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Professional Second Banana
VODs for the relay + Mystic Quest bonus race are up at

The Chocobros: Khobahi, DragonLX, Fathlo23
Team TrashCan: nocashnocash, Deln, LCC
Team Y Burn: catastrophic4, Jenja, eLmaGus
Team Ultros Boogie: the_roth, HappySquid, bichphuongballz

FF4 Commentary: crumps2, obdajr, FeralPigMan, Fyreball13
FF5 Commentary: Dragondarch, Incalex, Cereth
FF6 Commentary: Essentia, Brossentia, puwexil

I'd like to target mid-to-late February or March for the Winter Relay, since that won't be too close to either AGDQ or RPG Limit Break, and mike89's Speedrun Event Calendar is mostly open.

Signups will start Monday, December 1st and run for 2 weeks (so there's time if anyone wants to improve their PB before signing up) - getting the thread started now in case anyone has thoughts about the format/rules/tech/etc before signups start.

After the Fall 2014 Relay and feedback people posted (see the final pages in the below thread), I think we've found a winning format for the event in terms of games and tech setup.  The main thing I'm open to changing is the bonus game/incentive format - here are the main points I got from the feedback:

1. The bonus game voting and race added some fun to the relay proper and gave some exposure to other RPG speedrun communities (which were my goals).
2. People would rather have the bonus game race closer to the actual relay (preferably the next day).
3. There's some interest in having bonus incentives that involve risk-taking or otherwise doing stuff that's not part of the normal route (ie fighting mega-Calcabrina or NeoExdeath); but no easy answers on how to motivate runners to do them (when there's no in-game benefit - we tried having incentives affect the run times at the 1st relay, and that got mostly negative feedback).

The main issue as I see it with having the bonus race the day after the relay would be the runners having to both be available for and practice for a race that might not happen (if their game doesn't win); but if people that offer bonus games are OK with this then I am too.  I'd also love to see some new incentives that make the runs different from a normal run/race; but I'll need help figuring out how exactly to work those into the rules without it being too gimmicky/forced.

Fall 2014 Relay thread:
Winter 2014 Relay thread:
Thread title:  
nice! This time I'd like to offer my help as a commentator for FFIV instead of running - my guess would be that I'll be knees deep in BOILeR
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Would love to be a part of this again! Commentary is always good, but would love to see Secret of Mana as a bonus game Cheesy
I would also like to offer commentary. FF4 is my strong suit, but I've started up on FF6 as well. I tend to have good rapport with a lot of different people
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puwexil: 2014-12-01 09:47:12 pm
Professional Second Banana
OK, let's get rolling!

Signups are being tracked at

To sign up for playing in the Winter Relay, just post the following info:

Twitch channel
Games offered (FF4 SNES Any%-No 64 Door Glitch, FF5 SFC w/Eng patch Any%, FF6 SNES Any%-No Sketch Glitch), and PB at each
Dates available (Feb 21, 28, Mar 7, 14, 21, 28) - most likely going to be starting at 10AM Eastern (GMT-5) again, so FF4 will be morning, FF5 will be afternoon, and FF6 will be evening in that time zone

I'm looking for 4 teams of 3 (which I'll balance out by PBs as best I can), and if I get more 4 signups for a game, I'll pick 4 players based on PBs and availability dates.  If there aren't enough signups for 4 full teams, then I'll have to look at either having 1 player play 2 games for a team, or reduce the # of teams.

To offer commentary for a game, just post the same above info and let me know you're interested in commentary instead of playing (I already have crumps, Deuceler, and bichphuongballz as interested in FF4 commentary - just need availability dates too).

I'll cut off signups on Monday, December 15th (2 weeks from now in case anyone wants to improve their PB before signing up) so I can start trying to pick a date for the relay.

For possible bonus games, we'll wait until a date is set for the main relay, then I'll open it up to game suggestions/offers.  I'm fine with Lufia 2, FF Mystic Quest, and Secret of Mana returning if we have enough runners available, along with something new to replace Chrono Trigger since that won last time.  We'll aim to have the bonus game the day after the main relay, dependent on runner availability & willingness to prepare for a race that might not happen.

Also, if anyone has suggestions for new bonus incentives for any of the games let me know.
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the_roth: 2014-12-03 09:58:40 pm
Game offered: FF4 - PB: 3:18:54
If I can learn the FFV route by the cutoff time I will also signup for that too!
Dates Available: Feb 28, Mar 7, 14, 28
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
- Deuceler

Commentary Offered:
- Final Fantasy IV
- Final Fantasy V

Dates Available:
- February 28
- March 7th
- March 28th

Yes, I'm offering Final Fantasy V commentary. This means I'll be learning the game in order to bring more light to it during the relay. In my opinion this has been the weakest point of the last two, due to a smaller community and anyone who does know the game being heavily involved with the stream or the run. If any Final Fantasy V runners are opposed to this, please let me know! I'm not trying to step over any boundaries. If I do FFV I would most likely not want to do 4, and I'm sure there will be a million commentators anyway!
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Deln: 2014-12-14 02:33:28 pm
Deln: 2014-12-14 02:32:58 pm

FF5 - 4:18:37(will practice full game manip in time if time afford it)

Commentary Offered:(if there isnt 4 FFV runners i could possibly throw myself in there, pb is still shit)(with full manip this time)
-Final Fantasy V

Dates Available: if its the weekend then i am free.

