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Tasselfoot: 2012-02-17 06:05:04 pm
I would love to see some people tackle the TITOL Series and get the runs up on SDA.  I'm the designer for TITOL2 and TITOL3, and have created some baseline "speedruns" for each of the 3 games.  Not sure how SDA deals with Flash, because you definitely can get an advantage to these games by having serious in-game lag; you'll be able to be more precise with your controls, have more time to think, and should wind up with a lower time.  The timers in-game for all 3 are based on frame...  although all 3 games feature levels that stop the timer (1st one via a refresh, 2nd one via clicking the walkthrough link, 3rd one via high score board snake champ).

Any official running of one of these games should be done on ArmorGames.com.  Most other sites should have identical copies, but a few sites (such as Kongregate.com) have slightly modified versions that would allow for faster speedrunning.

My times:
TITOL1 in 3:55:   [I had less than 1 hour to create this...  my best run is 2:59.57] [However, in this thread, http://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/speedrunning_famous_flash_games.html , Wak has a craptastic video of 2:35.40 ]

TITOL2 in 3:02   [Found a 2:33 on YT that has major, major lag...  and a 2:47 ]

TITOL3 in 2:57.97:   [This run, by my count, has 4-5 seconds of mistakes...  but also has a very lucky placement of tiles on the B.L.U.E. stage, which is the only one that has a luck component...  and no faster videos on YT]

Goals:  sub 2:30 on TITOL1, sub 2:40 on TITOL2, sub 2:50 on TITOL3.  Good luck, because I've done the best I can on my own designs and don't have the patience to get there.  Smiley

edit: i don't know why that 1 video embeds, but the others don't... 
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kwinse: 2012-02-17 07:00:25 pm
I always loved the concept of this series.

Don't have much to contribute, but for #3, you can beat the snake minigame at any time, even before you play the game proper. No clue if and how that would affect SDA timing or what.
You can save maybe 1 or 2 seconds on the "return of a-maze-ing" level of TITOL3 by jumping up to the lever through the one block gap. Pretty risky, though.
For snake: should be fine for SDA however you do it, and if you exit out fast, you're losing fractions of a second...  you can also leave the 2nd window open and in the "on" position for stage 16.  However, for my video, I had to show the process...  since it's also a walkthrough.  That's part of the 4-5 seconds lost. 

For a-maze-ing, yeah...  just too risky to do for me, plus I wanted to show the traditional route for the walkthrough aspect.