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Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Any %) (Single Segment)

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A/V as good as can be expected
No cheating detected

"I forgot how quickly things die on easy."  That was one of my first thoughts when I watched this run, and iirc one of my first thoughts when I watched the old segmented run when it came out.

Level by level comments:

Hoth: Not much to say here.  Saves ten seconds over the segmented run through better mashing (or even mashing at all at a couple points) and an improved route in the final section.

Echo Base: The segmented run did some yolo jumps at the catwalk section, had a better boss fight and skipped the seekers at the end.  Nevertheless this run is only nine seconds slower and the overall play quality was actually about the same because the runner avoided a couple hiccups from the old run earlier in the level.

Asteroid Field: And this one saves nine seconds over the segmented run, yay RNG.  I also like that a hit TIE Fighter crashed into the Outrider, and unlike the bridge of of a freaking Super Star Destroyer, the Outrider is unharmed (and don't tell me the Outrider's shields were that strong - I found it funny and want no part of a consistency debate).

Ord Mantell: Autoscroller, yawn.  Lag before IG-88 costs four fewer real-time seconds than in the segmented run.  The in-game 51 second improvement came in the boss fight thanks to the Echo Base seekers.

Gall Spaceport:  This level was already pretty impressive what with the OoB stuff, but new strats saved 34 seconds here.  Slave One just needed a hug.

Mos Eisley: Two fewer crashes/losses of momentum than in the old run, four seconds saved.

Suprosa: Getting the door clip on the third try is still faster than opening the door with the switch.  Six seconds saved.

Sewers: Only one thing in this run really disappoints me, and it is in this level.  No boss skip here, which is the main reason this level is 38 seconds slower than in the segmented run.  That said, this game is not yet sufficiently optimized for missing a 1/5 trick late in the run to warrant a reject.  Plus, ending at 1hp is a nice touch.

Xizor's Palace: 10 seconds faster than the old run.  'Nuff said.

Skyhook: Eleven seconds slower than the old run here - and the only level of the three slower ones that can really be chalked up to gameplay.

This run is a SS that obsoletes a segmented run by over a minute.  Gameplay is excellent throughout and the one big potential time saver is essentially random.  Easy accept.

First up, the run was played on Easy. Higher difficulties contain a large degree of bullshit. Last time I played this game was a few years back, I tried playing on Normal. I was playing on the Swoop Bike level, crashed into a polygon seam (on the freaking ground) and died repeatedly. Evidently, the game is not as well programmed as I thought it was.

I seem to recall "No soup 4 u" as the chosen name for the file either being on the back of the game box or in the instruction manual. Good call. I played this game a lot as a kid, and as a casual fan, it's pretty awesome to see that someone ballsed up and ran it. Wasn't very well received as a launch N64 title, the controls are a little rubber-bandy, and Dash's forward momentum carries over a lot, but it's still pretty fun.

Battle of Hoth - Pretty straightforward. I dunno if the enemies spawn in the exact same places or not. Death abuse is easy to take advantage of in this game, you can suicide into a lot of AT-STs.

Escape from Echo Base - It was Echo Base. A couple of riskier jumps could have been done, I think, but other than that, it was rly good.

Asteroid Field - It was the asteroid field. Just spam lasers and missiles.

Ord Mantell - I remember trying the trainyard dozens of times when I was a kid. It's long and got some pretty annoying platforming, but it's probably still my favorite autoscroller of any video game. The runner looks up to cut down on framelag and make it move quicker... Reduced draw distances ftw. Mad props, because the platforming section is kinda tough when you don't have many visual cues to look for. I remember last time I fought IG-88, I was corridor-dodging Unreal Tournament style, but really all you need to do is just sit there and spam your blaster until he jumps on the divider and you can spam missiles. That worked!

Gall Spaceport - The longest level in the game. A lot of it is being very careful around corners, because Dash's forward momentum takes a little bit to come to a halt. Death Abuse happened here again for two reasons: quick health refill, and getting through the slow door without waiting to jump on the moving platform to get back. Now that he's acquired the jetpack, all sorts of fun skips can happen. The AT-ST skip, and the other OoB skip to Boba Fett. Funny that the level trigger is really just waiting for the elevator. Also, I thought Pulse Rounds wouldn't work on Slave 1.

Mos Eisley - I always killed the dudes and picked up the Challenge Points before reaching the end of the course. Aleckermit doesn't do that, and instead I get to see that they have an artificial sort of variance in their speed on top of being totally on rails. Weird.

Star Freighter - How the hell did you discover that door clip? Nice. The Loader Droid falls pretty fast with the flamethrower.

Sewers - Fuck Dianogas, those things gave me nightmares when I was a kid. He missed the skip, but still gave no fucks and continued.

Xizor's Palace - 2-3 disruptors per phase on the Gladiator Droid. He didn't actually need to use Death Abuse this time, which I usually see in this stage. Could have maybe gone a little faster if he had one more Disruptor left over from hitting the Dianoga skip, but it's an unlikely trick to get that late in the run.

Skyhook - That is some skilled maneuvering in the core.

He shows the final time for all stages and it does add up to 50:52.

Outside of missing the Dianoga skip, this run was a great watch. I approve of this run.

Fun fact: This was my first N64 game. Thusly, it will always hold a special place in my heart, even if it's aged pretty terribly.

A/V looks fine since the game actually looks like that. No cheating detected.

First time I actually watch a speedrun of this game, but it being faster than a segmented run speaks volumes. Not going to do stage by stage commentary since I wouldn't have anything more to add, but I found the run executed well. Nice out of bounds tricks, hadn't seen that that was possible in this game before. Didn't know the Dianoga skip was a thing, shame it got missed, but as was said, it seems to be a very non-SS-friendly trick and the actual Dianoga fight was over pretty quickly anyway. And I REALLY didn't know that thing with the reactor was doable. Holy shit.

All in all, a nice run that was a real nostalgia trip for me.

So, Kenny says accept!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Alec 'aleckermit' Aster!
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aleckermit: 2013-05-07 01:18:07 pm
Thanks for the very quick verification. First verifier: Skyhook was 1 second slower than in the segmented run, not 11 seconds slower.

I'm super pleased with this run, the RNG was off the chain in Asteroid Field and Battle of Hoth was like 9 seconds faster than what I was averaging (lucky hitbox detection and best ATST placements) Dianoga boss skip would be cool but I'm not one of those guys that likes to rely on a lot of RNG bs, Boba Fett is actually the most crucial luck dependent part of the run and the fight with him went OK here. Could definitely get boss skip and still have a slower time than this.

Here's the run on youtube for the impatient: