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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (Any %) (Single Segment) (pal) (gcn/xbox/ps2)

Verifier Responses

Quote from slowfreq:


- Sloppy movement. See: at 1:05, it takes about 4 seconds to actually get through the gate. Then, at 1:18, the player gets caught on a statue. Neither of those things are particularly hard to avoid.

- The player wastes time switching to Steve, and then doesn't do any of the goals you get for unlocking him, so they should just never have switched in the first place.

- At about 2:35, he messes up the 5,000 point combo. It didn't lose too much time, but it wasn't a hard goal to do by any means.


- The route for this level is incredibly unoptimized. The player grabs tomatoes to complete a goal where you have to throw tomatoes at 5 pedestrians, then rides around a lot of the level to find pedestrians, skipping many goals they could have done while they were doing that.


- Somewhat unoptimized route. Not too poorly performed.


- At 9:20, the player failed the Balance Up and Over mission. This is about a 10 second time loss.

New Orleans

- The player "awoke the dead". Although this route opens the opportunity to do a mission worth 100 points, opening this route is very slow and wastes a lot of time compared to a route that does not use it.

- At 12:43, the player runs past a mission where you natas spin a pole. This wouldn't be too bad, but then, at 13:09, the player backtracks and natas spins it.

- At 13:35, the player rides past the opportunity to do the "Wallie the Trollie" mission, which would have saved time. But then, the player does another mission, the backtracks to the same spot, and does a slower mission (very slowly).


- A lot of clunky movement. I'm not gonna list it all off here lest I seem too nitpicky.

- At 16:50, the player finishes Skatopia with 425 points. With a completely optimized route, you should never leave with more than you need to, which is 400 points.

- At 17:00, the player spinbomb-ed a lot slower than they should have.

- At 17:41, the player takes the long route with picking up the animals, rather than spine transher-ing over the back and going directly to the exit, which is the strat most runners use these days.

So, all in all, this is a poor run with poor movement and poor routing.

Quote from AlecK47:
A/V good, no cheating detected

I like improvements, but the truth is that THUG2 has been pushed far lower than the current SDA times indicate.  As woefully outdated as those runs are, this barely improves the easy run.

Quite a few of the points for improvement have already been pointed out.  Nevertheless I'd recommend that the runner watch some more up to date runs of this game to get a better idea of the routing and execution that is expected.


Another verifier has gone over the run in more detail, and I agree with all of what that verifier has said. As those notes give a pretty good level-by-level breakdown of the problems with this run I won't take the liberty of doing that myself.

The run is quite unpolished unfortunately, and runs of the same category by different runners are coming several minutes under; and with a game this short, it's a significant gap. I would reject based off the time anyway as it shows a lake of research into newly developed routes for the game.

A/V is acceptable though.

Decision: Reject

Reason: We've had far better runs rejected for non gameplay reasons recently

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Dang. Well, thanks for looking at it anyway. You do make a lot of valid points so I will use those and try again. Although it is good that there's no A/V issues so I can use this recording method again. Thanks anyway and I'll hopefully beat that record with little to no mistakes.
Wait, in the Boston section you said "The player wastes time switching to Steve, and then doesn't do any of the goals you get for unlocking him, so they should just never have switched in the first place.". Who is Steve? Last time I checked you could only unlock goals in Boston for the Pro skater (none of which are named Steve), Jesse James and Benjamin Franklin.