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Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
Thread updates in summarized form (since 2009 and beyond; pre-2009 summarization coming eventually):

[2011-01-21] Bumped thread after 2011 Marathon Yoshi's Island 2:25:xx speedrun. Announced that Individual Level Speedruns will trail the 100% Yoshi's Island TAS for route ideas. Announced that I've played Super Mario World 2+ and 2+2 and that Golden Yoshi/Jacob is awesome. Also teased about my RL friend who is pretty good at Yoshi's Island and hopes to speedrun 2+2 to make his mark online. Also, start streaming later this week.

[2010-09-15] Finally uploaded previously mentioned 2-3 100% and 1-2 100% on YouTube Channel.

Recorded 1-2 100% in 0:55

Recorded almost-perfect 1-7 100% that's ruined by getting hit by fuzzy. Recorded 3 different 1-3 100% speedruns; all of them have 1 mistake in different spots. Hate all of them.

[2010-02-xx] Recorded 2-3 100% in 2:31

[2009-01-22] Got my new Phillips 160 GB HDD DVD Recorder, so I actually have a reason to start recording again now that I no longer have to worry about 20+ unlabeled DVDs everywhere. Found that I recorded an any% 1-4, apparently I lost it sometime after doing it sometime in 2007. >_>;!

[2009-02-07] Updated progress on why I haven't even started recording everything yet. For fun, decided to share my current "to eBay" pile of random stuff. The money from that will give the needed funds to finally get around to getting this HDTV so I may start practicing.

[2009-05-13] HDTV shipped in. Can play Yoshi's Island on it lag-free! Started playing Yoshi's Island again seriously. Am planning on doing 2-8 any%, 2-8 100% improvement, 4-1 any%, 2-3 any%, 2-3 100% improvement in the coming weeks.

[2009-05-16] First speedrun of 2009: 1-1 in 0:50, a 1.1 second improvement!

Original post for archiving purposes:

Sorry if you feel I'm spamming up with another topic on it, but me finding the SNES cart just isn't happening. Plus my cousin has a Game Boy Player for GC, and I already have the GBA cart, so I'm conlcuding that this will be a SMA3 run, not a SMW2 one. =\

Though it shouldn't make a difference. There is like, 2 differences between the two. Two extremely minor level changes, 4-4 has a checkpoint moved so you're not forced to hit it right away. And 4-1 has the cage for the star thingy shorter so you can get it out with only 1 egg. Either way the differences would only, MAXIMUM, make a 3 second difference.

Anyway, I'm in the phase of practicing segmented worlds. My times so far include:

World 1 -  16m 04s  (error free)
World 2 -  19m 57s  (error free)
World 3 -  21m 58s  (estimated about 2m 10s worth of mistakes)
World 4 - 22m 40s (About 1m 10s worth of mistakes.)
World 5 - ?
World 6 - ?

Single segment W1 to 6-8 beaten - ?

For details on the mistakes I made on those segments check the SNES topic. Moderators you may delete that one if you wish. I'll be doing W5 and maybe W6 tommorow. Wish me luck.  Wink  =
Thread title:  
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Sorry if you feel I'm spamming up with another topic on it, but me finding the SNES cart just isn't happening.
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
Thank you for your support, but I already knew of ebay sellers. I know no one locally with a PayPal account, and my parents think "everyone will rob their credit card numbers" if they ever used their debt/credit cards. T_T!

Besides, it's no biggie to me. Except not being on the same page as David Gibbons. =\
Oh, I think you'll be.

Radix put the SNES version and GBA version of DKC2 on the same page, you know...
good luck, those are pretty impressive times.
Yeah man, good luck. Can't wait to see it.
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trihex: 2005-06-15 01:42:35 am
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
World 1 - 16m 04s (error free)
World 2 - 19m 57s (error free)
World 3 - 21m 58s (About 2m 10s worth of mistakes)
World 4 - 22m 40s (About 1m 10s worth of mistakes.)
World 5 - 30m 49s (About 2m 35s worth of mistakes.)
World 6 - ?

Single segment W1 to 6-8 beaten - ?

Did W5 today, this world is extensive due to the fact that 5-2 has that dumb sking section which has like..6 coins, and 2 flowers that are unavoidable, leaving my score at 59, with 3 flowers, so that level is VERY dangerous esspecially if I get caught with a bonus game. T_T

5-5 is one of those hellish "scroll levels", not to mention that 5-4 has a scroll section. So that leaves the reason of this world being longer than others.

I'll be satisfyed if I get a sub 29 minutes. >>; Off to do W6!
Good luck with Bowser's Castle. Hope you get the Number 4 Door, and not any of the others, especially 3. (That one has the chasing giant TapTap and it's a scroller.)
Yeah, the spinning doors in SMW2 are almost predictable, but in SMA3 they sped them up a lot. But if the single segment doesn't work out, you could still do individual level runs. Or maybe world segments. or whatever.
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
Oh, hellno. I want to set the bar so the only person who'll break my time, will be myself again. Tongue

I'm off to do W6, I'll edit whenever I finish.
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trihex: 2005-06-16 04:16:00 am
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
Okay, I had did the W6 run, but I forgot to start my stopwatch. >_>; But all in all I did well. I had to look up Marshmellow's videos on how to tackle those annoying blobs in 6-4.

Mistake wise..on Bowser's castle I got caught with door 1, which is a total pain iin the ass compared to 3 or 4 (one of them are alot easier). So I died in the lava, and luckily got an easier one.

Come the final boss fight, I may have only missed about 4 times, so I would consider the run successful.

Tommorrow I shall do a single segment of the entire game, then I will have to stop practicing with emulator, bribe my cousin to let me borrow his Game Boy Player for GC, do 1 more practice single segment on that, THEN I will do the final copy. x]
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trihex: 2005-06-17 01:39:36 am
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
Finnaly attempted my first single segmen from 1-1 to 6-8.....

Went absolutely horrible.

To begin, in total, there was about an excessive 15½ minutes of mistakes. Most of them occuring in World 5. By FAR Level 5-3 was the worst, died 3 times on the way to the ski part, then died twice on that unexpected jump of doom. >_>; Also with all the practically unavoidable red coins and 2 flowers in the ski part, I end up with 3 flowers at the goalring, risking a chance of bonus game. >_>;

World 6 wasn't nearly as bad, just died about 2 times on the beginning of the dumb flying part in front of 6-8. And lost the baby twice on 6-3.

World 4 was when it started going downhill. >.>; 4-6 And beyond was crappy...

HOWEVER, 1-1 to 4-5 was absoolutely flawless. The "smooth/cool looking" gameplay was in full effect, you'll love it once it happens.

YET HOWEVER, I can't find my SMA3 advance..I hope I find it. -_- Or else I'll just have to buy a used copy at GameStop. But don't worry eitehr way I AM getting this run sent in before the end of June.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I've been doing all these segments with the emulated SMW2, and SNES9x. Until I can get the GB Player. So I've been using this site that has a javascript stopwatch. And it's weird, I had to go to the bathroom, so I paused it at 71m 44s then resume playing..

The phone rings, so I pause the watch again, and it's at 11m 40s, so I'm assuming it starts over once it hits 99m 99s, so after doing the math...(since I don't know if I accidently reseted or it goes back to 1 after 99m 99s) TERRIBLE practice single segment runs at a total of either:

2h 9m 10s


2h 38m 5s

So, if I can get a sub 2 hour, more specifically 1h 50m, then I'll be satisfied.
You shouldn't really say something is error free unless it's perfect, which means no one is going to beat that time. 
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
=\ Well, it was pretty close to that, I may have been able to get like 5 or more seconds shaved out with boss fights, but otherwise I never got hit, everything went well.

The only way I see to get a better time would be to find a shortcut I don't know of...
Jack of all Trades
All I wanted to say that Tap Tap the Red Nose's fort was by far the most difficult stage in my 100% runs. Oh dear. I may as well had rolled dice at the two blobs and Tap Tap himself. It looks like I know what I'm doing but I would fail at each quite a lot.

I never did understand the second blob. Identical to the first, yet it seems horizontal bounces do better for some reason. 
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
>_>: I did worse than you until I got some pointers by redownloading your run on that level. I think I might do another practice single segment today, since I'm noticing I do fine on segemnts, but enduracne changed my times to horrifically bad...
On bisqwit's site, they have a SMW2:YI full segment any percent run out.  I haven't seen it since I'm away from my computer. but I'm sure you could get some tips from them.  I know most of their tricks require precise timing.  You have to check their forums to find the run.
What about doing it world by world? I don't think people would mind if it's not all in one big chunk.
I'm addicted to games
We already have that here...
He's talking about an SS run...
Something I once tried myself a few times, before I got distracted by the flood of new games that arrived late last year.
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
Yeah, Worldly segments is something I'd only consider if I were aiming for a 100% run. Which at this time, I have no plans for.

I went to that emulator run site, and downloaded the video, and watched it on SNES9x, it worked, but it was pointless. The guy just kept on dying and took forever to scroll through text boxes...WTF is the point of it? =\

Also, bad storm happened here today, and the power went out for a second like four times, enough to interrupt my practice single segment #2, which was annoying.. Oh well, tommorrow has more oppurtunity.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I went to that emulator run site, and downloaded the video, and watched it on SNES9x, it worked, but it was pointless. The guy just kept on dying and took forever to scroll through text boxes...WTF is the point of it? =\

What you saw was almost certainly a movie desynch.  This is generally caused by either different emulator settings or a different ROM version.  Try turning on something called "WIP timing", and if that doesn't work, wait for the AVI and download that.
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
I downloaded v1.43+ and it worked fine for 1-1, but 1-2..after the checkpoint it went stupid again. x\ Fudge it. Besides in 1-1 he did alot of glith crap. Such as jumping that high to skip the beanstalk. >>;
It doesn't work with mine either...  I'm going to wait for the AVI to come out.  It will be out soon, since bisqwit is processing it.  It'll probably be a bittorrent file, unless the movie gets a star (it looks like it might).

Try checking back Sunday Afternoon (PST) or Sunday Morning.  Don't just ignore this video, it could be a helpful tool to you with shorter routes, but most of the tricks they use probably require pinpoint timing.

I was like WTF when you mentioned he kept on dying, and then it dawned on me: desynch...
You aren't speeding up any of the video to get to the good parts are you? That can screw up recordings for good.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I downloaded v1.43+ and it worked fine for 1-1, but 1-2..after the checkpoint it went stupid again. x\ Fudge it. Besides in 1-1 he did alot of glith crap. Such as jumping that high to skip the beanstalk. >>;

Are you using the right rom?  You need Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island (U) (M3) (V1.0) [!].  Actually I just tried playing it with version 1.1 and it desynced in 1-2 so that must have been what the problem was.