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yea shunpuk and zyper routed where to go to avoid trancing those guards. definitely worth doing, you just have to avoid the lamps
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lurk: 2014-09-23 04:16:58 pm
found an OOB in grouts mansion by using the quicksave/load to travel up a door. ends up sort of wrong warping you high above the level, dropping you on top of the mansion's levels. i can't seem to find a way back in bounds, so unfortunately it's not helpful as of yet.

have to try more doors and more places to see if this can really skip anything to be a significant time saver

here is a vod of me recreating the oob:
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lurk: 2014-09-24 02:09:33 am
lurk: 2014-09-24 02:09:06 am
new clip that's actually useful. we can now grab the 2nd snuff tape in hollywood early by getting stuck in a door, quicksaving/loading so that we clip upwards and skip requiring the keycard. unfortunately we still have to grab the 1st tape, so after grabbing the 2nd part we go and get the 1st. we then skip the snuff shop and watch the tape twice.
so here's the real question...can this be done in the graveyard?
I just finished a lot of unfinished speedrun projects and I'm looking for a few new things to start on. I have no idea if this game will actually be one of them, but I just wanted to take a sec to thank Lurk for the tutorial video. It may not matter to me functionally because I don't know if I'll run this game, but it was extremely informative, interesting, and entertaining if nothing else. Awesome job mate!
Quote from kn1ves:
so here's the real question...can this be done in the graveyard?

i wanna say not yet? you can get oob and get very close to where you could trigger going down to talk to gary, but so far nothing has worked that pops you into the tunnel

Quote from The_Scrivener:
I just finished a lot of unfinished speedrun projects and I'm looking for a few new things to start on. I have no idea if this game will actually be one of them, but I just wanted to take a sec to thank Lurk for the tutorial video. It may not matter to me functionally because I don't know if I'll run this game, but it was extremely informative, interesting, and entertaining if nothing else. Awesome job mate!

the route has changed a lot since that tutorial was made but it's still a good starting point
sub 50
7 minutes less than current SDA run !
so today i was able to complete the any% route using gangrel - part 1 - part 2

my internet dropped in the middle and i wasn't local recording so it's in 2 parts and the final time is off since i didn't pause - but i did finish
Nice to see a different clan used. Ravens as a replacement for trance and the beetles for blood strike worked pretty well.

Would be fun to see you try out the other classes. Can do some fun things with movement with celerity. My original run was with Brujah because of how well celerity lets you get past enemies without fighting them and also lets you run circles around bosses without getting hit. Damage suffers a lot though since you put points into celerity instead of potence. Using the jaeg in the final boss fight in my tremere run was a holdover from my old route with brujah.
celerity has some weird quirks to it. you can gain some really crazy speeds with it if you have the correct layout so you can enable/disable it quickly. i haven't found a comfortable layout since my intuition is to map end discipline to one of my side mouse buttons, but those currently control fps_max so i can go through doors without getting stuck all the time. i was thinking about adding celerity to a tremere through console just for fun.

originally i tried out nosferatu because they can skip talking to officer chunk completely. unfortunately, nosferatu are not able to get off the elizabeth dane because the trigger for leaving is tied to the policemen who thinks you're a reporter - nos will frighten him and they'll immediately start attacking you. the only way i've been able to get the trigger for getting off the boat is to convince him you're the reporter - killing the guy, trancing him, or obfuscate past him do nothing.

i think the next clan i'll try out is malkavian.  they have their own version of trance and purge, but nothing to replace blood strike or blood shield. my plan with this clan was actually to follow your old route in getting the jaeg, but getting money in different places (like off of extra dialogue options with lacroix).
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Not sure if you checked this out yet, but I went through the oceanhouse OOB to see any areas you could use a doorclip boost. I'm not sure where, but there's a trigger somewhere between entering and exiting the kitchen that controls the elevator door on the 2nd floor. Even if we could get to the upper floor early, exiting would be impossible since the 2nd floor elevator door won't be open. The only way I could get it to trigger is by going through the kitchen.

