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Time Gate: Knight's Chase () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Reason: About time a run for this game got accepted. Congrats! :-)

Congratulations to 'arnaud33200'!
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Time Gate: Knight's Chase () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Well it took me quite some time to realize the museum and the monastery are THE SAME LOCATION! Aren't they? The inner courtyard looks similar.

I mean this run looks really neat now! No A/V problems. I forgot to suggest this, but if you had wanted to, you could also have recorded the Room Viewer "underneath" the game. That's what I'm going to do for an alternative encode with my run later. Anyway, the execution is also good enough. Getting stuck a few times but we know how difficult these games are to control with the shifting angles. Also I don't think there were any menu mistakes at all?

the museum and the monastery are THE SAME LOCATION! Aren't they?

Ahah yes, exact same location but different time (year 1329).

you could also have recorded the Room Viewer "underneath" the game

Technically I don't think I'm supposed to use the Room Viewer during my run right? that would almost be considered as a Tool Assisted Run. otherwise yes that would be nice, I don't know how I would fit it in the layout, it's already full.

Getting stuck a few times but we know how difficult these games

yeah there are still some parts I tend to get stuck, especially those narrow room and bad camera angles.

Also I don't think there were any menu mistakes at all?

very few times, I did good for complex menu actions like in the torture room, but sometimes I'm loosing the count for the hospital part


Here I reconstructed the plan of the museum and the all monastery using the RoomViewer + photoshop

Well you can't use the Room Viewer to help you with the run, no, but you can record it on the side (under some other window). We can't verify that someone hasn't used it anyway, so there's no extra harm done. You could scale down the game itself to 1/2 size or whatever, couldn't you? What's the resolution?

Nice work on the map! Feel free to upload anything on the SDA server if you like, here. You can put the links in a new section in the guide.
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A/V is fine. No cheating detected. I assume the splits can be cropped out.

I watched this run right after watching the previous submission. The fights look cleaner and the gameplay looks better. I was surprised to see time loss in the splits for the Hospital as I thought that had gone better. Overall, this is an improvement to what was already a good run.

I accept this run for publication.
Edit history:
arnaud33200: 2020-09-28 02:42:44 pm
arnaud33200: 2020-09-28 11:32:42 am
arnaud33200: 2020-09-28 11:32:32 am
I was surprised to see time loss in the splits for the Hospital as I thought that had gone better

my previous best run was 20:13 (I didn't submit), and I did a 2:47 at the hospital, I think I loose some time because of the second guard. But yeah compare to the last run I submitted on SDA, I saved 10s!

This segment can be annoying because of some lags. you can check the previous best here:
Decision posted.
I was wondering, what's next for this run?
will it appear in this list?
Do I have to create a page or something?
Nothing more needed from your side. Just a bit of patience. :-)

Every accepted run will be part of a news update on the frontpage. We don't have a strict schedule for posting updates. It's a mix between keeping the number of runs in the queue down and allocating time to do the updates. If you'd like to get an idea of the current situation, you can look at the last couple of updates on the frontpage and compare with when the corresponding runs were accepted here in the verification section of the forum.
okay perfect, thanks for your answer Smiley
Update after next update.
arnaud: Were you gonna supply any written commentary? I thought the first submission had something but I can't see anything here.
Sorry for the late answer. that was actually my question, I thought it would be published and I would be able to edit or add commentary afterwards.
Should I provide those commentaries here?
No, so you can just go to where you see your run info and there should be a button for "edit comments". You can put your comments in there in either .html (using whatever html tags) or plain text .txt. The publication... if our timer finds the time to time all the runs for the next update, it might happen before Christmas, I hope. So you have 3 weeks at least to prepare them.
How is that commentary coming along? Update should be before Xmas.
I haven't work on it yet, but won't be long I guess, I will wait for the update since I can edit any time right?
What should I do? a full detailed commentary for each level or just some highlight and list some improvements for the next run?
It would be preferable to have your notes ready when the update comes out. That's when people start seeing the game page.

It's up to you how detailed you want to be but ideas for improvement that you already know about at least would be useful if someone else wants to submit an improvement later on. Feel free to put the link to the guide into them. Also if you want, you can also write a French version. There's no language restrictions. I mean, the "casual" viewers (who don't know anything about the game) will appreciate any notes about what kinds of things you're skipping, how it feels like to control the character etc. Really whatever you like.
Got it! I will do it some time this week
TBH the only reason we were trying to get it up before Xmas was your run itself... so up to you really. The other runs haven't waited nearly as long.
Edit history:
arnaud33200: 2020-12-15 10:48:15 am
wait not sure if I understood well:
- are you saying it won't be published until I provide the commentary?
- or so far only my run is waiting to be published?
Other runs are coming out at the same time but your run is by far the oldest so we wanted it out sooner rather than later. Just write the comments so the game page will be ready when the update comes out.
Edit history:
arnaud33200: 2020-12-25 03:54:23 pm
How is that commentary coming along? Update should be before Xmas.

Not sure if I have to provide the commentary before the update, but I haven't see Time Gate in the

Here is a first version of my commentary, I will go through again before posting to the game page
Just make whatever edits until you're happy with the comments and put them where it says "comments file" or "edit comments" or something like that in your run submission. To find that, go to the private thread that's titled "your submission for Time Gate has been received" (the most recent one of course). The third link from the top should be the one where you can make comment edits.
okay I submitted my comments for the games, it wasn't clear where to put those comments