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mikwuyma: 2013-08-21 07:31:49 pm
My feelings on The Demon Rush
NOTE: You've had nearly two weeks to prepare a post for the games topic. I'm not going to be sympathetic to anyone who breaks the rules. If anything, take a minute or two to review your post to make sure it's within guidelines.

Also, please be patient. There will be a lot of games suggested, and it will take me a while to look at all of the games being offered. If I somehow overlook your post, then please link to your post

Games list (tentative): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Alb3Dj0u13H7dGk4c29SNTFKR000SmFOSXJMTU5NYXc&usp=sharing


Break one of these rules and your potential 5 games goes down to 0 games. This is harsh, but necessary because I will be getting a lot of game suggestions.

-No backseat moderation, we have moderators for that. I'm not going to kill people if they go one character over 250 for a game pitch.

-No more than 5 games and 10 categories being suggested (so that's an average of 2 categories per game).

-Don't suggest games you are not going to run yourself, that just clutters the thread.

-No, "I could run this but I really don't want to." Also clutter.

-No technical stuff (like how to make the game work). If you're not confident you can get the game running then you probably shouldn't suggest it. If the game needs something special to make it work, then provide it or tell us what it needs!

-Suggest the games that you would really love to play for a marathon. You may pitch your games, but make the pitch length for each game no more than 200-250 characters. If you need to take longer to explain why your game is good for a marathon, then the game probably doesn't speak for itself and shouldn't be in a marathon. You may use past results in other marathons as part of your pitch, results generally speak louder than words.

-Don't make more than one post if you come up with an idea later, this is not a race to see who can get their ideas in the quickest.

Last but not least, POST TIME ESTIMATES!

tl;dr: Suggest no more than 5 games (this is a maximum, not a minimum!) that you would love to play at a marathon. Not games that you would hate to play or maybe you would play, but games that you really want to play at a marathon. Suggesting more than 5 games or randomly suggesting fluff means you get ZERO games.

This should go without saying, but if you try to cheat at getting more games (i.e. using dupe accounts), you get zero games.

Golden's post here is the format I want people to use. It lets me easily identify the games, the time estimates are clear to see, and his descriptions are good and not too long.

Quote from Golden:
Here's what I can offer for SGDQ! I tried to overestimate as best as possible, it's easy to do when you're bad Tongue

My twitch page is www.twitch.tv/go1den

1. Super Mario World (96 Exit) [Estimate 1:50:00] - Someone had to throw it out there. At present I have a 1:35:11 in this category. I'll gladly yield this to Carl if he's attending and wants to run the new 100% category (please do it), or to anyone else who runs SMW better than myself. If you go with me you're guaranteed at least one "never happened to me before" moment, and one or more "totally novice scrub lol how is he this bad" death. Wink

2. Street Fighter X Mega Man [Estimate 40:00] - I decided Duckfist's MM6 isn't enough to make the Mega Man block worse than the CV block, so I'm trying to depreciate it a little more Smiley This might require some additional setup as far as having a Joy2Key or similar translation from my SNES controller. I would be playing version 1 of this game as well, which to my knowledge is not available for download anymore.

3. Harvest Moon [Estimate 5:00] - Like the Die Hard attempts from AGDQ, this could be donated in during setups of other games as it is a 2 minute run. Really nothing more than a joke run but it gets a good reaction if led to believe it will be "another sleep-through the game Harvest Moon run." You won't offend me if you axe this. Cheesy

4. Super Monkey Ball (Beginner-Advanced-Expert) [Estimate 45:00] - This category beats all three main modes without extra stages (goals that skip stages are still allowed, although I suppose in the interest of a donation incentive we could say all stages?). Another game that I would gladly yield if someone better is playing; I'm fairly new to the game but pouring time into it.

5. Super Mario 64 (16 star, 2 players 1 controller with Peaches) [Estimate 35:00] - I know Peaches wants to run one-handed 70 star, so I'll leave it up to him, but we've tried this as well and had it down to 27 minutes in 2 runs. Maybe this can be bonus stream material instead in that case?

Also, throwing in support for Wawlconut's Donkey Kong Land, because I #RespectTheLand. He's put a lot of work into that game and it will show.
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PJ: 2013-08-17 12:38:09 pm
My stream: http://www.twitch.tv/pjdicesare

All time estimates in H:MM:SS format.

