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That's some crazy stuff. My eyes get more thirsty with each update.
Svart Lyser Tronen
11:07 into the run, 04:32 ahead of the old run and 41/83 maps completed. Means the run is halfway done. Thanks to CRASHFORTRESS for making this teaser:

As always, have a look at the timesheet.

woooooop! \o/
Still need modding help? Cheesy
Edit history:
quadrazid: 2013-03-28 03:27:28 pm
Svart Lyser Tronen
Pretty good progress lately and I'm closing in to some of the more interesting parts of the game like Questionable Ethics and Surface Tension. On A Rail was completed with a whooping improvement of 49.50 seconds. Apprehension is also completed with a more shy 20.42 improvement. Total savings right now adds up to 4:43 minutes and will be 5min+ at the end of Residue Processing. I just finished the first map of the latter and I can promise a few pretty exceptional routes in this otherwise straight forward chapter.

On A Rail history:
think-circle 4:18
dopefish 3:43
RandomEngy 4:11
Spider-Waffle 2:43.66
New 1:54.16

For details, have a look at the timesheet.

And of course a big thanks to my new coder YaLTeR for some really fine features!
That trailer was kick-ass, I can't wait to see this run. It's also impressive how you keep crushing the times of SW's run! Keep up the good work Smiley
Man, how I wish I could make time go faster Smiley
Edit history:
quadrazid: 2013-07-08 06:51:51 pm
Svart Lyser Tronen
Surface Tension done! Was stuck for a while at the well known health-door, since the map has to be in one segment until the door starts to open, and there are many precise actions along the way.
The planning has also been improved lately; replaced an AR-grenade for scaring the grunt to open the health door with just 9mm bullets; replaced AR-grenade boost with selfgauss among other minor things. AR-grenades are generally more useful than handgrenades and also more rare items. Those two small changes adds up to 1.5 seconds. A new triggerdelay found in Interloper that saves about 2.5s.
The time of Surface Tension was almost cut in half, pretty amazing improvement if I may say so myself. The new estimated total time is down to 21:13.
For details.

Surface Tension
think-circle 7:22
dopefish 5:32
RandomEngy 5:22
Spider-Waffle 3:03
New 1:33
Iha paska
hl2 dwahmov and now this? Awesome!
ChickenB0h BOH! :D
holy molly it's really good season for FPS runs now Cheesy
Rye bread, beer and snus
I guess somebody should try to contact Spider-Waffle to change the topic of this thread, or at least the time on the topic Tongue
I can change the owner of the topic to Quadrazid, if he wants to maintain it.
Svart Lyser Tronen
Sure thing, would be nice!
S'all yours.
Totally rad
Really hyped for this run. Keep up the amazing work!
A Crab
Nice. Always fun to see BA speedrunners like quad crushing my old times. Smiley
Edit history:
quadrazid: 2013-07-12 10:09:14 am
quadrazid: 2013-07-12 10:09:13 am
Svart Lyser Tronen
Yet another halved chapter thanks to the amount of health and a jaw-dropping trick : >
The run is now 80% completed and have saved over 7 minutes in total right now.

"Forget About Freeman!"
think-circle 1:17
dopefish 1:12
RandomEngy 1:08
Spider-Waffle 37.99
New 18.24

For details.
Oh wow, that is delicious. I'd love to hear some details about the new trick.
For me the most anticipated speedrun ever. There's no doubt this will become an all time favorite run of mine... can't wait. Keep up the ass kicking with these insane times!
Truljin @ Twitch
Oh wow, i can't wait to see this run Smiley
Svart Lyser Tronen
I'm glad people are looking forward to it. But in order to keep your mouth open throughout the whole thing, I will keep the tricks secret until the run is completed.
Gah! Damn you quadrazid!

Oh well, it'll be more amazing if we don't know.
Release the it ASAP!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!111