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Any interest in a speed run for the NES original? I started planning one yesterday for fun because my friend bought a copy.
Apparently there's nothing here or at Twin Galaxies (other than a points variation). The only thing really deterring me is the length of the game (approx 40 minutes, judging from how long it takes to finish the first world).
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I have this game but I haven't played through it.
It seems like a good game to speedrun, there doesn't look to be too much randomness in it. But you're right about the length, the current TAS is 37:01.
I'm interested in it.  The last few levels are excessively difficult though.  Good luck if you try it.
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Frezy_man: 2006-09-03 07:01:26 pm
all the adventure island games is good plattfrom jumpers. Nice games for speedrunning. I want to see a run for this game too. I´m intrested. Good luck if you begin to play it seriously.

edit: I haven´t even beat te first game so I can´t help you for know though.
Ha, I wonder if anyone here has finished this game. I don't think I got past the first world as a kid. Anyway, I'm almost finished with an emu research movie and am thinking that even a decent run would be a remarkable feat.
Honestly, if you can just beat this without dying your record could stand for a very long time.  This is a really tough game.  As a kid I could only make it to world 6 out of 8 I think before it just got too ridiculous.  Good luck.
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Mickey_Mage: 2006-09-08 06:56:13 am
Glitching EB 1 flying man at a time
Yea, I dont remember if i ever beat this or got extremely close, but i havent picked up the game since  :-[. After seeing a run of this that might change :D. Good luck, you'd be my hero if you could beat this with minimum or a deathless run. Deathless of this game would be extremely hard though considering how much timing is involved in it.
I beat this one about a year ago.  The points record I sent to TG was a complete game with death abuse to optimize scoring.  Near thought of doing a speed run though.  Good luck with that!
How are you suppose to beat the boss's? I have been hitting him with my weapoon for the past couple of mintues and nothing is happening. Is there a trick?
I just like the games.
shoot the head.

This game is really hard, if you can beat the game without using continues, you're my hero. I've beat it plenty of times, but everytime using continues...

The TAS (which i've made) finishes every level with as little fruits catched as possible, so it doesn't waste time counting points at the end of the level, and it is nearly all the time running forward at full speed, and with skateboard wherever avalable. And it's still 37 minutes long. I don't think anything human can play this game without dying for over 45 minutes (which is about the fastest i'd hope for someone to do).
I currently have the second game and got the one for SNES, currently with just the second one I have only made it to the second to last island, but I have been able to get that far before having to use a continue, don't know if the second one is easier than the first though.
Glitching EB 1 flying man at a time
Super Adventure Island is nowhere near as hard as the NES versions, that much I do know (but it does have some great music though).

I've even considered speedrunning the SNES version, but that depends on if I get into it enough, as I'm a little drained from speedrunning after finishing my Wario Land run lol.
actually, the game that I almost finished was Adventure Island 2, but I did just try Super Adventure Island and I didn't even get past the second level.
Glitching EB 1 flying man at a time
Maybe Adventure Island 2 isn't as hard as the first. I wouldn't know though, as I don't have it. I don't think I've ever gotten past the 3rd world in Adventure Island 1, but it's been so long since I last played it, I have no clue. I do know I have never beaten the game before though.

On the other hand, Super Adventure Island was not that difficult of a game for me, except the last boss, who takes really good timing to kill him... To me, that game isn't quite as random as the NES Adventure Island either. Tongue
Silver Hawk!
And then there is Super Adventure Island 2, which is a completely different game but VERY nice!  Also the only one I've beaten.

I remember playing these games years ago.  I recall NES Adventure Island 2 being easier than 1.
AI2 & 3 were easier and better games, I would suggest doing those first. Although they might be longer? I forget.
Glitching EB 1 flying man at a time
If I remember correctly, looking at the TAS's of 2 and 3, both times were 20min or less (22.37 and 18:43, respectively). Someone said the current TAS for Adventure Island 1 is around 40 something minutes? Either the TAS uses huge breaks which aren't possible by humans in Adventure Islands 2 & 3, or those two games are much shorter.

There doesn't seem to be an actual TAS listed for Adventure Island 1 on the TAS video site. Was it never put up on there or what?
Here's a speedrun for Adventure Island 2 for the Gameboy. It's identical to Adventure Island 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I don't actually have Adventure Island 3, so I used the Gameboy version. However, I do have Adventure Island 2 for the NES, but it doesn't actually belong to me.

Keep in mind, it's not very good. It's just a basic start for those who want to a speedrun. Let me address the differences between the two games.

The first Adventure Island 3 boss stays put in one spot while in the Gameboy version, he moves around.
The third boss in Adventure Island 3 has a slightly different shooting style then in the Gameboy version.
The fourth boss (the shark) in Adventure Island 3 moves in a cyclic pattern left and right while he can also move up and down in the Gameboy version.
The fifth boss (the skeleton head) in Adventure Island 3 is set up completely different then in the Gameboy version.
The seventh boss (the butterfly) acts the same, except the platforms are in different spots in each game, and the room that the boss in is slightly bigger in the Gameboy version.
The eighth boss (the UFO) moves left and right in Adventure Island 3 while in the Gamyboy, it's also programmed to follow you and have a basic idea of where you are (it tries not to let you shoot it).
The ninth boss (the alien) in Adventure Island 3 is completely different then in the Gameboy version.
The music in Adventure Island 3 is way better then on the Gameboy.
Adventure Island 3 plays faster then the Gameboy version.
Adventure Island 3 has a bigger screen, so there's more room to fight bosses then in the Gameboy version.
The secret rooms where you go to proceed to different paths are way bigger in the Gameboy version, then in the NES version (Adventure Island 3).