ActRaiser 2 (1:00:00): Highly technical and difficult run, and it is apparent while watching.  Always well-recieved when I run it.  Biggest complaint about this game is not being AR1, but those people generally change their mind after watching.

Battleblock Theatre co-op with Mecha Richter (2:30:00): New game which just happens to be incredibly broken.  Mecha and I have good chemistry from running multiple co-op games already, and we have a lot of experience with BBT, having 100% A++'d Insane Mode co-op and found all of the glitches ourselves.

Battletoads Arcade 3P with MURPHAGATOR and Klaige (0:50:00): Arcade runs are very rare, especially 3P.  Pasky is making me a supergun and I have the board so it'd be original hardware.  Really uncommon game from a popular series.  Constant action and extremely unfair difficulty.  Plus, MURPH and Klaige!

Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge (0:40:00): Notoriously hard game.  Short, action-packed, really varied gameplay, amazing music.  Would be a really nice fit in AwfulGDQ.

Rad Raygun (0:15:00): Ridiculously broken and short game.  Like 40% of the run is done OoB.  Probably short enough to not wear out its gimmick.  Estimate is super generous and accounts for  possibility of game crashing.
My Twitch page: http://twitch.tv/kiyura

All of these suggestions are any%.

Sonic 2 - [0:35:00] - I have started running this and I think that in the absence of mike89 and naegleria, I could pull it off if no one else steps up. Naegleria is also cool with coaching me.

Strider 2 - [0:15:00] - Has this really never been in a marathon before? I will pick this up so hard.

Flower - [0:35:00] - Beautiful HD game that hasn't seen a lot of love. Got some interest when I did it for SGDQ bonus stream.

Outland - [2:30:00] - Another beautiful game that hasn't seen much attention. Heidman ran it once upon a time but has since dropped it. I think it's a really fun game and I'd love to polish it up for a good marathon showing.

Sonic Colors - [1:20:00] - I know this was just run last year, but I love this game and I think it would be a great 3D Sonic inclusion.
Hi, I would like to offer these games.

Mega Man 2 (zips) [40:00]
In terms of solo speedrunning projects I intend to focus solely on this game for a good while. There have been a number of strat developments since my AGDQ '12 run, most minor but a couple major.

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (co-op with Blechy) [20:00]
This is a well-remembered NES game that has only been run 1-player in previous marathons. We would like to bring our co-op prowess to show for it.

Super Mario Bros. (walkathon race vs. andrewg) [15:00]
This could be super hype if it went well and it'd be a fun gimmicky change of pace from the usual offerings for this game. There ARE a few risky sections of the run that Andrew and I would work out to increase the likelihood of this being an exciting race.

Trip World [15:00]
Cult classic GB Sunsoft game that has gained more exposure since being released for 3DS VC. There are a few very interesting methods of travel throughout the game, including a fast-moving bouncing ball & high-speed backwards propulsion using OHKO energy blasts, and the production quality of the game is very high across the board. I really think this game deserves to be played in one marathon.

Super Mario RPG [3:10:00]
I'm only offering this on the condition that it would be a part of a donation war in some capacity against Paper Mario. I think if the circumstances were right, this could be the most hype donation war between two different games since Majora's Mask vs. Super Mario 64 from AGDQ '11. This might not be the best time for it though, since SMRPG has been played in the previous two AGDQs and Paper Mario any% has yet to get its time in the sun. Additionally, if anatomyz came to the marathon, I wouldn't want him to not have any game to play due to Paper Mario somehow losing to SMPRG in the donation war. Basically, I am always up for playing this game, but I am suggesting it primarily if it could serve as a good vehicle for getting donations/hype.

Thanks for the time & consideration! Good luck with the thread!
Hello friends.

1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Any% (japanese w/ tuner) [Estimate 4:50:00] - I think this is a massive draw both in donations and viewers. If Demon9 can make it, I would be down to race, which would be intense. Demon9 and I are both good at talking while we play. If he can't come I'm happy to do a solo run. Also: new routes!

