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Insanity Prelude
Correction: I found that you can actually jump across the platform (albeit a bit tricky). This means that the save point is usable. Thank god.

Worked the Gawn fight down to around 36 seconds. Only 1 part of it is random. Unfortunately, it has to be on his last shot >_>. Janes Does are done in 26 seconds. Everything else from the final point is still being worked on.

Tentatively after 2 trials, the final EX File time (after the final boss is defeated and the credits are done) is 5:46:40. Roughly 24 minutes faster or so then the old time.
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Insanity Prelude
Links removed. See bottom post for better recorded/finished run.
rpg speedruns ftw
Props on doing a run of Wild Arms 4 with a time like that, I myself am currently running Wild Arms 3. Maybe we could work together on a Wild Arms 3 run? I have a write up on my thread. My old file got deleted though because my mom accidentally ripped out the memory card from my PS2 which SUCKS, but I got a time around 6:14:10 before fighting Beatrice. Come on over to the thread and check it out, I'm still posting my work that I did on it (from memory because my file was erased. I'm doing a second run because of it and I'm having issues with my parents on using my dad's EyeTV 200 to record, so I'm trying to find other ways to record the run)
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Insanity Prelude
Whew, in case your wondering, this is not dead. I finally got a decent recorder and managed to record what most segments look like in practice. New run completed with a final time of 5:24:09.

EDIT:  See post below. New run started again.
Insanity Prelude
Thread necromancy. Reviving this since I've gone back and am once again doing another run. I'm open to comments for sure, so speak up if you got something to add! Currently about 9 minutes and 24 seconds ahead of my last run (5:24:09).
Weegee Time
Uh... looks like you've got most of it covered, and it's been a while since I played it.  Good luck with the run.  Maybe we'll finally get a Wild Arms game on the site...
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Insanity Prelude
Eh, comments of any sort is good. It's not a very mainstream game, unfortunately, meaning that I usually take a good break period between each attempt and review to see if there are potential changes. You never know if someone will find something new at that time! Speaking of which, off the top of my head, some thoughts on what will likely change this time around:

- I crunched this out in chat on another server I go to, where there are more Wild ARMS 4 players. I need approximately 101,000 gella to buy everything I need at the end of the game. The forced encounters only drop about 68,000, which means somewhere along the way, I need to use a Gella Card on three bosses to double the cash winnings and hit that mark. I already have a good idea which three bosses I'm using, so it's just finding a way to collect the cards at this point. Unfortunately, this isn't avoidable as the final boss requires you to plot kill it with all 4 characters alive. And with bad armor, it becomes much harder to keep everyone alive.

- I'll likely be combining the segments from the second half of Autumn River all the way to the start of Etemananki. The main advantage of doing this is to avoid time loss on saving and reloading. My time trials estimate about 20-30 seconds worth of time can be saved if this long segment is done efficiently.

- Another segment likely getting combined is the start of the forgotten city all the way until the opening of Silver Star Express. This will probably shave off another 10 seconds.

- New Guardian Chimera strat, although it uses a similar idea from last run. No clue on its effectiveness; I'll actually need to test it.

- New Tony 3 strat. This one's kinda funny. I first thought that Jeremy 3 is the only boss who can get OHKO'd. I was wrong. Tiny Flower'd Raq deals about 10000 damage to Tony on a counter. Crits in WA4 deal 1.5x their damage. Tony has 14400 HP or so. In short, it may be possible to aim for a counter crit OHKO.

- New Prototype Gear strat. This one I tested, and it's relatively consistent. It requires a crit, but by jacking up crit chances, it tends to work more often than not. Getting a crit (or two) vastly speeds up the fight. Saving Yulie is a lost cause though, so either a Revive Fruit is needed or I will skip the experience here again for her.

- New Erython strat with Tiny Flower Yulie and Tiny Flower Raquel. The goal is to get a turn order of Yulie -> Raquel -> Arnaud, which allows the following combo of Gather -> Dragon Edge -> Hi Blast.

- New Divine Weapon 1 strat. I think Tiny Flower Arnaud may be faster than DW. At the very least, Tiny Flower Jude is faster, so there's likely a variation on the strategy. This opens the doorway to using Tiny Flower/Full Carrot. The Devices don't block Magic AFAIK, so it's possible to Jump -> Hi-Blast and then Mystic Hi-Freeze/some other gem for the kill. The problem is that Jude's Magic may be too low, which would be an issue. When both devices are gone, Raquel can waltz in with a half FP gauge and probably one round. This leaves DW2, but kill the Devices should generate some FP, so it may be possible to open the second round with Intrude anyway.

The other change I'm thinking is to lucky card earlier as random variance on hits has been the greatest nemesis on this run so far. Debating on it and not exactly sure which way to lean.
Weegee Time

Just looking at that, there's a couple 2x gella card boxes and a lot more 1x cards.  That would allow you to get the cards you need with only two boxes.  Also, don't Gobs drop both kinds of cards?  You could kill some during a segment and get them in passing.
Insanity Prelude
Gobs do, and they have it as a steal. The big problem with getting them via a steal versus from a chest though is that battles in Wild ARMS 4 (even assuming the turn order and steal luck is completely in your favor) are always about 10-12 seconds long. This is due to the loading animation for the HEX load out and the results screen.  I've timed this on a stop watch before in case you are wondering. This is why skipping battles with Accelerator is usually far more efficient and why unless absolutely necessary, I do not fight any random battles at all.

Chests are much more likely (I've mapped two, and from the looks of that FAQ, it looks like I only have one more chest on the way so I'll have to grab it) but I do need to consider their locations unfortunately. Thankfully, a couple of them are literally on the way so they waste close to no time at all. It *may* be doable with 2 cards, but you'll be running really close as you'll be about 5k off from the raw math. However, it may be possible to attain all 5 grand from Gella runs. But that's a serious risk and I'm not sure if I want to take it.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Use this for the huge write ups. Then just before it give a very brief description of what is inside. Saves the mouse wheel
Insanity Prelude
Thanks for the heads up. I don't think there will be any other huge write ups anytime soon though (a lot of the ones on the first page are in the early drafts of the run). Always up for suggestions or if people want to know the details.
Insanity Prelude
Will probably run some more tests and segments today. Keep an eye out for the stream if you are interested.
Insanity Prelude
Finally got what I wanted. I ended up saving a little over a minute from the entire segment versus my original goal of just 30 seconds. So yeah, quite happy with that one. Now to climb the damn tower again.

Guardian Chimera strat works quite well when his AI actually goes the way I want...which unforunately, isn't all that often.
Sounds like Maverick talk to me.
Ive been wanting to Start this game Series. Is there A big differentiation From 5 and 4 because 5 is the only one i can find
Insanity Prelude
There's a couple of big differences. WA4 has more character differentiation (each character does something different), but WA5 is more about the characters being relatively similar (the stat differences are often too minor and their individual skills aren't different enough to separate them). WA5 also gives everyone Move and Act whereas in WA4, this is restricted to one character and requires 25 FP. As a result, it's much less challenging (IMO). Enemies also don't have as much gimmick variety as WA4.

On the other hand, WA5 is longer, has more cameo roles (for long WA fans), more exploration and traditional WA puzzles. If those are your cup of tea, you may find WA5 to be enjoyable.
Insanity Prelude
Still going at it. Getting walled in my current segment. So not dead, but with work and classes on the side, progress will likely be even slower. Here's hoping to getting this done by the end of the year!
Insanity Prelude
Thread necromancy I suppose; just updating that I'm done and submitted the run. Awaiting verifiers now.