Gradius section and pokemon secret world
- 6th boss is the Skeleton King, he is from one of the Developers (Solgryn) own games, so no one will know him
- 7th stage is Milons Secret castle themed with Ducktales music and zelda2 theme with Metal gear music in the 2nd half.
- 7th boss is Megaman with various Robot Masters camoes and one of the more difficult bosses
- 8th stage is MegaMan 2 Metal Man themed
- 8th boss is Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate
- 9th stage is Kid Icarus themed all the way through
- 9th boss is Ganon from I think Seasons/Ages gameboy game
- 10th stage is very nicely themed with Ninja Gaiden and high difficulty
- 10th boss is Missingno
- 11th stage is Mario Desert.. Probably no one will really know that
- Last boss is Solgryn himself, an oatmeal box. Pretty fitting and really hard if you play this the first time
- Extra content would be the Pokemon Secret world, the ministage with the Kappa boss ( I'm not joking) and a World of Warcraft themed ministage with the ultimate Cheetahman boss

I'm not sure how much of that relates to memes, since I'm not particularly much into them.

Sidenote: Randomness in IWBTG is no factor that would make it a bad marathon watch.

ps: This is not supposed to be an "Oh please Boshy in AGDQ please"-post. I simply felt like it was necessary to explain the game a little. I personally have no problem with the reasoning for it being cut from the upcoming AGDQ and still hope Kalemandu will show up for another marathon Smiley
Quote from Still lazy, blame Chrome:
Quote from mike89:

Mike, what you said kinda agrees with me. It's being focused more on Twitch viewers than the community. Members of the community are being compared to other runners of the same game, which in turn is making part in the decision. Case in point, on page 2.

Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Gombill's SGDQ2012 run had a bunch of trolls in the chat because he wasn't siglemic, so it's not an unreasonable position to take.

And from the Comments for SM64 under Cuts

This is great bonus stream material, but probably not main marathon material. I also talked to Siglemic and he said he isn't running anything, so I don't think it's worth having this game.

See what I mean?

Maybe it's a bit of the salt talking, but I'm just pointing out what I've noticed, and since a form of a feedback thread is ways away, and that's more for the marathon's performance itself, this was really my best option, considered its a bit of a discussion. Maybe I just need to clear my head =/ Guess I'll end it here.

BTW, can you stop being lazy about this.  You're actually being civil, so it's not a problem, but I'd rather not encourage people to complain about games while refusing to show their identity. 

Anyhow, of course members of the community are going to be compared, because - sadly enough - certain runners will bring in more money than others.  The marathon still caters to runners of odd games and those of little known games as well as less popular runners, but for certain games, them's the breaks.  and SM64 is still in. 

The one case in which the situation would be problematic is if a clearly better runner of a game was not allowed to be the runner of a game instead of a popular but clearly inferior runner (and there was interest).  But I've yet to see that being the case....ever. 
We all scream for Eyes Cream
Quote from garik16:
BTW, can you stop being lazy about this.  You're actually being civil, so it's not a problem, but I'd rather not encourage people to complain about games while refusing to show their identity. 

It's not like I was trying to, especially since I know staff can see IPs and can look them up to see if they match users, and those were whom I was speaking to. Chrome just doesn't like saving my settings so I hate trying to remember my password, hence the guest posts(As you can see, I decided to stop being lazy about it, since you asked, and looked it up in Firefox).

I did say I would end it so I won't continue. I feel like the 2 posts I made, and even this one, dragged it on further than it needed to be, and I am kinda wishing I did log on when I made them so I could of edited them out later, since I do feel like I came off a bit salty.
I would prefer to watch Boshy due to the many familiar characters.  I think that would have more pull power than IWBTG.  If a twitch viewer pulls up the home page and see IWBTG they are going to watch/leave based on the game.  Boshy has a lot of familiar faces that might keep people watching and pull them in as they think "why is that error icon fighting Mario?"  Just my two cents.
You asked for avatars...
I didn't realize at first that IWBTG was on the list...I thought they determined it was too glitchy to run at a marathon.  Or has it been fixed over the last year?  (Never heard of Boshy before, but looking at a vid of it I might agree on it bringing in more viewers.  I'd bet on either though, since IWBTG is such a household name.)
No, IWBTG is still the same mess like before. But what Mike didn't know is, that a crash would cost 10 sec max. if you'd use non-standard keybinds and the crashes are very specific - not all the time. Specifically, we know the three places where it usually crashes, hit F2, reload the savefile and go on, costs about half a second and avoid that crash. I'd be very surprised if it would crash anywhere else.
Yeah IWBTG crashes have essentially been "solved." There's still the possibility of a crash but it's like 1 every few 100 attempts from what I've seen .
I think it's smart to save Boshy for another marathon if whoever is running it can attend a future marathon. Keep in mind there are plenty of casual viewers who have no idea what IWBTG is. Hopefully the run will be a good watch so when people get excited over that, when the next marathon comes around they'll see Boshy on the list and get excited for it even more.
For people who wanted link for dkc3 any% SDA, it's being compressed at the moment and I'm busy these days :/ So I'll be posting the link here when I can (even if it's off topic)
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Boshy vs. IWBTG: Honestly this is one of those things we could debate for days. Both games have devoted followings and they're both good marathon material. I would agree that if Kalemandu was coming then Boshy should be more strongly considered, but he isn't so that's moot. I've seen Kalemandu play with viewer counts of 600+ so it's obvious the game has a following, and as Studio said, there is the Floe thing. Keep in mind if Guy is a hit, then that only increases Boshy's chances in following marathons.