I also tried going to the room with the necklace after the kitchen, but the only door that we can use takes us to a room you're not supposed to get to and there's no way to get to the necklace (you can stare at it all you want, but can't get through the wall).

I'll tinker with some other areas and see what might turn up.
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So there is a possibility of skipping half of Grout's mansion with a door clip. When you enter the room with the first puzzle, you can get wedged in the twin doors. If you can get the position good and actually get into the ceiling there's nothing above that should stop you from coming out on the walkway above. So far I haven't been able to work out the position. Everytime I actually get wedged in the highest I can climb is to the top of the doors before I fall out.
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lurk: 2015-08-31 10:16:32 pm
interesting, i'll fiddle with it as well. this is what happened when i got wedged in those doors back when i first tried it
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That happened to me too. I'm really hoping the game doesn't eject you when you get wedged in thin ceilings like that.

Btw, you mentioned a while ago about normal ways to get OOB in the cemetary. Do you remember how you did it?
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lurk: 2015-09-02 12:03:13 pm
lurk: 2015-09-02 12:02:56 pm
there is a barrel behind the entrance to the cemetery that you can grab, you can then place it on top of one of the graves and jump up onto the fence on the right to get under the level. the weird thing is when you get "stuck" it doesn't act the same as getting stuck in a door - no upwards movement from quicksave/loading
recent microsoft update makes vampire unplayable unless you reenable the secdrv service

info here:
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lurk: 2016-07-10 08:32:24 pm
it's been awhile, but worth posting that clan nosferatu now has a sub 50 minute run! this confirms that gangrel would also be able to get sub50. tremere might not necessarily be the fastest clan for long.

nosferatu is fastest clan now

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honorableJay: 2016-08-26 04:48:05 pm
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daaaaaaaaamn, your bhopping skills have gotten REALLY good.

One thing I want to look at now that I have a new comp, is how much fps_max actually affects your max framerate. I noticed a while back that setting fps_max to 300 doesn't actually give me 300. I chalked it up to the game being unoptimized, but then I noticed I could keep getting more fps if I just kept raising the fps_max value. The easiest way to see this is on the main menu with something that measures your fps (I'm using Shadowplay, Fraps will show the same). At fps_max 1000 I was getting in excess of 500fps on the menu, but setting it to 300 lowered me to around 220fps. I'm gonna look into this later tonight and see how much this affects other areas of the game (namely the Hollywood hub).

Well, so much for that. While the fps_max command indeed lowers your max framerate a bit (974fps when at 1000) it doesn't affect things as much in-game all that much. At the most I gained about 2fps by going from 300 to 1000 in the Santa Monica hub and other places in that area. I didn't even bother with the Hollywood hub.
The Dork Knight himself.
So I'm thinking of pitching VTMB for AGDQ this year, you interested? Since it's already proven there are 3 races that can finish the game in roughly the same amount of time, how about a clan race? Each runner with a different clan to see which comes out on top.
thanks mate.

i'm not sure if i'd make AGDQ this year since i'm planning to attend NASA. i could maybe make it down for a day? i'm unsure since i've got a new job and don't know what my availability will look like, except in july lol
46:25 is now the record with nosferatu

i switched to version 1.1 because you can use the infinite experience glitch to make the run safer by being pretty much fully leveled from the get go. for any% v1.1 doesn't seem to have any disadvantages speedwise. you have to manually do a vskip_intro before you begin a new game, and there is no cd patch for this version unless you're using steam (and i don't know if that comes prepatched or not). it still needs the same fixes for less than 15mb and secdrm, so you still use the edited dlls and the unofficial patch vampie.exe

there are a few small skips found as well, such as jumping past skelter in the last round and talking to nines before his conversation can trigger. another is opening the inventory at grouts mansion, which lets you move during the cutscene with fake nines
I've recreated and expanded the Bloodlines knowledge base page on it's own wiki:

Record is now 44:51