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Svart Lyser Tronen
Presenting Half-Life 21.

Starting back in the summer of 2010, the estimated time for this run was thought to be roughly 27 minutes. However, after almost four years of painstaking planning, theorycrafting and execution, we have arrived at our final time, smashing all of our wildest expectations.

Not only do we owe this new world-record time to all the new tricks we've discovered, the new routes we've found and the new ways we've
learned to manipulate the game. A lot of the improvement from the first estimation and the previous world record (29 minutes, 41 seconds)
comes from the very hard work and countless hours put into perfecting each and every segment, no matter how short or trivial. This run has
truly been an endurance test for everyone involved, and we're extremely happy to finally be able to share it with you.

Enjoy, Half-Life in 20 minutes, 41 seconds!

Technical details:

* This run sets the new world record for a segmented speedrun of Half-Life on Hard difficulty with an improvement of 9 minutes. (29:41 -> 20:41).
* Runners, in order of total amount of segments: quadrazid, CRASH FORT, coolkid, pineapple, YaLTeR, Spider-Waffle, FELip.
* The total amount of segments is 317, 249 of which are shorter than 5 seconds.
* This run is heavily scripted using the in-game console, the most widely used scripts are jump spam, duck spam, 180* turn for gauss boost and precise use-key actions.
* To use the better demo functionality and the support of higher FPS values in the Steam version, a mod have been made to restore the gameplay to the way it was before the anti-bhop patch back in 2001. The mod also features a lot of new HUD elements to aid speedrunning. Read more and download here.

Extra thanks to:
ripieces, for making an exclusive HLAE update
Oasiz, for making a VDub script
OddYsseus, for encoding and hosting service
YaLTeR, for creating Bunnymod Pro
rofi, for New Gauge Half-Life client

The videos are available with both 60 and 120 fps. 120fps is recommended only for users with more than 60hz, preferably 120hz. The files may also be heavy for old computers to play properly.
I strongly recommend Media Player Classic for the 120fps verison, it will play fine. VLC however will not.

For details about chapters, maps, segments, players and times, there is a detailed spreadsheet.

1280x720 60fps 8235kbps 1.35GB torrent

800x450 60fps 3309kbps 565MB

1280x720 120fps 8099kbps 1.29GB torrent

800x450 120fps 4128kbps 696MB

This is a segmented speedrun of Half-Life on hard difficulty. The recording started in May 2012. Hopefully to be finished at the end of 2013.
It's not a coop run despite being a team run, different persons will play different parts of the game one at the time.
To use the improved demo functionality of the Steam version, a mod have been made to restore the gameplay to the way it was before the anti-bhop patch. The mod also features a lot of new HUD tools to improve speedrunning. This mod can be found here.
With these tools, heavy segmenting and scripts, this run is bordering to a TAS. Obviously against the rules of this site and will not be submitted.

For detailed information and comparison with the old run you can have a look at the timesheet.
For sneek'peeks and other Half-Life runs you can visit my youtube.

If you have any ideas or suggestions just post a comment. Anyone that helps out will be listed in the credits, w/e you can do to help is appreciated.

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I'm in charge of this topic since Spider-Waffle got banned. //quadrazid
This is a PC game run, not a casual run, we might make it on a SDA legal version of HL, which doesn't matter anyway because non-SDA runs have always been allowed in the PC game section, so please take some meds for your tyrannical turrets and avoid from moving and renaming this topic to mock us.  There also is to be no discussion of whether SDA will accept this run, we all know SDA staff makes one bad decision after another, there's nothing we can do about that since SDA is a tyrant run dictatorship in which the best interests of the speedrunning community come last.

So now that that's out of the way we can keep this discussion purely on the actual gameplay of this run.  So as it stands I've planned out the entire run aside from many minor yet important details.  To iron everything out and the get the perfect plan within .5s we will need to do a lot testing and timing of small sections using different techniques.

I NEED HELP DOING SMALL SECTIONS FOR TESTING PURPOSES.  Rayvex, quad can you guys please help me with some of these.  I've posted in the past one about the wing2 bhop section, I can make a demo if necessary.  I'm also available on aim as spiderwaffle if you want to talk more about the run, I find it's a faster way to get more discussion and planning in.

We also need help fixing the freeze bug in steam.  Mav believes it might be able to be fixed with a mod, we could make this a new version to hlspbunny.  We can also use decrypters to look at the assembly code and figure out why the freeze bug happens and perhaps come up with a fix after learning more about it.
Thread title:  
Haters gonna hate
Moved to casual speedrunning, it's where non SDA runs go, serious or no.  If you feel there's other threads that belong here as well feel free to link me to them.  I honestly don't read PC games that much personally.