And yes, the main thing going against IWTBG were the crashes, and they've been solved.

Mike89: Those are great points about what's played at marathons. We haven't had much Sony representation in most marathons, and now they're getting more representation because people are playing the games and they're getting viewers and people who enjoy watching the games.

Axel: We can talk about this later, but I think you should take a break before taking about it so you can cool down a bit.
mike i would kill you irl bruv i swear on me mum
My feelings on The Demon Rush
hahahahahha <3 duke
Mike, have you taken a look at my recent PB yet? I spoke with some other MZM runners in our Skype group, and already have had a couple things pointed out that would speed up a few places (Ridley being one thanks to more missile drop opportunities). I've also got an idea to speed up Acid Worm but need to test it out first.
I'll be doing another stream this weekend to grind out more specific areas that I've either been taking slow, or have been having trouble with as well.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Dragondarch, yes I saw your PB and it's a pretty good watch up until Tourian, which is when it becomes unbearable to watch all that missile farming for the metroids. It also doesn't help that you have to exit Mother Brain's room after each zebetite. After that it picks up a bit, but Mecha Ridley is also a pretty farm-heavy fight.
Old Iron Giant
So I have a question regarding the marathon itself.

What is the basis of success for the marathon, like needs to happen for you say it was a success, runs go well? Donation goal met? Or multiple goals?

Like for example, you admit the minecraft run is weak, but its in anyway cause donations, same with so much of the thon being Zelda/Mario, cause donations.

Maybe its just me but the overall success of a marathon shouldn't as simple be that.

Hence why I ask, are the games being chosen purely because they are in fact entertaining to watch? How big a factor does the donation aspect play into it?

I'm curious about marathon organizing myself someday so that's another reason I'm asking.
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Dragondarch: 2013-09-10 07:21:17 pm
Quote from mikwuyma:
Dragondarch, yes I saw your PB and it's a pretty good watch up until Tourian, which is when it becomes unbearable to watch all that missile farming for the metroids. It also doesn't help that you have to exit Mother Brain's room after each zebetite. After that it picks up a bit, but Mecha Ridley is also a pretty farm-heavy fight.

Mecha Ridley is farm heavy, but much more intense than most bosses thanks to the cramped space. Phase 2 is much more intense than phase 1 though.
As for Tourian missile farming, I was informed that drops in this game are based on the frame you enter the room, then the position of the enemy when you kill it. I'm gonna play with it some this weekend to see how manipulatable it is in real time (killing rinkas in different places if they aren't dropping stuff). Also, I'm going to look into trying to kill metroids in places that have more rinkas available, to lessen the time it takes to farm missiles. The strats I've been using were safe strats I created on the fly quite some time ago.
For Fun! For GLORY!!
Another quirk about Ducktales Remastered, Uyama:
A race on PC is out of the question. We learned that depending on the computer you use and your settings, your game could be slowed down or sped up a LOT, which would make it unfair for someone who used a less optimal processor. So pick console if you want a race (and it has to be same console, as load times differ between those too)
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Alt: I'll answer that later.

DD: Low% MZM is a no. Deaths can cost minutes and unlike Fusion, which is still fast-paced, there's a ton of farming necessary, and the latter half is simply not a good watch.

Radman: I don't want Ducktales Remastered to be a race regardless.
For Fun! For GLORY!!
Aww. I would've liked to watch/be in a race if it was. Oh well.
Radman: Race in bonus stream perhaps?

I agree on that a new game as this should only be one player, so it's easier to focus on all the cool tricks involved.

Hope it will make the cuts. I love this game.
For Fun! For GLORY!!
I'm sure it will be. A game that came out this soon that has already been broken like this should make it. The question is, who will run it? *fingers crossed* Tongue
Konkey Dong
Quote from Radman:
I'm sure it will be. A game that came out this soon that has already been broken like this should make it. The question is, who will run it? *fingers crossed* Tongue


Jokes aside, I'm sure any one of the regular posters in the DuckTales thread (George, Radman, Henjoness, etc.) would be excellent choices seeing we're all supposedly sub-40. A race would be nice, but we don't even know which version of the game is the best just yet, but we're leaning towards Wii U it seems. mikwuyma may have someone already in mind, but I'm certain there's no wrong decision as far as who would run it at AGDQ (if it makes the next cut).
For Fun! For GLORY!!
Well, the only ones who offered to run it and are keeping 'active' are Satoryu, lillbrorsan, George, mashystrr, and myself. The others I have yet to see practice or run it very often, but then again I can't watch everything.
Just as a casual stream-watcher and marathon-viewer I think that cutting Blue 151 is a massive mistake. Werster pulls in more viewers when he runs Blue 151 than when he does any other Pokemon category. I'm kind of baffled for the reasoning behind why it was cut since the logistical concerns could be mitigated simply by reducing the number of Pokemon names open to donations. I honestly think this run would be one of the top-5 most hyped runs of the entire marathon.

Also very sad to see MZM hard low% cut; that category is very entertaining. I completely disagree that the latter half of the game is not a good watch; if anything, it's more entertaining than the first half since it's much more dangerous.