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Great idea slynki. Objects vanish over transitions though, but maybe the boxes on the other side can be used anyway.
Bring a box over to the elevator, activate elevator, then make a 2000ups boost (maxspeed) in perfect timing before the transition. So when we hit Office Complex we blast right for the electrical field, and with reduced fps it is possible to make it through unharmed.

This requires some artful box maneuvering though, might be hard to bring a box over to the elevator fast enough. We also lose the medkit outside elevator by doing this, and Waffles upcoming headcrab trick combined with this might be agony to do in one segment. But I'm not sure how the success rate is. Might be easy with some script assistance.
I'll try this when I get home next weekend.
The Dork Knight himself.
Now THAT would be an insane trick to see Smiley
Upcoming headcrab trick, hmm? Sounds interesting.
Don't think!  feeeeeal
Another way to skip that trigger instead of using a box boost, which would be really hard, would be to get all the batteries and take the damage then recharge the health.  With the 4 batteries you could take 100 damage and only lose 20 health which would take 2 extra seconds to recharge.  I think ShadowRaze only took 107 damage in his video.  Getting through there with low damage is somewhat of an anomaly, normally you just die, I have no idea why in rare cases you can go through will less damage.
It's possible that loading a quick save then immediately jumping through could be the cause of taking less damage. Some tricky segmenting at that part could potentially be the way to do it. As for bringing a box over the gap, if you dropped down from the broken bridge then pushed a box off one of the slanted edges near the water, you could bring it and yourself up. Or maybe you can just whip the box clean over the gap. I'm not too familiar with object boosting. The only problem is losing the health pack, and potentially wasting a few seconds bringing the box over. Still, I like the idea. I also like your idea, Spider. Kinda funny to consider all this for a trick that will only save, what, maybe 4 seconds without an object boost? =D

By the way, and I don't know if this could be useful at all, and you probably know about it, but there's a secret room (more like a ledge) in Blast Pit. It's right before the room where the scientist gets dragged out the window. There's a barnacle before the door, and if you look up there's a little ledge up there. There's a health and shield recharge unit up there, inexplicably. It might be possible to access from inside the rocket engine room, I'm not sure. If you're in dire need of health at that point, it could be something to look in to, so you don't have to collect any health later on. The only problem is accessing the thing without wasting time X_x
Hi ^_^
Yes,its true that i save and loaded to get through it with lower damage.
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ShadowRaze: 2010-11-15 07:28:44 pm
Hi ^_^
I also tried throwing a nade near the scientist in 'We've got hostiles'  for him to run and open the door,however,seems to me he doesnt react at all,he just continues his screaming about the silo door and die to my grenade.
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Spider-Waffle: 2010-11-15 09:59:25 pm
Spider-Waffle: 2010-11-15 09:50:59 pm
Don't think!  feeeeeal
I'm still having trouble bypassing that office complex trigger.  I've made a save in the middle and kept loading and saving moving forward, but every time I get to the end of the trigger it kills me.  I think you might be able to pass through with just 2/6 damage at just 500ups, but I can't figure out the anomaly that gets you past the very end of the trigger.

And you can boost a box across have it land on the right yellow striped broken bridge piece, then pull it from there to the corner, and then push it into the right place in front of the elevator.  This would probably be about a 2s delay though and would require at least 2 extra saves.
Hi ^_^
i used god mode to identify the pattern,seems that theres a trigger of instant kill and a non-instant kill.and after god mode i found out i can pass it safely with 100 hp 15 amour,maybe an npc like the head-crab needs to pass it first,i'm not sure.Maybe u should try using god mode to enter the electricity first,then go back and take the battery behind,off the god mode and try passing it,to confirm that an npc is required to pass first.
why so complicated? just check triggers with hammer editor lol
But is it really possible to edit or view compiled maps in the editor?
you must decompile it to view with the editor.