So now that that's out of the way, keep it clean people, and good luck.
(user is banned)
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Don't think!  feeeeeal
I said this might be an SDA run, it's not a non-sda run, please undue the damage you've done to the community by moving this SDA run thread back to it's proper place.  Jesus christ, is your sole goal to harrass the HL speedrunning community while not doing your job at SDA?  Please leave us alone, you're really hurting the community and making SDA a worse website.
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ShadowWraith: 2010-09-05 09:08:05 pm
I'm going to agree with Spider-Waffle here on his point that as he has claimed he might run this on an SDA legal version of Half-Life that it should remain in the PC Games section of the forums.

Could stand to be a little less of a jerk though. Breakdown does a fine job here and this website would be a worse place without him.
Haters gonna hate
Considering the project to this point has been on a non-SDA legal version of HL this seems the appropriate spot for it.  I find it a little hard to believe that in the last 12 hours or so since the last thread got locked any serious progress has been made on another version.  If something a little more concrete than "might" comes to be, we'll see about moving it.

And for the rest of it, when I locked the last thread it was for being off topic after being warned about being off topic.  Before this post this thread is thus far a little less than half about gameplay, pretty poor start.  Really if we had a "Get on your soapbox" subforum it would seem to be the best place to move it as of now.  So I'll say again, keep this thread about the run or find out what I meant when I said "consequences will be more dire" in the last thread.  This goes for everybody, but more specifically, Spider-Waffle, you, not "the community," you have been warned.
(user is banned)
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Spider-Waffle: 2010-09-06 12:03:57 am
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Don't think!  feeeeeal
Ok, we will likely make it on an SDA legal version, hlspb and steam.  So far none of the run has been done and no one has installed the modded dll, all testing has been on SDA leagal versions.  This run so far is 100% SDA leagal and it likely will be.  Now would please undue your damage and stop harassing me, there's plenty of other threads which aren't where they belong why must you single in on this one when I correctly put it where it belongs.

The bhop section in blast still needs quality demos for it.  Wing2 is the middle wing where you get gas and air, the section needs to starts after you turn on the gas and the air on top of the ladder right after that.  Mav has been able to do it getting the medkits by started the first circle jump somewhere else but it's needs to be from above that ladder after the gas and air.  It should be 11 jumps with getting the medkits, mav has also done it with starting above ladder, not getting the medkits and using 11 jumps by going around the pillar at the start, but if we're not getting the medkits it needs to be done in 10.  So want really want is 11 jumps starting from ladder, getting both medkits, landing above the door so no need to use jump bug, and it's very important that it continues into the elevator shaft so we can get an accurate time for this bhop method and compare with using a speed.  The time for the speed boosting can likely be calculated once know how long it takes without boosts.

We also going to need a lot of guass boost testing for small sections to decide how to best distribute the limited amount of cells.  I'm planning a route which will get an extra 40 cells right after the tank part in forget about freeman.  So there will be a lot of extra cells to go around.  Again please contact me on aim if you want to help.
Everybody's favorite monster
And so the story continues
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Reaver: 2010-09-06 03:22:49 am
Would a list on this page of the sections you needed testing be better, so more people can help with the testing in certain sections?

Good luck with this run. Looking forward to seeing it
Haters gonna hate
Trekhaak:  Seriously, you're not helping.

As for where this thread goes, if you're planning on moving over to a version that's SDA legal we can move it back to PC games.  The last thread got moved because whether you agreed with the decision or not, the version you were talking about using wasn't SDA legal, and this is where threads about non-SDA runs go.  As a bit of a digression, I think a change in the name of this forum is in order.  While "Casual Speedrunning" fit its original intention very well, that intention didn't catch on very well, and with the purpose of this board being what I see it as now "casual" sounds very condescending and not really appropriate.  But yeah, moving this back to PC games, but definitely still keep it clean.

And as for "there's lots of threads where they don't belong," we can't move what we don't know about.  I can't speak for the other mods, but while I read a good amount of what gets posted in most of the subforums, I don't read all of it.  The last thread got as much attention as it did because we were directed to it, and this thread got, and will continue to get attention from me because of the last one.  Like I said before, if you see something where you don't think it should be, tell us about it and we'll take care of it as we see fit.  While I'm sure it's fun for you to believe so, we're not on some crusade against you Spider-Waffle, it's just this time around you've found yourself on the wrong end of site policy.  And while you've handled yourself very poorly about it in the last week or so, for now I'll agree with you on where this belongs, but everything the staff have said to this point still applies.
Everybody's favorite monster
Breakdown:  I know i am not helping. I dont see any way i could help or tribute to this thread because it looks like this is going to be '' spider-waffle vs the staff part 2 ''. I hope it doesnt come to that. Perhaps its better if just sit and watch from the sideline.
Quote from Trekhaak:
Perhaps its better if just sit and watch from the sideline.