The actual levels themselves are exactly the same, as far as I know. I don't actually own Adventure Island 3, so I have not checked this out too much. It looks like the Gameboy version is superior, but not necessarily. Of source the Gameboy had its problems.

I'm practicing this game for a speedrun (#1 for the nes that is; I'm bumping this thread back on the original topic).

There are some speedruns reported by Japanese players. I have found one video (41:52), , but that run is not optimised enough to be of much use. The best time according to the nicowiki is 40:34 ( ). I'd be VERY interested in watching that run, but only powered with googletranslate I'm unable to say if the video is available anywhere.

I'm doing my run on the pal-version, which afaict is identical with the ntsc-version if the 5/6-rule is applied. I did a test run with save states on every level and got around 40:30 (ntsc-timing). While it's my goal to get a better time than the nico-run (using the 5/6 rule), it's obviously gonna be quite a challenge. I admit that I have still a long way to go, but things are going fine atm and I'm not in a hurry. I think it will boil down to what my state of sanity will be like when (if?) it's time to attack the last levels though.

If anyone knows of tricks, videos (outside the tas:es and the above mentioned Japanese run) or has seen reports of other runs, let me know.
The Speedrunning Teacher
The only thing that I could throw out as far as advice is to know how far ahead each bonus area throws you. I know that there is a few that don't move you ahead very far at all, while others drop you right next to the next numbered marker.

Other than that, I could only recommend massive amounts of zen meditation and aspirin/ibprofen to assist with sanity and headaches respectively.
It's a good observation about the difference in how much each bonus area skips of the actual level. I still believe that they are not worth it. None of the other speedruns use the bonus levels either. However, I'll try to keep in mind all of the known bonus level locations. If I find other bonus levels, I'll check them out in more detail (sounds pretty unlikely though since there has been at least two tas:es made).

Thanks for the therapy and medication advice. I'm sure it will come in handy further down the road...
My feelings on The Demon Rush
ktwo: I haven't looked at the runs much, but none of them are single-segment (that's what 非RTA means).
Well, the times not being single segment obviously put them in a completely different light, so thanks for making me aware of that... I even see that the same runner posted a new time of 40:17 today. Still "non-RTA". I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed in seeing runs posted on the nico-wiki using save states (or whatever non-RTA means). Such a category makes absolutely no sense, but whatever. Anyways, it seems like the best reported RTA is the 41:52-video then (that one is clearly marked as "RTA" at least).
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ktwo: 2011-11-05 02:49:31 pm
ktwo: 2011-10-31 03:40:00 pm
Time for a small update. I had a run today of Adventure Island I that ended in 8-2, which is a new personal best. Even though I didn't beat the game, it feels like a milestone and hopefully the start of getting more attempts that go into world 8. I've uploaded the run on youtube:

(the video might be unavailable/"processed" if you try to watch it right after me posting this)

I lost the skateboard in 6-3, which ruined any attempt of speedy completions of 6-3 and 6-4. Noticeable mistakes in 7-2 and 7-4 as well. Other than that, the run should give a good idea of what I'm trying to achieve. Comments on how to go even faster are of course welcome if someone would spot something easy to implement that I have overlooked.

The time estimate given in my first post here was far too conservative. I think a deathless run without major mistakes will clock in somewhere around 46:30, which would roughly correspond to 38:30 on ntsc. So it seems like the question whether the Japanese runs were done in single segment or not doesn't really matter.

As for the general strategy, I have tried to follow the following list of priority when going full speed ahead is not an option:
- shoot (one shot costs ~1 frame)
- pick up fruit worth 80 bonus points
- make small jump
- pick up fruit worth 160 bonus points

(Bananas and apples give 80 bonus points (=8 frames of countdown at the end of a level). Carrots and tomatoes give 160 bonus points (=16 frames of countdown). Pineapples (?) give 240 bonus points (=24 frames of countdown).)

Some other observations:
- All bonus pots waste time (even if it means slowing down to avoid them).
- None of the bonus areas are worth visiting.
- Tripping on a stone means losing momentum, but also losing points on the timer (=less countdown at the end). It turns out that it's better (by a couple of frames) to trip on stones whenever possible. Since this is only possible without a skateboard, this is only useful in a few -4 levels right before the bosses when the skateboards are anyways lost.

While I'm at it, I'll throw in some more information in this post. The game is most of the time extremely predictable, but a few areas require manipulation of enemy behaviour and platform spawning. The trickiest parts are in 5-3 and 7-3. I put up some instruction videos in youtube of how to get through those areas.

47:28 (my first 1cc-completion - yeah !)

There were unfortunately three deaths in the run (all in 8-1). It doesn't really matter though because I wasn't too happy about the rest of the run either.