Makes no difference though as the triggers will stay unaffected.
Only some brushes may be error'ed when you decompile.
How cooperative are snarks in mid-air? I never did too much with them. I was thinking after blowing up the blast door with the big gun, right before Barney, you could curve to the left like you do in your half hour run after jumping off that weird alien trampoline, then perhaps start the snark boost in mid-air to save a couple second or so? It could be possible if you tossed the snark at the wall before you hit it, then sort of "rubble" off of it. You may take some damage from the snark in such a case, but it shouldn't cost you too much considering you need health-only in order for the infinite health door to work anyway. The only question is, is this even worth the frustration, or is doing the crouching method on the snark on the ground just as fast? =D
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Spider-Waffle: 2010-11-18 12:27:34 am
Don't think!  feeeeeal
You can ramp slide the bounce pad and get a vertical boost from the push trigger and go high enough to get on top on the ceiling above or into the water layer.  The trick is getting to the hole while still getting enough push from the trigger, but it's been done by rofi with an extra 4 or so cell GB.  It has to be the left hole also because the right one will wedge you on your way up.
Wut about speedrun? Still testing? And what about stream? I would love to see Spider-Wafle or Quadrazid trying to do the trick :P. And i have one question about that kill trigger in Office Complex. Mayby it is like that trigger like in lambda teleporter? That anything go in there and kill it and it need half a second before it can kill something again. Mayby if it kill headcrab you can quickly go through? If this is stupid question i'm sorry Tongue
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Spider-Waffle: 2010-11-19 08:47:04 pm
Don't think!  feeeeeal
I think the trigger_once that activates the 200 damage trigger_hurt can't be activated by scientists or head crabs.  The lowest speed I've been able to get through with was 800 and I usually take 4/12, once was 3/9.  I've never been able to get through with less than 800 speed like shadowraze did, I'm really curious what exactly he did and if he can replicate it.  There's no way you're only to be able to get 800 speed without an object or trigger_push in that narrow hallway, you could cj at 502 right when the level changes at but that's it.
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ShadowRaze: 2010-11-20 03:45:15 am
ShadowRaze: 2010-11-20 03:45:01 am
ShadowRaze: 2010-11-20 03:44:53 am
Hi ^_^
I'll do some testing about the kill trigger in Office Complex.
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bebeDesigner: 2010-11-20 04:10:31 pm
I made a little job for those who are hardly imaginative.

The parameter says:

damagetype 256
dmg 200
class: trigger_hurt

I found this comment under 'trigger_hurt' . maybe its the explanation of ShadowRaze's video.
	// HACKHACK -- In multiplayer, players touch this based on packet receipt.
	// So the players who send packets later aren't always hurt.

But I couldnt find any good thing. Sad
Ad infinitum
In HLS (Half-Life: Source) you can simply walk straight through that trigger with 100/10 and still have 13/0 on the other side. The fact that ShadowRaze loose just about the same amount that I do makes me believe that ShadowRaze recorded his video in HLS. It's a well known shortcut over at SourceRuns and it's nothing special really, that damage-trigger simply does a lot less damage in HLS.

I'd be happy to be proven wrong however.
Hi ^_^
I'm not using HL:S lol
I'm using Half life version i think
Svart Lyser Tronen
My theory worked out well, and I was also able to grab the medkit and battery.

I made a script that pushes the second button and then make the object boost at 2000ups.
After picking up the H/A and crashing into the wall I had 1500ups.
To make it through I lowered the fps to 20, which I find to work best. resulting in only 2/6 loss.
Hi ^_^
Simply Amazing quadrazid!
The Dork Knight himself.
How much time is lost getting the box to that corner?
Great job, quad!
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Spider-Waffle: 2010-11-21 07:29:36 pm
Spider-Waffle: 2010-11-21 01:36:57 pm
Don't think!  feeeeeal
Time lost getting the box there still needs to be worked out.  If we can do 3 pulls along with boosting ourselves I think that would be fastest.  First one onto the right broken piece and hitting the right wall partially so it stops there and doesn't bounce up, then pulling it from there into the back wall, and then into the ele door.  Will probably delay about 2s and 2 saves.

EDIT: I've found it's not too rare to get 0 damage at 1500, I was setting fps to 5.