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Rad... They have taken me...

Who?: Any one and every one is welcome to join regardless of skill or experience with the game.

What?: An open race of the game Soul Blazer for the SNES

Where?: The race will be held on SpeedRunsLive, with a restream of the top 4 available runners on Twitch.tv/RPGLimitBreak
When?: Saturday April 22nd - 12PM EDT, 6PM CEST

Why?: Last year around this time the world lost an amazing speedrunner, and all around great guy, when Everhate suddenly passed away. The Soul Blazer community along with his many friends honoured his memory by holding a grand race of Soul Blazer, a game he pioneered and developed into the run we know today. To continue that tradition and keep him in our hearts, we've decided to make this event an annual thing.

So if you'd like to help us in supporting this initiative, please join us on SRL come race day, all are welcome. If not up to race, simply join in the chat on the RPG Limit Break channel and share your experiences and memories of Everhate.

Additionally if you would like to learn the run beforehand, StingerPA's notes can be found here. http://bombch.us/Cb3E
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Rad... They have taken me...
Thank you everyone who showed up to make this year's race fantastic. The viewers, the behind the scenes and host, and of course all the runners!

You're the best, see you next year!