2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD - Any% (english or japanese) [Estimate unknown, probably 5 hours??] - Has not been released yet. Judging by recent news, there will be no chart deciphering or money farming. It also has a fast text speed. There may be some omitted glitches that could cut down on the entertainment value, but that remains to be seen.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 1v1 Bingo race [Estimate 1:35:00] - OoT Bingo is easily the best "Bingo" on SRL. I am offering to "cast" this race by providing commentary and running the board. There has been a lot of statistical analysis (1) (2) (3) going on to make bingo awesome. I would need 2 good runners to offer to run this.

4. Castlevania 64 - Carrie [Estimate: 1:00:00] - I was happy to run this at SGDQ and I wouldn't mind doing it again in the graveyard shift or something. Maybe I could learn Reinhardt for a donation bid war which would be about 10 minutes longer.

I feel some of these runs may require more than 250 characters to pitch properly so I am happy to elaborate on things if asked.
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zastbat: 2013-08-17 11:23:29 am
Lord Of The Beards
PS1 represent.  All of these estimate will be high probably since I am bad at making estimates.  Twitch page is twitch.tv/zastbat
1. Afro Samurai (Xbox 360) [Estimate 2:45:00] - Hack and slash featuring the voice of Samuel L Jackson.  Has some nudity not sure if that will be a problem.

2. Future Cop LAPD (PS1) [Estimate 20:00] – It started at AGDQ and it should end there.  If footbigmike or mapler offers it give it to one of them.

3. Ghost in the Shell (PS1) [Estimate 45:00] – Fast paced mech game I think it would be a pretty good watch.

4. The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga (PS1) [Estimate 50:00] – This is what happens when you give a racing game developer the rights to the hulk and they make a platformer.  This game is awful. 

5. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (PS1) [Estimate 3:00:00] – I have nothing to say about this game that isn't already in the title. People seem to like this game.
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Hi, here are the games right now that I know that I can run at the next AGDQ.

1. Gunpoint (PC) [Estimate 20:00] - Gunpoint is an excellent stealth-puzzle indie plat former that came out earlier this year, it would be great to have it in the PC/indie block due to it's fast pace, non-linear game-play and well as the popularity it has gained in the indie community. The best part though is that I know the creator Tom Francis is big into speedrunning, and I know he'd be down for some developer interaction (ie. Skype call, prizes) during the run like Super Meat boy. This game would also be awesome for a race!

2. Disney Extreme Skate Adventure (PS2) [Estimate 20:00] - This game has gained somewhat of a 'cult' following in the online marathon scene due to it's soundtrack (#basedlilromeo) and just overall theme. It's basically Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, but with disney characters instead of real skaters and a soundtrack full of disney teen hits from 2004. (AwfulGDQ?).

3. Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (PS2/PC [Estimate 25:00 PS2/20:00 PC] - Offering this again because it received a good reception last year. I have one or two route improvements, and I can even run on PC this time around, which means no load times.

I'm going to add one or two more later, I need to decide on a good estimates.

I was also going to offer Oblivion all guilds, but I didn't know what your reaction would be after Skyrim last year. As ever, if anyone offers a game I know I'd be able to race, I'll mention it. Thanks for organizing this marathon again!
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Radix: 2013-08-17 11:20:42 am
Radix: 2013-08-17 11:18:14 am
I'm addicted to games
Resident Evil 6 (xbox 360) New Game+ - 2 hours 30 minutes

Although there are 7 characters to play as, and theoretically we could have a donation drive to determine which, I think realistically I can only get good at Leon/Helena's game.
Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/llcooldave

1. Duke Nukem 3D (first 3 Episode) [Estimate: 0:25:00] - Several improvements found over last marathon run. PB is 13:30 RTA timing and mostly marathon safe. Preferably part of Classic FPS block, not sure if strong enough on its own. Can also offer small glitch exhibit. Fuck Episode 4 for speedrunning.

2. Spelunky (Remake, any%) [Estimate: 0:20:00] - Fast paced, super deadly, frequently unfair. Takes 6-7 minutes so there's time for a second try in case of hilarious death. Hell run would be more interesting category, but I'm not ready for that yet. Possible co-op if anyone is insane enough to try.
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Ghostwheel: 2013-08-17 11:21:33 am
The artist formerly known as Qxy

1. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Sora's Sory) [Estimate: 3:45:00]: I’ve run this game for over a year, I have a verified run slated for SDA, and I can provide excellent commentary for it, as shown in this year’s SRG marathon. This year, interest in Kingdom Hearts in general and CoM in particular will be stoked by the upcoming release of the 1.5 HD remix. The game itself is also very nonstandard and nuanced; the real time card battle system keeps you mentally and physically on your toes.

