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Little Nemo: The Dream Master (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscj) (nes)

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A/V looks mostly good, but it's got a weird wavering effect that's most obvious on areas of solid color. I didn't even notice it until the cutscene with a gray background though, so it's probably fine. The audio is also slightly behind, about 0.4 seconds or so. The included .wav commentary file seems to be intended to start when the StatID disappears.

So this run is in the same category as the US version, since the differences other than text speed are very minor. The gameplay sections look good, though I didn't sit down and compare it with Jokaah's old run to make sure it was actually faster, though I have little reason to think it's not. Shame about the penguin though.


A/V is alright, I also noticed the wavering although I am not sure if I would've had it not been mentioned. The desync in audio seems to get less worse towards the end. I didn't bother checking the commentary. The run itself is very well optimized, despite the couple bad moments on the penguin and the Nightmare King. The time in the StatID of 23:50 seems fine to me. I'll give this an accept as well.

A/V for the most part is fine. The issues noted by the other reviewers is notable, but not terribly distracting.

Stage 1: Pretty solid, I didn't see any mistakes.
Stage 2: Missed the cutscene skip, but that's not surprising as it is really difficult. Missing the key in the tree is a small mistake, and cost 2-3 seconds. Probably one of the weaker stages in the run, but still acceptable.
Stage 3: Autoscroller. Not much to say.
Stage 4: As the runner notes there are some troll enemy spawns, but nothing that cost a significant amount of time.
Stage 5: This stage can be pretty tricky and annoying for setting up some of the best paths, but the runner gets through all of it without problems. The entire mouse section is stupidly treacherous, but it goes cleanly from what I saw.
Stage 6: Some clever paths through this stage cut off a portion of it. No problems other than some minor movement optimizations.
Stage 7: Did not think the frog would be so useful in the early part of the stage, but it makes sense how he uses him here. Rest of the stage is good too.
Stage 8-1: Cue the non-key section of the game. The hitboxes of a lot of enemies and traps can be very weird in this stage. The penguin boss is annoying in that you have to hit the head to do full damage, and it isn't the simplest task to set it up.
Stage 8-2: Manta is annoying but predictable. The skip with the lizard saves a ton of time vs getting the frog, kudos there.
Stage 8-3: Is the mouse really necessary to get up the rest of that wall? I swear I've gone up as bee before, but I could be misremembering. Final boss is cake once you know the patterns.

Solid run and improvement, I give this an ACCEPT.

A/V is fine for the most part. Audio can probably be synced up with a little work--since it starts behind and catches up towards the end, the audio should be slowed down and offset slightly. The wavering/artifacting of the video is not a big deal and is mostly unnoticeable; it should not affect the run's eligibility.

As for the run, everything looks to be in proper order, and the gameplay is a step above Jokaah's old run. As other's have noted the timing in the StatID seems accurate.


Fake edit: I just converted the MP4 to an AVI and plugged it into VDub to try to see if I could fix the audio, and it's telling me that the sync issue is because of the Variable Bit Rate for the audio. Sure enough all the audio syncs up in VDub. Most likely it can be fixed by just recompressing the audio to be a Constant Bit Rate in a program that knows what's up.

Stage 2, cloud jump on stage 6 (I don't blame him) and Penguin. But heck. The run overall is very good!


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jonathan 'Joka' Karlsson!
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Thanks guys Smiley

Is the mouse really necessary to get up the rest of that wall? I swear I've gone up as bee before, but I could be misremembering.

Yes, it's necessary, unless you can mash at 25hz Smiley (the TAS skips it)