SDA Speedruns: 1
If bonus game is Mystic Quest, I am in otherwise I will be watching.

Commentary: FF4
I can also commentate FF6 if needed. I do run sketch% but it wouldn't be too difficult to pick up on the differences from no sketch.

I should be available any of those weekends.
Game offered: Final Fantasy V - PB: 4:07:35
Dates available: Feb 21, Mar 7, 28. Could also arrange Mar 21, if absolutely necessary, but would prefer the other options.

I am again super hyped for this event and considering the fact that the last event was quite a success despite having 2 other marathons at the same time, I am sure that this will be even better!
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Khobahi: 2014-12-08 09:31:52 am
Khobahi: 2014-12-08 09:28:05 am
Khobahi: 2014-12-08 09:27:40 am

Game Offered: Final Fantasy IV - PB 3:17:45
ffv (willing to learn)
ffvi (willing to learn)
Dates Available: Any should be fine, only maybe is March 7th

If struggling for other runners i may be willing to learn 5 (possibly 6) if really need be. Sooner i know about what i will run the better, given time i should be able to put up a respectable timer for 5 or 6.

I can also be around to commentate for any of the runs.
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FeralPigMan: 2014-12-02 10:23:20 am
FeralPigMan: 2014-12-02 10:23:11 am
FeralPigMan: 2014-12-02 10:22:55 am

If the bonus game ends up being Lufia 2, I'm in. Otherwise, if you're hurting for another FF4 runner or commentator (I can't imagine this would be the case) I could step in there.

Lufia 2- 3:51:40
FF4- 3:23:30

Dates: I'm available all of the dates (even though I know the bonus game won't be on the same day)

Game Offered: Final Fantasy IV - PB 3:19:16
Dates available:  all dates as long as its set 1.5 months in advance so i can request it off from work.

Commentary on FF4 again if runner slots fill up.
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Dragondarch: 2014-12-02 01:55:53 pm

Games Offered:
FF5 (Commentary)
Lufia 2 (I swear I'll actually get around to learning it this time)

All look good, unless Feasel wants me on SGL that same weekend Wink
I must simply laugh.

Games Offered:
Final Fantasy IV - PB: 3:21:03
Final Fantasy V - PB: None (just in case we dont get 4 FF5 runners I would be willing to learn the game and run it)
Final Fantasy VI - PB: 4:55:03

Commentary Offered:
All those above

All good for now

Games Offered:
FFIV - PB: 3:25:40
FFV - PB: None, I've just started learning the run based on Deln's notes and step manip.

Commentary Offered:

Available for all, March 28th is the only one I see being a problem, but that's unlikely.
Professional Second Banana
I'd prefer not to play myself so I can focus on restreaming/commentary, but as a last resort if we need more runners:
FF5 - 4:18:37
FF6 - Can learn

FF6 - 4:48:21

I won't be available on the weekend of March 14th, but am good for other dates for now.

Games offered:
Final Fantasy IV - PB 3:14:22
Final Fantasy VI - PB N/A (would learn for relay)

As long as I know dates well in advance then I should be golden. As far as runs go, I think I'd actually prefer running FFVI over FFIV. There are a lot of newer runners for FFIV that could use the publicity that comes with the relay. I'd just need to know ASAP if I'll be running FFVI to get practice in and whatnot.
I'm up for commentrary on any of the runs if needed Smiley

FF5-PB: 4:12:33

Here we go again! Even though I remember my blunder from the last relay just too well, I need to prove to everyone, including our purple overlord Ultros, that I can take care of a simple shopping list. Tongue

But seriously, if there is place in the FFV department, count me in! Otherwise I could still help out with the commentary. I think everyone agrees that we all had a blast last time. Let's continue in this fashion!

I should be available whenever, as long as I know the dates far enough in advance.

Game offered:
Final Fantasy VI - PB 5:07:27

Available for all dates

PB will definitely be improved over the next while as I only started running this game a few weeks ago Wink
I'm a scrubby noob
Game offered: FF5 - PB: 4:25:19 (yeah, it's a shame) - Hydras: 2
Dates available: Feb 21, Feb 28, Mar 7, Mar 14, Mar 21. (not available Mar 28)

I'd highly prefer to let someone more motivated than me running FF5 as I may not have much time to learn step manip' and others things I was doing wrong.
But then again, I loved every relay so far, I loved to race with you guys, so .... ehhhhh I'm still up for it if you want me. (Plus, I still have to show the magnificent and mighty Hydra to the world)

Game offered:
Final Fantasy V - PB: 4:21:00

Available all dates.

I began running FFV not until recently but I'm willing to train hard in case a runner is needed! PB is mediocre; haven't been determined in improving due to other speedgames. I'm fairly knowledgeable on step manipulation and could get better consistency-wise when the relay comes.