2. Pokemon Sapphire [Esitmate 2:45:00] Tossing my hat into the ring here, but I’m happy to give Pokemon in general to Werster because he’s well known, or Sapphire to MBM because his execution (on the mach bike in particular) is better than mine at the moment. I have as much knowledge about this game as any man can have, though, and I can give great commentary and produce a solid run.

I am running these games at LWB, and you can scrutinize my performance then if you accept one of them. Thank you for your consideration.
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The World Ends With You (5:15:00)
So you're running low on FF games for marathons, what do? TWEWY is well-known among the hardcore FF/
KH fans that are GDQs' staple audience.
It has 2 character-1 player action combat, no random encounters and an amazing soundtrack

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (3:15:00)
A GBC Zelda game that has yet to be in a marathon.
I offer both because maybe they could be pitted against each other in a donation war

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (2:30:00)
Tompa did this game great justice when he ran it, but i thought it couldn't hurt to offer the complete Oracle Series.
Seasons is a bit shorter than Ages, but I can add the True Ending which will add about 10 mins to try and even out the times.

Katamari Damacy (1:00:00)
Super cute game, another amazing soundtrack, and chock-full of that all around "WTF JAPAN" goodness.
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Breakdown: 2013-08-17 11:31:32 am
Haters gonna hate
Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/breakdown777

Super Meat Boy 106% - 2 hours (~20 minute cushion on a super solid run)

It was a hit last year, feel safe saying it would be again.  Would rather do the 360 version, but could learn PC for variety's sake, and it would only make the estimate safer.

Shinobi Legions - 1 hour (~15 minute cushion on a super solid run)

For the AwfulGDQ block, donation incentive for the AMAZING cutscenes (adds ~20 minutes, already included in estimate). Digitized graphics, some bizarre moments, and funny enemy deaths make it a strong AwfulGDQ candidate on gameplay merits alone, but the cutscenes put it over the top.

No One Can Stop Mr Domino - 25 minutes (~10 minute cushion on a super solid run)

A bonus stream darling, and often requested of me since.  If a WTF Japan block happens it'd be a crime not to have it, but would do well as a random game in a non-peak slot. Donation incentives for numbers on back and (maybe) character choice. Estimate very lenient for a short game as mistakes are costly.

Earthworm Jim - 40 minutes (~10 minute cushion on a super solid run)

Genesis version.  It's been a few years, game is well remembered, and has its fans.  Cool speed tricks, and a couple new ones since it was last featured at a GDQ.

Legend of Zelda - 45 minutes (~10 minute cushion on a super solid run)

Only interested in a race, and only interested in that if 1 or more of the above games are cut (this would need some attention). Sinister's been talking about a BD/DW showdown at a GDQ for 2 years now, and anytime he mentions it people in earshot agree it'd be hype. I'm down if he is.
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Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Sonic R - Any% - (0:25:00) - I am willing to have a donation incentive for singing the songs off this amazing game.

Beyond Oasis - Any% - (1:15:00) - This has never been played at a GDQ from what I remember. Not many know about this game but its a great Zelda/Streets of Rage hybrid on the Sega Genesis.

Shadow The Hedgehog - Expert Mode - (1:15:00) - I can pitch a donation incentive to choose which category I run. I ran Neutral Story last AGDQ because it was all I knew how to run but I'm able to run any category now.

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - Eirika's Route - (2:20:00) - I've heard of a donation comment demanding a Fire Emblem run during SGDQ which I was coincedentally running way before SGDQ even started. -I don't RNG Abuse. I play like a man-
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I'm offering a few different categories for Super Mario World. I know a lot of other great smw players are trying to get to agdq this year - I would love to make any of these a race, if picked for the marathon.

  - Small mario only - (25:00) - Never been in a marathon and is a very impressive run (shell jumps, tight platforming, tricks, etc.) Yoshi can be used for backup strats to keep the run marathon safe. This would no longer make it low%, calling it small mario only is more fitting. 

- 96 exit (aka OG 100%) - (1:40:00) - Has yoshi wing glitches that were not included last year. This category has become way more competetive in the past 6 months. The classic run.  

