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I am so hyped oh my
Any good news?
'sup guys?
From SourceRuns, SpiderWaffle estimates that the movie will be released around the middle of March.

↑ old run

↓ new run
dont tease, people are dying here
Have you finished those video

It IS already middle of March! C'moooon!
fast video games
give em a break guys they want to make ths thing as optimized as possible im sure
Rye bread, beer and snus
So what I'm guessing is that since quad said he wants to release the run and the explanation video at the same time (so that the retards yelling "CHEATERZ!!!11" in the youtube comment section would STFU), it's the explanation video that's taking the time. And I can fully understand that, since I can only imagine how long it will be with all the new tricks and such, so it'll take time. It'll be released when it'll be released, whining about it here won't make things any faster.
it's MADNESS!!!!111

All the time spent preparing the run has made Quad a little less sensible.

I wish God were alive to see this.
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Svart Lyser Tronen
That's right. Unfortunately there won't be any commentary that I've talked about. Loosing more and more interest about this so I'm deciding to publish and let it go. The video have been done since January so it's about time. Got youtube, 60 and 120fps downloadable videos upcoming. But I really wish I can make an in depth commentary in the future since it would add a lot to the entirety. coolkid talked about live streaming a commentary, so keep an eye out for that.

Edit: Haven't really lost interest, it just got lower priority to other things.
What an incredible intro. I would love to have the commentary in the future, but I'd much rather have the video now than then=)
ah i was looking forward to the commentary TT
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Svart Lyser Tronen

The videos are available with both 60 and 120 fps. 120fps is recommended only for users with more than 60hz, preferably 120hz. The files may also be heavy for old computers to play properly.
I strongly recommend Media Player Classic for the 120fps verison, it will play fine. VLC however will not.

1280x720 60fps 8235kbps 1.35GB

800x450 60fps 3309kbps 565MB

1280x720 120fps 8099kbps 1.29GB

800x450 120fps 4128kbps 696MB
This is awesome.
Rye bread, beer and snus
I have watched this a couple of times and I still have no clue what's happening at certain points, and this is coming from a guy who's been following HL speedrunning since 2005. Brilliant work guys, absolutely brilliant.
Runs: FCP, FC3, XWA, HD1-2, KotOR1-2
Great job! I blinked and I missed it Smiley

You guys are crazy. But in a very entertaining way.

I lol'd at the 1 HP remaining at the end. G-man is going to want to hire you again.
It's beautiful.
the first link for the 1280x820 60fps is a 120fps video link
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Watching now. Just got to the skip at the end of Anonmalous Materials. What even just happened?!

Definitely looking forward to some full commentary. Smiley

Edit: Okay, I had to rewatch the beginning of Office Complex to understand what the hell happened. You object-boosted just before the map transition and kept your speed upon arriving on the new map? Awesome.

Edit 2: The scientist at the start of We Got Hostiles is a little confused about how to run away from a grenade. Smiley

Edit 3: Alright, I've rewatched it 3 times and I don't understand how you survived the fall down the elevator shaft at the start of Blast Pit. Is it some sort of abuse of stair-mantling code? Like you hit the ledge from the side and below in a way that makes the game treat it like you're stepping up onto a slightly higher surface, like climbing stairs?

Edit 4: I swear that green slime shortly after killing the Blast Pit boss isn't supposed to boost you along that quickly. Framerate-related? Or are you object-boosting while in water?

Edit 5: I have absolutely no idea how you teleported at the start of Power Up.

Edit 6: Was the tripmine on the doors before launching the rocket just a sexy way of doing an explosive boost later, or was there something more going on there that I missed?

Edit 7: How'd the rotating spray work while being captured? Does your view just get rotated anyway as part of some falling down animation in a sequence that was later removed from the game?

Edit 8: The headcrab boost in Residue Processing is beautiful.

Edit 9: The guard whose head you boost off in Questionable Ethics... was killing him during the boost just for fun, or are you getting flicked into the air by his death animation? I think it's the former and the combination of a jump off his head plus the shotgun boost is what gets you the height, but if it's the latter, then that's awesome.

Edit 10: Huh, I'm unfamiliar with this glitch, but how come we can see your full health when you use the door of healing? I swear when I saw that glitch in AGDQ, we saw coolkid's health mod 256.

Edit 11: Hmm, is that human mouse movement I see for throwing the nade behind you while underwater? Why no script?

Edit 12: What's that noise like a buzzer at the start of Nihilanth?

Okay, that was awesome. Congrats, guys. Smiley
ChickenB0h BOH! :D
it's perfect birthday present Cheesy love you guys Cheesy