Quote from Spider-Waffle:
I NEED HELP DOING SMALL SECTIONS FOR TESTING PURPOSES.  Rayvex, quad can you guys please help me with some of these.  I've posted in the past one about the wing2 bhop section, I can make a demo if necessary.  I'm also available on aim as spiderwaffle if you want to talk more about the run, I find it's a faster way to get more discussion and planning in.

ok I can do some testing at the weekend when I have time
I tried fooling around with the button in blast pit..

Standing in front of and touching the red button followed by activating noclip and going forward 1 mm activates the blast sequence without using the "e" button. Is it possible in the Half-Life engine to go through walls (in this case invisible wall) by using some object for example (I have little experience when it comes to glitches in goldsrc engine of this kind)? I guess that one only has to enter the area within the invisible box around the button to activate the sequence for only a short time.
Don't think!  feeeeeal
I don't think there's any objects you can get in there, or any objects in that level period, and objects don't transfer from one level to another, and they have very limited mobility in the Z-axis.  You can go through some holes in walls due to bad collocation layers but there doesn't seem to be any around here.  Mav has made a mod that let's you see the collision layer so sometime we're going to scour HL for useful holes.

I think the best bets for the blast pit button, are grenades, the scientist, especially when getting pulled by the tentacle, low fps, lots of lag straining the system.  I know in tfc I've been able to teleport outside the map online by lagging with tons of nail grenades.
wouldn't lagging cause the engine/game to crash, similar to what's done in tfc that crashes servers (e.g. nail grenades, bouncing pipes, etc.)?
Don't think!  feeeeeal
Possibly, but if you can get it to come really close to crashing, but not actually crash, then something special can happen.
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corey: 2010-09-09 01:27:31 am
corey: 2010-09-09 01:27:18 am
i'd be interested to see how you're going to lag the engine/game to achieve this effect, would you use overflows? low fps? map/weapon/interaction exploits? i've also (unintentionally) teleported outside of maps in tfc, but are you planning on teleporting inside that tiny area (verses noclipping) in blast pit to activate the blast sequence?
Don't think!  feeeeeal
Ya, maybe there's a way to break the game down and get inside the wall breifly, I've tried with no success and I don't feel like trying anymore, but maybe someone else can find a way to do it.  Maybe make a script that lags your computer the right amount, or change it's clock speed.
Changing clock speed midrun would be considered hardware modification, so that's not going to be accepted here, fyi.

Not sure how a script that causes lag would be handled, though.
Just start up a full anti virus scan in the background and you'll have plenty of lag Smiley
welcome to the machine
Quote from ShadowWraith:
Changing clock speed midrun would be considered hardware modification, so that's not going to be accepted here, fyi.

Do you think every member of the team has identical computers? >_>
I'm pretty sure that almost any computer that would be used by someone contributing to this run would be powerful enough to run it at the framerate that Spider-Waffle wants it at.

But okay, changing clockspeed mid-segment then. :p
Don't think!  feeeeeal
So I managed to get a good time measurement for the wing2 section, it takes about 12.3 seconds, or 9.7 from where you would do a grenade boost, a 34 damage grenade boost would save about 3.2 seconds which is less than a 34 damage boost to rocket engine button (4.5s).  So it looks like bhoping this route with no boost is going to be fastest.  Then there's getting the two medkits, which I believe doesn't slow you down too much but is quite a bit harder, it shouldn't cost than 1 or 2 extra jumps and they will save 1.7s+
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Svart Lyser Tronen

Some very good news; I've been able to perform jumpbugs with loopscript very consistent, got 6 jb's in a row on Blast Pit. So jb's wont be a problem in the run.
Also, it's possible to speed up the healthgeneration at the healthdoor with higher fps, we only need to stay there for 2-3sec at 1000fps.
I can also say that spiderwaffle got some nice plans for the testchamber ^_^

First Interloper map in 9sec without any damage or weapons. It won't be used in this run though, since we're using the healthdoor.

As for this run, I'd recommend using Protocol version 47, Exe version It have faster loading times than current steam version. It also still have the nameloop alias available, which makes it possible to run two ultra fast loops  simultaneously.

Example of name and _special aliases

This duckroll-script is used in the interloper video btw.
//name alias duckroll
alias +duckroll "alias name roll;roll"
alias -duckroll "alias name"
alias roll "+duck;wait;-duck;wait;cmd name"

alias +bhop "alias _special aubhop;aubhop"
alias -bhop "alias _special"
alias aubhop "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special"

These two loops can be used simultaneously, independent of each other.
Don't think!  feeeeeal
Ya thanks to quad for finding a certain ent I've managed a way to save 30s in the test chamber, so thread topic has once again been changed ; )