- Any%, No cape/no starworld - (45:00) - Seemed to have a good response at sgdq 2012, a fun watch. There have been some updated strats since 2012. (GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL)

Also for a short donation incentive I'd like to offer: 
- Kaizo Mario, beat the yellow switch palace - (10:00) - People in the chat were asking about kaizo mario jokingly when golden ran smw at sgdq. It raised $300+ quickly at number smw which was a much smaller marathon, I think it would be well received at agdq. I have a powerpak to play this on.

Stream: http://twitch.tv/heeheex2

1. Glover any% No Major Skips (race with stri_) [00:45:00] - Right now I have a 0:33:46, which I will be getting down to a 0:32:5x this month. The "No Major Skips" is just for skipping entire levels, there are quite large skips in the levels themselves. This game is perfect in every way, and if you've never seen a run of it before you are guaranteed to say "what just happened?!?" every 2 minutes. Races are always more hype of course and gives twice as much chance for exciting "Glover Things" to happen.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Wow it took a while to load and I didn't get to post until now.

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/mikwuyma

1. Mega Man Zero (hard S-rank) [Estimate: 1:10:00] - SMK likes Zero series, and he only saved the marathon (Savior of Marathon Kind!), so the least I could is play one of the games from the series for him. It also helps that this game is fast-paced and tough.

2. Mega Man Zero 2 (S-rank) [Estimate: 1:20:00] - Like the first game, but even harder and more shortcuts (with a fun bug to boot?). I would be playing the J version because of the chain rod shortcuts. The only drawback is more cutscenes.

3. Power Shovel [Estimate 0:25:00] - パワーショベルに乗ろう!! RIDE THE POWER SHOVEL! This game is awesome, nuff said. Also this is my PB, and world record for maybe a week. Tongue http://www.twitch.tv/mikwuyma/c/2765400

4. Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara (co-op) [Estimate 0:35:00] -  One of the more fondly remembered arcade beat 'em ups, and actually has a good amount of tech being a capcom game with street fighter-style attacks and juggles!
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Thinker & Dreamer
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Withhelde (and I will start streaming again soon)

So going off the stuff I talked to Mikw about, I would like to do some more classic kusoge for awful games.

Samurai Zombie Nation (25 minute estimate) and Hong Kong 97 (10 minute estimate) both do very well in showing how absurd and wtf a game can be. I have experience with both games and have figured a lot out about Samurai Zombie Nation, and even though they are both essentially shmups, they are very entertaining to watch by just how crazy they can be (as well as Zombie Nation looking cool when done well).
I tried to be as generous as possible with the estimates.

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/Drogbass

Mario Kart Wii
a. 32 Track VS Mode [Estimate 1:25:00]
b. 16 New Tracks VS Mode [Estimate 43:00]
c. 16 Retro Tracks VS Mode [Estimate 43:00]

Pitch: I've been playing this game almost every day for the past 3 years and have become extremely consistent. In addition, I'd love to provide some insightful commentary on the evolution of the game (New Strats, The Community, ect.)

Possible Donation Incentives:
-Bid War for Mii Name (The name that will show up at the beginning and end of each race)
-If you would like to have me run just the New / Retro tracks, there could be a donation goal for the other set of tracks

I also made a short video of a few of the shortcuts
Alright let's go:

My twitch page is twitch.tv/werster

1. Pokemon Blue 151 (Full Pokedex) [Estimate - 5:30] This run shows off some real cool glitches and obviously the donation incentives possible for this run are insane. Gameplay wise, along with nicknames, game choice etc I could also do a glitch showcase at the end including beating Green.

2. Pokemon Heart Gold (any%) [Estimate - 3:30] This run is overall the most consistently entertaining, a few glitches to keep it interesting and a lot of difficult but not impossible fights due to being underleveled with cool strats make for a really exciting run.

3. Sonic Heroes (Team Chaotix Story) [Estimate - 1:20] This is the best 3D sonic game imo, lots of really interesting tricks throughout the whole run, and the random team element is sure to make for some entertaining marathon moments.

4. Tails' Adventure [Estimate - 0:50] This game has a hilarious game breaking glitch along with a really difficult trick at the end that would be pretty hype, plus is overall awesome.

5. Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Tails) [Estimate - 0:50] Only offering Tails because I'd want to put as much time into being as good as I could be. New glitches since it's been run, best speedrunning game imo etc
If our fearless leader could show me mercy and consider my humble game suggestions, I would forever be in debt to his fortitude.


1. Shadow of the Colossus - 1:20 - The art book is a good prize, and consistent skips for #6 #9 #14 have been found since agdq.

2. Killer7  - 3:30 - No More Heroes cutscenes made a cool $600 during graveyard shift at SGDQ 2012.  Donations for Killer8 Mode (+40 minutes) could raise a lot, since it is notoriously difficult.

3. Sonic Advance - 0:30 - The advance games have yet to make an appearance at a GDQ.  Donations for Sonic, Tails, Knux, or Amy.

4. Sonic 2 - 0:30 - Donations for who plays Tails always make mad bank.  I've practiced and now I am better then a 4 year old (4 seconds behind stanski).

5. Journey - 0:35 - Its got a bunch of boost tricks, sequence breaks, and cutscene skips (current record afaik

I heard talks of an F-Zero block amongst top-tier F-Zero runners, and I think it could be super strong considering the reaction F-Zero got at AGDQ 2012.  It gets my full support.
I would really like to run Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Estimate = 6:00:00). I currently hold WR and think this would be a great follow-up to Paper Mario being at SGDQ 2013. File name, naming Yoshi, and ending game as Luigi would also be good donation incentives.
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I wear obscurity like a cloak
Hello, I can only offer one game unfortunately.

Here is my stream page: http://www.twitch.tv/albinoalbatross

1. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (any%) [Estimate: 1:40:00] – My current PB: is 1:25:59 which can easily be cut down under 1:25:00. Please give this game to Iongravirei if he offers it though as he is much better at it than I am.

Never mind, got my answer. Smiley
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I've only got one game to offer myself. I don't stream often, but here's my Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/reed_tiburon

1. Guardian Heroes XBLA (Original Normal Golden Silver w/ Ginjirou) [Estimate: 0:20:00]
Treasure/Sega Saturn classic, short, never been in a marathon. Got a 14:46 with good commentary at SRGMarathon. (http://www.twitch.tv/srgmarathon/c/2454130) Donation incentives for character (Nicole v. Ginjirou), maybe other stuff? Possibility of racing if someone else offers it - RNG will keep things interesting.

Glover will be awesome. Looking forward to heehee's secret 'make the chat hype' strats!
Also, want to throw my FULL support behind Monopoli's Halo 2 Legendary run. It's a crazy-hard run with lots of swag tricks, and he single-handedly put a ton of work into the game. I plan to be on couch as well. HYPE TriHard TriHard TriHard
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My twitch page:  http://www.twitch.tv/stingerpa

1. Secret of Mana

3 Player Co-op Any% with StingerPA, Yagamoth, and Luigimeister - This game hasn't been run in an SDA marathon since CGDQ, and has been really advanced in the last couple of years.  All 3 of us have put a lot of work into the game, and could put on quite a show.  Estimate: 2:40:00

2. Star Wars: Battlefront II

Campaign Any% - Star Wars games have been terribly under-represented at GDQ marathons in the past, and with Battlefront II being one of the most popular Star Wars games released, it would be a great candidate for doing a run at AGDQ. Estimate: 1:40:00

Galactic Conquest (Donation war) - There are four different factions you can play through this mode with, and a four-way donation war could be a fantastic way to raise money during the marathon. Estimate: 2:15:00
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aka theenglishman
I hope I'm not triple-posting by accident Sad

twitch stream is http://www.twitch.tv/theenglishman
YouTube is pwnedTAS

Here are my offers for AGDQ 2013:

Main stream:
- Papo y Yo (PC) [estimate 1:25:00, Best]: The second-best game about domestic abuse every made, this is a third-person indie platformer which looks beautiful, has some neat sequence breaks and lots of precise platforming. It really deserves more love. Hoping this can be prime time!
- Resident Evil 4 (GC) [estimate 2:00:00, Best]: I think it's time to bring this baby back. Considering how well the RE4 race at ESA was received, I'm hoping to make it a race between myself and stormhenry if he can come. Tendinitis means I've been out of practice, but not for much longer.

I have a third game I want for bonus stream, but I will hold off on requesting that until later.